"You are mine!" commanded Gerrard. He had Lynette bent tits down over a cold granite table, her ass exposed with her short skirt flipped up around her waist and her black French-cut panties pooled around the ankle of her left red stiletto.

Gerrard had control of her by grabbing a hank of Lynette's long auburn mane and pulling her head back. His thick nine inch tool ramming her dripping hole mercilessly from behind.

"I said, you're mine!" as he spanked her ass harder than the six previous times.

Lynette squealed. Her firm, round butt cheek glowed a bright crimson. Tears of pleasure and pain rolled down her face.

"Yes, I'm yours." Lynette screamed. "Please fuck meeee.... Don't stop. ....Pleeease!!!!"

Lynette started grunting and moaning harder and louder.

"Fuck me please!!!" She screamed. "I'm cu...mmming!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fu...ck!!!"

Lynette arched her back deeply as she climaxed for the third time. The hardest she ever came or at least she could remember. Gerrard's cock was definitely the biggest she had ever taken.

Gerrard's cock was still hard. He hadn't cum yet. He withdrew himself. Lynette felt so empty.

With a fistfull of her hair, he pulled her off the table. The warmer air attacked her breasts making her nipples diamond hard. He forced Lynette to her knees on front of him and slapped his grand organ against her until she could trap it with her open mouth.

Gerrard showed no mercy as he forced the entire length down Lynette throat. It choked her slightly, but she took it all.

With his fistful of hair, he bobbed her head back and forth. Each time, he would hit the back of her throat and hold it there for a moment before repeating the action. She choked a bit. Black streaks of mascara ran down the sides of her face.

"You like my cock, don't you my little slut."

Lynette could only try to gag "Yes!" due to the mouthful she had.

With that Gerrard yanked her mouth off his stiff cock and pushed her to the soft carpet. He forced her legs apart and knelt between them. With his left hand, he held her throat, not hard enough to choke but just enough to control. His right hand aimed his weapon at her slit, then without further warning, plowed it all the way into her cunt.

The asphyxia made Lynette's head swim. The fucking piston action was taking her to another climax.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum!" she grunted. "I am yours! I'm cumming! Give me your cum!!!"

Gerrard exploded. Lynette felt as if a horse had blasted its load into her throbbing cunt.

It was too much for her to handle. "YES! Cum in me! Oh fuck!!!" as Lynette's head thrashed back and forth.

After Gerrard emptied his load of cream deep into her, then slowly retreated. His cock throbbed in the cooler air.

He tried to stand, but Lynette grabbed his arm, and then spun her body around so she could suck his cock clean. Gerrard watched his excess cum ooze out of her and dribble into the crack of her ass.

Lynette continued to suck on Gerrard softening cock. Even soft, it was still seven inches long with substantial girth.

Finally, Gerrard stood up. Withdrawing his prick from Lynette's mouth caused a loud pop.

Lynette looked up at Gerrard with a hurt expression as if a child just had her favourite toy taken from her.

Gerrard stood over Lynette. "You agreed you're mine. I'll give you a day to prove it or you can stay here."

With that, Gerrard got dressed and left her house leaving Lynette begging him not to leave.

A couple of hours later, Colin her husband came home from working late.

Colin was Lynette's first and only love. Well not really "love" more the first and only guy she had sex with. His Chartered Accountant job made him a good provider, but he lacked any excitement. His thin five inch penis barely satisfied her often leaving her unfulfilled.

Her girlfriends with whom she often went out with always talked about cheating on their husbands although none of them ever did. It got her thinking.

One evening, when Colin was at a branch office out of town, Lynette decided to venture out for some excitement.

She bought a new outfit and sexy under things special for the evening. She took a long shower. Then shaved her leg and underarm. She carefully trimmed her bush very short just leaving a neat landing strip, not that she expected anyone to see down there.

Satisfied, she started to prep. Make up first; not too heavy, just enough. Clothes, black demi-cup lace bra that barely covered her nipples; matching garters; stockings; and panties; and a spaghetti strap black cocktail dress that came down to mid-thigh; tight fitting, sexy but not slutty. The neck line was deep and accentuated her breasts but hid any inappropriate view.

She went to an after work cocktail lounge not to close to home so no one would recognize her. Nervously she entered and sat on one of the stools near the end of the bar. She crossed her shapely leg and was about to order a drink when a suit asked if he could buy her a drink.

Lynette smiled at him and accepted the cocktail, an Old Fashion.

They clinked glasses. Lynette was still a bit nervous, so she took a big gulp of Dutch courage.

This calmed her a bit as Bill introduced himself and made small talk. Well, mostly talked about himself.

Suddenly, Lynette felt a great presence behind her. Almost instantly, Bill became silent, made some excuse and left. Lynette turned to see the cause of this aura. His six foot frame wasn't big, but something about him made him seem bigger.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to chase your friend away." he apologized.

"Actually we just met." She tried to hide her flush excitement.

"I'm Gerrard." introducing himself. "May I refresh your cocktail?"

Not waiting for a response, Gerrard ordered them another round. Lynette was hypnotized by him. His voice just seemed to resonate through her body; seemed to just take control of her.

He was conversing with her, but Lynette was just rapt in his words. His left hand started stroking her thigh; each time just a little higher. Then across her stomach; up along her ribs, just below her right breast.

Lynette closed her eyes and started to pant slightly. Gerrard was controlling her completely. His hand moved higher still and cupped her breast; his thumb ran laps over her right nipple. She could feel it grow hard as dampness started to appear between her legs.

He continued his manipulation as he leaned his mouth towards her ear. She barely felt him run the tip of his tongue along the rim of her ear as he suggested they go.

She gathered her purse and followed. He took her to an exclusive hotel near by where they had hard, aggressive sex for hours. Lynette had never had so many orgasms over such a short period.

Over the next few weeks, Lynette would meet Gerrard for sex sessions. She would allow him to do anything; anywhere; even in public. She didn't care as long as she was with him.

The thoughts of what happened with Gerrard were suddenly jarred from her mind as Colin started to bother Lynette for their weekly conjugal activity.

Lynette spread her legs as Colin positioned himself between. No foreplay; no passion; just mechanical sex.

Colin aimed his thin penis at Lynette hole and pushed in. Fortunately she was still a bit wet from Gerrard's big load of earlier. As per their typical, Lynette laid on her back, uninspired and unimpassioned. Then she noticed Colin's lack of size and girth could barely be felt.

True to form, Colin spurted out his few drops of sperm after a few minutes of humping, then rolled off and falling asleep. His pencil dick now lifeless was coated with Gerrard's cum. Lynette cried herself to sleep.

Next day after her husband left for work, she decided. She packed her things without regret. She left her keys on the counter, called a cab and left.

Thirty minutes later, she found herself in front of a familiar heavy oak door and rang the bell.

The door opened.

"I'm yours."

Gerrard smiled, lead Lynette inside and closed the door.

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