tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 11

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 11


When the morning arrived, I was gleefully dressed in my drab grey once more by Blanche. I had learned to show no emotion before my mistress for fear of punishment; so was surprised when, stood at the front door as Miranda's hotel shuttle mini-cab arrived, Blanche planted a warm kiss on my lips which had more than a suggestion of affection. She recovered immediately and assumed her normal stern attitude, warning me to be on my best behaviour as she opened the front door and strutted off as though I did not exist. The kiss though, had registered its full impact; I yearned to stay in her possession and now had a good idea that the feeling was mutual for more than just practical reasons.

The female cab driver looked at me with the usual studied air of contempt as I opened the door and sat down. Aware of her employer's external interests beyond the hotel business, she exercised her natural right as a member of the superior sex. Her pussy tingled as she practised her obviously natural authority over me.

"You just sit there and be quiet; I will not tolerate any misbehaviour." I enjoyed this pre-conceived reprimand from a woman who wouldn't normally have shown these dominant tendencies openly and assumed as meek a profile as I could, to accommodate the emergence of her new found supremacy. I noted her curiously teasing eyes in the rear-view mirror on several occasions during the journey to the hotel, and could see she was pleased that I did not know where to go when we arrived there. She got out of the cab, her plump body tight in her black uniform very appealing, and contemptuously pointed me in the direction of reception.

"It's so obvious, do you have no common sense at all?" She gave me a look of complete worthlessness as I alighted from her cab, inflating her now erotically charged status. I stood before her, then kneeled and kissed her feet, thanking her as I looked up at her officious persona. She smiled with supreme satisfaction, trembling at the recognition of her own natural superiority over me; I could almost feel her pussy tingling. I knew that she would never view any male again in the same way after that day. The situation made me realise too, that I was increasingly assuming the status of the gimp; any woman was immediately recognisable as being totally superior and I was committed to emphasise my realisation of that fact on contact with any member of the superior sex.

When I entered the reception of Miranda's hotel, my status and the diminutive size of the planet was immediately brought home to me. The receptionist's eyes lit up and I struggled with the immediate familiarity of her face, which became all the more smug.

"I knew Madam Miranda was expecting a guest, but you? I've not had such an entertaining day's shopping in a long time." As the woman's body language became all the more bitchy, I recognised her as one of the women who had stood to witness my coffee-shop humiliation. Her face smiled with wicked smugness at having a moment in charge of an utterly wimpy male. She crossed her arms in authoritative fashion, looked me up and down as she tapped fingers on elbows, and then pointed to the smallest chair in the foyer.

"You go and sit quietly over there and wait till someone comes for you. I don't want to hear a peep from you, or I'll fetch you a spanking." She giggled audibly in surprise at her own spontaneous authority, she wasn't quite sure where it had come from, but got a great deal of pleasure in watching me meekly obey her command. I went and sat in the small chair.

I was beginning to think that the receptionist had not announced my arrival after 10 minutes or so in the chair. After another 10 minutes or so, many other people had attended whilst I sat; mostly well-to-do middle aged ladies, some accompanied by males who said nothing; it was apparent who was in charge. Several formidable and severe looking women entered on occasion. The receptionist simply handed them a room-key when they signed the ledger. None of them even glanced at me. I was beginning to feel very uneasy after 30 minutes, and then the foyer door opened and in strode the fat ginger woman. She was dressed in a tight black dress which showed all her formidable curves and bulges, black stockings clad her full calves, nicely accentuated by tall black stilettos. The dress was low cut at the front, revealing a deep inviting cleavage between her huge breasts; a small mink stole about her neck seeming to emphasise her womanly orbs below. She was finished off superbly with a small black hat and gloves, one hand clutching a bag, the other a small dress whip. She looked at me with contempt but said nothing. The receptionist handed her a key and they both looked sternly at me.

"I hope he has behaved himself. You be sure to let me know if he so much as speaks out of turn." I then watched the bulbous backside of the ginger woman strut through the second set of doors, my cock stiff with excitement in its tiny trap. The receptionist smiled wickedly at me; she was enthralled to have control over me as I sat in silence. Another 10 minutes passed and then the elegant Miranda appeared at the second doors. She looked at me without smiling.

"Come!" I meekly left the chair and followed her to a very ornate Art Nouveau style elevator which ran through the centre of the equally ornate staircase; the open view through the bars allowed a view of the passing landings and corridors, vases of fresh flowers and many French maids caught the eye. Miranda smiled as we ascended.

