Paint Ch. 02


“Well, well, well Kezzy, any of these look familiar to you?” He was laughing softly as he lifted out a serving wench’s frock.

“Uh… well.” I was struggling to find words.

“Don’t worry hun; I don’t think you’re submissive enough to be a wench. Perhaps this though?” He held aloft a PVC nurses outfit.

I managed a squeak when I realised it was unlike any nurses uniform I had ever seen before and at a guess it would cause more medical problems than anything else.

“I think I’m going to have a temperature later Nurse Kezzy and it looks like you have a new uniform.” He kissed the tip of my nose sweetly as he passed the outrageous outfit into my hands.

“I think that’s enough for now don’t you Tom?” I said with more than a touch of hope colouring my voice.

“You are being a spoilsport! But I guess you’re right, we have enough here to keep us busy for a while.” He said, nipping my ass as he walked past me towards the counter.

I wondered where Jake was as we stood waiting by the counter, the area seemed very quiet, but he appeared as though reading my thoughts and his eyes seemed to light up as he caught sight of me, making me gulp nervously.

“You came back then Kezzy, was there something special you were after today?”

“Well… I’m not really the one shopping today.” Tom’s fingers tightened around my hand.

“You’re being treated then are you? Lucky girl.”

“It seems that Kezzy has fallen in love with that little piece of leather you have in the front window.”

Jake’s eyes seemed to be mentally undressing me as they looked me over head to toe and I shivered under his gaze.

“I think it would look perfect on her and I think we might just have her size in stock.” His eyes held Tom’s for what seemed like the longest time.

“But… I didn’t tell you my size.” I blurted out.

“You didn’t have to.” He smiled widely at me before making his way to the door, locking it and turning the sign to ‘closed’.

“Why are you locking us in?” Tom asked; his expression puzzled, body tensing slightly.

“Well, intimate shopping like this is better done with a little privacy and a lot of personal attention.” He made it sound like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I could feel Tom relax beside me as he watched Jake move behind the counter and retrieve a set of keys, unlocking a rail behind him; sliding one of the beautiful corsets free. In no time at all he was standing in front of us, handing the outfit over to Tom. My shyness disappeared as my fingertips caressed the buttery soft material.

“It surely doesn’t feel like any leather I’ve felt before, it’s so soft.” I whispered almost reverently.

“Its lambskin, loosely fashioned from an 1800’s design, accentuating a narrow waist, the boning is discreet and is laced up the back with matching ribbon.”

He needn’t have bothered with the sales pitch; it was sold as soon as I had laid eyes on it.

“I think maybe you should try this on before I buy it Kezzy.”

“I… I think it should be fine, it looks about the right size.” I would rather have taken it home to try it on in the privacy of my own home, but it seemed that luck was definitely not on my side.

“There’s a fitting room round the corner there.” Jake was already pointing Tom in the right direction and I found myself being hauled along in his wake.

There was only one cubicle, screened with a long black curtain. I was pushed unceremoniously inside, narrowly missing the chair positioned in one corner. Tom moved in alongside me, pulling the curtain closed. He moved to hang the corset on a hook by the full-length mirror, turning to face me, hands already loosening my clothes.

“Um… Tom, I’ve been undressing myself for years now, I think I can manage this part by myself.” He shot me a really dejected look and waited for me to change my mind. I wasn’t about to.

“Okay Kezzy, I guess I can keep my hands off you for a few more minutes.”

“Well aren’t you the generous one!” I said, my fingers already dragging the hem of my little t-shirt up.

Luckily the shop itself was quite warm so when I finally undid the clasp of my bra, the air didn’t create havoc with my nipples. Tom’s hands went to my waist, turning me round to face the mirror before freeing the corset from the hanger. I looked at myself from top to toe, noting how my usually restrained hair curled around my shoulders. I could imagine Tom’s fingers tangled in among the silky strands, my cheeks were flushed from a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I watched Tom in the reflection of the mirror, his fingers stroking the soft leather. My mind was throwing me images of him caressing the outfit; the only difference being that I was encased within it. His eyes caught mine in the mirror, we just held each others gaze, it was as if no words were needed, he placed the corset on the chair and came round to stand directly behind me. His hands skimmed down my sides and upwards until the tips of his fingers were tracing along the underside of my breasts, higher still so that they were cupped in the palms of his hands; using his thumbs to rub across each hardening nipple. I let my head fall back onto his shoulder, thrusting my chest out slightly, his lips lowered to my shoulder, licking slowly back and forth over it, chafing me with his stubbly chin. I let out a low moan and raised my arms, spearing my fingers through his thick wavy hair, holding him where he was, but he began to let his mouth travel up the nape of my neck, plucking at the lobe of my ear with his teeth; his tongue wasn’t far behind, laving the delicate shell wetly over and over.

