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Panty Klepto


This story is a work of fiction. All characters and plots were created in the twisted mind of the author.


I am a kleptomaniac. I steal all the time and I do it for the thrill of the steal, but more than that I love to see the reaction people have when they realize their items have been stolen and I love to see their reaction when they catch the thief.

You see my favorite thing is to steal women's underwear and then make sure that someone else gets caught with them. I know this sounds like a strange fetish, but it really does get me off.

My favorite place of all time is the laundromat, I get my wash going and then just watch until a lady comes in with her laundry. Most of the time I can steal a pair while they go back to the car for another load or while they go to the machines in the back for soap or change. I always try to find a special pair. Part of a set or a specially sexy pair seems to work best. Then I'll carry them over where a guy is sitting reading a book or watching TV and I will sneak them on the counter beside him or into the basket beside him.

Then I just sit back and wait. Sometimes the girl will notice them pretty quick. Other times the guy will find them and hold them up with a surprised look on his face and that will get the girls attention.

Either way the reaction is almost always the same. The girl gets a shocked hurt look on her face when she gets the idea that she has been panty picked. Her next reaction is almost a look of denial and this is followed by digging through her baskets or bags trying to find the panties that she knows in the back of her mind, are in the guy's hand.

The next reaction varies from slapping the guy and grabbing all her stuff and storming out to breaking down and crying and being highly embarrassed that some guy is handling her panties. My favorite reaction is when he girl bitches the guy out while he stands there denying everything, but she continues to ream him out and call him names. I've even seen guys take their wet soapy laundry out of the washer, pack it up and leave in disgrace, usually with 2 or 3 women calling him names as he leaves.

I always head off to the rest room after that and beat off thinking how pissed or hurt the girl was when she caught the pervert with her panties.

My next move is to find a girls unguarded wash already in the washer and take wet pair of panties similar to the pair mentioned above. Then I find a way to sneak them into some dudes dryer that he is not paying attention to. The result is usually the same as that listed above. The guy is pulling his laundry out and folding it and holds up the panties in surprise the girl sees them and gets pissed and I head to the bathroom to beat off. Sometimes I get both of these in one trip, but usually they happen on separate trips.

I've even played my cruel tricks on friends of mine. I'll sneak into their sister's room or into the laundry basket and then "hide" the panties somewhere that is definitely his, but she will find them. Then I just sit back and watch. These are usually extra funny because siblings will get physical and start hitting each other.

Some of my friends really hot sister's become my masturbation fantasies for weeks when I remember them beating the shit out of their perverted brothers.

I have pulled this trick with a good friend of mine and his wife too. We had been drinking for hours in the room for a while and he said he needed to go start the grill. I used the opportunity to sneak into his bedroom and take a pair of very cute panties out of their laundry basket. After rubbing my dick on it until I just about came, I dropped them on the floor on his side of the bed. When his wife came home from work she came outside and talked to us both in her normally bubbly voice. Then she went in to change and when she came back out she was her usual pleasant self with me, but gave my buddy the cold shoulder the rest of the time I was there.

I know for some of you this may seem rude getting someone else in trouble for my jollies, but it is what I do. Oh by the way I just got hired at the Laundromat to clean up and service the machines, but also to do peoples laundry they drop off and pay extra to have washed for them, so Now ant guy who walks in needs to pay attention to his stuff or he may get labeled as a pervert for panties he never stole.

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