tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 04

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 04


The area by the window had a padded surface; no doubt Blanche's departed husband and many other enslaved men had been made to kneel for hours at this window, whilst they contemplated their fate on just such an evening as this. The padding would not be for their comfort, it would be there to ensure that their knees functioned when the time came to entertain. I had plenty of time to reflect on the position I was now in; my cock was bolt rigid with the merest thought of chastisement by a mature woman, before mature women. The Viagra ensured this was the case, that and the cane I had been forced to hold in a display of Blanche's utter dominance over me.

Every time I caught a fleeting glimpse of a vehicle passing the entrance at the end of the drive, my cock bobbed with anticipation. It did the same when I heard Blanche descend the stairs and enter the room. I heard her strut behind me, but she said nothing, I then heard the crumpling squeaks of leather upholstery as she sat herself down, followed by the tap of nimble fingers on a keypad or something; this was a phone.

"Hi Miranda ... Yes he's here and waiting, as pathetic as Cherie suggested. Hope you're feeling particularly spiteful today ... oh yes Arabella will be here, wanting to flaunt her prowess with the cane over her own gimp as usual, no doubt ... Agnes? Yes of course; how could we ever get by without the services of her sissy maid ... ha! Ha! Yes, completely feminised now, a wonderful transformation from the proud and cocky adolescent male she captured; I'm surprised they're not here yet ... ten minutes or so then ... bye!"

No sooner had she put down the phone when a car pulled into the drive, making me swallow hard in anticipation of further humiliation in front of another woman. The large black car drew up and a very pretty French maid alighted from the driver's side, she quickly glanced toward the window where I knelt, making my cock pulse as I viewed her long slender legs clad in black stockings; the frill of her black lacy skirt barely hiding the lower cheeks of her round bottom as she turned. Her glance indicated she'd been through this ritual before. She walked around the vehicle to the passenger door and opened it, curtsying as she did, giving me a quick view of her soft feminine cheeks; her waist so slender and dainty in her maid's uniform. I heard Blanche rise from her seat and strut over, I wanted to turn and look at her but daren't; I smelt her sweet scent as and felt her warmth as she stood above me, tapping my erect cock with a cane she held as I marvelled at the two females in the drive. She chuckled.

"I can see you're pleased to see my friend and her maid; you'll serve both of them in different ways later." The woman who now strode across the drive to the front steps was every inch as formidable as Blanche. She was also middle-aged and very shapely; wickedly buxom and clad in tight black leather leggings which hugged the contours of her thighs, mound and superbly round cheeks, her leg muscles taught and slender, accentuated by spikey black ankle boots with ornate spurs. Her full breasts were evident in a tight but supple leather bodice, her graceful but strong feminine arms contrasting with their soft white flesh. Her lower arms were covered by the black velvet gloves she wore on her delicate hands; one of which carried a vicious looking curled up whip. She gave a business-like smile to Blanche, and then gave me a look of utter contempt, tinged with a sneer. The maid tripped daintily after her, having picked an overnight bag from the car. Blanche tapped my stiffly eager cock with her cane once more.

"Agnes has so been looking forward to dominating you; Cherie was always a favourite of hers and she knows how badly you've let her down. She intends making you pay for it." My anus clenched tightly at the plug as I digested what Blanche said; this was also a truly dominant looking female and I was in fear of the pain I would inevitably suffer. Then it clicked in my mind that this was 'Agnes' who was spoken about in the phone call; my eyes strained to focus on the pretty maid, so sweet and graceful, so effeminate, so perfectly female. Her face was as pretty as her body; this was once a male? My cock stiffened all the more at 'her' humiliating and permanent predicament and my cock tingled with excitement, I began to doubt my sexuality as I seemed to find her all the more attractive on realising the truth.

As Blanche moved away to open the door to her first arrivals, I turned and stole a glance at her; she was now wearing a latex cat-suit, which emphasised every curve and bulge of her mature body. The fact that she was a little plump around the hips and arse seemed to make her shape all the more erotic; it announced her maturity and the natural authority that came with it, whilst displaying the fact that she was still in supreme physical shape after six decades. The tingling in my loins was unbearable as I watched her cheeks flex in the latex, a silver zip running up the seam of her crotch and cleft of her arse, inviting opening. My arse tingled all the more as I nearly dropped the cane, the cane that that glorious woman was to punish me with.

