tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 07

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 07


I was released from the haven of my mistress' crotch and she stood by me in a central position, flexing her cane in readiness for my punishment as we watched the gimp's misery. The wickedly pencil-skirted headmistress that was Arabella, placed the black dish from earlier at her feet, and ordered the gimp down to it in full view of the eager crowd of women. Agnes had her sissy sit close by; a feminised male adding to the general scene of total female dominance. Blanche teased my arse with the cane as we watched the superbly authoritative Arabella show her complete control over the defeated headmaster She merely pointed to her feet and the gimp crawled to the bowl ; the white streaks and blobs on the black enamel there for all to see, testament to his disgrace and humiliation earlier. She toed the bowl under his nose as he lay, prostrate and trembling at her feet.

"You should be ashamed of yourself. Two months in your cage and that is the best you can do? Lick he bowl clean and prepare for at least one hundred strokes; you've let all these women down again, so they will demand satisfaction." Some of the more vicious looking women looked sternly down at him and moved closer to the bench, flexing their canes and crops. The gimp had been a popular attraction at the women's gatherings since Arabella's conquest of him; the knowledge that he had caned girls in his former life ensured his perpetual misery at their hands. Women came from far and wide to vent their displeasure upon him, his history magnifying their erotic sense of superiority and enhancing their spite for all male would-be authority. The gimp would pay dearly once more, and the women knew that because of that history, he may not be around to torment for much longer.

The women jeered and scorned as he gratefully lapped the bowl clean of his own sticky salty mess, at the feet of the woman who had broken his will completely, and had humiliated him gloriously once more in the cellar. She stood waiting to thrash him as he ensured the bowl was licked clean of all trace of his semen, her panties now sodden with arousal as she relished every moment of her utter dominance over the cringing male. He lapped furiously, eager to be rewarded with the cane from his mistress and those of the others. He knew the padded bench well, he knew the pain would be intolerable at first, he knew he would cry like a baby as the women laughed, he knew he would cum under the cane in an act of total disgrace and supreme humiliation, offering the women divine satisfaction. He polished the bowl with his tongue and knelt, looking up at the woman who owned him as she sneered down, her breasts heaving in her tight blouse as she relished applying the cane. He looked at her and thought of how he had been caught in the act of caning young girls, how she had tricked him into revealing his BDSM tendencies, captured him, owned him, and destroyed him. He had meekly signed over all his property and possessions to her; his only purpose in life to serve her totally, knowing one day she will simply dispose of him at the slightest whim. He deserved to be punished. He worshipped her and had earned his caning.

Arabella simply turned her eyes toward the bench and the gimp climbed upon it, allowing the other women to strap his arms into the leather buckled restraints. This they did with slow deliberation to allow the gimp time to realise his position, grinning as they tightly secured his limbs, rendering him a helpless target for their venom. Arabella strutted over to me, smiling, and rubbed the cheeks of my arse with her cane.

"I want you to watch and see how I'll deal with you when my dear friend Blanche has exhausted her arm on you. I intend to play my part in breaking you for being such a dismal let-down to our Cherie." Blanche sneered audibly as my anus clenched in fear at her words, but my cock buzzed and remained rigid as I watched her beautiful rounded arse as she sauntered back to the gimp, now squirming in a mixture of fear and anticipation, strapped down to a caning bench before a house of women. She took her position, one leg slightly behind her, free hand on buxom hip, and raised the vicious cane above her head. She looked at me again whilst in this position to ensure she had my full attention, Blanche held my head back to make sure I took it all in.

"I want you to think of those girls you caned." Without further ceremony, Arabella brought the cane whooshing down with no mercy. The gimp wailed like a girl as the woman that owned him cut the air and then his backside again and again with clinical perfection. The other women jeered and made spiteful comments as he tensed and wailed in agony. He was reduced to tears within the first ten strokes, such was the ferocity of the punishment; the headmistress showed her prowess with the cane exquisitely, and the other women marvelled enviously at her technique. As the vicious rattan rained down on his cut and bleeding cheeks, the tears flowed and the gimp squirmed in glorious submissive humiliation. His cock rubbed exquisitely between the padding and his belly as he felt the venom of the dominant woman's cane. The pain became pleasurable, and the jeers of the women increased as he tensed against his bonds in complete submission to their superiority; they knew he was to disgrace himself.

