tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPaige Ch. 23: PAPARAZZI

Paige Ch. 23: PAPARAZZI


"Wake your ass up."

Lonnie Turner crept into his daughter's bedroom as she lay nude atop her covers, her rose colored pedestal fan blowing over her succulent body. It had turned out to be a warm night last evening. A hard swat on the ass, she yelps jumping into a defensive roll, feet poised to kick at him.

"DON'T DO THAT." She stares up at him fearfully. "That was mean."

"Damn! The only time you don't sound like a little girl is when you get woke up like that. Got a surprise for you. Haul your ass out of that bed and get pretty. Prettier...you know what I mean."

"It's Sunday. I want to sleep in."

"Alright then. I'll just call Micky back and tell him we're not coming to see him. So much for Senior pictures."

"WHAT? I GET TO POSE FOR GRAMPA MICKY?" She leaps from her bed dancing about her room as if not knowing what to wear. Panic mode was highly entertaining. Just watching her titties bobbing about made his morning. She must have been dreaming of someone due to her nipples in full bloom. He loved the floral arrangement.

"Grampa? Since when is that guy your Grampa?"

"Since he rescued me at the mall from creepy Mark."

"Your Mother's Mark?"

"Uh huh!" She frets, "I didn't tell you everything about the day Mom took me shopping for a new dress. Mark was being mean to me. I mean MEAN. M-E-A-N!" She giggles faintly under duress adding, "MEN and MAN are both in Mean. Awesome."


"Nothing." She sulks, "Bossing me around is all." She didn't want to tell her Dad that her future Stepfather wanted to perform freakish bondage on her. She had no intention of that happening unless she had no other choice. Mark was scum in her eyes. He threatened to do all sorts of things to prevent her from Graduating. She really hoped to just avoid him.

"I'll have a talk with him later when we stop by for your cap and gown fitting."

"No Daddy. Just let it go. I can handle Mark."

"We've been through this. The guys a Skinhead. There's no reasoning with a freak like him." The thought then occurred to him just how much grief the guy could give him over dating Deborah Johnson, her being of color. He didn't really give a rats ass what he thought but if that N word slipped he was going to wage war on Mark Rapier.

"Please Daddy? Don't make a scene before Graduation. I want everything to go smoothly."

"You have seven days until you hold that diploma. I think you should behave all around. No more crazy dates until after the big day. Promise?"

"Okay." She meant it until she had to break her promise. That was obviously going to happen. Brett Chenowyth and the guys at school would see to that. Possibly Mark. "Can I bring those furs you bought me and pose in them?"

"Sure. Micky's a decent guy. I'll let you have fun. Behaving starts after today."

"Can I pose nakie?"

"He lives out in the country. I guess that's alright."

"Yay!" She claps softly. "I need to shower again. I can still feel the cum on me from yesterday."

"You took two showers last night."

"And douched. My clittycat smells like springtime." She beams her pearly whites.

"Did I need to hear that?"

"Yes. You might want to eat me out later." Sheepishly spoken with a hopeful grin.

"Good point." He chuckles. 'Get beautiful. I say we leave your glasses out of the Senior pics. No pigtails, no ponytails. Hair long, red, and sexy. It's time you looked like a real Senior not a Freshman."

"I can do that. I wish Todd would have loaned me a sword so I could pose like Sansa or Red Sonja. I could send Dillon pics of what I might look like for Comic Con. Even if I am going as Black Widow now."

"Right! Nerd comic guy. I'll figure out a sword. Red Sonja? Man I haven't seen that movie in years."

"The comic book version is the only Red Sonja Daddy. Here!" She swiftly Googles Red Sonja showing off the warrior's chainmail bikini. "Cool huh?"

"That is indeed. I'm shocked Conan didn't tap that ass."

"She would have killed him for taking her virginity."

"She's a virgin? Come on that chick got raped ten times a day wearing that get up."

"Help me figure out a metal bikini while I shower."

"Aluminum foil and chewing gum."


"Quick and easy."


"GO ALREADY." He points toward her bathroom. She bounced away with a glorious butt cheek dance recital, pinning her silky red locks up into a tail, complimented with a shower cap, before getting soapy. As the water cascaded over her curves Lonnie slapped his face twice to break his trance before taking his leave of watching her. Paige pointing away from her with a grim glint in her eye helped in that decision.

