tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 10

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 10


On the way home from the mall, I was ordered to drive to a remote rural high-spot and Parked the car 100 yards or so from a quiet crossroads. A lone wooden pole stood at the spot; there was no traffic or other vehicles there. Blanche ordered me to get into the back of the car with her.

"I hope you enjoyed shopping with me; I can't wait to take you again. Would you like that?" My cock buzzed to as big an erection as it could manage in the cage as I thought about more sublime humiliation at her hands in public.

"Yes Mistress Blanche I would love to go shopping with you again." She lifted her chin and smiled contentedly, then glanced out of the window.

"I often stopped here with my husband, this place is called 'Gallows Hill'; this pole is where the gallows once stood. Many men were despatched here. I can just imagine them, noosed and naked but for a white shroud, the coffin they sat on during their last journey, in the back of the cart waiting for them. I can imagine lots of smiling women in the crowd and hear them cheer as the cart is drawn away. Many would have helped themselves to orgasms beneath those heavy skirts they wore, as they watched the male dance for them, perhaps having one last orgasm himself too, in front of so many people." Her words had me tingling all over. I thought of that supreme final humiliation she had so delighted in picturing for me; I hoped she'd allow me out of the cage.

Blanche pulled her skirt back, revealing stocking tops and suspenders. Her black lacy panties had been put on last; they were not restricted by the belts. I eyed her camel-toe in the lace, which was sodden.

"Your behaviour at the mall has ruined my panties. Remove them and lick them clean." I wasted no time in gently peeling back the panties, taking them over her stilettos and up to my nose, sniffing and licking at the rich womanly scent and taste. Blanche sneered at my urgency and my cock pulsed agonisingly as I licked her sweet pussy and spicy anal perfumes from the gusset. Blanche lifted her feet to the leather bench seat, exposing her arousal and moist anus.

"You will now show your appreciation for allowing you to shop with me. Arsehole first and then pussy. If you do a worthy job I may let you masturbate once more before your trip to the hotel." I stooped in the back of the thankfully large car and licked and probed at Blanche's tangy anus as she sighed and tugged at my hair. I baulked just slightly as I heard a car pass in the road; this seemed to add to the thrill; especially for Blanche. Her pussy dribbled juices as I willingly probed the warm depths of her hot anus. She tugged my hair when satisfied I'd cleaned her sufficiently and had me lick and lap at her fragrant flower; the taste from her swollen butterfly was exquisite and I was soon directed to her hard and prominent love-bead at the apex of her womanhood. Blanche pulled my hair painfully as she moaned in ecstasy; serviced once more by a submissive male whom she had complete and utter control over.

I knelt in the well of the car with my head down, hoping she'd allow me relief. I was overjoyed when she had me undo my flies and then unlocked the cage. I almost smiled as I took my immediately unfurled cock in my hand. Blanche rebuked me.

"No, not here in my car! You'll do it where my husband performed for me." She opened the door and stepped out; I followed. She smiled wickedly and pointed to the pole.

"Trousers down and kneel at the pole. I want you to think of all the men whose feet never touched the ground here, and all the women who enjoyed the spectacle." She took her position giving me a full view of her beyond the pole, a leather leash in one hand which she wrapped about one wrist and tugged again and again. I panicked a little as another car passed behind me, then the eroticism of the scene took over completely. There I was, kneeling in the open, genitals exposed, an utterly dominant woman making me masturbate in the open at the foot of a gallows which had seen the end of many men. She smiled sublimely as I stroked in pure ecstasy to a glorious orgasm; shooting wads of cum upon the pole as I thought of men being despatched, spiteful women enjoying their torment, Blanche, and Blanche's husband at this very spot. Blanche swelled with pride and laughed as I spent my last in honour of the gallows. She strutted to the car.

"Home! You pathetic cur."


I spent the next day caged, though Blanche still treated me to a Viagra tablet. In between chores, She would have me kneel with my head between her thighs whilst she read a book or phoned friends. Having me constantly inhale her womanly scent would keep me on my toes she said. I was worked hard at times, clearing the garden etc. so was glad to kneel and nuzzle her camel-toe on every occasion. She loved to taunt.

"Three days into Cherie's vacation with that handsome, masculine Chuck; I wonder how many times he's pleasured her and unloaded his seed deep inside her? Won't it be wonderful if she has a baby?" She simply laughed at comments like this, not expecting an answer, as I almost whimpered at the thought; my cock buzzed at her sweetly humiliating words though.

One chore I had was being knelt next to the wash-basket, whilst blanche sat in a chair and pulled out soiled panties she'd evidently been saving for such an occasion. She would sternly hold the gusset to my nose and shout "Sniff!" She took great pleasure in knowing the heavenly scent of stale to freshly soiled panties would drive my confined cock to exploding point; the Viagra adding tenfold to my torment. I knelt naked and dribbling pre-cum from the metal bell-end guard as Blanche took exquisite enjoyment out of the ever increasing pile. When she eventually got to the bottom of the basket, I then had each pair stretched over my head -- gusset from chin to forehead- and made to walk on all fours down to the utility room where the washing machine was. Each richly scented gusset delivering its sweet scent as I negotiated stairs and hallways. Arabella and Agnes visited and applauded each pair; they thoroughly enjoyed the game and swore to retain their panties too, hoping to obtain my services at a later date.

I was allowed a shower at the end of the day and put to bed still caged. Blanche came up later and I was made to sleep with my nose to the crack of her beautiful domineering arse. My cock buzzed in submissive wonder as I thought about what the trip to Miranda's hotel may bring.

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