tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 08

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 08


Eventually, my tongue a little worse for wear, only Arabella, Miranda, and Agnes and her sissy remained as the fat ginger woman said her goodbyes. Though chubby, she was just as attractive as any of the other women, just as dominant. I had thoroughly enjoyed delving into her soft folds when punished, and had been closed to coming when she took her turn with the cane. She smiled at Blanche and Miranda.

"Tuesday then; my usual suite at the hotel." I was made to kiss her soon to depart feet, and then she turned, lifted her skirt and had me sniff her large globular arse one last time.

"I'm so looking forward to having you on Tuesday." My balls tingled, and Blanche and the others laughed at my bemusement. Blanche enlightened me as I watched the ginger woman's arse and ample thighs depart.

"Sandy has a regular kink which she likes to have filmed. You'll be the 'special' guest for her. Miranda and the ladies have a nice little industry on the side, making videos. It was started by the former proprietor of the hotel, from whom Miranda acquired the business. I wonder whatever happened to him?" Miranda crossed her legs haughtily and lifted her nose as a wicked, satisfied smile crossed her face. I could only guess at the fate of any male who came into contact with these superb women. My Balls tingle all the more. I was then commanded to stand by the ladies with my arms apart. I was measured around the waist, legs arms etc. Agnes had her sissy input the details on a tablet from Agnes' bag. Some 'suitable' clothes were ordered for me.

Blanche was now ready to retire; my cock stiffened as I remembered her promise. She smiled wickedly and pointed in the direction of the umbrella stand.

"Cane!" The women laughed as I scampered without hesitation on all fours to retrieve a suitable rod.

"Bring it back in your teeth." I did as I was told and maintained my lowly posture to the delight of the sneering women. I assumed a kneeling position at the feet of my mistress; she took the cane from my mouth.

"I hope you have admitted your guilt as to why you are here, and are beginning to recognise your place amongst women. Your 'supper' will help remind you, though I know you have learned to relish discipline which is well deserved. The ladies have said they are pleased with your progress on your first day with me. What happens over the next thirteen days will decide your fate." I thought back about the long day; I had arrived as a submissive, but the hours with Blanche and the other women had me yearning to serve. I had seen the gimp, who had remained strapped to the caning bench, in the darkness of the room next door throughout the evening, and was envious. I wanted to be broken to his level. The other ladies were thoroughly enjoying my obedience as I knelt without question before my natural superior. They were as anxious as I was that Blanche keeps me as her slave in perpetuity. Arabella added to the tease and prolonged my wait for the cane.

"Have him beg you to keep him Blanche; I want to see him squirm and confirm his servility." Blanche smiled, she loved the idea; it would be perfect preparation for the thrashing I had been promised.

"Well Cur? What do you have to say for yourself; what could you possibly offer me?" The women rubbed themselves as I began to grovel at the feet of the superbly dominant woman. I licked at her shoes, bent over in complete submission, my cock stiff at yet more humiliation.

"Please Mistress Blanche; I beg you, please keep me ... I'll do anything you want." The women were overjoyed at their utter dominance. Agnes cut in.

"You'll lick the toilet bowl clean after your mistress has used it?" I thought of the task.

"I'd be honoured to." Miranda moaned out some words as she had Agnes' sissy lick her clit as she watched me grovel and lick her friends shoes.

"You must keep him Blanche, he's so suited to you, and he'll make an adorable pet." Blanche was now nicely aroused at my submission to her, and yanked my leash to bring me up again.

"You'll show me over the next thirteen days if you're worth keeping; starting with right now. Goodnight ladies." Blanche led me away and I watched her beautiful arse and legs as we ascended the stairs; she swished the cane delicately as she walked. My balls were ready to erupt once more as we entered her room. Blanche closed the door as I knelt at the foot of her bed.

"Now I have you all to myself. Help me off with this cat-suit; I intend to thrash you naked. Have you ever been thrashed by a naked woman?" She smiled with pleasure as she said this, I nearly smiled too as I thought of the erection I'd got on hearing Elizabeth Taylor say those words once.

"No Mistress Blanche I have never been thrashed by a naked woman." I saw her mature breasts for the first time as I peeled the latex back; they sagged only slightly and were still nicely firm. I hoped she would allow me to lick them.

"Are you looking forward to being thrashed by a naked woman?" I gulped visibly before I answered, much to Blanche's satisfaction, which she showed with a smile which had certain warmth in it. As I peeled the latex down her torso I felt that Blanche was beginning to enjoy my company, perhaps just a little more than she had expected. She stood and I peeled the latex down her wonderful long legs. Now naked, I ogled her delightfully mature body. Blanche turned to show me her body from all angles. My cock was rigid.

"There. You won't mind being seen with me in public will you?" She playfully tapped my stiff cock with the cane, my eyes surveying her magnificent body; she needed no answer but I was obliged to tell her what I thought.

"No Mistress I would be glad to be seen with you anywhere." She smiled wickedly and turned her arse to my face, bending slightly.