Stepping out to the garage he took a lengthy look around for costume ideas. Not much would satisfy her needy imagination. Then it dawned on him where he might get a sword. It had been ages since talking about any of it with him, but their neighbor Gerry Benson, a war aficionado, collected weapons of all types. . Whether he had a broadsword remained to be seen. Lonnie's luck she would have to pose with a butter knife. Making a quick call to Gerry he found her weapon of choice. He had actually picked up a Conan the movie replica sword from a flea market a few years back. Asking him on ideas for the bikini he offered up a section of chainmail. The guy had it all covered. Who knew? Good thing she had no clue of Gerry's hobbies or yesterday he might have had to carry an arsenal into Medieval Times. Most likely they wouldn't have got the armaments through the door. Of course, Todd of the Round Table might have found a way.

Heading next door to gather up her arsenal Lonnie discovered just how invested Gerry Benson was. He had an entire basement full of antiquities, included a large oak table with a Civil War battle being waged by tiny hand painted armies. A second table with a Dungeons & Dragons motif caught his eye.

"I thought I knew you Gerry. This is certainly some mancave."

"I'm proud of it. Took me years. Thank goodness Wanita had no interest in these toys. When she divorced me I figured I'd lose it all. Greedy witch."

"Yeah she was always pretty bossy."

"Her new man saved my ass. Phil has money and luckily different hobbies. Country club kinda guy. Golf clubs over swords. Bet my nine irons can take his nine iron." Gerry chuckled.

"Swords look huge up there on the wall. I'm not even sure my kid can lift any of them." Lon takes a better look with both hands in his pockets. Gerry moving beside him points at the Conan special.

"That swords probably taller than she is."

"Would make for a funny pic though." Lon mused.

"So you're letting little Missy model for some guy you barely know?"

"Micky's a decent guy. Mid to late 50's. He has a photography gig out at the mall part time. Must be doing well for himself, supposedly he owns a big piece of countryside outside the city. Mostly going for the free graduation pics. I figure let her have some fun."

"Fun seems to be running rampant. Pics too. Couple nights back I ran off some school boys taking pics of your kid getting screwed by the Gargantuan Brothers. Front yard no less."

"I heard. Too drunk to complain. How long were those boys out there?"

"Long enough. Used my shrubs to hide behind. All I know is they got footage Lon."

Scowling Lon rolls his eyes, "Great! More blackmail pics."

"Don't get offended Buddy, but you started this."

"I know. Trust me the guilt is welling up."

"HOLY CRAP!" Gerry's face went white. "You said that Photographer's name was Micky?"

"Yep." Lon grew curious as to where this was going.

"Hang on a minute." Gerry stepped away into an adjoining room which was a memorabilia library of sorts. Returning with a photo album he flips through page after page until he locates what he was searching for. "There it is. Is this Micky?"

Following his finger Lonnie peaks an eye brow, "You know him?"

"Not really. I know of him. He used to be a Paparazzi out in Cali back in the 90's. Celebrity stuff. Took pics of Angie and Brad. Baywatch babes. Anyone who sold rags paid him good."

"National Enquirer kind of rag?"

"That's right. He got the pics everybody wanted. Made a small fortune I hear, then moved back here to Chicagoland. I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but he did take risks that probably should have got his ass tossed in jail."

"How do you even know about this guy?"

Gerry shrugs, "Come on, I'm a nerd. This guy also spent some time working for Hustler. If you get the idea."

"So he knew Larry Flynt?"

"Yep. You might wanna get the negatives if he's shooting Paige porn."

"Huh!" Lonnie puckers, "My kid the next Hustler Honey."

"Surely you don't want that for her...do you?"

"She's already on her way. Probably has enough pics out there to start her own magazine."

"Don't give her any ideas."

"Hey! I'm her manager." Lon winks.

"Wonderful. I just put ideas in your head instead."

"Thanks Buddy. I'm thinking she should make a calendar for next year. I'll get you an autographed copy."

"Fuck it! I'm a supporter."

"Good man. So, Conan leg shaver, chainmail, dagger over there?" Lon points out his choices.


"Sure. That round one with a crest in the middle. How about that spiked ball on a chain?"

"Please don't let Paige swing this thing? We don't need her in the ER today."

"Right. She would too. Skip that."

"You can borrow anything here, just be careful for safety reasons. Not just Paige or one of us. My babies here not coming home scratched or broken would be appreciated. I love my armory."

"Guard it like it's my own Buddy." He holds the shield in a battle stance jokingly. Gerry laughed yet almost regretted his decision to allow them out of his home.

"Mind if I tag along?" Gerry scratched the back of his neck reluctant to ask.

Straightening up Lonnie pondered his request. "I planned on stopping by Paula's right after the photo shoot. Paige needs to try on her cap and gown. Besides that I need to have a talk with her man Mark."

