tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPacker Does the Office Pt. 01

Packer Does the Office Pt. 01


This is set in the TV show The Office. This story focuses on the character Packer and a lot of the lovely ladies of The Office.

This will be quite different then my other stories, it will be a collection of quick tales, all in one story, of Packer seducing various women of The Office. This idea came about mostly from an episode during Season 7 that will be the jumping off point to this whole story.

To denote when these stories are taking place I will state which season and episode the story takes place in. Some of these will be based on specific interactions, and others will be completely fabricated.

The setup to get to sex for these will be even more ridiculous and quicker than most of my stories. So, if you don't like fictional women swooning over a big dick and jumping on it the first chance they get then I would suggest not reading this. It will also contain cheating by multiple women so if the idea of cheating offends you I would also suggest looking elsewhere.

Was originally planning to make this all one story but then the first five stories were about as long as long as my longest story so far so I thought I might as well split it up.

Thank you, Big Dick Dangling, for editing.


Season 7 Episode 18

"Um, why did you hire Todd Packer? He's seriously awful," Jim Halpert asked Holly Flax, the HR representative who had just promoted Todd Packer to work full time at the office instead of being a travelling sales rep.

"Michael's recommendation was glowing. Honestly, he's been nothing but nice to me," Holly replied, confused at this response from Jim as her boyfriend, Michael Scott, the regional manager of the office, had talked so warmly about Todd and she hadn't heard much negative reports about him until this conversation. Although their one on one interview earlier was another story...

"It's how he gets you to take off your panties," Meredith Palmer, the office alcoholic and easy lay chimed in. Once she said it Pam Halpert, Jim's wife of two years, started nodding along unconsciously. Jim noticed this and gave her an odd look as he couldn't figure out why she would nod at what Meredith just said.

"Why are you nodding?" Jim asked his wife, confused at why she could possibly nod to such a disgusting statement, especially considering it was dealing with Packer. She looked at him startled briefly before responding.

"What? I, uh, wasn't nodding in agreement," Pam replied quickly, knowing she had been caught but hoping he would accept her statement as true and just move on.

Much to Pam's relief, after giving her and the camera a bit of a confused look, Jim did just that. In reality, she had been nodding along because she was all too aware of Packer's modus operandi, and had in fact had more than one encounter with him before...

Season 3 Episode 4 - Pam

Pam Beesly, currently single, was a secretary working at Dunder-Mifflin in their Scranton branch. She had just broken off her engagement, and was feeling a bit lost. Her office had just gone through some intensive grief counseling due to the old regional manager being decapitated and Michael, the regional manager, had greatly overreacted. Plus, her best friend Jim had moved to another office after professing his love for her, which she had turned down.

She had broken her engagement off with her longtime fiancé Roy, and Jim had moved away after their kiss turned into nothing. She was in the office alone, a bit after hours, as she had to finish up some filing for Michael who was as always inconsiderate of others' time.

Packer, one of the sales reps, had been there earlier in the day, mostly in Michael's office joking about one thing or another. Knowing Packer, Pam thought that whatever he was talking about was at best crude and inappropriate. The door opened. She was dismayed to see him walking back into the office, as dealing with him was usually a chore and her, being the only person here, would make it even worse.

Packer couldn't believe his luck, he had come back to pull an after-hours prank on Michael who was often the butt of his jokes. Yet here he was and there was only one other person in the office and it was the sexy receptionist Pam.

Pam was a woman who tried, seemingly very hard, to appear average. Pam looked and acted like a timid receptionist. Her hair laid back loosely, parted just enough to let everyone see her pretty face. Her sizable breasts were hidden away in a white button-up covered with a purple button-up sweater. She wore a simple grey skirt that ran just to her knees, concealing an ample ass she knew most men in the office constantly strained to check out. She sported a pair of simple white sneakers, and most of her attire decisions were based on hiding her assets.

