tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 09

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 09


Next Morning the ladies were delighted when the doorbell rang as the sissy and I were tidying up the breakfast things. Miranda was supervising my filling of the dishwasher as Blanche came through in her dressing gown with several 'next day delivery' parcels which had arrived. I was taken into the lounge and made to try on my new clothes. Every item was a bland variation of grey, without any semblance of flair. Even the shoes were dark grey and plain. The women were delighted with the way I looked. I kissed the feet of the trio as they left; Miranda reminding me that she'd be seeing me again on Tuesday, albeit briefly, as I was to entertain Sandy the ginger woman at the hotel.

"You'll be a star, I'm sure." She giggled as she left. Blanche had me stand by the front door as she prepared herself for our first trip out together. As I stood in my drab grey, I was stunned by Blanche's appearance as she descended the stairs, she wore a tight Sapphire blue Skirt and jacket, and Black seamed stockings with purple stilettos, a small crimson hat, to one side with a small lacy veil which covered her eyes provocatively. Her lips were adorned with glossy lipstick which matched her hat. Tight shiny black leather gloves completed the picture of a strong assertive and authoritative woman; a woman accompanied by a drab male. She would put me in the shade at all times, ensuring I knew my place whenever with her. I was given keys and told to fetch the car from behind the house whilst she stood at the foot of the steps. Brought the large black vehicle round and she pointed to a rear door, which I opened. I was to drive he chauffer style.

We travelled to a state-of-the- art shopping mall just a few miles from Blanche's house. We went into an up-market supermarket and Blanche sneered wickedly at me as other people gave her alluring looks and gave me a look of disdain. Blanche could quite easily have stayed at home and had me complete this mundane task alone, but it was apparent that she was to get the utmost pleasure from the task; I was to be humiliated at every possible opportunity. She clicked her fingers and pointed at a trolley; I hurried to get it, a grey man with flat shoes, accompanied by a bright female figure of authority as tall as he in her classy stilettos. More and more people looked as the stern woman simply pointed at objects, saying nothing, whilst the servile grey man fetched at her whim. Bulges appeared in jeans and leggings of males who watched; it was so obvious that this magnificent woman had complete control over the wretch. Women stopped and smiled, nodding their approval, their pussies tingling with arousal as they witnessed the complete control the woman had. When Blanche was aware of a suitably large enough audience, she would add to the show. As I came back with an item and was about to drop it into the trolley, Blanche slapped my face curtly.

"Not that one you useless fool, I want the premium product. Get it at once, we haven't all day." I blushed with shame and I did as I was told. Some women giggled at my predicament. One licked her lips and clapped her hands in reverence to my obedience to the superior gender. A male looked on in disbelief; though he could not disguise his appreciation of the situation, which poked like a banana through his track-suit bottoms. My Cock buzzed and bulged in its cage as I was taught absolute obedience in public. Blanche smiled wickedly at me when we eventually made it to the check-out. In the busy queue she broadcast.

"You pay for this and take it to the car. I'll be waiting in the mall café, and be sharp about it." The men in the queue watched the seamed stockings strut off; some had half a mind to follow the magnificent woman themselves. The women around me giggled audibly. A large woman with horn rimmed glasses looked at me with scorn.

"Yes, you be sharp about it!" She sneered. My failure to respond confirmed to her that I was a wimp. She and the other women watched with utter contempt as I carried the bags of shopping away to the car; they would treat themselves to their favourite vibrators on returning home, having received a thrill in the unlikeliest of places. I found Blanche seated prominently toward the central edge of the café, where the best audience was likely from those within the café, and those passing by. Blanche smiled wickedly at me as the coffee and cream arrived.

"Are you enjoying your shopping trip? My husband used to get so excited at being humiliated in public. His ultimate erotic dream was to be the number one guest at a public execution; of course, that just wasn't possible. I'm thoroughly enjoying training you." I watched her crimson lips take the coffee, her eyes staring sharply at me; it was as though she was draining the very life from the cup. I could not deny my enjoyment of the humiliation at her hands; my cock pulsed and slithered in the cage, such was my level of lubrication already.

