tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 15

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 15


The women sneered with satisfaction as Rose removed her skirt and displayed her beautifully plump thighs, wagging her finger with one hand, her soiled panties in the other.

"You lick these clean first." I gratefully took the large size frilly panties from her and sniffed and licked at the generous and sticky gusset; the divine scent and aromas of her voluptuous arse and pussy making my cock pulse and flex, yearning to service those delicious orifices for her, but first I must endure a spanking. The women delighted in my attentions to the panties until Rose snatched them back from me and pointed to her lap; eager to inflict her first punishment. As I slid across her soft warm thighs, Rose rolled up the sleeves of her blouse, to emphasise the hard work she intended putting into the spanking; Roxanne sat sideways in the sofa, taking my face into her crotch as Rose parted her thighs to accommodate my stiff cock, then clasped them firmly around my aching member. Myrna stood over me, teasing my exposed and vulnerable cheeks with her short whip, longing to take me upstairs to exert her lusty vengeance on this feeble representative of masculinity.

Rose wasted no time in reddening my cheeks with spiteful deliveries of the flat of her hand; Myrna and Roxanne laughing as the slaps resonated round the room, interjected by my muffled cries as Roxanne held my head down in her sweaty crotch. The pain, humiliation and womanly scent had me close to coming, as my cock moved between Rose's soft but firm thighs as she took great pleasure in administering the spanking of an adult male.

Rose continued to spank whilst her pussy tingled with excitement at putting a man in his place for the first time; she did not stop until my cheeks were a blur of red hand-prints. I was allowed down from the clasp of those magnificent thighs, which were then opened and my head thrust between them by Rose, who was now in a state of urgent need. My cock dribbled as I lapped at her sweet scented flower; her clitoris hard and prominent in its need for relief. As she moaned on nearing orgasm, she lifted herself back a little further and my face was pushed down to lick her sweaty and aromatic anus, her fingers arriving to massage her clitoris to a crescendo. Myrna and Roxanne teased my glowing arse with cane and whip as my tongue probed Rose's delicious depths and she enjoyed her first orgasm at my expense.

I was allowed no respite as immediately Rose had stopped moaning and writhing, I was pulled away by Roxanne, who now held the leash. Her panties were delivered to me and the women watched with pleasure as I sampled the third soiled underwear of the day. Roxanne, as per Rose, became more confident by the minute and now ordered me with complete authority. She pointed to the wet-room and I was led there on by leash on all fours. I was made to lie on my back on the cold tiled floor as Roxanne stepped either side of my head, straddling my face in dominant fashion, cane in hand, allowing me a glorious view of her mature pussy. Myrna and Rose stood either side, Myrna now toying with a long flexible cane in preparation for the event which would follow this; she was relishing what was to come. Roxanne bent her knees slightly.

"I've always wanted to piss on a male like this; I want you to enjoy your shower." I watched as her pussy bulged and was then immediately immersed in hot urine; the other two women laughed and applauded as I spluttered in trying to avoid the salty golden shower, which Roxanne directed at my face as I writhed on the now warm and slippery tiles. Roxanne's pussy pulsed as she squirted every last drop onto to me. She then sat on the edge of the toilet bowl and took great pleasure in having me lick her clean. The women then had me kneel as they laughed at my piss drenched hair and hosed me down with the shower head; I was dried roughly with a towel and Myrna took the leash.

"Now we'll teach you to make a mess of my wet-room." I was led to the stairs; my cock stiffening to rigidity as Rose and Roxanne ascended first, canes in hand, allowing me a beautiful view of their womanly attributes as they stepped slowly up with deliberation. Myrna then led with the leash at its furthest extent, and I followed on all fours as I watched the magnificent leather clad shape ascend; her superb arse and thighs bulging in the tight leather, her other hand holding the long flexible cane which I would be thrashed with. Myrna's face was one of supreme satisfaction as she had me kneel before her by the bed on which I would be punished. I was made to kiss the cane and then her feet, much to the delight of the two other women. A wicked smile cut across Myrna's face.

"Beg me to thrash you. I know you want it. Tell us all how you deserve to be caned." I looked up at the supreme figure before me; just two days earlier she had been out shopping, her life mundane, now she was about to fulfil one of her most erotic desires. She had been ill-treated by males before, and she would ensure I suffered severely on their behalf; I would know physical and mental torture and she would be in her element in serving punishment. I looked at her camel-toe, beautifully outlined and bulging in the leather, seeming to express the superiority of her sex. I was yearning to be thrashed by her.

"Please Mistress Myrna, I beg you, please thrash me, I deserve to be punished by all women." Myrna sneered and pointed the bed as the other two laughed at my pathetic admission; they would enjoy their part in breaking me all the more. I lay on the bed, my cock rigid beneath me, as Myrna strutted and cut the air with her cane, making me tense and my balls tingle with anticipation. Myrna smirked in triumph.

"Oh, you love that sound don't you? Blanche has told me how you love to be punished by her; I intend to be just as thorough. We will have you crying like a baby, and you will disgrace yourself on the sheets in honour of your submission to women. You will not disappoint me. I shall now begin your punishment." Rose and Roxanne watched eagerly as Myrna raised the cane above her head with a smile of utter contentment. Her pussy tingled with pleasure in the hot sticky leather as she began the realisation of a fantasy, previously only dreamed of mid masturbation. Her tight leather outfit creaked subliminally, adding to my fear and excitement, as the newly established dominatrix brought the cane down mercilessly. I howled with pain and writhed as the cane was brought down again and again by the smiling Myrna. The other two women toyed with themselves as they watched the red lines blush into colour with each cut of the vicious woman's application.

My cock rubbed the sheets in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as I wailed like a child and writhed on the bed as the delicious sound of the cane announced each venomous stinging arrival. My tears flowed unashamedly as I watched Myrna flex and stroke in her black leather, her smiling face, ecstatic with spite in completely dominating me would ensure I messed in her honour very shortly.

Myrna laughed excitedly as she saw me begin to hump the sheets as the spasms of my orgasm began; the pleasure now outweighing the pain, my tortured cheeks now numbing despite Myrna's relentless thrashing. She now applied the cane with a fresh vigour, cutting lower across the back of my upper thighs in an attempt to spoil the ecstasy of my ejaculation. Myrna panted as she stroked, with her engorged pussy bringing her close to orgasm herself, as the leather stretched and worked itself against her clitoris with the effort of her movement.

I looked through bleary eyes at her supreme enjoyment and moaned with a different tone as I duly spent in submissive ecstasy, again and again, writhing in my slippery mess as Myrna stroked me to an erotic crescendo. The two other women laughed and applauded as I disgraced myself to order. Myrna stepped back and began to slowly unlace her boots as first Rose, then Roxanne, thrashed me too as I wallowed in my sticky mess. Both women applied my punishment with the vigour I had come to expect, and the Viagra ensured my cock did not stay deflated for more than a minute. By the time Roxanne had tired of brandishing her cane, I was already yearning to come once more.

Myrna was now naked from the waist down. She spread her legs and held my head to her eager and highly scented pussy, shiny with the juices of her arousal. I was made to thank her for the caning and then licked her victorious pussy to orgasm, which did not take long at all; Myrna wrapping her delectable thighs about my head as she moaned in absolute pleasure; the caning fresh in her mind.

The three women subjected me to many humiliations throughout the day, and I was made to promise that I'd make myself available to them in any spare time I may have, dependent on where I was to reside after the fortnight. When returned to Blanche, Myrna took great pleasure in advising her that I'd messed her sheets and deserved to be punished. Blanche advised she would be more than glad to oblige.

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