tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 14

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 14


When I was allowed downstairs after my shower the next day, Blanche had me accompany her to the downstairs toilet where she had me lick her clean after she had had her pee after coffee. As I gratefully licked the salty golden droplets from her mature folds, having been allowed to watch her piss, she told me with much enthusiasm how she and some of her friends had spent yesterday coaching someone on the finer points of the enjoyment of domination. The woman in question had been a natural and had shown she had a real talent where exquisite torment and humiliation were concerned. Blanche's salty taste began to taste sweeter as she relayed this; the tease and thought of my on-going education gently arousing her. she slapped my face when she considered I had cleaned her sufficiently and as I knelt she pulled my hair back and splashed a wet flannel in my face, then had me open my mouth as she liberally filled it with mouthwash, sneering as I choked on the unexpected torrent. She shoved my head into the toilet bowl and had me spit out.

"She will be here shortly, Agnes is bringing her. I believe she also has some friends she would like to introduce you to; to allow her to recuperate between her sessions demonstrating her new found skills. I had wanted to keep you to myself today, I may call Miranda and have one of her studs visit me; it's been over a month since I had a real man service me." My cock bulged in the cage; the thought of Blanche being fucked by an alpha male whilst I was not there was an exquisite tease; she had seen the pleasure I had got from being of good tongue service to Althea, and knew the treat and humiliation would be tenfold to witness if she were pleasured. She looked victoriously at my pleading eyes.

"Yes, I think I shall do that whilst you are away." My cock buzzed as I watched her elegant behind saunter to a cupboard and take two Viagra tablets from a pot, and then pour a glass of water from the tap, her breasts heaving as she thought of a nice large cock and the fact that I would not be allowed to witness it and clean up after, hurt me a thousand times more than any cane. She made me gulp down the tablets and picked up her phone.

"Hi Agnes, can you do me a favour please? ... yes, you knew already...however did you guess? ... pick up one of the larger studs and bring him here when on your way with our guest... I want him to see the boy who's going to fuck me while he's not here; it will be a good lesson for him." My head went down, only to be lifted by the chin, and my face smartly slapped.

"If you please our new friend, I may let you lie on the sheets where I'm fucked, and you can sniff them whilst I cane you." Blanche unlocked my cage in readiness for my trip and I was made to kneel in the window, naked but for collar and leash, to await our guests. I had already guessed who my mistress for the day would be, but was stunned by her appearance; my cock stiffening with Viagra charged eroticism as I saw her step from the arriving car.

Myrna, the drab but stern woman who I'd randomly met in a shopping mall, now looked like a goddess. Dressed in a tight leather cat suit with boots and whip, the meek woman who had approved of Blanche's complete control of me would now ensure I knew my place. She had been abused by two husbands and I knew I would be made to pay dearly for their actions. My balls tingled with anticipation as I viewed the form of this naturally dominant woman; a tight black PVC belt pulled the black leather tight around her beautifully curved arse and hips, her strong thighs taught in the leather, above it the belt accentuating the soft bulge of her mature belly; her mound of Venus centrally expressing the pride of her womanhood. Her full breasts pert in the smooth black leather bulged as she strutted in thigh length boots, her nipples erect with her excitement at the promise of the day. She was accompanied by Agnes and a huge black male. Blanche opened the door to allow them in and came into the lounge, ordering me to turn and face her. She smiled as my cock bobbed in recognition of her change of attire; she was now naked but for six inch red stilettos and a full length black chiffon shawl, her large breasts and heavenly slit on show for all to see. Gone was the dominating threat that she held over me; this essence of pure womanhood was how she greeted those males with cock enough to satisfy her.

As the three entered, the black man simply laughed at me and tuned to greet Blanche. Agnes looked at me with contempt as I knelt, naked and erect, leash hanging from collar, awaiting command; a picture of subservience. Myrna panted visibly as she looked at me with scorn; her knuckles white as she gripped the whip tightly, the whip she yearned to use on me. Blanche took the man's hand and let him feel her pussy; she unzipped his fly and eased out his huge cock which was a good nine inches long, only semi- erect. She then closed her eyes and smiled.

