tagAnalPaint Ch. 01

Paint Ch. 01


It was the middle of December and the snow had been falling for days on end, covering everything it touched in a thick white blanket. Cold watery sunshine was beginning to break through the heavy clouds but it was doing nothing to shake me out of my fit of winter blues. A delicious daydream beckoned; a secluded sun-drenched shore on a faraway island, but it was snatched out of reach by the rude interruption of the telephone. I picked up the handset and said nothing for a second, but it was long enough for a nervous cough to reach my ears, enough to let me know that it was my best friend Tom.

"Kezzy, you know you've always been the temple of my adoration, don't you?" I could hear the nerves in his voice. "I'm a man in crisis, you've got to help!" This was nothing new, in fact it had been the same ever since we had met in our first year at university and I was always the first one he turned to when things went wrong.

"What is it this time then?" I settled back, propping my feet up on the kitchen table to inspect my toenails.

"Paint." He said flatly.

"Matt, emulsion, poster... anything specific or just paint in general?" I teased.

"Don't be cute Kezzy, my landlord is threatening a visit in a couple of days and this place looks as though it's been ransacked by rampaging toddlers!"

"Sorry Tom, I'm doing my nails, we all have priorities you know." I smothered a smile as he spluttered his outrage at my failure to jump at the chance to help him out.

"Aww, come on Kezzy, there's no way I'll be able to get this place done by myself, you have got to help me. Please, please, please!"

"You're going to have to keep talking if you want me to help you Tom, you don't sound like you're exactly on your knees begging yet."

"You want me on my knees begging? I had no idea you felt like that. Lord! Kezzy, you should have said something sooner." I couldn't hold back my laughter at his mock serious tone.

"I'm going to be up all night you've got to help me!"

"What's it worth then Tom? I'm not dragging my ass through the snow just for the pleasure of your company." I said, putting on my best 'prepared to negotiate' voice; I would have walked on hot coals for him but that was my secret.

"The way you're talking you'd think I was asking for the earth. Hell, you only live next door, it's not like you have to get in a car or anything like that. I thought you loved me."

"Keep talking Tom." I did love him, probably more than I should but there was no way I was going to let him have something for nothing.

"Okay I'm willing to make it worth your while I suppose. If you help me paint the lounge I'll be your willing slave for one whole day and I'll even wear that frilly little apron thingy."

"I would be a fool to ignore such a tempting offer, you're on!" How could I resist? My favourite man to do with as I wished for one whole day!

It didn't take me long to shove my feet into a pair of trainers and make my way next door. He greeted me like a man dying of thirst would welcome a glass of water and it wasn't long before I was knee deep in dustsheets and paint thinner. By the time we had finished painting the lounge my jeans were sticking to my legs and the sweat had created damp patches on my back and chest. I pulled the t-shirt away from my breasts while fanning my face with my free hand.

"Thank god that's over, I think the least I deserve is a drink; you definitely know how to stretch the boundaries of friendship Tom." I said wryly.

"You have no idea honey!" He replied, putting on his best leering expression before heading off to the kitchen for a couple of cold drinks.

"Tom, you don't mind if I strip down a little do you? It's too in here; my clothes are sticking to me." I shouted through to him.

"Ah, well we can't have that now, feel free. Meanwhile I'll do my best to remain the gentleman that I should be... I'm not making any promises though." He answered as he made his way back.

"I'm willing to take the risk, maybe you should strip down a little too, you're looking a little overheated, besides I don't want to feel too under-dressed."

He had seen me in my underwear often, but always the gentleman, he usually kept himself covered with at least a pair of shorts when I came visiting. Being a typical woman, I was always curious about what was underneath them, but curiosity was the downfall of many a good pussy. Aside from that, his nicely sculpted body was pretty easy on the eye. I hauled my t-shirt over my head, scrunching it up and using it to rub myself down; my body felt like singing as it cooled off. Standing up I turned away from him, sucking in my breath as I struggled to unbutton my jeans, which now felt ridiculously tight against my damp skin; I groaned in frustration.

"Here Kezzy, let me help you out there."