Packer was not a vision of handsomeness, which only further created the disdain and sometimes disbelief people, mostly women, gave him when he talked about his sexual adventures. He was in his forties, balding, carrying a bit of a gut, and with a face that isn't going to make ladies swoon. He did have one thing going for him though, and, in his experience, it was all he needed. He was fairly sure it would work with Pam, and he intended to find out.

Packer sidled up to her desk, where she kept typing away trying to ignore him. The disdain in her eyes when they darted his way was clear, as was the leering coming from him.

"What's cooking, good looking," Packer said, misquoting Hank Williams, hoping to break the ice. No one had ever accused him of having a sharp wit, but he managed to do just fine for one very big reason.

Pam looked up from her work, and gave him a long look of annoyance mixed with a bit of disgust before going back to what she was doing.

"Hey now, there is no need to give me that look," Packer said, a trace of mock outrage in his voice, although they both know it is bullshit.

"Right, because coming in every once in a while, and being incredibly annoying isn't too bad," Pam started to say, wanting to unload some of what she was feeling onto Packer. "To then

loudly spout your silly stories with Michael in the middle of the office, all of which demean women by the way, is equally annoying." Pam finished, shooting Packer another dirty look before trying to get back to her work.

"If you don't like hearing about the women I sleep with, you don't have to listen," Packer replied, trying to give her a dirty look back but mostly failing.

"I bet all those stories you and Michael tell are all bullshit anyways," Pam responded. "I also bet you have a small dick!" Pam said, her anger and frustration boiling over.

"Well I can assure you that isn't true," Packer replied, a cocky chuckle coming right after. "Hell, I'll even prove it." He finished, raising his eyebrows almost as if daring her to back down.

"Oh what, you're going to whip out your giant dick?" Pam replied, trying to sound just as confident, even throwing in what she could manage of a derisive laugh. Pam watched as he let one hand slide off the desk and go out of sight. Then she heard the unmistakable sounds of a belt being unbuckled and a zipper going down before he started to move to the side of the desk.

"I swear if you..." Pam started to say. Before she could finish though, Packer had walked fully into view and she stopped mid-sentence, shocked by what she was seeing.

Packer dick was staring right back at her, not even fully erect. Longer and thicker than any cock she had ever seen. She hadn't thought she cared about size, but staring at this monster was doing things to her she had never felt before. As it rose to standing full mast it had to be over ten inches and nearly as thick as a can.

"Now what were you saying?" Packer asked her, briefly startling her out of her reverie. Pam mouthed silently for a few moments. "That's what I thought, everyone talks big until they see Packer Junior." Packer said, a twinkle in his eye as he looked down at the still dumbstruck Pam.

"Now is there anything you want to do to it?" Packer asked, already knowing the answer. Pam mutely nodded, not really knowing what she was doing, but knowing she wanted it. She hadn't been with anyone since Roy, and he had never been much to talk about. She might have hated Packer but the way she was feeling right now was unlike anything she had felt before.

Packer sidled up to her, until his cock was gangling just in front of her face. He wasn't going to make the first move, he would let her. Slowly Pam let her hands rise, and her face move forward until her lips brushed against the head, and her hands grabbed the base. Her hands started to stroke Packer's cock while she opened her lips and gently let it push its way further and further in.

She started bobbing her head up and down his fat cock, still in the same chair she worked in every day. Her panties practically soaking through to that very chair. Packer was impressed by her cocksucking abilities, her two hands stroking off what she couldn't reach with her mouth and her tongue expertly swirling around his engorged head. Pam was looking up at Packer as she sucked him off, gone was her looks of disdain, disgust, and hatred. They were replaced with lust.

Packer took one hand and pushed on the back of her head, forcing her a bit father down. She made a slight gagging sound before working to manage the new length. He slid her mouth up and down his cock, her salvia lowly dripping all over it as her hands continued to stroke him off. Packer was quite happy with Pam's mouth, and would have been fine having her suck him off to completion. Yet he didn't know when if ever this would happen again, and he wasn't going to waste it on just a blowjob.