The hair stood up on the back of my neck as Blanche re-entered the room with the formidable Agnes, her lowly sissy was ordered to take the bag to the usual room and be back within one minute. I was then commanded to turn and face the pair. I knelt there, naked, with cane across my open palms, my cock stiff and erect and plain for all to see, in front of two gloriously mature women. The humiliation was sublime. Agnes looked down at me with wicked dark brown eyes as her sissy re-entered and stood waiting her next command. Agnes stepped slowly forward, inspecting me like an item of livestock.

"I can see why you've been such a disappointment to our Cherie. It's a good thing she's being serviced by a real man now; I bet she's enjoying some decent cock at this very moment; you won't please anyone but yourself with that pathetic little dick. You could have of least become a successful businessman before signing over everything to her, you are so useless. I am going to enjoy teaching you a lesson for treating her so badly, and I shall show you later, how you can please Cherie if you are allowed back into that miserable property you gave her." Blanch laughed as I swallowed hard at the stern woman's words; I had hardly treated Cherie badly in any way, but these were dominant women and I was learning my place in their world, a world with very different rules. My cock stiffened at the thought of what punishment I would endure at the hands of Agnes, and what it was I would be shown by her later.

I was then moved just a little way back from the window, and Agnes barked at the petite sissy who was a few inches shorter than me. The sweet maid was commanded to kneel in front of me, facing out of the window. She was made to kneel with her legs slightly apart and close up to me; her pert little bottom in black satin panties jutting out from beneath the frill of her skirt, just inches from my erect cock. I could sniff her hair and sweet scent, and marvelled at her slender waist, her soft hairless arms and pretty manicured hands; the person before me was a picture of effeminacy. The maid quivered as her mistress spoke again.

"You get used to the scent of my sissy; you'll see later, how the triumph of femininity can transform a male. We are going to have such fun with you two."

The sissy was visibly shaking as her mistress spoke and I wanted to put my arms around her to comfort her; not only was I in a strange erotic heaven with the humiliation at the hands of dominant women, I now found myself excited by something which had never occurred to me before; I wanted to caress and comfort a transgendered male. She was so feminine, I wanted to embrace the woman this sweet thing had become; my cock was pointing to a haven I had never contemplated before, but now yearned to try. My eyes were taken away from the slender waist and pert cheeks by the arrival of another vehicle.

The car door opened and yet another middle-aged woman had my cock dribbling as she came into view. A pair of delicate stocking clad feet stepped elegantly into stiletto's previously discarded during the journey. The legs carried a severe looking woman wearing a tight pencil skirt with tight blouse; her blonde hair in a bun, horn-rim glasses completing the picture of the archetypal governess or school-mistress. She lifted her nose arrogantly as she looked to the window to view those who would be subject to her discipline, then walked round to the rear of the car and opened the large rear hatch. She pointed sternly to the ground and a male dropped to the driveway on all fours. He was hooded and collared, but otherwise naked; his cock caged and a tail hung from an anal plug. The haughty governess took his leash and he was walked like a dog to the entrance.

The two were greeted indoors and the sissy and I were turned so I may be introduced. I learned that Arabella still ran a private school where the offspring of dominant women were shown their way in life; girls had special privileges and routinely took part in the disciplining of boys, who were summarily thrashed regularly before their female betters. Arabella smiled supremely and my anus tingled in awe of her dominance when she revealed that the gimp on the leash was the ex-headmaster; she now owned him and his school. He had foolishly shown his submissive side to the predatory woman; she had seduced him and shown him his true place amongst women. The women laughed as he kissed her feet when it was revealed who he was. Arabella looked down at the gimp and said one word.

"Noose." The gimp kissed her feet again. Arabella looked wickedly at me as the others chuckled in acknowledgment at the mentioning of the 'noose'. The gimp strained at his leash as Arabella addressed me.

"It is good to see Blanche has another pet, if only temporarily. Seeing you there reminds me of Blanche's feeble husband who gave us such great entertainment the last time we saw him. A ritual I have with my gimp is to take him down to the cellar whenever we visit. I like to show him the noose and the place where the ultimate respect was paid in honour of womanhood. I've promised him that he'll be able to pay the same respect one day, when he is of no further use to me. Of course, I'd never announce when that was; that would spoil the tease, he never knows if the trip he takes to the cellar will be his last." She smiled victoriously before looking down at the gimp once more before uttering the one simple word again.

"Noose." The woman all laughed wickedly at the wretch as this time he was led away like a dog to the cellar, his cock bulging in his cage in the hope that this time he may pay the ultimate sacrifice to the woman who had crushed his will and owned him so completely. Blanche looked sternly at me. My cock pulsed, I so wanted to come. Blanche's look broke into a contented wicked smile; she knew I was yearning to be led down to the cellar by her.

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