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He had been away interstate on business all week and arrived home late on Friday night. He could hear his wife talking on the phone in the bedroom, and from the snatches of conversation he caught, it was to what sounded like one of her female friends.

He was hot and sweaty after being on the run all day and decided to shower before greeting his wife and swapping news of the weeks activities. As he soaped himself under the shower he realised how horny he suddenly felt. Nothing like a week's abstinence to lift the libido he thought as he felt his tumescence under the thin layer of soap. The night was still hot and after he quickly dried himself he walked naked into the bedroom to greet his wife.

She glanced up and smiled at him and he felt sure her eyes were admiring his slightly tumescent penis as she waved with her free hand. 'Hi darl. Won't be long. Just talking to Pammie on the phone and comparing notes.' Some notes with Pammie he thought as he slid under the sheet alongside his wife. From what he knew of Pammie she was as close as one could get to being a nympho-maniac without actually being one. His wife was always telling him of Pammie's latest conquest with her newest man.

As he settled under the sheet, with her back towards him, he could see that his wife was wearing a short nightie which barely covered her 43 inch hips, and which left her long ham thighed legs uncovered. She showed no signs of ending her phone conversation as he ran his hands up and down the length of her leg a few times. Doe's she want to play games he thought, or is she in one of her difficult moods again? To find out he started lifting her nightie up over her head, leaving the twin

orbs of her glorious arse exposed to his gaze. As the nightie came to her neck she wriggled and juggled the phone from one hand to the other so that he could remove the nightie completely. Even then she kept talking on the phone without missing a beat or acknowledging his presence to Pammie on the other end.

He cupped the twin orbs of her arse one in each hand and started to lick each one turn, at the same time feeling his tumescence turning into a roaring erection.

Was he mistaken or was his wife's voice starting to quaver just a little as she spoke to Pammie? Just keep playing the game he thought as he kept licking her arse and getting even harder and bigger.

Still not a word spoken between them since her initial greeting. He reached for a bottle of oil kept at the side of their bed for similar occasions to this and filled his hands with it and started to slowly stroke it over her thighs and then smear and kneaded the oil sensuously over her ripe cheeks which were still wet from his kisses.

'Guess what Pammie? My husband is anointing the cheeks of my arse with oil.' Her voice definitely had a quaver in it now. He used one hands to rub the remaining oil into her cheeks as his other hand slowly parted her legs and found her wet spot at the top of her legs.

All of a sudden he could hear Pammies voice for the first time since he came into bed. Was Pammie suddenly aware of his wife's excitement and what he desperately wanted to do to her.

'His hands are all over me and I can feel his erection straining against me Pammie. God he's hard Pammie. I can hardly get my hand around it. Want to hear all about it Pammie? Thought you would.'

His wife's voice had a definite tremor to it now and he wondered how much of her obvious turn on was his doing and how much of it was having a female third person being given a description of their intimacy.

'Wish I had a ruler here Pammie. I swear this is the biggest he's ever been. He's starting to slide his cock into me from behind. He's holding one cheek of my arse in each of his hands at the same time. God he's hard. He's getting serious now. Right up me. Right up me. Right up me. Any further and I ... God that's good. He's sliding his whole length in and out. Slowly. And teasing me. Driving me crazy. Still there Pammie? Turned on? Thought so. Now he's starting to slam into me. Can you hear him slapping against my arse? God he wants it tonight. So do I. Fantastic. I can hardly hold the phone any more. He's rolling me over onto my back now. God I'm wet. Sliding himself back into me. Right up me.'

He was sure he could hear Pammie having an orgasm at the other end of the phone from his new position as he slid in and out of his wife's embrace.

When he was near his climax he turned his wife over on her side again and entered her from behind and clenched both of the outsized cheeks of her magnificent arse as he pummelled into her.

'I'm putting the phone down on the bed Pammie. I want you to here him slamming and pummelling into me.' And he slammed harder still so Pammie could hear him.

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