tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 13

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 13


I was taken into a room with a crucifix-like stand and lashed to it; both Miranda and Althea commented on how it would be a fitting end to the day, if I were lashed by the maid for good measure. I sagged at the crucifix as the latex maid cracked her bullwhip expertly; my cock did anything but sag as I watched her gracefully wicked movements in the mirrors, the tears streaming down my face at the acute pain. The two mature women laughed and clapped at each cry of pain I maid; the latex domina knowing just how to inflict stinging pain without causing physical damage.

The women were right about the finale; I was more than ready to come again now, exquisitely used and humiliated throughout the day, I was now whipped by a girl half my age. The two older women applauded loudly as my treat was brought to an end with the final swirling crack of the whip. They untied me and I was taken to the maid who now sat at the end of a bed and unzipped her crotch. I was made to thank her for the punishment; she lifted her graceful legs to the bed, and the two older women delighted in holding me as I licked her youthful and fragrant pussy, beautifully moist in arousal, having shown her complete dominance of me. As she sighed and shuddered to a well-earned orgasm, Miranda softly stroked my bobbing cock; I had an idea that this was not to be the absolute finale.

The women smiled with satisfaction as I kissed the feet of the maid and Althea, just as I had been instructed by Miranda; thanking the maid again for her much needed discipline, and Althea for allowing me to watch her being pleasured, and especially for being allowed to sample the pleasure the real men had left her with. Althea toed my taut scrotum with her foot.

"I would be most happy to allow you to serve me again; you are so truly servile and inferior. We ladies are hoping Blanche allows you to stay, if she doesn't I may claim you myself. Either way your fate is sealed; you'll be owned by all women when we've finished with you." My cock buzzed at her words; she was right, as were all women, I had been submissive when I first met Cherie, I was now closer to the status of the gimp; I now viewed all women in every situation as potential owners. I was truly en route to being broken completely.

Althea passed my cage to Miranda, who tugged on my leash and shouted 'heel!' Althea and the maid chuckled as I was led like a dog back to the elevator.

As I was still naked apart from the mask, I panicked a little as Miranda closed the elevator doors and pressed a code on the buttons. Though the thought of descending and being seen naked and on the leash of an assertive middle-aged woman in jodhpurs excited me, it would still be a shock to the system. Miranda laughed with satisfaction as I jerked in the opposite direction as the elevator rose to yet another floor, rather than descending. It took my breath away as the elevator emerged into brilliant sunshine behind the mirrored-glass walls of a penthouse suite. I could see right across town from the top of her hotel. Miranda pointed to the populated side of a hill several miles off.

"That's Blanche's house with the red roof to the right of that church; what we ladies hope will become your home. I intend to make this hotel a second home to you; Althea and I know many ladies who will relish showing you your true purpose in life, I will make good use of you until you are disposed of." My cock was now dribbling with excitement as the dominant woman led me into the plush suite. Huge windows looked out across the miniature landscape below, emphasising that this was a woman at the very top, looking down on all. There were beds in all the rooms, even the lounge.

On the end wall of the main lounge was a large tin-type sepia photograph of a noosed man, hooded and hanging, naked with bound ankles and wrists bound behind his back; toes pointing down to the ground several inches out of reach. Either side of the hanged man stood a crowd of smiling women, pertly dressed in white blouses and long floor-length skirts. My cock stiffened as I viewed the photo, which I assumed was of a lynching from over 100 years ago; my cock stiffened all the more when I realised that the woman closest to the despatched male with the most satisfied smile was Miranda. The same satisfied smile spread across her face as she took great pride in my recognition of her.

"That's the ex-proprietor of this hotel; he introduced me to amateur movie making, he so loved Westerns and was submissive like you; we ladies simply combined the two for him; that picture was taken a week after the hotel changed owners." Miranda then clicked her fingers sternly and pointed to her feet.

"Kiss those, and then undo these jodhpurs. The next room we go into will be of great interest to you. I am going to show you my edited version of your day here; I will also show you the rough version and encourage you with my whip where I believe you have fallen short." I fumbled as I undid the tight cream coloured jodhpurs which so accentuated her mature womanly figure. My eyes were draw to the crotch, which revealed a beige patch; testament to her excitement having overcome her panties. The beautifully rich scent of her arousal filled my nostrils as I peeled them off.