His breath was warm on my shoulder as he stood behind me, reaching his hands around and sliding them down my stomach towards the waistband of my jeans. With each button that was undone his breath felt hotter on my skin, the friction of his hands a sweet torture. I let out a long held breath and leaned back against him, feeling his lips graze the edge of my collar bone, the tip of his tongue making a slow dragging lick all the way up the side of my neck. Something had definitely changed between us; the air seemed to be getting thicker, electrically charged.

"There you go honey, all done." As the final button was undone I gave a little moue of regret but he didn't move away. His hands slid down further inside my jeans, pushing them down over my thighs. Before I knew it he was kneeling down behind me so he could help me step out of them. Even if I'd had any words of protest, it would have been impossible for me to give voice to them, I felt weak. His lips began to brush back and forth against the backs of my knees and by sheer willpower alone I managed to keep myself standing up, but that willpower was fading fast.

"Tom..." His name was like a plea from my lips.

"Shh, I've wanted to do this for a long time, if you don't want the same, then we can stop anytime you want." He whispered against my legs.

As his fingertips curled around the thin elastic strip of my g-string and started tugging it down I knew I wasn't going to say no. It didn't take long for my underwear to join the rest of my clothes in a heap on the floor. Slowly he walked around me until he was standing at arms length in front of me. I was naked, waiting for him to speak, take his clothes off, anything, but he never took his eyes off the cleft of my thighs.

"Sweetheart, I had no idea you shaved, I can't wait to taste you." He spoke softly as his fingers tangled in my hair, pushing it back off my shoulders.

I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt in my hands and pulled it up, planting soft little kisses up his chest as more and more of it was exposed to me; totally smooth save for a few hairs that were dusted around his nipples. He tasted intoxicating; salty and tangy on my tongue, delicious; I started licking and couldn't get enough.

"My, my, who's a hungry girl then?" He gently teased, but I could feel the change in his breathing as my attentions grew more urgent.

"I haven't eaten today, better be careful." I whispered in between kisses and licks. "Lose the shorts." My fingers tugged impatiently at the material, I wanted to see all of him, right there and then.

"I'm always happy to oblige a lady." With that small statement they were gone, exposing his proud cock to me. The damp swollen head glistened and my breath was taken away, I was moments away from changing the course of our friendship; that was the only worry I had. I looked up at him and licked my lips.

"There's plenty of time for that later; I've just noticed that we've missed some patches over there." He said, pointing to a tiny spot about six feet away.

"Damn, I thought I'd got all that, I'll go fill it in now then." I grabbed the brush and paint, touching up the colourless area in a few seconds before standing back to survey my handiwork; I turned around and saw Tom standing with a pot of paint and a large paintbrush.

"Did we miss any other bits?" I narrowed my eyes, looking around the walls carefully.

"Not exactly, I was thinking of something else." His words were soft as he dipped the brush deep into the pot of paint.

It happened as if in slow motion. I could see trails falling away from the main glob of gooey paint, like the tail of a comet. I was powerless to move as it hit me high on the chest before splattering in all directions over my neck and face. I tried my best to look stern and deadly serious but could only manage it for a few seconds before my laughter filled the air.

"That crimson colour is really you, makes you look seriously hot Kezzy; you should wear it more often." He said before his serious expression gave way to sheer amusement.

I turned round, showing him my back, bending down ever so slowly to dip my own brush into the paint, parting my legs a little way and wiggling my ass ensuring his complete attention; the slight side to side motion just enough to treat him to sneaky glimpses of my pussy.

Making sure the brush was fully loaded and dripping, I stood up straight, spinning round to face him once more. I stuck my tongue out cheekily at his raised eyebrow, drawing my arm round in a perfect arc, splashing him from the centre of his forehead right down to his crotch, liberally spattering the ceiling and the wall behind him at the same time. I let out a whoop of success at my direct hit and got a round of applause for my efforts; bowing low, I watched as the paint began to drip of my dangling tits, hitting the floor in penny sized splodges.

"Touché Tom."

It was difficult to say when the funny situation turned into something more serious, but the feeling of the wet paint trickling down over my tits felt strangely erotic. With each drip of paint, the sensations grew and I couldn't stop my hands from straying to my crimson daubed tits. My fingertips trailed through the paint, swirling through the little globs, each tip now coated thickly in bright red. I walked slowly over to where Tom was standing, silently waiting.