“I think it’s time to get dressed sweetheart.” His eyes caught mine in the mirror and he picked up the scrap of material from the chair; I kept my arms raised and let him fit it around me, his fingers beginning to make short work of the laces at the back. My breath was taken away as I watched my trim waist narrow even further as the lace was tightened underneath his fingers; my breasts were forced up, the dusky pink of my aureoles nearly showing over the top seam. I brought my arms down, laying my palms flat against the front panels; it was tight but not uncomfortably so. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, the corset seemed to transform me into a completely different person; shy Kezzy would never dream of trying on such a garment, but with Tom beside me, I wasn’t sure if there was anything I wouldn’t do.

“Are you two okay in there, need some help?” Jake’s voice came drifting through to us.

“I think we’re doing just fine, give us just a minute and you can offer an unbiased opinion.” Tom replied.

“Sure, I’ll be right here when you’re ready.” It was enough that Tom was in here with me but I wasn’t too sure that I wanted Jake to see me like this.

“What are you looking so worried for Kezzy? He’s probably seen so many half naked women in here he’s probably numb to it by now.” He said, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

That might have been the case, but I was most definitely not numb and Jake would be able to spot that a mile away.

“There you go, all done.” Tom stood up straight behind me, his eyes taking in everything; his gaze was hot on me.

“What do you think then Tom?” The way he was pressing against my back, I wasn’t really under any illusion as to what effect it was having on him, but for the sake of my own ego I had to ask.

“Well, hell Kezzy, you look stunning… but…” He trailed off.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t think it looks right with you wearing jeans, if you took them off we could get a better picture.”

“I don’t… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I was starting to stutter.

His hands were already fiddling with the button-fly of my jeans; his fingers working their way down till all the buttons were undone, his hands followed quickly, sliding inside and easing my jeans over my hips. I looked at myself as he crouched down behind me, lifting my feet one at a time to pull them off, standing there in my tiny g-string and leather corset I felt like someone completely different.

“God Kezzy, you have no idea how beautiful you look right now.” His voice was sounding slightly strained. His hands were splayed across my stomach and I couldn’t help but think of the bronze statue that was displayed in the nearby room, if he was buried inside me, the only difference would be flesh and blood and a few clothes. He turned pulling the curtain back quickly letting Jake get an eyeful of my skimpily dressed body. Shock had me crossing my arms across my breasts as I looked into the mirror. His eyes were trained on mine, his body completely still, mouth hanging slightly open. A devil inside me woke up and I dropped my arms to my sides and gave him a sly wink.

“Well, what do you think, was it made for her or what?” He sounded like he was proudly showing off a new possession. I preened a little in response.

“Move out of the way so I can get a better look at her then.”

Tom moved to the side and drew me out of the cubicle so that I was standing in between them. Jake whistled his appreciation and gave Tom a smile.

“It certainly does something for you Kezzy; your boyfriend is a very lucky man.” His words were sincere.

“Well, if this little show is over I think I’ll go change back into my clothes.” I said quickly, making to head back into the changing room. Once again my eyes caught Jake’s in the mirror and I could see a naked hunger there, plain to see. Tom’s hand was on my shoulder, looking in the mirror, he would have been blind not to notice.

“I’ll leave you both to sort yourselves out, call if you need me.” He turned slowly and paused, as if waiting for one of us to say something.

Tom waited until we were alone, stroking the side of my face with the tip of his index finger.

“You like him don’t you Kezzy?” His tone was light.

“Well, I have to admit he is attractive, there’s something about him, but he’s not you.” I was being honest with him as I always had been.