I was then led into a room which had many television screens with a large editing deck, and of course, a bed. Miranda had me peel off her panties which I was invited to sniff and lick clean, before she alighted into a curious elevated leather chair with a horseshoe shaped seat and splayed footrests. A container attached to one of the armrests held an assortment of short whips and crops. Miranda swivelled the chair into a sideways-on position to the editing deck, and then tugged my leash, puling me tight in, the function of the seat now apparent; Miranda could work whilst having her pussy and arsehole serviced, an elevated screen at an angle above the deck allowing the kneeling slave a view of what his mistress was viewing. I sniffed at the sweet perfumes of her mature pussy and anus whilst Miranda unbuckled the leather hood and removed it.

"There, you shan't need that anymore today, though I shall see that you'll be no stranger to it. Now let's look at what we've got for you to take home to Blanche; you may lick my arsehole now." She tapped some buttons and I was treated to a video show of my own humiliation as I licked her tart arsehole and sniffed at her gorgeously aroused pussy. She caressed the back of my head with one hand, and toyed with a leather crop with the other, her taste and scent, her dominant stance over me, and the re-living of the day's humiliations had me yearning for further relief; my cock ached as I watched toilet training, cock-gag, cuckold cleaning and whipping. Miranda bucked with pleasure as she watched too; my tongue now probing deep into her anus as I watched the stern woman above me and my graphic submission on camera. Miranda smiled down as the film ended, and cropped my arse with her leather companion.

"Now we'll see where there's room for improvement." I looked up at the screen beyond the plump breasts and stern looks of my present mistress, as she pointed out how I'd looked directly at cameras, not paid enough attention, and not given clear or subservient enough answers; each time I was treated to a stinging thrash of the crop. All the time I was allowed to tongue her arsehole, which provided some comfort. My eyes streaming at the end of the show, I was ordered to lie on my back on the bed. Miranda straddled my face and I sniffed and looked up the crack of her beautiful arse cheeks as I was treated to a taste of her sweet pussy. Miranda purred softly as she re-viewed the edited version of my day.

"You know Blanche will be thoroughly disgusted with your actions today; going with another woman like that. You can expect a good thrashing from her when she's seen the copy you'll take home to her, but that won't deter you from coming here again, will it?" The dominant woman laughed as I tried to answer but was smothered by her grinding her hot juicy pussy into my face, as she commenced her ride to an orgasm, whilst watching Althea completely and utterly dominate me. I was rewarded for my work by Miranda grasping my eager cock, milking my balls once more. As she moaned with pleasure on reaching the apex of her orgasm, her erratic hand movements had me spend gloriously yet again, as I thought of those sublime humiliations and licked the stern woman's juices.

I was caged again and dressed in my drab grey clothes. Miranda told me how pleased she had been with my performance and hoped that I understood why Blanche would be obliged to thrash me. She had me kiss her feet in the foyer whilst the awaiting female taxi driver and the pert receptionist looked on. With smug satisfaction, the receptionist commented.

"The next time you see me, I'll be upstairs in latex, waiting for you." My balls tingled as the three laughed whilst I was led away to the cab, a DVD under my arm. I was told to sit quietly and not dare speak throughout the journey by the driver; it was now confirmed that I was a complete and utter wimp to be controlled by any woman.

Blanche was waiting at the door as we pulled into the drive, cane in hand ready. The smiling driver stepped out with me and I bent down and kissed her feet. She and Blanche smiled knowingly at each other as I walked meekly up to the woman who I hoped would own me permanently. She pointed to the main lounge without saying anything and I went in as the cab drove away. I knelt in the middle of the floor and awaited her instruction as she strutted in behind me.

"I believe you have something to show me." She smiled wickedly and pointed to the DVD player. I obliged and re-lived the day's humiliations once again. Blanche looked very satisfied with herself.

"Upstairs now. Clothes off and lie face down on my bed." The day's events ended with the house being filled with the sound of the wicked cane making its sweet noise as it cut the air in descent, and my cries and moans as I felt it bite. My last reward of the day was to taste yet more feminine juices, this time the taste I had come to savour the most, and hoped would savour for more than two weeks.

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