"What are you going to do with that babe?" He said, putting one of his hands up in a feeble attempt at defence.

"I think I missed a bit here and there." I said as I began to circle each of his flat disc-like nipples with the bright paint.

Using his index finger he started to trace down from my forehead to my navel, drawing a thin red line as his finger continued moving. I just stared at him, watching as he lowered his head to mine, tilting slightly, capturing my bottom lip between his teeth, sucking gently on it. He took my breath away with his gentleness. There was a clatter as his brush hit the floor, leaving his hands free to cradle my head, holding me still as he explored. I raised my hands up to cover his, bringing them down, fingers interlocking as we tasted and savoured the taste of each-other, but he broke off the kiss gently, I let out a sigh of regret, it wasn't nearly enough for me, I needed more.

"I need to fuck you right now Kezzy; you have two seconds to say no, if that's what you want and I'll back off, otherwise... I'm not going to state the obvious." His forehead rested against mine as he whispered against my mouth.

Pulling free of his grip I walked over to stand by the arm of the sofa, not saying anything for a moment.

"Fuck me Tom."

Any worries I might have had were pushed firmly to the back of my mind and all I felt was a deep yearning to feel him moving deep inside me; he didn't need to be told twice. His hands bit into my hips, turning me round, I balanced the weight of my body on my hands as my shoulders were pushed down, raising my ass up high. I couldn't quell the ball of excitement that was beginning to uncurl inside my stomach; this was something I had wanted for such a long time.

His deft fingers started to knead my ass, spreading the cheeks wide, exposing the plump lips of my wet pussy as well as the tiny star of my ass. I sighed with pure pleasure as he began to rub the head of his cock lightly back and forth between both holes, massaging his slippery pre-cum into me. I found myself circling my hips against him, the gentle friction creating sparks inside me. I pulled in a deep breath as he reached lower, his fingertips stilling as the head of his cock came to rest at the slick opening of my sex, his groan filling the air as he made one long thrust deep inside me.

The breath I had been holding was suddenly released in shock as the force of his movement moved me forward sharply. With each plunge of his cock my body was rocked forward and back, dragging my already aching nipples against the dustsheet covering the sofa. It felt as though I was being stretched tightly around his shaft, but my muscles clamped down tighter, wet and hot. The little button of my clit was starting to throb, shouting out for attention so I pushed my hand between my body and the sofa, sliding a finger through the slippery pulled apart lips, finding the little nub, rubbing frantically.

"Naughty girl Kezzy, did I say you could play with yourself?" His hand made sharp contact with my ass, but the sting was quickly covered by the circular sweep of his palm, the pain swiftly turning to intense heat in the space of a few seconds.

"Owwwww!! What the hell was that for?" I squealed as he brought his hand down swiftly on my ass a second time, harder than the first; the impact sure to have left a red mark.

"Sorry, just teasing you." He didn't sound very sorry but he gave me a reassuring squeeze.

"Your cunt feels so tight, it's like hot velvet, so very, very hot and tight."

Suddenly his strokes slowed down, each one powerful and deep, achingly slow, lifting me nearly off my feet every time. Desperation was beginning to cloud my mind, all I could think of was the feel of his cock spurting deep inside me; I needed the completion right there and then.

"Fuck me hard Tom, make me scream!!!"

It seemed like he was going to do as I asked, but his withdrawal out of me left me with a feeling of loss, it was all encompassing until I felt the tip of his index finger stroking against my ass hole. Worry had me trying to wriggle away as I realised that he planned to explore another kind of sex entirely.

"Please don't, I've never had sex like that before... you'll rip me apart. When I said make me scream, I didn't mean like that!" I spoke frantically.

"Shhh, you know I'd never hurt you honey, I'll stop if you really don't like it."

All I could do was nod my head, trying to ignore the feeling of panic as I grabbed two handfuls of the dustsheets that were already paint-smudged from my tits rubbing against them. As I willed myself to relax I heard him spit noisily and the slimy gob landed directly on my tight hole. Catching the mass swiftly with the head of his cock, he moved lower, his finger exploring alongside the head of his cock, pushing against my puckered hole. I felt a white-hot stab of pain as he slid right past the resistance and into my tight heat.