“How much of the old Kezzy is left? Would you like to play a little? Will we ask him back?”

“Are you being serious? You know I’ve never done anything like that, maybe he won’t want to, hell maybe I don’t want to! I didn’t know you liked to share.” My brain was going into overdrive.

“Well, I’m all for new experiences sweetheart and its more than obvious he likes you, I’d much rather be here with you and share than think of the two of you on your own.”

I couldn’t believe he would think that I’d see Jake alone for sex or anything like that, but the thought of being with the two of them was irresistible. I gave up trying to think reasonably and gave in to what I really wanted.

“Call him back then; I think we need some help getting this corset off, you seem to have knotted the lace too tightly.” I gave him a little grin and felt the blood start to thunder through my veins.

“Excuse me? I think we need some help in here!” Tom called, before tugging hard on the laces, tightening them up. I was biting down on my bottom lip hard, trying to keep a serious face; seconds later Jake appeared and saw my hands tugging at the corset. I looked up at him anxiously.

“I think Tom’s laced this too tightly, we can’t undo it and I can’t slide it off, would you mind taking a look?” I turned my back to him, hands on hips waiting.

My breath drew in sharply as his hand ran the length of the lacing, straying a little lower before making its way back up. I could feel him fiddling with the knot, his sounds of frustration an indicator that Tom had done a good job.

“This is really tight Kezzy. Do you think you could raise your arms right up for me? That might give me a little more lace to work with.”

“Sure Jake.”

Dutifully I raised my arms up and caught Tom’s eye quickly in the mirror, his wink made me smile; Jake was unaware, his head was bent down at my back. I felt sure he would be able to smell the scent of my sex from his position, but if he could he was giving no clues.

“My arms are so tired with me standing like this.” I let them drop halfway, forcing the corset tight once more.

“Oh umm… hang on then, turn round. Do you think you could reach up and grab the curtain rail there? That should help.” Jake’s voice was all concern.

Tom was standing just outside the cubicle; we were face to face and I was unsure what to do next, he could see that in my face. He looked around, his eyes lighting up as he took in a display of handcuffs; walking swiftly over to them and removing two pairs. My jaw literally dropped as he began to close one wrist in a cuff, attaching the other half to the rail. As each locked closed Jake rose quickly behind me, just watching Tom as he did the same with my other wrist.

“Well, we don’t want her arms to drop. It would make getting that corset off even harder.” I bit down on my lip as Tom gave Jake a suitably apologetic look.

“True I guess, but this lace doesn’t look like it’s going to budge, maybe you should come back here and have one last try before I go get some scissors.”

I held my breath as both men swapped places, leaving me face to face with Jake. I wet my lips slowly, wiggling my hips a little; Tom’s hands plucked at the back of the corset, but to no avail, then they moved lower and his fingers hooked in the thin elastic band at the top of my g-string, pulling it down slowly. His tongue licked over the cleft of my ass and I drew in my breath with a hiss, but instead of delving further he just lifted my feet one at a time to free me of my underwear. If Jake had any questions he was keeping them to himself, but his eyes roamed over me, seeing how my breasts had begun to swell over the top seam and down to my pussy where I felt sure he would be able to see my juices glistening on the slightly swollen lips. His hands reached out to touch me; there was a slight hesitation but I nodded to him. Tom’s hands began to stroke back and forth along the inside of my thighs stopping short of my pussy but lingering on the narrow strip of skin where my hips joined my body. I tried to move my hips to get his fingers to move over the heart of me but he pushed my feet as far apart as the cubicle would allow. I felt like I was on a rack.

Jake’s fingers traced along the top swell of my breasts and he lowered his head, flicking the tip of his tongue across the pulse at the base of my throat, over and over. I let my head fall back but his hands cupped around the back of my neck, his thumbs stroking along my jaw line as his head moved lower. Tom was still teasing me, letting his fingers get close, but never close enough. They were taking their time, almost working with one mind; slowly. My shoulders were starting to feel tired from being in one position for so long so I tried to move side to side just enough to remind the muscles that I could move. This movement achieved nothing more than to push my breasts even further up under the corset; my nipples were almost half exposed and the thick seam chafed against them, they ached but I didn’t care.

