tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 06

Page's Training Ch. 06


When we were finished eating our dinner, Nick paid the check with a generous tip and took my hand to lead me toward the bathrooms. He pulled me into the Men's room with no hesitation.

Nick backed up against the far wall, "On your knees. You may now return the favor."

"Yes, Sir." I knelt in front of Nick and watched the bulge in his pants grow. As his pants fell to his ankles, he turned sideways and let his left shoulder lean on the wall. We were in plain site of the door to the bathroom. My embarrassment lasted only seconds until Nick's perfect cock was in my mouth. Once he entered my throat, the world disappeared.

I fondled his balls, squeezing and tugging and I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, letting it push into my throat and swallowing to take the entire length of his shaft. Nick grabbed a handful of my hair at the back of my head and started pushing faster. Tears welled up in my eyes but my body loved it. My pussy was coming to life yet again.

Nick's moans had distracted me almost to the point that I didn't hear the bathroom door open when it did. I jerked away and stared at the man walking to the urinal in shock. I felt a stinging slap on my cheek.

"Finish what you started, Page." Nick looked down at me with anger in his eyes. I quickly resumed swallowing his dick while the man peeing in the urinal watched with fascination. Nick pretended he wasn't even there. I noticed that the man was finished peeing, but he still stood at the urinal, watching me get my face fucked by Nick.

The man was stroking his own cock now and smiled at me, encouraging me. I went wild and started whimpering with pleasure. I wanted to please Nick, and for some strange reason I wanted this man to watch me do it. The man's eyes on me made me swallow harder and faster as I watched him masturbate.

Nick's moans became breathless and he started thrusting harder at my face. Before I knew it, he jammed his cock down my throat as far as he could and shot his stream into me. I relaxed and let it slide down my throat, trying to use my muscles to swallow as little as I could. He held it there for quite a while until he started to soften.

I heard the man at the urinal grunt quietly and flush the urinal before leaving.

When Nick pulled back from my throat, I swallowed down his cum and licked and sucked his shaft clean before pulling his pants back up and re-fastening belt. I stayed on my knees, not sure if I should stand or not and smiled up at Nick.

"Stand up."

"Yes, Sir." I stood and looked into Nick's eyes, waiting.

"When my cock is in your mouth, don't you EVER divert your attention, is that understood?" He grabbed both of my nipples through my shirt and squeezed and twisted them hard until I whimpered from the pain.

"Yes, Sir."

"That's better. We'll make sure you get plenty of opportunity to prove to me that you mean it."

"Yes, Sir."

"Walk out ahead of me to the car. We have much to discuss at your apartment. Bobby should be finishing up now."

"Yes, Sir." I left the bathroom first and walked into the restaurant. No one noticed that I had come out of the Men's room, which I was thankful for. My nipples were hard and standing out obscenely from Nick's tweaking and I decided on my way out to let my breasts bounce free and proud for everyone to see. Fuck 'em, I thought.

All eyes were on my tits as we exited to the car waiting for us. I smiled and walked out the door, leaving them to their shock and gossip.

When we arrived at the apartment, everything was different. My photo frames, movies, music, books, and knick knacks had all been removed. My wall décor was gone. The bookshelves now held rows of dildos, plugs and toys that I had only seen in sex shops. The books that did line one of the shelves were all erotica. Short stories, BDSM novels and the like.

The movie shelves were all pornographic DVDs now. On the walls were erotic paintings, nudes and prints. The men's porno magazines on the coffee table were fanned out neatly. There were candles everywhere on shelves.

One of my dining chairs had been fitted with a suction cup dildo 2 inches thick and about 8" long.

Nick watched my reaction closely. "The real training begins now, my pet. You're no longer just an employee, you realize. This is a lifestyle which I need you to be accustomed to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." But I wasn't sure I completely DID understand. I looked in the corner of the living room and saw a saddle much like the one I'd used during Nick's board meeting.

