tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 06

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 06


I was overwhelmed as I emerged from the cellar door, leashed and on all fours; I was ready to beg and whine for relief as I viewed Blanche's magnificent buxom curves and folds flex in the latex; a 62 year old woman who had shown she owned me completely within a matter of hours. I willingly followed on all fours, hoping she would allow me full use of the Viagra. I also hoped she would keep me permanently, letting me me sniff and service forever, the divine orifice which had borne the dominatrix who had led me to her. Forever that is, until my sweet humiliating appointment with the noose that had dispatched her husband. Her husband; the feeble male whose only purpose in life had been to seed this black widow; creating my captor.

My emergence was awaited by a line of mature dommes, no doubt with spiteful bitch daughters of their own, who applauded Blanche's triumphal acquisition of me. The line led to the middle of a lounge where the sissy now knelt naked and un-caged, palms out, holding the cane I had chosen. I remembered Blanche's promise and eyed the zipped crotch of the formidable woman as the tight latex creased around her anus and camel-toe. Her smell and taste after caning her latest prey would be exquisite. As I was turned into the lounge, I was greeted by a host of sneering women; a glance to the window revealed many more cars in the drive; Blanche and Cherie had made sure as many dominant friends as possible would witness the beginning of my two-week humiliation.

Further applause and cheers echoed about the house, as the gimp came through double-doors on his customary all fours; his leash tied to a padded bench which he towed behind him, Arabella behind it, who once again sneered as she looked me straight in the eyes, her lips mimed 'noose' and her eyes diverted slightly; I looked to where they moved and found Blanche sneering down at me. I was so desperate to come for her. The gimp struggled forward like a condemned man hauling his coffin to the gallows, till ordered to stop. A hush fell over the room at that point and all eyes were focused on me once more. The women started to flex and toy with their canes as Blanche jerked my leash.

"Tell the ladies where my daughter is!" She wickedly striped my lower back with the cane to encourage me; the ladies licked their lips as they witnessed a taste of what was to come.

"She has gone on vacation." Blanche fetched me three more sharp strokes across the back and legs. "Who has she gone with?" The women sniggered and jeered, enjoying my torment.

"She has gone with Chuck... her... her boyfriend." Blanche smiled with pride as I squirmed before the audience. "And just why should she need a boyfriend? What has he to offer that you have not?" The women flexed their canes all the more as they knew my caning was imminent.

"He has a large cock to satisfy her with, Mistress Blanche." The crowd of dominant women erupted with jeers and laughter. I bowed my head, the erotic feeling of humiliation before the women was intensifying; I awaited her next question and then noticed some of the women across the room move away from a large cabinet. One of them, a plump woman of about 55 wearing jodhpurs, thigh length boots and a tight white blouse, strode over to Blanche. She held a riding crop in one hand, and a mobile phone in the other; she passed the phone to Blanche. "Thank you Miranda. Meet my cur of a son-in-law; I believe you are aware of why he's here already." The two sniggered as though at some private joke; Miranda slapped the palm of her hand playfully with the crop as she eyed me up and down.

"Miranda is an old friend of mine; she owns a hotel which the women here often use." There were murmurs and giggles all around the room. Blanche whipped me again with the cane.

"Back to our conversation; how would we prove Chuck has a big cock?" I knelt, baffled by her strange question as she smiled and tapped a number into the phone. A woman opened the doors of the cabinet to reveal a huge flat screen television. Miranda clicked a remote and the screen segmented into many squares; she arrowed one and it enlarged to fill the screen. The women cheered and applauded loudly as Cherie appeared; lying naked on a huge bed. They laughed and sneered at my bewilderment. Blanche put her phone on loudspeaker; as it rang, Cherie's hand picked up a phone on the CCTV from the hotel bedroom, Miranda's hotel bedroom. Blanche sneered at me as the ringing stopped and Cherie answered.

"Hi Cherie, give your worthless wimp of a husband a wave. It's a pity you can't see all the ladies who've come here to witness him pay for being so useless for you. I hope you and Chuck are enjoying yourselves with what little money your useless husband has provided for you. Where is he by the way? The women, and your husband, would so love to see him." The women laughed and clapped at my thorough humiliation; they knew more was to come. Cherie answered.

"Come here chuck and show yourself to the ladies... and that puny-cocked wimp of a husband." The women erupted with cheers and wolf-whistles as Chuck appeared on the big screen in all his glory. Miranda worked the controls to close in on the two. Chuck held his huge black cock out, firm, erect and excited. Cherie appeared at the end of the bed and lay the phone down as she took both hands to his enormous phallus and tickled the end of his globular grey bell-end with her tongue. She shouted into the phone as she eyed the camera.

"Get a load of this you useless wimp; you cheated me with your tiny measure; now I'm having the real thing. Enjoy your caning won't you!" With that she shouted 'bye everyone' and lay back on the bed and lifted her legs, showing me a sweet pussy and arsehole I had not seen in a long time. Miranda focused further in, and the women cheered and applauded as Chuck eased his huge black cock into her eager pussy; my wife was being fucked before my eyes while her mother stood over me with a cane, waiting to thrash me as the whole thing was witnessed by a crowd of laughing women. I was totally crushed, humiliated beyond belief... but my cock was stiffer than ever. I was beginning to believe I had done my wife an injustice and began to yearn for punishment. I was truly on the road to being broken completely. As my eyes focused on that big black cock, sliding relentlessly in and out of the silky white pussy that should have been mine, the screen went blank.

The women were anxious to preserve her dignity and allow her to enjoy her boyfriend in private. The round of applause died down and they turned their attention to me. Blanche stood supreme. As the giggling women looked on, making comments about whether Chuck had come yet or not, she eyed me sternly.

"Kiss my feet for allowing you to see my daughter's pussy." I bent and kissed her black patent stilettos with gusto; I so wanted to be thrashed by her now. But I was made to wait; I was to witness what it would look like; the gimp was being prepared by Arabella. Miranda came over as Blanche yanked my leash to signify I had given sufficient worship to her feet. She gave a wicked smile to the both of us.

"You look so good together Blanche. It is so good to see you command a male again; I think you should take him from Cherie and punish him permanently. You know he's going to be in demand amongst the ladies after tonight; he's such a submissive cur. His caning will be sweet, we've had such a family show of him; I can't wait to see him lick your arse in gratitude afterwards." Something seemed to touch Blanche, and she pulled my face into the warmth of her crotch. I willingly nuzzled her camel-toe and sniffed at the gorgeous moisture around her zip; the rich womanly scent and the matter-of-fact words of her equally dominant friend had me rigid. She rubbed my face in her delectable folds as she answered Miranda.

"Yes, I had forgotten just how thrilling having control was, and he is so like my husband; I know if I keep him, he'll swing wonderfully when I tire of him." I nuzzled harder on hearing this and Blanche pressed my head tight in; I knew I was doomed from that moment on.

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