Arabella increased her rate of stokes as she too noted the coming of his absolute surrender, her pussy now dripping with excitement. The gimp thought of the caning of the girls, his submission to this powerful woman, the noose... and then erupted into a deeply satisfying orgasm, tempered only slightly by the stinging cane. The women jeered loudly and clapped, enhancing his ecstasy as he spent liberally once more. He had surrendered completely to his mistress.

Arabella stroked until his convulsion had stopped. She then passed the cane to the first in the queue of eager women who lined up to pay their respects; he would now endure more pain, post orgasm. The poor wretch moaned uncontrollably as he wallowed in his own mess, as several particularly vicious women thrashed his scarlet cheeks unforgivingly. When the caning stopped I trembled with fear and excitement. The bench was wheeled away through the doors, and another virgin example was wheeled in; this one had a 'u' shaped collar at the head end. Blanche smiled as Arabella undid her pencil skirt and let it drop to the ground, revealing red satin panties which were dark crimson with wetness at the crotch. She looked at Blanche.

"May I?" Blanche nodded, and as she did so, she unzipped her crotch. Arabella stepped forward and had me sniff her beautifully aroused womanhood through the wet satin; the scent had my cock dribbling pre-cum. Blanche teased my cheeks with the cane. Arabella had me lick the juice from her panties; my tongue eagerly stroking her beautifully mature slit through the fabric. She sniggered.

"You have a good taste of one of the women who is going to thoroughly enjoy caning you. That bench will give you further opportunity to do so. I'll be the other side of the collar. When it's my turn to cane you, the next woman in line will take my place when I cane you; she'll have her pussy sniffed and licked till it's her turn to show you what she thinks of you, and another will take her place at the collar." She pulled my head from her luscious richly scented pussy and turned me toward Blanche. I was close to an involuntary orgasm as I watched Blanche draw the cane through the cleft of her sticky labia. The crowd of women clapped as she held the cane under my nose.

"You have a good sniff, and then lick the cane that I intend to break you with. Your caning will not stop until I appear at the collar and you sample my scent again. You will then be allowed down to lick my anus in gratitude." She then took my lead and led me to the bench on all fours as the crowd of women clapped in time. I was truly scared for the first time; my memory went back, my cock still buzzing due to my submissive nature, to when I had first met the assertive Cherie, the warnings I'd had from friends, my total submission to her, the way I had given everything up to her, the journey here with her and Chuck, seeing Blanche for the first time... and now this. I only had myself to blame.

The feel of the padded bench was all too comfortable; Blanche, Agnes, Arabella and Miranda; all so wickedly dominant. They all spoke softly now as I was harnessed to the bench, Arabella made sure my head was comfortable in the collar and eased forward to allow me to sniff and lick at her sweetly superior haven. She sighed out a message as I licked her succulent labia through the fabric of her sodden panties.

"Your Mother-in-Law will now commence punishment."

There was an eerie hush as Arabella held my face secure against the sweetly scented warmth of her pussy. I panted in semi-panic; the rich aroma and my predicament, making my cock pulse and squirm already. Blanche strutted about the bench then made her speech.

"You have been brought to me for displeasing my daughter, and have admitted your worthlessness to everyone here. You have also witnessed how a man should be; of course, you can never be like that. You are a puny-cocked wimp and have failed to satisfy my daughter. I intend to make you pay dearly." There was a round of applause from the women who looked on. Cameras flashed and videos were clicked on as Blanche swept her vicious cane through the air several times to get a good feel for its flexibility. As intended, I tensed and bucked at the fearful sound, much to the delight of the women; I hoped that the glorious scent of various dominant pussies would act as an anaesthetic.

Blanche pressed the cane flat against my buttocks with one hand pulled my anal plug out with the other.

"I don't want to damage my cane on this." The women laughed, and then Blanche said her last words before I knew pain.

