tagText With AudioPacking It In ... 1941 Packard

Packing It In ... 1941 Packard


While girl's mind is on day-to-day business matters, her Master sends her a message to immediately go to her company's garage and climb into the front of the newly acquired 1940's Packard.

Sir wants his slave to inflict strikes to His ass, continuing with open-palmed breast slaps and flicks directly on His nipples ... before she gets into six sets of high (99%) and low (85%) near-cums, all while recording the session for Sir.

Being that the garage is connected to the occupied-offices of girl; she strains to comply with her Master's demands. Girl being girl, she will greatly enjoy the pain and stripes/marks inflicted and the near-cums obtained per Sir; yet, keeping quiet enough to not attract attention from the two nearest office mates to the garage-sharing wall.

Upon completion of her assignment, Master had His owned-slave conduct an intense -- yet fast 20 second full-orgasm in the Packard.

Listen to her struggle to stay quiet and prevent the actively-working office mates from catching on to her semi-public display of ownership.

Imagine being the one to open the door and see her birch-rod reddened ass sticking out from the car while she spasms in full-orgasm with proxy-Frank in His pussy ... feel her breath catch as each and every cell in her body feels Master's latest orgasm-ordered training.

I hope you enjoy,


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