He reached down and started to unbutton her sweater, she either didn't notice or didn't care and he soon had all the buttons undone. He did the same to her shirt underneath, until all that was left was her bra. He slipped his dick out of her mouth, and slowly helped her to her feet. From there he turned her so she would be facing him as he propped her ass up on the reception desk. While he was doing this, she took off her sweater and shirt. She slowly unclasped her bra and flung them all to the side, her eyes staring at his turgid cock the whole time.

Packer bunched her skirt up around her waist, and slipped her panties off. She didn't notice as he slipped them in his jacket pocket. He took hold of her tits with both hands, savoring the feeling of the rubbery nipples for a moment. He gently lined his cock up with her slit feeling the warm slickness lubricating his cock head before pushing in. Pam let out a loud grunt, having never taken anything nearly as large. Luckily, she was soaking and it slipped in fairly easily. She could feel it's descent as it slowly pushed further and further, filling her more then she had ever been. All the while Packer was kneading her tits, which meant Pam was quickly approaching an orgasm.

Pam slipped her legs around Packer's back and pulled him in abruptly, jamming the last of his cock into her tight hole and distending her cervix. She came immediately, pleasure shooting through her body. Packer took one hand off her breasts and brought it to her waist, from there he started to pump in and out of her, swiftly picking up speed. Soon enough he was fucking her as fast he could, his cock sliding in and out, each thrust sending more pleasure to Pam. Pam quickly racked up more orgasms than she could count.

Packer grabbed Pam by the waist with both hands, watching her titties bounce with each thrust. Pam's eyes were closed, just taking the dick and cumming on it was practically more then she could handle. Who she was fucking was completely forgotten, all she had believed about him before wasn't in her thoughts any longer. Packer was very proud of this conquest; the shy receptionist was now just another notch on his bedpost. Looking down at her curvy body as he slammed into her, her pretty faced contorted into pure lust and pleasure he gave myself a mental high-five.

Packer knew he was about to cum, so he quickly pulled his cock out of Pam and quickly helped her down to a kneeling position. Pam, confused at the sudden change looked up at Packer for an explanation. As soon as she did she saw Packer stroking his cock, looking down on her. He couldn't hold it any longer. Looking down at her face, makeup smeared from the blowjob, eyes full of lust, and a small smile from the thorough fucking she just received was more than enough to set him off.

His first shot of thick ropey cum splatted across her face. A long trail of cum stuck to her face. From her forehead, and leaking all the way down off her chin, then another blast shot out of Packer. She lost count of how many times he blasted her with his hot sticky load. While Pam had never had anything like this happen to her before, and would have assumed she would have hated it, Pam had to admit having her face covered in a man's cum was very hot.

Packer looked down at pride at the formerly shy receptionist. Her skirt flung away, her panties in his pocket, and her face almost completely covered in his load. He slipped his pants up, gave a nod to Pam which she wearily returned and headed out. A spring in his step and a happy whistle slipping through his lips.

This was only the first of his many encounters of the ladies of the office for Packer...

Season 3 Episode 12 - Jan

Packer thought of little else when he set his sights on a new lady. She worked from corporate head office in charge of all the regional managers. He had always thought of Jan as a straight laced, conservative, and untouchable corporate shill. But his opinion quickly changed. Michael showed him a very risqué photo of her at the beach during a Bahama's vacation and Packer couldn't seem to get the picture of her in a skimpy, almost non-existent, bikini with the top undone, out of his mind. He was determined to have her, regardless of her going to the Bahamas with Michael.

He speculated on a lot of different methods he could use to bed Jan, but considering she went to the Bahamas with an employee under her and then took brazen pictures like that with him, likely meant the best route for Packer was the direct one. So, he snapped a quick dick pic, making sure it showed off everything he had to offer and sent it to her. It was captioned: Saw your picture from the Bahamas, and it got me thinking...

It wasn't long before he got a direct call from her requesting he meet her at her corporate office in NY. As he entered he admired the size of the office, but especially admired the seclusion from other offices and seemingly thick walls. Plus, a window giving a great view of New York from twenty stories in the air gave it a surreal feeling of space and separation. A recent divorce and a confusing evening with Michael had spiraled for months, leading Jan to accept Michael's invitation to the Bahamas. Sun, sand, booze, and sex had led to the photo being taken which had led to this.