"The next stroke you hear will be accompanied by severe pain. I intend that what little spirit you have will be broken forever by the time you face my daughter again. I and every woman here will enjoy your punishment." Arabella held my head firm as Blanche began. The cane made its hideous noise as it descended; it seemed to take forever to arrive, but arrive it did and I yelped, as per the gimp before me, like a girl or child, such was the stinging pain. I sniffed and wallowed in Arabella's sticky arousal as my mature mother-in-law, whipped and cut my cheeks without mercy. Her strong, still firm body, rippling and shimmering in the latex as she administered the punishment I had earned, a wicked smile on her face. I cried like a baby at the searing pain as I was thrashed relentlessly; I begged for mercy, much to the delight of my eager audience as the dominant beauty continued her aim in breaking me, and Arabella pulled my face tight to her crotch; the collar and pussy situation serving another purpose in muffling my protests; less of a distraction for the women enjoying the sound of the cane and its biting impact.

As I squirmed and pulled at my bonds in a futile effort to escape, my cock rubbed deliciously against the padding and my belly; through my tears I began to enjoy the pain, and sniffed and lapped at the pussy of the woman who would cane me next, almost in anticipation of it. My utter humiliation enhanced by my feeble protests and tears were preserved for ever as the cameras and videos recorded everything. I now listened for the sweet sound of the cane; relished the sting of its bite, my cock pulsing below me. That glorious tingling expectancy moved through my balls and anus, as I submitted to the supreme dominance of the women, and my mother-in-law in particular. Blanche sensed my complete surrender and smiled all the more as I squirmed to oblivion. The sound and sting of the cane, the smell and taste of Arabella's beautiful slit, and the thought of the noose took control of me. I now fully understood the gimp's fatalistic desires; he had been broken and now I was being broken too. Blanche increased her pace with the cane once more and the women cheered and applauded as I humped and moaned in submissive ecstasy under the cane. Arabella shouted above the hubbub.

"Good boy! Good Boy! My turn next!" I pressed home my nose to her aromatic pussy and spurted for all I was worth; her words seemed divine as my new owner, 62 year old widow, Blanche, finished my sweetly humiliating orgasm off with a final salvo of wicked cane strokes. I bucked and wallowed in masochistic heaven as I squeezed the last ecstatic spurts out in honour of the woman who had utterly defeated me. The pleasure and relief I experienced was unbelievable, I was now ready to die for this woman.

I was allowed short respite as Arabella moved away and eagerly took the cane from my mistress. Agnes was next at the collar; her sissy undid the deliciously dominant woman's leather leggings and then knelt in abeyance next to her. I sampled her beautiful taste and scent, as I enjoyed what I had witnessed the gimp receive. The pain was somehow now exquisite, and my cock soon swelled back to a full erection as I slithered in my own lubrication under the cane. I was treated to a succession of heavenly aroused pussies, sampled from mounds of various soft textures, none of the women being younger than about 45. My arse was treated to various techniques with the cane; each woman thoroughly enjoying their punishment of me, even though I had ceased to beg for mercy. I was so close to coming when being caned by a fat ginger woman whose pussy I had thoroughly enjoyed licking. With my eyes closed, I licked at a slippery labia as Ginger thrashed me when the pussy was suddenly replaced; the beautiful aroma I sampled next was instantly recognisable. My caning was over, it was Blanche.

As I was being unstrapped, two of the women rubbed balm into my cheeks; the searing pain was equal to that of the cane, and the women giggled as I wriggled in discomfort. Thankfully this did not last long and the balm had a numbing effect; enabling me to maintain mobility despite my punishment. I was ordered to the floor and made to kneel in the centre of the room. A thoroughly satisfied looking Blanche strode up to me as the women stood in a circle applauding the show so far. She put her hand under my chin and lifted my face to have a good look at my face and eyes, which were as red as my scarlet striped buttocks. This gave her much satisfaction, as did the matted sticky hair on my belly which she pointed to with her cane; damning visual evidence of my having disgraced myself during punishment. The women clapped and smiled as Blanche turned smiling to them, as though pointing to evidence at court. She then stood over me with her legs slightly apart, in wonderfully dominant fashion. Unzipped and the latex pulled invitingly apart, her succulent mature pussy was on show, my cock bobbed excitedly.