"Sniff my arsehole before I cane you. I shall allow you to lick it again when you've been thrashed. If I'm pleased with your performance I shall allow you to masturbate at my feet before you are caged again." I was in heaven as I sniffed hard at her moist arsehole; the beautiful white globes of her arse right in my face. I took the tang of her scent deep into my lungs before she moved away and strutted dominantly by the bed, before pointing to it with her cane.

"It's time for your punishment. You shall have twelve strokes." I lay on the soft bed, my cock bursting to come as I waited obediently for my caning, watching her flex the wicked rattan. She gave a last stern smile and raised the cane. I was made to count as she delivered each stinging stroke. I howled at the searing pain and again wept like a child, but I could not keep my eyes from Blanche's dominant form as she administered my punishment. Her breasts flexed and wobbled as did her womanly buttocks as the cane came down again and again. I was so close to coming on the sheets by the time the twelve strokes had been applied. I was ordered down from the bed, Blanche discarded her cane and sat, then pulled her legs back, allowing me a glorious vision through my streaming eyes.

"What do you have to say to me before I allow you to lick my arse?" I did not hesitate; I had learned and earned my place at her bedside.

"Thank you for caning me Mistress, thank you for caning me naked." Blanche beamed with satisfaction. She noticed I was eying her delicious breasts.

"You may kneel up and lick my breasts; they are in need of refreshment having been encased in latex." I wasted no time in sampling the warm globes, watching them wobble as I salivated and tasted the slightly salty flavour. Blanche heaved and sighed as I took her erect nipple between my lips and worked my tongue around the stiff thimble. She stroked my hair affectionately as she did so; having completed the enjoyable tasks with her other breast, I could feel her urgency as she ordered me down to her arsehole. She lifted her luscious thighs and lay back, nursing her glistening pussy with her elegant manicured fingers and displaying her moist and inviting arsehole. I set to the task and licked eagerly at the tangy rim, then probed in ecstasy as the juices ran down from her excited pussy. I lapped and probed her succulent anus as Blanche quickly came. Moaning and squeezing my tongue exquisitely as she tensed long and hard whilst she moaned; the thought of my thrashing fresh in her memory, assisting with her enjoyment of a generous orgasm. I continued to lap as she subsided, half hoping she'd fall asleep and let me worship her arsehole all night long. This was not to be; she drew my head back and I looked at her with pleading eyes. She smiled with pleasure, grabbed the cane once more and took a cage from her bedside cabinet. She displayed it to me with and a wicked expression moved across her face as I took in what was engraved on this ornate metallic cage; 'Property of Blanche'. She placed it on the bed next to her.

"The previous owner has no use for this anymore, you shall wear it when with me; it's up to you to earn it on a permanent basis." My cock stiffened at the gesture, and pulsed all the more as she crossed her formidable thighs, looked sternly at me, and flexed the cane I had been punished with. She then smiled wickedly once more.

"I am very pleased with your progress, so I shall now watch whilst you disgrace yourself before me. I want you to think of what's happened today. You will be put to further good use whilst with me. Show me your cream!" My cock was rock solid and dribbling pre-cum as I gratefully stroked the length of my shaft whilst knelt in complete submission to the mature and dominant woman before me. I wanted to make it last for as long as I could, but Blanche flexed the cane dominantly, and also flexed her leg muscles, making her gorgeous thighs ripple. Her breasts heaved as she sneered at me.

"You pathetic little man, we'll soon have your little squirt and have you locked in my late husband's cage. You'll clean your mess up too, or I shall thrash you again." It was too much, I thought of my journey through the day, the gimp, the noose, the bowl, the canings ... Blanche laughed at me as I convulsed in absolute ecstasy; the orgasm I experienced was unbelievably pleasurable as I thought of being owned by Blanche forever, I shot wads of cum onto her feet and legs, as she pulled on my leash and made sure I saw the cane too as I spent in submissive heaven. Blanche was delighted as I shot a fine loop of cream onto the wicked cane; the orgasm seemed to last for ages.

Blanche first had me lick my cream from the cane, which she held up and delighted in making me stretch to tongue the salty mess as it dribbled down. She then lifted her feet in succession and poured more scorn upon me as I willingly lapped my own warm mess from her toes. She teased me with the cane as I bent to lick my semen from her lower legs; both of us were thoroughly enjoying her utter domination of me. When she was satisfied I had cleaned up every drop of my sticky offering, she had me stand and proudly fitted the cage. It was a bit of a struggle as the Viagra still had effect; Blanche slapped my balls expertly, making me wince and deflating my semi-flaccid cock sufficiently enough to allow its imprisonment. I stood waiting the next command as Blanche pulled back the covers and climbed into bed.

"What are you waiting for? Get in now and keep me warm. You have another long day ahead of you tomorrow." I got in and Blanche, who was on her side, took my hand and placed it between her hot thighs as I lay there; she knew my cock would be bulging in the new cage, the Viagra driving me crazy and I not being able to do anything about it. This was her final tease of the day; she drifted off to sleep with her pussy tight against my hand, my nose filled with her scent and my cock pulsing in its confinement.

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