tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 05

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 05


Further confident and severe looking women arrived, smiling and sneering at the gimp, and pointing at me contemptuously. My erection raged as I watched the superbly dominant Arabella stride positively toward the cellar door; her willing gimp, the once proud and dignified headmaster, on all fours with a tail swinging from his plug. The women laughed at him and slapped him like a dog as he passed, increasing his yearning for punishment and humiliation by them; he was a truly broken and servile shell of a man now. Blanche looked at me and then pointed to her feet.

"Heel!" I needed no rehearsal to understand what she wanted having seen the prior wretch, and scampered across to her on all fours. The women jeered and laughed at the pathetic obedience I showed the formidable Blanche, increasing a divine sense of humiliation within me; my cock bobbed excitedly, I was truly counting my blessings at having married this magnificent woman's daughter. As I cowered and studied her spikey stilettos and latex clad legs, I was willing to do anything to please Blanche's wicked dominance. She tugged at my leash and we followed Arabella's tight bottom clad in her pencil skirt as it flexed and wiggled provocatively. She oozed authority as she strode toward the cellar door. I was taken down the steps to the floor of the cellar without further ceremony, and then made to kneel next to my glorious new owner in the middle of a semi-circle of grinning and mature, obviously dominant women; they sneered and flexed canes and crops as Blanche's face grew sterner and pulled my head up tight by the leash. She wanted me to take in everything. Before us stood Arabella, smiling as her gimp waited patiently on all fours. A curtain divided the cellar and the women applauded as Arabella swished it open.

There, in the light of two small frosted glass windows, hung a silky noose from a central beam. Below it a simple three-legged stool with legs no more than eight inches long. A small black enamel dish on the floor was the only other object in the cellar. Arabella walked her now quivering gimp close to the dish, and had him squat on his knees. She bent and unlocked his cage with a tiny key on an elegant wrist bracelet; the gimp's cock rose and stiffened in a trice, pointing at the noose he yearned for. Arabella took a cane from one of the women and licked her lips a she teased his bone hard cock with it, before turning and lifting her tight skirt just high enough to allow him a sniff of the anus he loved to worship with his tongue; his cock bobbed as he sampled his mistresses' scent for what might be the last time. She moved sharply away, leaving him sniffing at nothing, and leaving his audience sneering and laughing at him. She then toed the black dish closer to the gimp with her elegant stiletto clad foot and then strutted around the noose which hung invitingly. She stroked it with her cane, making it swivel as though it were occupied by an invisible suitor.

The gimp's cock dribbled as Arabella stood with hands on hips; one leg to the floor, the other teasing the stool symbolically, as though ready to dispatch yet another male into submissive heaven. Then she took a deep breath, her face grew sterner and she cut the air with her cane.

"Show me how much you want to die for me! You know the routine; make it your last performance!" The women cheered and applauded her words; each relishing the gimp's torment, each becoming more sexually aroused by the minute. The gimp grabbed his cock and the ogling women started a slow handclap as he eyed his utterly dominant mistress and stroked his cock for all he was worth. The sissy was ordered over and completed the erotic picture of a possible pending execution; her place was to hold the black dish in readiness for the gimp's meagre offering. Blanche tugged my leash tight as my hand went down near my aching cock; I was not to be allowed relief just yet. I so wanted to masturbate at the scene, and unashamedly, I wanted the women to watch me do it in complete humiliation.

I was so in envy of the gimp and selfishly hoped that this would be the occasion on which he would swing for the women; I would have given anything to witness their pleasure at such a spectacle, and was also envious of the gimp; I wished it were I being teased with the noose. As the women clapped dirge-like, whilst thoroughly enjoying the shameful display by the once well-respected male figure, Arabella basked in her absolute power over the feeble male she had broken; she teetered the stool to an acute angle and pointed her cane at the gimp.

"Beg for the noose! I want complete satisfaction for my efforts over you! Tell me how you deserve the noose!" Her actions and words only pushed the totally submissive wretch closer to a sensual and humiliating orgasm; he struggled with the words he so dearly wanted his dominant mistress to hear, such was the intense pleasure he was experiencing; his bell-end red to purple and fit to burst. His cock stood prouder than he could ever hope to before the magnificent woman who owned him so completely. The feeling of erotic submission was so intense and he squeaked his words as the relentless clap of the women urged him ever closer to his humiliating destiny.

"I beg you mistress, please noose me; I am worthless and want to die for you, please end my misery." Arabella smiled with supreme satisfaction as his feeble words brought jeers and laughter from the women who now increased the pace of their clapping and moved closer to enjoy his torment. Arabella kicked the stool over and sneered triumphantly as she viewed the pathetic wretch.

"You'll come for me right now; perhaps for the last time!" He eyed his dominant owner, the silky noose which had been put to good use before, and the stool on its side. He moaned as his hips gyrated; the sissy noted the urgency of his strokes,and his fully retracted ball sack, and she held the black dish ready. The women clapped to a crescendo, smiling and jeering, coaxing his utter humiliation. Arabella pointed her cane to the noose. The gimp shuddered in abject ecstasy as his engorged and rude member pulsed rhythmically with the controlling women's handclap and laughter, as he ejected stream after stream of his hot sticky mess. The sissy held the bowl high to catch each generous jet; the gimp appreciating his thorough abasement with every spurt; he so wanted to hear her command that he be noosed, as he spent in a delirious heaven and emptied his balls.

The women cheered as he first collapsed in a heap, and then crawled forward beneath the noose, kissing Arabella's feet and begging her to allow him to hang for her. Arabella looked down at him as he grovelled; her pussy buzzing with arousal now. She simply took the dish from the sissy and inspected it.

"Is this the best you could do? No. You'll not swing today. We'll have to keep you caged for another month longer before you're allowed to view the noose again; you're pathetic. It's back upstairs for you. You'll lick clean the bowl in front of all our guests and then have a caning for letting me down again. Remember how you used to enjoy caning girls at the school? I intend that you continue to pay for that; why, there will be quite a queue of ladies wanting to make their feelings clear to you on that point. Besides, we have another pathetic male here who has earned our discipline, and it's his party." I felt the world close in on me as Blanche sneered and wrenched my leash, making me extend my back, as the delectable Arabella looked straight into my eyes, my cock dribbling at the thought of being dominated by both her and Blanche. With that, the array of dominant and strict looking females looked and smiled at me as they began to ascend the stairs; the scent of womanly arousal now so evident in the confinement of the cellar.

Blanche took delight in holding me there till last; having me kiss the feet of each as they filed past. They made me know in no uncertain terms that I would know my place by the end of the evening. I willingly kissed the feet of Arabella who was the last; she led the gimp who cried like a child as he was pulled away from the noose he so desired. Blanche allowed me to take in the full misery of the gimp and complete dominance of his mistress as they ascended the stairs to his next humiliation. She then turned my head and had me view the noose once more; what she said next sent a shiver down my spine, and had me on the verge of an orgasm without even touching my rigid cock.

"If my daughter agrees to let me keep you, you'll spend in a bowl for me down here. My expectations of your balls will not as great as Arabella's. I don't like to spoil a party; my husband would confirm that if he were still around." Blanche laughed wickedly as I gave the noose a last long look before the magnificent woman took me back upstairs to face my caning.

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