Jan was a middle age woman who prided herself on being able to keep her sexy figure, even after all these hectic years of upper management. Her dirty blonde shoulder length hair was parted to keep it out of her face, and stopped slightly before her average sized breasts. She has a good-sized butt, which she made sure to keep as tight as she could. Her favorite asset though, was her long, toned legs which were accentuated by black high heels and garbed in a pair of very sexy and alluring stockings. The rest of her was covered by the typical jet-black woman's business suit and matching skirt.

"Let's just cut to the chase, we both know why you are here," Jan said as soon as he sat down, an angry look crossing her face. Packer nodded at her, a cocky grin across his face and no remorse seemingly there.

"This sort of behavior is incredibly inappropriate and disgusting," Jan started to rant, knowing her bad decision to go with Michael to the Bahamas had led to this. Mainly, she was pissed that an underling had done something like this.

"And I don't know where you got this picture, but sending things like this to your boss is completely unacceptable," Jan continued. "What I do on my holiday, and with who is none of your concern, and sending rude and obviously mocking photos are not something this company accepts or condones." Jan finished, a huff in her voice at having to deal with this.

"I don't know about whether what I did was acceptable. As for where I got the photo Jan, I took it," Packer said, gesturing below his waist. Jan made a dismissive movement with her hand and scoffed openly at him, something Packer was very used to from women.

"Right, if that's your dick you can have my ass," Jan replied, scorn in her voice and disbelief mixed with derision in her eyes. Not even for a second did Jan seriously think that the cock in that picture could be in any way attached to the man sitting before her.

Packer's grin couldn't have got any bigger, and for a fleeting moment doubt crept across Jan's face. She shook it away and kept staring him down, unwilling to be punked by a subordinate, especially after he sent that lewd photo that she was sure was something he found online.

Packer gave her an "I guess we are doing this" look and a shrug before standing up. His hands went to his belt and started to unbuckle it as Jan stared at him as if he was going mad. Here was an employee undressing in her office after sending her a picture of a penis, and all while being reprimanded! Yet he showed no sign of slowing down, unzipping his pants, and letting them fall the floor.

Only then did Jan start to get really worried about how mistaken she might have been. Clearly seen in Packer's underwear was the outline of something much larger then she had ever seen before on a man. Before she could say or do anything Packer had slipped those off as well. Out sprung the very same cock from the photo, and Jan's mouth dropped open. It was even bigger in real life, if that was possible.

"You were saying?" Packer simply said, his grin as big as ever, and his eyes now roaming freely over his boss. Jan didn't or to some degree couldn't say a word. She simply shoved her chair back a bit, got up, and started to move towards Packer.

She walked right up to him, and dropped to her knees without a word, her eyes never leaving his cock. She had never seen something so magnificent, something that made her so incredibly horny just by looking at it. She was practically eye level with it when she noticed Packer grab it by the base and start to guide it. She watched as, in slow motion, it swung and moved until in touched her lips. Pushing past with no resistance he started to enter her mouth. She greedily helped him out, slipping her head down further and further onto the cock.

Her willing lips and tongue guided Packer's sausage until it was deeper in her mouth than she had ever experienced. Both were groaning in pleasure, Jan sucking on his monster cock and Packer's plan to get into Jan's pantsuit working quite well. Packer was content to let Jan orally worship his dick for a bit, enjoying her ravenous mouth. Leaning back onto the desk, he stared down at Jan, who had seemingly forgotten why she called him here, or that she had just reprimanded him.

Instead she was just drunk with lust, like many women before her and many to come after. Jan's eyes were closed as she slowly dragged her mouth up and down his shaft. She had never been a fan of giving blowjobs, but this was something else, her pussy was practically leaking she was so wet. Her mouth stretching to handle what she could of it. One hand reached up and started to fondle his balls, while the other was used to balance herself on his leg.

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