tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 03

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 03


Despite having emptied my balls, my cock was soon stiff once more as I duly licked Blanche's sticky, and now a little stinky, pussy clean; she made me do such a thorough job, I was not released until she had achieved a second orgasm at my expense. The realisation that she was going to receive this service for at least a fortnight, and she was to start by caning me in front of her friends later, had her very excited indeed. She was realising she had left it too long before acquiring a lowly male to torment and she was relishing displaying her power in punishing me later. When finally sated she had me kneel down, my face to the floor in front of the chair while she alighted from it. I was allowed to look up only whilst re-fitting her sandals for her; just this simple act of servility had my cock stiffening again, as I humbly fastened each leather strap for this magnificent and superior woman. She tutted as she evidently surveyed the soiled chair.

"You are going to need a drink of water to keep your tongue nice and moist. You stay right there and I shall get you a glass." I heard her feet clack down the hall and flush some water into a glass from the kitchen. I so wanted to look at her as she strutted, but cowered in my position knowing I would have plenty of views of her gorgeous anatomy over the next fortnight; I was truly beginning to enjoy my submission to her, and had all but forgotten my wife; her shapely daughter, completely. I trembled a little as I heard her clack back, but the next noises I heard sent a shiver up my spine, and had my cock as stiff as it had been earlier. The first sound was a soft clattering of sticks against each-other; the umbrella stand! The next was the threatening yet erotic whoosh of a spiteful cane cutting the air. My arse clenched tightly at the plug; I must have been an almost irresistible target for a dominant woman with a new slave. I jumped as she touched my cheeks with the cane; was she to thrash me now? She chuckled wickedly as I jerked in fear.

"You may look up now. I have some water for you, and a nice big blue pill you must take; I want to make sure you thoroughly entertain all my friends before you are caged again tonight." I now realised the true purpose of the water, the 'dry tongue' scenario being just a ruse. Blanche smiled contentedly as I downed the tablet; she had no need to tell me what it was. She stood, cane in hand, looking utterly dominant in the black nylon, breasts heaving generously as she watched her new toy. I had no need for Viagra at that point; my cock was rigid in the presence of my formidable mistress. Blanche laughed as she stroked my erection with her cane while I finished the water.

"Good boy! We want you nice and stiff for the next few hours; you'll be begging to have the cage back on by the time the ladies have finished with you!" She pointed to a table with her cane and then gestured that I put the glass on it. I did so, and then felt the sting of her cane for the first time. I gasped as my new owner dealt me a cursory stroke to remind me just who was in charge.

"Now you lick that chair clean! I want it spotless for tonight and I want to see a nice vigorous effort from you. We'll soon have your blood circulating and at least have your puny excuse for a cock ready for action." I set to work immediately without any hesitation, first licking the cold salty mess at the front of the seat where my cock had earned me a caning. The leather was very slippery as I wet it with my tongue, and the taste changed as I worked toward the rear of the seat where my mature and assertive mistress had excited herself; the scent and taste of her womanhood flavoured by the leather had my cock buzzing again. The sight of my arse bobbing as I worked proved too much for my new owner; as my cock stiffened all the more with the scent and taste of her spicy anal juices, I heard the whoosh of the cane once more. I yelped audibly as the strongly superior woman administered her cane smartly, making my arse pulse with a pain which seemed to be magnified all the more; my anus clenching on the plug in fear, tensioning the caned area and increasing the wicked sting. Blanche laughed and strutted haughtily around the chair as she watched my labours, gritting her teeth menacingly as she cut the air with her cane, making me tense in anticipation of further pain, each time she did so.

"I used to love watching my husband perform the same task; he used to do it very well, right up until the time I disposed of him; it was such a beautiful snuff party." Her words were spoken so calmly, so matter-of-fact; they had my arse and balls tingling like never before. I had known her husband was dead at fifty, but never knew of any illness or accident; but I did remember a callous smile coming over Blanche's face on the occasion his demise was mentioned by a bland and uncaring daughter. It had chilled me at the time; now it had even greater significance.