"Bobby will be here to assist you. My evenings are filled with business meetings and other engagements that are none of your concern. When I have free time, we'll be together. When you're not with me, you'll be here and Bobby will make sure you follow my strict instructions."

"Yes, Sir." I looked at Bobby who smiled sweetly. He seemed like someone I could trust. I smiled back when I realized that Nick would never leave me with someone he didn't trust completely.

"You'll be in bed by 11pm every night. Bobby will bathe and dress you as he is instructed. Your old life has been packed up and put in storage. Your bills are being sent to me, and all of your needs are now my responsibility, understood?"

"Yes, Sir." My heart raced. Being at the office was one thing, but I had been able to come home and relax each night. Now I wasn't going to be able to turn it off, there was no escape from this life. I was now submerged in it and I was a little scared.

"Don't be frightened, you'll be used to it in no time." Nick kissed my forehead and turned to leave. "Bobby, I expect her in the office on time. I'll be sending your instructions to your phone, I want prompt responses."

Bobby nodded, "Yes, Sir."

The door closed and I turned to Bobby, not having a clue what to expect.

"No formalities here, we're both just following instructions." He pulled the saddle into the center of the room and faced it toward the TV. "Get undressed."

I kicked off my shoes and removed the rest of my clothes until I was naked with my choker.

"Put your hair in a bun and come back." Bobby selected a movie from the shelf and loaded it in the DVD player while I put my hair up. When I returned, he held a bottle of oil. "Arms out, legs apart."

I did as he instructed and Bobby rubbed oil all over my body, leaving my nipples dry. The oil was thicker than it looked and left me slippery and glistening. Then he opened a jar with a salve in it and rubbed it into my nipples. The salve felt cold first and my nipples stood erect, then a warm burning sensation began. It wasn't horribly painful, but it was uncomfortable and made my breathing increase a bit.

"Get on the saddle."

I looked at the saddle. The dildo was thicker than the one on my dining chair, I guessed it was 2 ½ inches. I lowered myself onto it and my cunt swallowed it hungrily. I was getting used to being in a constant state of arousal and wasn't surprised that I was wet enough to let it slide right in. The thickness overwhelmed me and I moaned as the feeling of fullness settled in.

Bobby strapped my ankles back to the sides of the saddle and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. He went to the bookshelf and returned with a gag. A 4 inch dildo slid into my mouth and the leather straps around my head kept it in place. The tip grazed the back of my mouth.

The movie started and I watched a naked woman being fondled by six men. They poured oil all over her body and rubbed it in while they bit her nipples and played with her clit. I instantly wanted to be her. My nipples felt like they were on fire.

Bobby turned the saddle on and it rocked me back and forth so that I was forced to ride the rubber cock inside of me. The girth of it sliding in and out of me made me moan.

Bobby sat on the couch and started reading the magazines, not paying much attention to what I was doing. Every so often he would check his phone and type furiously on the keypad before going back to his reading. He was checking in with Nick.

The oiled-up girl was getting fucked from behind now. I watched the close-up of the cock penetrating her and was grateful that I wasn't in the office feeling frustrated. Instead, I was riding a huge dildo that satisfied my need to be filled. But the burning on my nipples frustrated me. I would have begged a stranger to suck off the salve for some relief.

The man pulled out of the girl and moved around her to fuck her face. She devoured his cock like she was hungry for it. I envied her. While she sucked his cock, another man entered her from behind and I watched her get fucked on both ends. The gag in my mouth only teased my desire for a cock to swallow.

Before long, all six men were taking turns at all of her holes. Nothing peaked my curiosity more than double penetration. I wanted it. I moaned and whimpered in frustration. Bobby typed on his phone and pressed 'send'.

When the movie finished, the woman was drenched in cum (none of the men came inside of her, only ON her) and panting like a needy whore. She wanted more, I could feel it. I wanted more.