"It's just like being in a cage isn't it?" My balls were tingling with anticipation as I answered.

"Yes Mistress Miranda." The elevator halted as it came to what I assumed was the top floor. I moved slightly in expectation of leaving the 'cage' when Miranda put her hand between my legs, cupping my balls and smiling knowingly. She looked about the landing and corridors to ensure no-one was there, and then pressed a sequence of buttons. The elevator rose again to a sinister but plush landing bedecked in black. The soft lighting revealed shorter corridors than before; each ending with a large door; smaller doors lined those corridors Occasional black velvet chairs sat under black lamps. A masked maid dressed in black latex, vicious whip in hand, stood in attendance as the cage was opened. Miranda squeezed my balls.

"These are ours now. You are free from the cage but not from the trap. I will enjoy watching you perform later." She laughed as I stood on the black landing and watched her descend again. The maid smiled; her bright red lips and white chin in contrast with the shiny black latex. She cracked her whip and pointed to the floor.

"Strip!" I did as I was told and stood naked but for my cage. I was ordered to kneel and the maid took a bag from a nearby table and emptied the contents to the floor, allowing me a good look at the items. A sinister hooded mask was the first item I was fitted with. It went tightly over my head and I peeped through the eye-holes as the smiling maid fastened it at the neck, it had holes in the side to allow hearing and my nose and mouth were exposed, though it was very tight around my neck and under my chin. She then took great pleasure in fitting a collar and leash. She then showed me an evil looking cock-gag. She delighted in demonstrating how it would be fitted and extolled its virtues in how it allowed a slave to sample their mistress' freshest scents on their natural reaction to being fucked. She said I would not need it just yet; I was made to carry it in my teeth as I was led on all fours by the slender and very dominant maid, down a velvety corridor to a large end door.

In contrast to the corridor, the room was well lit. The ceiling was mirrored and there were many strategically placed and fitted mirrors on the walls. There were also many cameras on view; this was not as per the incognito room I had witnessed Cherie cuckold me in; this room was designed to allow the occupants to enjoy being observed. The maid had me kneel at the foot of the bed and my leash was tied to a ring in the base of the bed; the cock gag was to remain in my teeth. The maid looked at various cameras and smiled, curtsied, and then left the room. Moments later the superb ginger woman walked in; she smiled warmly at me as she took the gag from my mouth and began to strip off.

"You will address me as Mistress Althea. Thank me for allowing you to be of service." My cock pulsed as I watched the matronly woman reveal her undergarments.

"Thank you for allowing me to be of service Mistress Althea" My balls tingled as she smiled down as she removed her panties, revealing the delectably chubby ginger mound I had enjoyed so much at the caning.

"I intend to assist in every way with your re- education. Blanche has been a good friend to me and helped me discover my true value and superiority over all men. You have not been of any good use to Cherie and now you are learning of how to be of some use to women. I will make good use of you today; many dominant women and countless worthless males will get much enjoyment from your time with me today, and my friends and I will have our incomes increased at your expense. " My mouth watered as Althea sat in a chair and allowed me a generous view of her pussy as she rolled on thigh length black latex tights. She smiled down at my cage.

"It's nice to see how Blanche has taken to you. All the women in the circle have a key to that cage; her late husband was put to good use and experienced many tortures and pleasures before he was disposed of. Today will be a special experience for you." I could not wait to see what Althea had in store for me; the idea of so many people witnessing whatever humiliations she had arranged for me had me tingling with submissive pleasure. She wriggled into a tight latex bodice; her ample breasts hanging over the top, her milky white flesh in contrast to the shiny black latex, the lower half accentuating her voluptuous arse cheeks. She tied on a wicked face mask which covered just her eyes, then took a tiny key from her bag. She stroked my balls as she undid Blanche's cage. She seemed to gain immense pleasure from watching my cock erect and stiffen.

"Blanche's husband used to love this act of cage removal; he knew, and so will you that it earns a thrashing from Blanche, for being with another woman." My cock dribbled with lubrication as I thought of the cane. Althea stood before me in dominant fashion; hands on hips, then smiled up at the nearest convenient camera. She took my leash and led me to the middle of the room, encouraging me to glance at all the mirrors as I knelt at her feet in submission. My cock bobbed with excitement as I looked at the magnificent woman from all angles; I wanted to cum there and then, knowing I'd be viewed by thousands within days. Althea tugged my leash.

