tagInterracial LovePakistani Girl's American Tale

Pakistani Girl's American Tale


This is a work of fiction, the characters are not real.

I have always seen myself as a confident, intelligent and modern girl, growing up in Pakistan I lead a very privileged existence and my family have only ever encouraged my life goals. Moving to America was a big step, but I believed I could do some good here, both for me and my family. Pakistan is maligned and vilified in America, we are all bearded, Taliban, Burqa-clad and violent people in the eyes of many Americans. But many Americans have trouble locating us on a map and yet the stereotypes exist-but there is also another America-one which is open to the world and very accepting. Whilst its' true that many Americans have negative views on us, many are also willing to have their preconceived notions challenged and I'm such a girl who challenges. But first a little bit about me.

My name is Hana Malik, I'm 28 years old and by profession I am a writer, poet, political and social activist, filmmaker and model. I was born in Lahore and I came to America when I was 21. I came to America to study for a Master's degree in Cognitive and Neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I came with such enthusiasm for America and thirst for knowledge; I had been to the U.S. once before, when I was 16. I was participating in the Seeds of Peace program and spent a couple of weeks here. Before I moved to America, I lived in England and spent three-years studying Biology and Microbiology at the University of Oxford. I was a very active member of the University, I represented them at the Model United Nations, I was a sub-editor on the student newspaper and I was President of the Oxford Union. I was the second Pakistani woman to hold the position of President of the Union- Benazir Bhutto-did it before me. During the summer vacations, I would do a mixture of developmental work and entrepreneurial ventures throughout the world.

I basically left Pakistan when I was 18, but my liberal and a little bit crazy family supported and encouraged me. My father Bilal Malik is one of Pakistan's most respected newspaper editors and journalists. His father side of the family is an old Lahori family, and can be traced back to the 19th century to Mahmoud Malik who was a famous Sufi Murshed (teacher), Islamic mystic, poet and scholar who belonged to Chishti order. His father was Prime Minister of Pakistan and a liberal reformist. His mother side of the family are Ismaili who are direct descendants of Fath-Ali Shah, an old Iranian king. My mother is half Afghan and half Punjabi model and fashion designer and I inherited her good looks. I am tall 5'8" (172 cm), and I have light brown skin, dark hair and eyes, 120 ibs (54 KG), curvy, 32d bra size and a little bit of a bubble butt. I'm often compared to the Pakistani model Veena Malik, we do look a lot alike, but I'm no relation to her.

My education, spirit and appearance are often a surprise to Americans, but in a good way, and it has created dialogue between me and them. My goal in life is peace and to bridge the gap that divides our two cultures. I really do love America, its culture, people and genuine human warmth and since arriving in America, I've had many American boyfriends. In my first year at MIT, I moved in with my secular-Jewish boyfriend Josh. Josh was not very religious, but he identified with Jewish culture and ethics and his father, like mine, was a liberal journalist. Josh's family accepted me and I would go their home for Passover, Hanukah and the odd Shabbat (Sabbath) dinner. I learnt a little bit of Yiddish and some Hebrew words, in-fact I probably knew more than Josh, and ultimately I learnt that Jews and Muslims are not so different after all. We have many of the same beliefs and actually have more in common with each other than either of us does with Christians.

Josh was always a little bit kinky in our sex life; he loved to experiment and had a latex and footwear fetish. I started off slowly introducing some of these items into my wardrobe, leather leggings, latex mini skirt, high heels and high heel leather boots. He loved these subtle clothing and would spend hours staring at me and admiring me. I eventually went further and bought a range of latex outfits from police uniforms, nun outfits, nurse uniforms and French maid outfits. I also had a range of handcuffs and restraints, which he also loved and would beg me to use. Once he bought me a gift, a 9 inch pink dildo, my very first dildo and it was the start of a very beautiful friendship. I noticed that with Josh my sexual boundaries were changing and that I had wild fantasies I wanted to fulfill. Josh always thought I should be a model and so I went into fetish modeling. I would do shoots dressed in police uniforms and restraining some big strong guy. Motor bike girl shoots, solider shoots and many other scenarios. I have also done the odd topless shoot with my boobs covered up, but nothing where my private parts are on display.