"Ah! I understand. Just bored on weekends."

"Out of the way coming back here between Glen Forest and Skokie. Long day."

"No problem."

"Unless you want to follow us to Micky's. Maybe he'll sign your photo album." This made Gerry pep up.

"Great idea. We can pack up whatever you want from down here in my SUV."

"Let's get to packing then." Lon pats his neighbor on the shoulder. Gerry was in a much better mood knowing his possessions were one step closer to home. They packed up way more than they probably needed. Gerry even broke into his Hustler collection to find photos shot by Micky. Busy morning indeed.

Over the next hour Lonnie finally stepped back inside his own home to check on Paige. Finding her in her Graduation dress that her mother Paula had helped pick out, he whistled.

"More flowers. Still looks stunning on ya Kiddo."

"I feel really pretty Daddy. I'm going to take my glasses just in case. I had to touch up around the bridge of my nose due to the nose pieces. My contacts are in can you tell?"

"You do good makeup work. I can't even tell you're wearing contacts. You have the most beautiful green eyes Daughter of mine." He looks deeply.

"I love you Daddy." She smiles vibrantly, "Now quit flirting before you get a hard on."

"Yeah, I better." He turns heel and runs. "Grab your furs and let's get moving. Mick's probably set up and ready."

"To Westeros." She casts a finger east. Go figure. "Wait! Mister Benson is going?" Shrugging without getting a response she giggled and gave chase.

Forty minutes later the two car convoy made in to the Glen Forest countryside. Following GPS coordinates Lonnie led them into some beautiful landscapes. Lots of trees, a stream with a stone bridge over it, even horses in a pasture not far from Mick's estate. Excited to see the horses Paige hops in her seat.

"I wish I could get a Red Sonja pic on a horse. They're so beautiful Daddy. I love the white horse with brown freckles."

"Should just call Bryan and use his horse another day."

"Do you think Grampa Micky knows the owners of those horses? Maybe he can set me up."

"We can run it by him. Oh, I was just thinking over at Gerry's...how do you feel about making a calendar?"

"WHOA! Are you serious?" She bulges her eyes with an expression of joyous awe.

"Sure! Why not? If it's sexy enough you could sell some online maybe."

"I love how your mind works Daddy." She settles down thinking about the flyers that Brett and the boys at school made of her, each of them having a nude pic in their lockers. She was wet without even trying.

"We'll run that by Mick too. There's his mailbox, we're here." Turn signal provided for Gerry, the cars turn down an equally scenic gravel drive with a row of pine trees aligning it on both sides. A two minute drive in they came upon a large Victorian style farmhouse bordering the property which had the horses. Her hopes grew even higher of posing on that white steed.

Parking in front of the house Mickey Polanski made the journey from his front door to greet them. Paige ran ahead and hugged the man tightly, followed closely by Lonnie and Gerry.

"Hey Mick, I hope you don't mind my bringing my friend Gerry here. I found out something about him earlier. May I present your biggest fan." Lon casts a thumb toward Gerry.

"Oh really?" Mick winced from surprise.

"Gerry Benson. It's an honor to meet you Mister Polanski." A handshake of seismic proportions was abused. "I have a collection of Hustler magazines. I remembered your name as the photographer."

"That's impressive. Nobody ever notices the photographer over a naked lady." He chuckles. "Welcome to Casa Mi Casa. I have my cameras set up inside and out back. The creek runs behind me and heads off into the horse pastures. I figured it would make for a good backdrop."

"Do you know the owners of that pretty white horse?" Paige brightens up with a hopeful set of praying hands.

"Ohhh you must be talking about Widowshaker."

"WHOA! Widow? I'm going to Comicon soon dressed as Black Widow. So cool."

"Ironic huh? I bet you want pics on that horse." Mick squints with a smirk.

"YESSSSSSSSS! Please make it happen."

"Anything for my precious little Granddaughter. " He laughs, "Sorry Lonnie I couldn't resist. I hope that our unconventional adoption of one another doesn't offend you." He pauses Lonnie's reply with an insistent finger. "Honey? Why don't you and Gerry take your things down near the tire swing in the back yard. Maybe sit everything about twenty feet from the tree out of camera range."

Once Paige and Gerry head back to his SUV Mick allows Lon to finish his sentence. "Naaa! She told me she calls you Grampa Mickey. Said you got her out of a bad situation with her Mom's man."

"He looked as if he might be trouble. I wasn't sure what was happening, but, listen if it helps I do have a sneaky bit of proof that she's on to something." Mick reaches into his sweater pocket for a photograph and shows Lonnie the picture he took at the mall of Mark viewing Paige's Tender website.