Jake’s tongue was snaking along the top ridge, his hands still held me, Tom was teasing me with his slowness, his teeth grazed my buttocks while his fingers continually stroked the tops of my thighs. Sweet torture under their hands, dragging it out, I needed to be touched properly; taken. My hands pulled at the cuffs, the noise loud in the quiet shop, I was frustrated.

“She’s an impatient little thing isn’t she?” Jake said softly to Tom.

“Patience is a virtue, and I’m not feeling particularly virtuous at the moment!” This made both of them laugh.

“Maybe she’s had enough of this Tom, I’ll just go get a knife and we’ll get her out of that corset before she passes out.”

Even after Jake had let go of me I could still feel the weight of his hands, the heat. I waited anxiously for him to return. Tom meanwhile was biting and licking at the globes of my ass; I circled my hips slightly against him, his fingers stilled for a moment and his teeth nipped painfully as his thumb pushed into my dripping hole. I let out a sigh of pure relief, relaxing as he began to slide his fingers along my slit, pushing the nub of my clit; circling the pads of his fingers around it. His thumb just rubbed inside me over and over, but his free hand gripped one of my hips, holding me still while he worked my pussy.

Jake returned just as I could feel myself starting to cum; he moved to stand in front of me, allowing me to rest my head on his shoulder. The knife made short work of the knot and I could feel myself being set free from constriction as my screams started to punctuate the silence. Still Jake held me while Tom’s mouth began to explore. His breath was hot and tongue wet along the cleft of my ass, spearing in as his hands moved to spread them wide. His tongue was lapping against my puckered little hole; the small actions making my toes curl. I started to shake uncontrollably as I felt the first touches of his tongue pushing into me, dipping again and again.

Jake began to pull at the buckle of his belt, loosening it before undoing the button-fly; his boxers were pushed down along with his jeans, tossed aside. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t, he was perfect. The shaft of his thick cock rose proudly, shiny with droplets of pre-cum, his ball sac lay heavily underneath, but more than that, he was completely shaved, smooth; I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Tom’s hand released me suddenly and he rose to stand close behind me, the material of his shirt brushing over the sensitive skin of my back, his fingers were un-knotting the laces, freeing me completely. My breasts jiggled as they fell loose, the nipples already puckered and aching, I watched as Jake’s head dropped down, his mouth enclosing one within its warm wet depths, suckling hard.

I let out a shaky breath just waiting for Tom to let me know what was going to happen next, but he said nothing. His hands were at my waist, holding me tightly, raising me up in front of Jake like a sacrificial offering; then I knew. Both of them were still silent, working together as if each one knew what the other was thinking. Jake’s hands ran the length of my thighs, gripping and parting them as he moved closer to me. I did the only thing I could and wrapped my legs around his waist, hooking my ankles at the small of his back, feeling the wide head of his cock pressed against my wet opening. I wanted to fall onto him, to be filled, stretched, but he didn’t move.

I dug my heels into his back, trying to urge him on, pleading him with my eyes but he just smiled and captured a nipple between his teeth lightly. I was held, poised between the two of them just waiting for what seemed like forever but as Jake’s teeth bit down hard Tom’s grip loosened and I was let down, impaling myself on his shaft, speared right to the centre of my being in one go. I cried out with pain and sheer pleasure. The teeth eased from my nipple and he began to lap at the sweat that was beginning to bead between my breasts. The sight of his dark head bent down at my pale breast was simply beautiful. Tom’s breath was hot in my ear as his hands helped to raise me up, forcing me down hard.

“Still want to play Kezzy sweetheart?” He whispered in my ear but screams were the only answer I could give.

Jake’s hands moved up to pinch my breasts tightly, watching my face as I was brutally impaled again and again on his slippery pole; staring at him through half closed eyes was too much, his eyes were too easy to read, they showed every emotion he was feeling. I closed my eyes shut tight and let myself be fucked. The steady ache in my shoulders easing briefly every time I was raised up, the need to feel his seed spurting deep inside me was starting to consume me and I urged him on with the muscles clamping around his shaft, my heels, but he was in no rush.

“Hold her Jake.” I heard Tom say, but it seemed as if it was coming from somewhere distant, I was losing control.

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