Fetish modeling was great it enabled me to pay for school and blow of stream after spending my days studying neuron connections and the brain's placidness. Josh wasn't too demanding either and in-between all of this; I managed to get a collection of my poetry published in an edited volume on gender, Diaspora and colored women's poetry. However, my modeling was getting me a lot of attention from different guys and being in a monogamous relationship was not easy to maintain, I've always been a very sexual person. The straw that nearly broke the donkey's back came when Josh and I were going through a rough patch. I started accepting work in Music videos and appeared in a number of Hip-Hop and R & B videos. One particular video shoot, I cheated on Josh, but I had little choice but to comply. I was under a lot of stress, I had published an article about Pakistani-American foreign relations and had set-up a symposium on the subjects with major think-tanks. But I had little money and so I accepted work on this one particular video.

It was a rap video and when I arrived at the studio for a shoot, the director pulled me aside and said this was not a normal shoot. I was expected to perform sex acts on the performers before the video shoot to help them focus on work afterwards. I initially resisted but was told, I had no choice either I did it or they would not pay me. I reluctantly accepted, I changed into a dark blue thong and bra and went through to the rappers dressing room. He was a large African-American man and he was with his manger and other people who work for him. The other girls on the shoot were already servicing him, but upon seeing me, he told the other two girls to stop and told me to come over. He opened his legs and his huge black cock dropped down, and when I say huge, I mean huge. He was bigger than Josh without a shadow of a doubt.

I dropped to my knees as he sat on a chair and I began massaging his cock and rubbing oil on it, rubbing oil on his manhood was a kink I understood he liked. I really rubbed the oil in and used my fingers to make sure every inch of his penis had oil thoroughly rubbed into it. The more I rubbed, the harder he became and the harder he became the louder he would scream, shout and groan. After ten-minutes of sensational and sensual rubbing, he made my drop my panties and forced me to sit on his lap. Once I hopped onto his lap, he grabbed in cock and slid it into my pussy, I screamed but he continued until he was fully in. He then pounded forward, back and forth, and he wouldn't stop. He got harder inside me and began really pounding me in, I wasn't sure if I would survive. He was so energetic and for thirty minutes, he stretched my pussy and I was so glad when he came. I had to jump of him and get into the shower, he was a heavy cummer and it took forever to wash his cum out my pussy.

I then got back into my thong and oiled my body up for the shoot. We spent 27 hours trying to film the video and when it was done I was expected to attend the after party. The after party was crazy, he had met up with his rapper buddies and there was wall to wall drug taking, drunkenness and fornication. One African-American model, which was in the video with me, began performing blow jobs on all the guys at the party. Men cued up and she sucked them all off, I couldn't believe it; another girl who was Latina took off her panties and allowed guys to snort cocaine out of her ass. I was sipping my drink nervously and another rapper came and sat next to me and tried to sweet talk me. He stroked my leg and insisted I quickly suck his dick. I was under so much pressure that I complied and he dropped his underwear and I began stroking and licking his throbbing cock. I rolled back his foreskin and licked under his nuts, before finally inserting his sausage into my mouth. I started sucking, but then he held my head down and face fucked me and made me deep-throat. While he held my head another guy came from behind me and pulled down my thong and slides his cock down my anus. He began fucking my ass hard, my hole was tight, but he was ripping it open.

I could do nothing except to suck my way out of it. But while I did that, a line of men formed behind me, and when the first guy was done with my ass the next guy had a go. They seemed to take my ass in turns and I lost count how many fucked my ass that evening. It took me forever to finish the BJ and a while to swallow his cum. My asshole and my throat were in pain and I couldn't sit down or talk properly. The worst part is someone filmed it and it ended up on the internet. But I and Josh survived it. Three months after the incident, Josh said he wanted to marry me and formally proposed and I initially accepted. I trimmed down my modeling work and I was nearly finished my two-year master's program. However, despite being non-religious, Josh wanted me to convert to Judaism and try and adopt the culture. He told me he wanted our children to be Jewish and I again initially accepted. I thought I loved Josh and so began studying the religion. But such a move caused uproar in my family and eventually we broke the engagement off.

I was then a free agent, but without a man it would be difficult to stay in the country. I throw myself into work and started writing columns in journals, magazines and newspapers. It was about then, that I met Patrick, a white all American guy and Catholic. Patrick was a trained lawyer and political activist with the Democrats. He was working an assistant to a powerful congressman and hoped to run for congress himself. We would have long political discussions and many whirlwind romantic dates. Religion and family were important to him and after spending a night sinning with me, he would go to confession. Patrick loved what I did with my tongue and after a year dating we moved in together. I started attending mass with him on Sunday's like most of his family did. Just before he ran for congress, sometime later, he asked me to marry him. I accepted and we had a civil wedding, an Islamic one and a catholic one. He even got me a job on the State Department's advisory team on Pakistan.