The whoosh of the cane in the air had me adhere to the task in hand; my cock was now as rigid as a broom-handle as I sniffed and licked at the final tangy aromas on the leather, with the words 'snuff party' going through my head again and again. Blanche certainly knew how to tease and torture mentally; she knew exactly what she was doing. I felt a jerk on my leash and was pulled back on to my knees by her. She did not inspect the seat, but knelt forward in it, facing its back with her legs slightly apart. She arched her back and pointed her glorious globular arse out at me. I looked at the beautifully erotic sight and yearned to be allowed to masturbate; the womanly scent which wafted from her freshly exposed crack had me dribbling pre-cum once more. The Viagra was going to push my balls to the limit. Blanche shuffled her delectably shapely cheeks and cut the air with the cane which she still held so menacingly.

"It's time to lick my arsehole again. You have a good look, sniff, and taste of the woman who's going to put you in your place later. I want you to associate my scent with your ownership, and want you think of what fate may have befallen my husband as you lick. I know it excites you." I wasted no time in sniffing and then licking her succulent and tangy arsehole once more, my eyes agape and surveying the superb fleshy curves of this magnificent woman, a woman who had evidently snuffed out her husband on tiring of him. I wondered how he had been disposed of, and tried to imagine the submissive ecstasy he must have experienced at the hands of this formidable woman on knowing he was to be extinguished by her. I probed deeply and licked lovingly up and down the cleft of her cheeks, my cock stiff and dribbling as I relished my own fate which would begin with a caning. Blanche tensed her bottom and swished the cane again.

"It will also be good preparation for later; you'll lick my arse in front of the ladies, after your caning. If you have pleased me, and my friends, I may allow you to disgrace yourself whilst tonguing my anus, me, the woman who will have just caned you. I'll be nice and sweaty and the other ladies will jeer and applaud as you come, to add to your humiliation; would you like that?" I was close to coming involuntarily as I almost grudgingly took my tongue from the warmth of her cleft to answer.

"Yes Mistress Blanche, I would like that." I spluttered, as I returned my tongue to its delicious duty. Blanched laughed loudly, making her arsehole clench at my tongue.

"Oh you are SUCH a worthless cur! No wonder my daughter found it so easy to take command of you. Look at you now! Penniless and without property of your own, owned by a woman who fucks whatever real man she chooses. I wonder how many times Chuck has pleased her since you've been my guest. I can't wait to have you tell my friends why you're here!" With that, she allowed me to ponder the thought for another minute whilst probing her hot anus, then pulled away and dismounted the chair. She tugged on my leash and had me walk on all fours to the basket of canes. She stood smiling contentedly whilst I gulped and gawked at the formidable array of rattan and bamboo canes, all equally wicked looking.

"Time to choose a cane; be sharp about it, I'll need to freshen up whilst you wait, kneeling at the front window for our friends to arrive; I want you to savour every moment." I fumbled at the evil implements and tried to imagine which would leave the cleanest wounds, choosing a smooth rattan at last. Blanche sneered in her superior way as she took my choice from me, flexed it to almost breaking point in her supple yet strong arms, and then cut the air with it almost majestically. The slick and sharp whoosh noise it made had my cock pulsing and my anus and balls tingling. My dominant mistress looked down at me and smiled with satisfaction.

"Excellent. You have chosen well; this was a favourite of my husband's." I quailed with a mixture of fear and erotic yearning; she was a magnificent woman and I wanted to be caned by her, but I was in fear of the pain, and what had happened to her husband? Blanche walked me on all fours to the window which overlooked the drive, had me kneel and face out of the window so that I may see the women arrive who would witness and enjoy my humiliation. She had me hold my hands out flat and open before me, laying the wicked cane I would be punished with across them. She chuckled wickedly as she strutted off to wash my sticky saliva from her pussy and anus.

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