"I blew the photo up as much as I could without disproving quality. He does know of her dating site. Forgive me but I checked her out on Tender myself to verify what the photo suggested. I believe you might want to at the least check with this guy on his motives."

"Already planned on it. I appreciate you looking after my kid. Can I keep the pic in case I need to show my ex-wife?"

"It's yours. Why don't you help them unload and I'll call about the horse. I'm pretty sure Winslow would have his grandson's bring the horse in with a saddle for an hour. They take care of his ranch now that he's getting up there in years. He raised the boys after their parents died about ten years back. Car crash out on the interstate one winter. Sad day."

Nodding with a glint of respectful admiration for this Winslow, Lon stepped away and gave Mick the time needed to make the call. During the time away Paige had discovered the chainmail and was awaiting to show her dad the lengths over her chest. Gerry had another bundle he held up to her backside.

"Pretty sure the links won't be too much or too lil." Gerry cleared his throat after touching Paige's butt accidently in holding the piece up for Lon to view. "Cutting these wouldn't be easy."

"Do with what we have. First things first. Get the respectable shots in your dress. Once the graduation pics are out of the way go to town."

"I'm going to be a really sexy Red Sonja." She dances from side to side.

"Never had a doubt She Devil."

"I love you Daddy. You too Mister Benson." She backs up into him and takes Gerry's arms around her body and makes him hug her tightly. She could feel a stirring in his loins. A giggle later she rubs her ass over him before stretching in step to offer him a kiss on the cheek. Lon smirked at Gerry's awkward discomfort.

"Get used to it old man. The kid's a ball of fire these days."

"Devil's daughter Lon?" Gerry chuckled accusing him.

"Guess I am." Her father uses his fingers atop his head as if having horns.

"He's always horny." Paige giggles and breaks free of Gerry to snatch up the chainmail and carry it back toward the tree. Gerry watched her wiggle away using his shield to mask his erection. Lon grabbed the sword and the box of a few other items like the dagger. Once unloaded they stand around waiting on Mick.

Returning shortly the ex-Paparazzi smiled brightly. "Luke and Randy will bring Widowshaker over in thirty minutes or so. They just have to coax him in and saddle him up."

Returning Paige brightens up, "Who are Luke and Randy?"

"Owner's grandsons." Lon beats Mick to the revelation.

"23 and 25 I do believe. Handsome bucks for sure." Mick winked at Paige.

"Yay! They're bringing money." She claps.

"Chill out stripper. Bucks doesn't mean money out here." Lon laughs. "Greedy I swear."

"I was only teasing." She pouts then whispers toward Mick with her hand blocking her lips from her Dad, "I bet I can get them to tuck money in my chainmail panties."

"I have very little doubt in your persuasion skills." Mick whispers back.

Smug at her confidence she bubbled with brilliance. Not one of the grown men could keep from staring at her youthful exuberance. Nor her jiggling tits. Nor her shaking ass. Knowing they were checking her out she slyly lifted the back of her skirt and mooned them. "Add that pic to my calendar."

"Calendar?" Micky turned with interest.

Lonnie chuckled massaging his chin, "Something we've been discussing. Any interest in helping make a 2020 calendar of Foxy Loxy there?"

"Absolutely. I won't even charge my services. Just pay for the film and the printing costs. I can even tell you the best place to go that won't cost you an arm and a leg."

"Or boobies?" Paige shyly crushes her breasts with her forearms.

"We wouldn't want that." Mick laughed. Let's get the graduation photos out of the way. I was going to suggest sitting in the tire swing but i don't want to get that beautiful skirt dirty. Black shows off dirt upon touch."

"We can wash it before next Saturday." Lonnie approved it, "Just take those photographs last."

"Well alright then. To the backyard Princess."

"I so am aren't I?" She twists on her heel and dances away. Three hard ons followed closely behind.

Assigning poses Micky snaps an arrangement of stunning pictures. Next to the gnarled tree. Bending forward over a table with her chin on her folded knuckles, her smile was contagious. As she held her pose she heard a pair of horses gallop from the pasture behind her. Looking over her shoulder at two of the sturdiest cowboys around she switched gazes back toward Mick Lonnie, and Gerry with a drooping jaw, "OH MY GOSH. They're gorgeous."

"Horses or the boys?" Gerry chuckled.

"Both. Mostly the boys. Can I moon them Daddy?"

Looking to Micky with a speechless reason to deny her Mick shook his head snickering, "The boys will just laugh it off. Go for it."

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