tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 12

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 12


Althea simply shouted 'come in' to whoever was at the door; she had me continue to ream her delicious anus as her pussy dripped. I was completely humbled when the guests who entered were two muscular males; one black one white, both already naked and toying with huge cocks, which stiffened as they watched me. Their looks of were of utter contempt as I knelt in nodding service of my feminine owner's arse. Althea made sure the cameras had time to catch my full humiliation witnessed by two worthier males, before ordering me to stop. They chuckled as I was led to the centre of the room where althea had me kneel facing the bed. The gag was removed and Althea took pleasure in having me lick it clean after good use. As I sucked on the phallus Althea advised what was next.

"These boys will now show you how real men satisfy a woman. I want you to watch and see what you can never do for a woman and will never be asked to even try. You are such a puny-cocked wimp. I shall put you to further good use later." The three had a good laugh at me as I finished sucking the phallus clean of Althea's secretions, then the white male lay back on the bed and Althea lay face down on top of him. His hairy tanned body and huge pinkie-beige cock and balls, contrasting with Althea's milky-white skin. He eased his stiff eager cock into her moist and well-aroused pussy, making her whimper with pleasure as his large length and girth squeezed into her sex. The black male whose cock was even bigger, then moved in over her rear. He smiled with pleasure as he forced his bulbous dark-brown bell end into Althea's willing arsehole. She moaned with supreme pleasure as he slid his length into her tight rectum.

I could not help but be excited by the sight of Althea being pleasured in both holes at once; she moaned in a state of continuous pleasure as the two huge cocks slid in and out of her moist and willing havens. Both men wore smiles of deep satisfaction as their engorged bell-ends were nursed by the mature woman's rectal and vaginal constrictions as they worked back and forth; she pointed her legs back as far at the restrictions of the male's bodies would allow, her latex clad legs and feet honed to a point as she bathed in carnal pleasure. The white man watched the reflection of the three in the side mirrors as he humped as best he could with the chubby ginger woman fast losing all control. He watched her huge breasts rub his chest as he stroked. The black man had an easier task and watched the reflection of the three in the headboard mirror; his hips slapping Althea's fat arse cheeks as his huge cock reamed the tight depths of her rectum. The balls of both men were nicely retracted now, they groaned with pleasure and listened to the tone of Althea's blissful moaning's; both anxious to hear that wail of ecstasy which would allow them to unleash their loads and indulge in satisfying orgasms.

With half-open eyes, her mouth agape as she indulged fully in the acute sexual pleasure rendered by the two huge pulsing cocks, Althea gained more pleasure by eying me as I remained on my knees. She knew I longed to have my cock in either hole, but would never be allowed that pleasure. No, she would gain further pleasure from me by other means. Her gape turned to a smile and her eyes closed as she gave the signal which sounded nothing short of divine to the two studs; her legs stiffened as she cried out with a high-pitched whimper, signalling the two cocks to be pumped in a fury. Owners of both black and white cock moaned heartily as long and hard as their cocks; my cock bobbed and pulsed as I watched the two cocks splutter and glisten in Althea's invaded arse and pussy. The men roared as they bucked furiously and emptied their balls into the mature redhead; Althea squirmed in the most complete of ecstasies as creamy white semen dribbled and streaked along the length of the thrusting cocks, which flashed in and out as the two males spent and grunted in their own ecstatic spasms.

Finally, panting and sweating, the three collapsed on each other for a moment. Althea sighed as the black man eased his still rigid cock clear of her well-serviced anus. I watched with envy as cum dribbled from the end of his cock, and Althea's dilated arsehole slowly closed, squeezing a wad of cum out, which dribbled down to her pussy. She giggled and lifted herself up, allowing the white man to slide his messy cock free also. Both men looked totally satisfied as their cocks drooped and dribbled. Althea rolled onto her back and eyed me as the men prepared to leave for a shower.

"Thank you once again boys; it was a real pleasure as usual." The two gave me no more than a look of indifference as they left the room. Althea lifted her legs in the air and sneered at me, her head and shoulders propped up by a pillow.

"Get over here wimp and clean me up." She smiled with wicked contentment as I sheepishly crawled upon the bed and viewed the abundant sticky globules of cum which dribbled from both holes.

"Arsehole first. If you do a good job I may allow you a treat." She grinned at her enjoyment of complete control over me as I lay on the bed with my face up to her sex and anus; the smell of mingled juices and semen was very potent. My cock was stiffer than ever as I committed my latest act of humiliation. As I lapped at the salty mess, I saw the sheer pleasure in Althea's eyes as she dominated me. My cock tingled as I rubbed it on the sheets below me; I was thoroughly enjoying my humiliation, increased tenfold in knowing the cameras were on me. I probed as deep as I could into her hot anus to reach the cream; when I withdrew, Althea squeezed her anus to allow me to reach some more. She delighted in repeating this several times; I was close to coming as I licked and swallowed another man's semen from the anus of a mature and dominant woman who had complete control of me. Satisfied with my efforts with her lower hole in this position, she lifted my head with the leash and squeezed my face into her creamy cleft. She laughed as I spluttered and blew bubbles in the generous wad of semen, pulling my head back by my hair to laugh all the more at my semen covered nose and mouth. My cock was fit to burst as I wallowed in heavenly submission, lapping and gulping the salty mess from her beautiful flaps and fold as she teased.

"Did you enjoy watching me be fucked? Seeing you denied was as thrilling as either cock; did you hear them both grunt with pleasure when they provided your little snack?" I lapped up to her clitoris, noticing she was becoming increasingly aroused; her words had me close to coming in humiliated bliss. She noticed this; I was to be denied again.

"No you don't! I'll be the one who says when you'll squirt you pathetic little cock. On your back; it's time for desert." I was close to whining and begging for relief, as I turned and Althea straddled me. She slapped my erect cock for good measure as I looked up at her anus hovering over my nose and mouth; she looked in the mirror and shuffled slightly to allow one of the cameras a good view. I watched in anticipation as she pulled her cheeks apart; her pucker flexed in and out, as it had done earlier when she'd shit. This time she sighed with pleasure as a creamy-brown string of semen, flavoured with her rectal secretions, dribbled down to my mouth. I lapped it up as though it were nectar; my humiliation sublime. Althea sneered wistfully as she viewed my eagerness to consume the mess in the mirror, as the last remnants dripped out.

"He certainly went a long, long way up me this time, such a magnificent cock. Your tongue will have to suffice now he's gone." With that she sank down and my face was enveloped by her sweaty cheeks. My nose was rubbed back and forth in her dribbling anus as she worked herself to a frenzy on my mouth and chin; her womanly juices and residual semen dripped and slid across and into my mouth and made the leather mask squelch as it ran between skin and leather. I felt totally used and worthless as she moaned in ecstasy once more. She allowed me down off the bed and had me sit looking at her ginger pussy while she toyed with my aching cock with her feet. The door opened and in walked Miranda and the Latex maid. I was crestfallen, crushed. I was to be denied again. Althea chuckled and looked at Miranda.

"You're just in time to see him masturbate at my feet. Even after tonight's torture, he'll come so much better for a crowd." Miranda and the maid laughed and stood closer. Althea teased.

"Think of the two men; I want to see just as much cream from you. Start milking!" I grabbed my cock and stroked for all I was worth; Althea lifted her foot under my cock, I would not last long. The latex maid ensured I wasted no-one's time.

"Can I whip him before he goes downstairs? I think he could do with it." Miranda smiled and replied as though the maid had asked if she could walk her dog.

"Yes of course dear." The last words I heard as I covered Althea's foot in the most cream I'd seen for 15 minutes or so.

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