It was only after we got married that Patrick revealed his wild side. I was made to dress up in various latex outfits and dominate him. I would place a dog collar and leash around his neck and sit on his back and take him for a ride. My strapon was used to pound his ass and I rimmed him a number of times. He liked my tongue in his ass. We had stocks, cages and cock restrains and on cold evening he would make me tie him up. And wearing latex gloves, I would rub his cock and force him to cum on my hand, like a farmer milking a cow, and I would slowly lick his cum off my hand. The cum would be a puddle in one of my hands and I would place it near my mouth and slurp. His cum use to taste horrible, but then I started to force him to drink pineapple juice and the taste improved. But despite all the dom, I did still like a good fucking too, and we both decided to spice things up further. We joined a local internet group dedicated to anonymous dogging, it didn't takes us long to find people who were interested. We would take our car into the nearby woods and depending on the weather would have sex in the car. Men and women would gather around the car and watch us. Sometimes we would do it outside the car.

After 4 months of dogging, we both decided to allow me to fuck strangers on the dogging trails. Sometimes eight men would line up and take me in go's, it use to be one at a time, but as I became more comfortable with it, I allowed all three holes to be used at the same time. One night we had 18 guys do me, but Patrick wasn't jealous, he was really turned on. Of course throughout the whole dogging experience I and Patrick wore masks. But after he got elected to congress and put on some important committee, our anonymous dogging stopped and instead we focused on wife swapping with other congressmen. And that is how we got into the Jackson scandal.

Now, the Jackson scandal has been over-hyped in the media and they focused on me, I was the exotic element to the whole story. But what they said was not entirely true and I was unaware of some the illegal activity that took place. One right-wing tabloid, stated that our group would gather at Senator Jackson's house and snort cocaine. I can say that I never witnessed such behaviour and nor did I see any signs of drug use. It is true that Senator Jackson's house was the epicenter for our swing parities. There were many types there too, businesspeople, congress people, senators, bankers, stock brokers, journalists, celebrities and clergymen. In fact the first time we entered the 'circle', I met Father Murphy, who was a Catholic Priest at my husband's church. Father Murphy is a young man-in his thirties-but because of his calling must remain celibate and that can make a man very horny.

During the first circle meeting we played spin the bottle and it landed on me, my dare was to allow Father Murphy to cum on my face. I accepted, because I was a little drunk, I sat on my knees and opened my mouth and looked up. Father Murphy stood up and unzipped his pants and yanked out his cock and played with himself until he was ready to cum. He took five-minutes, but eventually droplets came pouring out, and he managed to cum on half my face. A few weeks later, in the middle of the swinger party, Father Murphy was so uncontrollably horny that he took me away from my husband and up to Senator Jackson's bedroom. He brought me a Latex nun outfit with a large silver crucifixes and I dressed up for him. We did a role play confession and I sat in his lap to confess my sins. While confessing, he slid his fingers down my panties and rimmed me, after her was done licking my asshole I was forced to suck his dick. I do what I always do, I rolled back the head and lick under nuts before licking my way back up to the head. On other occasions, he'd get me to dress up as a school girl and do confession; he would finger my pussy as I confessed.

He was not the only one. I pretty much slept with everyone who regularly attended the gatherings and its' true to say that when businessmen were discussing contracts, sex with me was part of the deal. When my husband was trying to get a major oil giant to make certain concessions, the chief executive, came along to the party and I entertained him. I dressed up as an Indian princess and gave him a lap-dance. He ripped my clothes off and fucked my ass aggressively, my brown cheeks went red. He was a heavy cummer, my ass was really re-decorated, white hot thick cum was oozing out of it when he was done. Now many may attack my actions, but what I did was necessary for America, we managed to bring down the average Americans energy bills. It was an act of great patriotism for my adopted home.

The Jackson swinger parties went on for two years before we were finally busted by Federal Agents. My husband was removed from his office, but I survived and after I got my U.S. citizenship, things became stale between us. We had drifted apart as people and his career was over, whilst my advisory role at the State Department was over, because of the extensive media coverage I got plenty of offers. I divorced the ex-congressman and now I host my own talk show, the American Dream came true for me, but it was a long time coming. I realized I don't need one man to hold me down. There are plenty of men I can have flings with and I am not interested in a serious relationship-for me- America is about choice. My life goals have changed, but I still dream of being successful and being a bridge between two cultures. In conclusion, sex is the best bridge and diplomacy is the second best bridge.

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