"This is Elroy; I so love to suck his cock and then have him fuck me; pussy and arse, several times. Myrna here is going to keep your mind occupied elsewhere today. I know she and her friends will enjoy you; she will let me know how you behave, I'll deal with you later." With that she walked off with Elroy, up the stairs to her bedroom; I was torn as I watched her beautiful round arse in the chiffon ascend the stairs, Elroy deliberately turning on the stairs to allow me a look at his now huge, erect cock, knowing I would never be allowed to fuck her that way. Agnes grinned with pleasure as she saw my pain; she now knew that in the short time I'd been there, the supremely dominant Blanche had become the entire focus of my attention; she owned me completely.

Myrna could not believe her good fortune; her pussy was buzzing wickedly as she approached me and demanded I kiss her feet. I did so without the slightest hesitation; my cock stiffening as I made contact and sensed her truly eager dominance for the first time. I was allowed the luxury of a dressing gown to cover my shame whilst travelling in the car; Agnes drove as Myrna had me kneel in the footwell and lick her boots as we drove, whilst she told me about her two friends who awaited us at her house. They too were from broken marriages and I was to show them how a male should behave before women. Agnes smiled with satisfaction as she listened to Myrna take control.

"Blanche so loves to recruit ladies like you Myrna; a woman freshly introduced to her rightful position above males, always expresses her dominance with such vigour; though we old hands know many tricks and teases, it can never compare with the spite that you and your friends will inflict on a worthless male. I'm sure he'll remember every moment of your hospitality. I'm so glad you've opted to join our circle Myrna." Agnes then diverted her attention to me as we pulled into the drive of Myrna's typically suburban house.

"Oh, and guess who's also been promised a day out shopping with you, at some time in the future?" Agnes and Myrna laughed as they imagined Myrna's humiliating treatment of me at some mall or high street. My balls tingled like mad as I listened to her words and licked at the smooth leather. Myrna grabbed my leash and I was hauled out of the car. My dressing gown was removed and flung into the porch and I was made to kiss Agnes' feet before she left. Two women appeared at the window and applauded the scene; the both looked on with disbelief and sheer excitement as their friend took charge of me in a show of utter dominance; the leash choking me, as I was whipped in the open. She could not get me into her house fast enough.

The three women stood around me and Myrna had me kiss their feet, much to their delight. One was beautifully plump and quite tall; she wore a skirt which was really tight around her globular arse, something she would not have dared wear in public. Her long hair dyed jet black; she had a certain menace about her. The other woman was petit and elegant; she had found herself a cane to toy with; her legs were long in her very short skirt, a sweet mound visible in panties which peeped below the hem-line. Though the three had never been in an intimate situation before, the shock of Myrna's news had rid them of all their inhibitions; the sight of Myrna's outfit and her telling of the coaching she had, made them feel like new women. Having the reality of a naked male at their feet confirmed this was no dream; all three were nicely aroused already and up for some true domination. The plump one smiled with a thought.

"I want to face-sit him; will he be ok with that?" Myrna laughed at her friend's naivety and whipped me for good measure.

"He'll do just as he's told; we have all day, I intend to humiliate and punish him in many ways; do you want to see just how submissive he is?" The women nodded and sneered, Myrna tugged on the leash, standing with her legs parted, looking superbly dominant in her leather.

"Have you ever masturbated in front of three fully clothed women?" My cock throbbed as I thought of being allowed to cum.

"No mistress." Myrna treated me to her whip again as the other two slowly sat smiling at the show, either side of her in a large leather sofa.

"Would you like to?" The women laughed and sneered, rubbing themselves openly through their panties.

"Yes Mistress Myrna, I would like to." I could not lie; I so wanted to disgrace myself before this beautifully assertive woman who had come into my life by accident. The two other women erupted in disbelief, clapping and laughing at my pathetic admission. Myrna tugged at my leash and had me kneel close to her boots as she too sat, crossing her strong thighs in dominant fashion.

"You'll come on my boots and then we'll watch while you lick your mess off them. I will then watch over you whilst you pleasure my friends for the first time. I shall then allow you to oblige me for the first time too. After that you shall have your first thrashing." The promise of so much made my arse tingle in submissive heaven; the women were superb as they all toyed with their engorged pussies through their clothing; each wanting to have their garments removed, but maintaining a discipline which they would soon transfer to me. They looked with stern smiles as I stroked my stiff and throbbing cock, kneeling naked before three women who barely knew me, but were willingly owning me. Myrna's tight leather was all too much as she probed her finger s along her camel-toe; I knew I would be invited to lick the inside of her leathers clean before the day was out. Her transformation from the dull woman at the mall was incredible, as I pleasured my cock and looked at her I longed to be thrashed. The three looked on with wicked delight, the scent of their arousal adding to my submissive pleasure as I began to jerk and convulse. Myrna smiled and showed me her whip.