The saddle kept fucking me as Bobby put the movie away and went into the bedroom. When he returned, I was fighting an orgasm with everything in me. He shut the saddle off and released all of my restraints. The gag was taken away and I was lifted off of the saddle. My legs were shaky and weak.

Bobby let me use the bathroom and led me down the hallway.

The bedroom had been redecorated as well. It was very bare, the bed with only white sheets and everything else put away. I suddenly realized that the walls were mirrored. The closet doors had been replaced with mirrored doors and there was a giant mirror mounted above the bed.

"Won't miss an angle in here, will they?"

"They?" The word surprised me.

"Later. Sorry." Bobby shook his head and gestured toward the bed. I laid down and Bobby produced wrist and ankle cuffs from under the mattress. He restrained me and I found that I could move fairly freely, but my hands would never be able to reach my midsection. I realized that this was to keep me from touching myself when I was alone.

Bobby laid the top sheet over me, "Nighty night! I'll wake you in the morning." He turned off the light and I heard him leave, locking the door behind him. I was left in the dark with my own thoughts.

Bobby woke me in the morning as he released the cuffs and I curled into a ball on my side. I looked up at him, "Where did you go last night?"

"Home. My girlfriend got the fuck of her life, let me tell ya!" He laughed and gestured for me to follow him.

"I'll be left here alone every night like that?"

"Not every night." He started my shower, "Use the toilet and get in the shower." He sat up on the counter and buried his nose in a magazine.

I got in the shower and surveyed the changes. My shower curtain had been replaced with a clear shower liner. No privacy allowed. My hygiene products had been replaced with expensive bottles and soaps. The razor was new. I washed thoroughly and made sure I was smooth down below. I shut off the shower and opened the curtain.

"Bend over." My anal plug was lubricated and gently pushed into place. I grunted a little as I adjusted.

Bobby toweled me dry and oiled my pubic area before bringing me the vinyl panties. I put the dildo in place as he pulled them up and fit them perfectly. The oil on my labia made the sexiest friction as I walked. It felt like my pussy was already dripping wet.

I the bedroom, Bobby dressed me in a black bra with the nipples exposed and a light blue French cuffed shirt. The skirt was knee length and black with a light blue pinstripe. Black heels.

One stop by the bathroom for hair and make-up and we were out the door. In the car I checked my purse for my company ID to get into the building and noticed that my wallet had been tampered with. I began to inspect it.

"Your new insurance cards, credit cards, bus pass, and cash." Bobby stared straight ahead.

I thumbed through the cash and stopped counting at $500. "Why?"

"Nick takes care of it all now, lady."

Of course Nick took care of it. He owned me now, didn't he? Part of me wanted to rebel against being dependant on a man, the other part of me felt relief that I didn't have to worry about any of it from now on.

Bobby interrupted my thoughts, "You like this new life?"

I thought for a second, knowing that my answer would certainly be relayed to Nick. "I'll learn to like it. That's the whole point of this training, right?"

"Guess so."

"How did you get into this?" Bobby seemed to be so unaffected by everything he saw and did.

"Mailroom Clerk." He pointed a finger at his own chest. "Nick offered a substantial raise, paid under the table, and described you. I jumped on it. It's not so hard."

"Your girlfriend doesn't know?"

"Hell, no!" We both laughed.

"I gotta say, though, lady .... You're the sexiest creature I've ever seen. Nick is a lucky man."

"Thank You." I blushed and we finished the car ride in silence.

As I entered the building to begin a new day at work, I forgot to feel embarrassed by the masses staring at my tits. The anal plug comforted me, even made me feel sexier and more powerful as I made my way through security, elevators and past the old lady on our floor who hated me.

As I entered my office, I could feel the change and I smiled. The fear of the unknown at my job had been replaced with excitement. I couldn't wait to see what the day would bring, and I couldn't wait to see my first email. I would have begged Nick for instructions if my inbox had been empty.

But there it was,


Blog about your first night in your new apartment. Then watch the two movie links I have posted in this email. Your webcam is on, I'll be watching.


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