"Toilet first." I followed on all fours to the room in the corner, which was huge for a convenience room. Cameras jutted from the ceiling, waist level and from the floor level. The whole room was mirrored. In the centre of the room was a toilet made of glass. Althea smiled with pleasure as I gawked at the strange contrivance. She spread her beautiful cheeks across the glass seat and then sat forward and had me sniff her pussy. She then had me lie prostrate on the floor and look up through the glass as she sat back. I watched her pussy bulge and piss cascade from her generous flaps. The cascade dwindled to an orange trickle, Althea moved slightly forward as it stopped, and then sat back on the seat.

"Up you come and lick me clean." She gave my leash a tug when I showed a little hesitation.

"You'll pay dearly if you disappoint me and the people who are now watching you." I leaned forward and lapped at her dripping pussy; the salty droplets not tasting as bad as I had imagined, I lapped eagerly around her soft and inviting pussy. She pulled me back and then lifted her feet to the rim of the glass bowl and leaned back.

"You may sniff my arsehole now. You know what's coming next don't you?" She sniggered as I sniffed her tangy pucker; my own arse tingling at what was obviously to follow. I was ordered down again as she spread her glorious arse to ensure I got the best view. I watched as her delicious arsehole pulsed a little and then bulged and dilated as she began a nice relaxing shit. Althea gave a little moan of pleasure as I watched her bowels squeeze a nice long, dark- brown stool, and then watched her arse tense as her sphincter cut the prize loose. It dropped with a pleasing splash into the water below. I was mesmerised as the large woman repeated the exercise twice more. She flushed the toilet; her turds snaking away around the bend and down through the pipe in the floor. I watched her then turn on the toilet to face the rear wall, smiling victoriously into the mirror and a nearby camera. She poked her relieved arsehole over the rim of the seat.

"Lick my arse clean you cur. Make sure you do a thorough job." She watched me with delight in the side mirror as she straddled the pan with her arms on the glass cistern which bubbled away as it refilled. I looked at her dirty arse and licked at the acrid mess which remained. Luckily she had not made too much of a mess. To my surprise I did not gag at the taste which was surprisingly bland. My cock was stiffer than ever as I became a substitute for toilet-paper for the first time in my life. Althea relaxed her anus and I probed and licked until she was content I had thoroughly cleaned her. I knew I would know my place when this woman had finished with me.

Althea said I was a good boy and allowed me to mouth-wash before I was taken to the bedroom once more. She had me kiss her feet in the centre of the room and thank her allowing me to attend toilet with her, before having me kneel between her sumptuous thighs, whilst she applied the cock-gag. She was very pleased when I was silenced by this phallus and had me view myself thoroughly in the mirror. She then took great delight in smothering the phallus in KY Jelly; teasing it as though it might cum; my cock wanted to feel every stroke and I so wanted to be allowed relief. I was then made to lie on my back on the bed, and watched in the ceiling mirror as she straddled me. My cock was close to exploding as I witnessed the phallus being worked into her slit, and then she slowly descend, taking in the entire 8 inches or so and nestling on my face. My nose was right up against her freshly cleaned arsehole; it was already beginning to develop its tangy scent once more, as Althea became hot and excited. She then began to ease up and down rhythmically, moaning as her pussy juiced nicely; I spluttered a little as I had difficulty consumed her nectar with my mouth already full. Althea moaned in pure ecstasy as she brought herself off on the gag, pounding my face with her ample arse as she sought the utmost from her orgasm; she nestled tightly on my face, almost suffocating me. As I sniffed at her arsehole for dear life, I felt her lean forward slightly and grasp my aching cock.

"I shall reward you now, before you loosen my arsehole with the gag, in preparation for our guests." What could she mean? I sniffed gratefully away at her now spicy arsehole, as she worked me back and forth. I came in no time at all, grunting with pleasure as she deftly slipped thumb around my bell-end to allow me maximum pleasure. I emptied my balls as I pondered the 'guests'. I was allowed relief from the cock-gag to lick my mess from Althea's legs and torso, while she liberally coated it with jelly once more. She had me kneel at the foot of the bed, whilst she squatted on her knees on the bed and had me probe her anus with the cock. Althea moaned with pleasure as the greased phallus slid in and out of her tight anus. There was a knock at the door.

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