"Did you enjoy your punishment cur? It certainly looks as though you did." The women jeered and cackled as they awaited my answer. I could not have lied, even if I had wanted to.

"Yes Mistress Blanche. I enjoyed being caned by you and the other women." The women cooed in sarcastic fashion whilst I eyed the inviting gap in her latex. I so wanted to lick her arse; Blanche looked at me with utter contempt as she noticed where my eyes were.

"What is it you wish to do for me, to show your gratitude for the caning?" As I knelt naked before this magnificent woman, before a crowd of assertive women, I was beginning to enjoy my humiliation as much as she relished her absolute power over me.

"I want to like your arse for you mistress." As the women laughed and sneered, I shivered as I bathed in the pleasure of my own humiliation.

"You'll kiss the feet of all the women in the room first, and then get back here immediately." She cut the air with her cane as I moved in a circle, kissing the beautiful selection of stilettos, boots and manicured toes in sandals; the women flicking my sore arse with their canes and crops as I did so. I eagerly returned to Blanche when I'd completed the circle. She took my leash and moved toward the caning bench I'd been punished on. I knelt and she turned, parted her legs slightly and keeping her long elegant legs straight, leaned over to rest her upper body on the bench. My cock was rigid as I watched the latex part as she leaned, exposing her beautifully puckered arsehole which awaited my tongue. The cameras flashed again as the women awaited Blanche's command, as did I. She flexed her thighs and arse in the latex, making me drool at the sight.

"Lick my arse you worthless cur; I want it thoroughly cleaned after the way you made me sweat." The women crowded around and clicked away with their camera's as I lifted my face to the delicious target. I sniffed her spicy aroma and licked lovingly at the tangy puckers and folds before probing deep into her soft warm anus. I was in heaven and so wanted to masturbate. Blanche added further to my pleasure.

"That's it you worthless cur, lick the arse of the woman who has just thrashed you, if you do a good job, I may allow you relief again, but I've not decide how just yet." I did not know what she might be thinking but I lapped away at her gorgeous ring; the other women thoroughly enjoying seeing their friend dominating a male once more. When Blanche was thoroughly satisfied I had cleaned her sweaty anus sufficiently, I was led across the room on all fours to a huge leather sofa which was occupied by women who were hastily discarding their panties. Vibrators began to buzz as the group of mature women drew their legs back, in preparation for having their arseholes licked too.

I was in submissive heaven as I knelt and serviced an endless succession of beautifully fragrant middle-aged anuses. My cock yearned for another orgasm as I sniffed and licked at pucker after pucker; most of the owners buzzing themselves to a healthy orgasm, treating me to their juices which ran down from pleasured pussies. Others had me lick their sweet butterflies to orgasm; on each occasion I was surrounded by dominant women remarking on how I knew my place, and how they'd like to take me home for further punitive duties. I was yearning for another thrashing.

As the evening wore on I was frequently led to the front door to kiss the feet of women as they departed. Many remarked that they hoped to see me receive further punishment from Blanche, and most thought it would be a good thing if I served Blanche in perpetuity, suffering a routine of permanent punishments and humiliations. After all, I was no use at all to her daughter and deserved to pay dearly for my shortcomings. They smiled wickedly at me, confirming my thoughts that as friends of Blanche, this would ensure they saw more of me and could indulge in the sadistic torment of me.

As we closed the door on one such dominant virago, Blanche held me in private for a moment. She pulled my leash taught and had me sniff her pussy. The whole erotic event and the women's words had aroused her no end.

"When the guests that aren't staying the night have gone, I am going to lead you to my room, lie you down on my bed and thrash you again. Would you like that?" My cock stiffened and bobbed as I sniffed at her pussy and listened to the dark promise in her tone. I could not lie.

"Yes Mistress Blanche, please thrash me again. I want to be punished by you." As she pulled my head into her crotch and had me lick her, I felt owned and dominated as never before. I would die if handed back to Cherie.

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