"Cream my boots you worthless scum." I duly obliged, grunting in ecstasy as the jizz exploded from my bell-end; all three were close to coming as they watched my disgrace as I shot generous wads of cream all over Myrna's boots. The chubby woman became more dominant by the minute.

"Oh I am so going to enjoy caning him, after he's licked my arsehole." She sneered. The slender one whipped the sofa with the cane in her free hand like a jockey, smiling sweetly as she frigged herself with the other hand through her panties. The actions of both and the sight of a victorious smile from Myrna had me spending over and over again, yearning to taste their sweet essences and then their whips. I at last panted to a halt, my creamy offering dribbling in streaks down Myrna's boots. I felt her whip again, stinging me into action.

"Lick it off now! Don't you dare miss any." The two watched intently as I licked my salty mess from her boots, my spent cock only slightly flaccid; the erotic situation and the double dosage of Viagra would ensure my cock would be rigid again in no time. The large friend helped no end with my cock's physical condition; I noticed her looking sternly at me with wicked satisfaction as I meekly cleaned my mess from Myrna's boots. She slipped her spoiled panties off, displaying a beautifully juiced pussy between sumptuous thighs.

"You'll lick these clean next, then I think I shall spank you for making a mess." The two others gave their approval as the slender one removed her panties too.

"He'll clean mine too, and then I'm going to piss on his face, then he can lick me clean before I cane him; he's going to pay for every male who's been remotely unkind to me." Myrna whipped me three times when I had licked down to the toes of her boots; she was not going to be left out. "Undo my belt and then my leggings; I'll have you lick my arse and pussy before your first punishment, I want to thrash you in leather though, so leave my boots." The women smiled with satisfaction, drooling at the prospect of being serviced to order. My cock was rigid again already as I knelt and undid the broad shiny black belt from Myrna's waist; her womanly belly bulged in the soft leather as she stroked my arse with the whip, as I then fumbled with the buttons on the tight leather leggings. As they came open I looked up at her wickedly smiling face and awaited her command.

"Peel them down and sniff my pussy, don't you dare lick though! I want you to savour the scent of the woman who is going to thrash you whilst dressed in an outfit I have long fantasised wearing." The other two murmured their approval as I peeled the soft black leather slowly over her hot cheeks and down her full mature thighs, all the time watching her face for approval, a face that was blissfully enjoying a life-long fantasy of having a male at her feet, a male whom she would thrash to tears before two other women, whilst dressed in an outfit which alone, had her close to orgasm. Her pussy tingled to full arousal as she relished the reality of a scenario she could only have dreamed of just two days before. The crotch of her leggings needed a little extra coaxing away from the sweaty, moist, arousal which stuck to the leather; Myrna gasped with pleasure as the vacuum created pleased her pussy as it pulled away. The rich aroma of womanly sex filled my nostrils, making my cock pulse and dribble; Myrna looked down at me with utter contempt, she had me just where she wanted me, and knew I was now yearning to be punished by her. She pointed to her pussy and I moved my nose close to her beautiful sex and sniffed her rich erotic scent as the two friends laughed at my complete obedience to a far superior entity. She looked toward the voluptuous woman whose tongue was now almost hanging out; her moist pussy now smearing the leather seating as she fingered and writhed in anticipation of owning me too.

"You will service Rose's immediate needs first, after we've watched you clean her panties; a spanking will remind us all of why you are here, you'll thank her by pleasuring her pussy. You'll then clean Roxanne's panties and then enjoy her shower, clean her and indulge her pussy. I will then have my first pleasure of you, and you will then refit my outfit and be taken upstairs by leash for your first thrashing. You do want to be thrashed don't you?" My cock was ready to explode as the scent of her pussy and her words had me close to delirium; Agnes had been so right about the vigour these women would show, I lost all shame in my eagerness to respond, I felt completely submissive.

"Yes Mistress Myrna, I want to be thrashed by you and your friends." The two sneered and gasped in disbelief at the clarity with which I confessed my weakness and inferiority to the leather dominatrix. My balls tingled with renewed pleasure as Rose now took control.

"Oh god! Enough! Get over my knees right now! I am going to make you wish you'd never been born."

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