"God no Tom, stop! That hurts like hell, it's too much. I can't!" I managed to say between sobs.

"Shh honey just try and relax a bit, I promise it does get better."

His hand turned round on my ass, splaying his fingers over my dripping pussy, sliding his hand back and forth, relaxing me. I start to enjoy his ministrations, moaning as his finger began to pump slowly in and out of my ass. My hips start to buck and his fingers slid wetly through my sweet juices; I know then, that I need him, however he wants me.

"Fuck me Tom! My pussy, my ass, anywhere, please just slide your cock into me right now!" Pure raw need was driving my words and my body.

Slowly the finger withdraws from my ass before his hands slide up my back, clutching my shoulders as the head of his cock nudges against my little hole. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that ripped through my body at the assault on my tightly banded muscles. Helpless tears were running unchecked down my cheeks, but I needed to feel him inside me. I knew he was being as careful as he could be; stopping every inch to let me adjust, to relax even slightly, but my whole body was shaking with pain.

"NOOOOOOO... I can't, I've changed my mind, it hurts too much, you'll split me wide open!" I begged.

"Lord Kezzy I'm sorry but I can't. Just seeing my cock disappearing inside your ass like this... I need to feel more."

"Please Tom stop!"

"I'm so sorry Kezzy." He whispered.

His fingers bit into my shoulders, pulling me down hard, impaling my ass on his thick cock. I couldn't help but scream as he buried himself balls deep, it felt as though I was being torn in two; I tried to struggle away but his hands held me fast all the while; my wriggling only succeeding in pushing me further onto the cock my ass was stretched wide around. I scream with every painful thrust and am answered by his grunts. So very slow to start, my pain seems to be dragged out. His palms stroke down the length of my back, a soothing gesture that touches something deep inside me. I feel one of his hands grasp the side of my hip, his free hand sliding underneath me, cupping my pussy, rubbing my engorged clit in circles. Over and over he plays me until my screams subside and my want takes over.

Without realising it my hips start pushing back against his slow thrusts, the pain mixing with a dark pleasure, my screams of agony turning into moans of ecstasy. His balls begin to slap against me as his speed increases. I cling onto the couch with white knuckles, my body betraying me with every plunge he takes deep into my body. Beads of sweat begin to break out along my forehead; I bow my head down low, using the sheet to dry the dampness. As my body begins to shake uncontrollably I push myself back hard, clamping myself tightly around the base of his throbbing cock.

"Sweet fucking Jesus Kezzy, you are so bloody tight... I'm going to blow my load deep inside this tight little ass of yours."

His words trigger an intense orgasm deep inside and as I spasm my juices trickle over his swollen balls, leaving them wet and sticky. His next thrust lifts me off my feet and everything goes black, I can't hear anything but my scream as his cock begins to spurt deep inside me, incredible heat, bathing my bruised flesh. His sweaty paint streaked body collapsed against mine as his cock continued to pulse with the last of his orgasm.

"Oh God, Kezzy, I am so sorry, I didn't want to hurt you but once I saw my cock buried deep in your beautiful ass, there was no way I could have stopped myself." He sounded close to tears.

"Shh Tom, I had no idea it could be like that, I didn't know we could be like that... it was mind blowing, I'm just a bit shell shocked that's all."

He withdrew his cock slowly; pushing up as the head finally popped free. I could feel his cum dribbling from my gaping ass, like a balm on my raw skin. The palms of his hands massaged the globes of my ass gently; spreading them wide. I didn't have the strength to struggle as his tongue began to dart in and out of my ass, noisily lapping up his own cum. His other hand started to stroke my pussy, making me melt under his attention, and I couldn't help but grind down on his face as his tongue and fingers coaxed me higher.

"Let yourself go honey." He managed to whisper between drugging licks.

A cry was wrenched from deep inside as his head lowered, bestowing me with the most intimate of kisses, his tongue driving deep into my dripping wet cunt, hearing him moaning as my juices start to flow over his tongue enough to have me crying out. Body spent and weak all I could do was fall forward, gasping for breath.

He seemed to take an age to get to his feet; his hands still soothing me as small aftershocks ran through my body, smoothing the hair away from my sweaty face before sitting down beside me.

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