"Yes Mistress, I am pleased to be allowed to accompany you in public." Blanche smiled victoriously; she was ready for her next exhibition of me. She deftly dropped a blob of cream from a spoon onto one of her shoes.

"I think you need to get down there and clean that off." As I sheepishly bent down to clean her shoe, another spoon jangled to the floor, drawing all nearby eyes in my direction. Blanche adopted a stern look as I knelt to wipe the messy cream from her shoe.

"You make sure it's as clean as when you polished them for me earlier, or there'll be trouble." The scene was witnessed by many people, including the very woman who had made the remark earlier at the queue. She stood, arms crossed, her face a look of utter contempt as she witnessed the stern woman's complete and utter control over me. The fact that she'd stopped made several other woman stop and stare. They licked their lips as Blanche pointed down to her shoe with total authority on her face. Husbands of some of the woman looked on, their cocks tingling to erections as they witnessed a male in a position they could only dream of. I wrestled with the tissue as the cream still showed a white streak between purple upper and black sole; Blanche new this would happen, the mature women had used this medium before. She wanted to smile but maintained her stern look for the growing audience. She would now make my humiliation sublime.

"The tissue is no good fool. Lick it off now!" Blanche lifted her foot as I knelt there, in the middle of a busy shopping mall, sneering women and men looking on. My cock bulged to bursting point in the cage as I licked Blanche's shoe clean in public. Murmurs and giggles of disbelief emanated from the crowd that now witnessed my week and feeble submission to a superior power as I licked the remnants of the cream from the seams. Blanche looked at the watching crowd and smiled, basking in her absolute dominance over me. Most eyes were fixed on me though; women with strangely contented looks on their faces who savoured the scene, recording it in their memories for posterity; they would award themselves rich orgasms later when recalling my submission. The woman with glasses actually applauded; her clapping attracting an even greater sphere of onlookers as I completed the task before being allowed back up to my chair. I felt like the whole world had watched me masturbate naked, such was my level of humiliation. As the crowd started to filter away the woman with glasses came over, her full and mature breasts heaving with feminine pride.

"I'd like to congratulate you madam, I've had two husbands, both of whom were pigs. I would so love to have yours for a day." Having said this, she turned and was about to go home to her vibrator, when Blanche said.

"I'm sure my son-in-law would be delighted to be of service to you, come, tell me your name." The buxom women turned again and Blanche offered her a chair. She sat with a look of disbelief tinged with wicked anticipation, which was also edged with scorn as she looked at me.

"My name is Myrna." She replied with a contented smile now spreading across her face.

"I didn't realise this was your son-in-law, god, how wonderful." I could see her nipples bulge through her sweater as she became increasingly excited.

My cock and balls tingled as I looked at this woman, though plainly dressed for shopping she had the look of a school-mistress about her. Her words had excited me earlier and any severe and buxom middle-aged woman has the potential to dominate; this one had been badly treated by two prior husbands. Blanche looked at me.

"You'd love to spend a day serving Myrna, wouldn't you? I think you'd learn a lot from a woman who has not had the best of husbands; you could show her how a male should behave when in the service of a woman; you could give her great relief by showing her your love of the cane. I expect Myrna has had to put up with a lot of male engendered anxiety in her life; you'd love to accept her retribution on their behalf, wouldn't you."

Myrna sighed and smiled haughtily as she took in Blanche's matter-of-fact talk about the cane. I could almost smell her arousal now.

"Yes Mistress I would love to be in Myrna's charge for a day." Blanche showed Myrna her phone to confirm this was genuine, Myrna couldn't tap the phone number into her phone's memory quick enough; a woman I had never seen in my life would now own me for a day. After discussing the possibilities of using Blanche's house, Miranda's hotel or even Myrna's own house, the two chatted woman's talk, before Myrna departed. She gave me a menacing look before strutting off. I watched her full arse depart, knowing I'd be made to worship it within a few short days.

Blanche smiled victoriously yet again and stood without saying any more. She pointed her finger to the exit and I followed meekly as other witnesses to my humiliation viewed me with utter contempt as we left.

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