tagFetishPanty Power Ch. 02

Panty Power Ch. 02

byblack saphire©

As I related in the previous chapter, I first used Panty Power to seduce my Professor and get a better grade in University. After leaving University, I left my small town and moved in to the city. It was easy to find a job in those days especially in the field of advertising and marketing.

In my second month of work, a very attractive Account Director joined us. Steve was about 35, tall, dark, handsome and most importantly single. We spent a lot of time working together and often worked late hours. He was a lot of fun but was very professional about his behaviour. Aside from the little glances, slight touches on my thigh and shoulders, there was nothing to show that he was interested.

One night after work, the office went down to the local pub. It was a Thursday and I was rather formally dressed in a business jacket and matching skirt as I had made a presentation to a client that afternoon. We had clinched the deal and it was a time to celebrate.

After a few drinks, I was seated with some other colleagues at the seating area while Steve was with some others standing around the bar. The seating area was full of low sofa's and armchairs. We were all relaxed and chatting away when I noticed Steve looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I turned to face him and found that from his vantage point, he was looking straight up my skirt.

Instinctively I clamped my knees together and his eyes shifted upwards and locked on to mine. A thin smile broke on his face before he turned away as if nothing had happened. I was glad I was wearing a sexy pair of panties and got a thrill from the fact that he was looking me over. He continued giving me the eye and in fact I juiced constantly for the remainder of the night. By the time I got home, my panties were a sopping mess.

The next day at work was Casual Friday and I wore a short denim skirt with a white loose fitting shirt. I wore an extremely sexy pair of lacy, beige panties as I had a plan of action. We normally have our department meetings on Friday and this Friday was no exception. I purposely sat opposite Steve and he had a little twinkle in his eyes each time he glanced at me. I was leaking pussy juices thinking of him and my plan and after two hours, my panties were nicely moist.

Just as the meeting was about to finish, I slid a bit lower in my chair and rolled my panties down my leg. I slipped one foot out of my panties and used the other to place them on Steve's lap. I felt him stiffen and then look at me sharply before feeling his hand remove my panties from my foot. My heart was thumping wildly as Steve wrapped up the meeting.

"Thanks everyone." He said nonchalantly. "Vi, would you mind staying back and running over the figures for next week's presentation?

"Yeah, sure." I replied, trying to sound matter of fact although my heart was beating at a million miles per hour. I pretended to look around indifferently as the rest of the staff shuffled out of the room. As soon as the last person left, I spoke before Steve had a chance too.

"That's for last night." I smiled at him softly, "seeing that you seemed to like looking up my skirt so much."

Steve blushed slightly, which made me feel good. He was slightly embarrassed and that meant he wasn't such a lout.

"I-I ...er I mean I don't know what to say." He sputtered. "I didn't really mean to look but I caught a glimpse and then....you know."

"I know what?" I teased.

"They were just so sexy and I mean you are one helluva sexy babe too." Steve said and then looked down at his lap. "Oh wow! These are amazingly hot!"

He picked up my ultra sexy undies and stared at them. I felt the familiar knot growing in my tummy as he fondled my panties and then quickly brought them to his nose.

"Mmmmm," he said. "You smell so good."

I wanted to fuck him right there and then but I knew I couldn't. I also knew that I had to seize the moment or it could be lost forever.

"Why don't you hold on to those for a while, then you can give them back to me tonight. Say seven?" I said boldly.

"No. That wont do." Steve said and my heart fell. I had overstepped the boundaries. I had been to brazen and he was obviously not interested in such a woman. A hussy who dropped her panties all over the place. My face must have betrayed my emotion because Steve walked over to me.

"Put these back on and wait for me downstairs." He whispered in my ear. "We're having a lunch meeting. At least that's what I'm telling the others. I cant wait till tonight!"

My heart fluttered again as I quickly slipped on my panties. I could feel the wetness on the gusset pressing against my equally moist vulva. I left the room and walked down the stairs rather than wait for the elevator. My brazenness had paid off and now Steve was calling the shots.

I stood around in the lobby for about 5 minutes before I saw his car pull up outside. As soon as I got in Steve pulled away quickly.

"Take them off again." He said, this time with a little more authority. I gladly removed my panties and passed them to him. As he drove, he sniffed on my panties and I could see his cock throbbing in his pants.

Steve reached over and lifted my skirt, placing his hand on my furry cunt. His fingers caressed my mound and then dipped lower to slowly slide into my weeping channel.

"God, your wet!" he hissed as his finger plunged slowly in and out of me. I let out a muffled moan as my hand snaked to his lap and I gently massaged his cock through his pants.

"Don't sit on your skirt" Steve advised me, "Or you'll leave a wet spot."

I took the opportunity to force his fingers in me deeper as I lifted my ass off the seat and pulled out my skirt so that I was sitting directly on his seat.

"What about your seat?" I managed to mumble, realising that my juices would probably stain his car seat.

"Doesn't matter. Material is dark and the car will probably smell a lot better too." He replied with a grin as his fingers danced magically within me.

We reached his house very quickly and I was already on the verge of cumming. I sighed as he pulled his fingers out of me and we practically ran into the house. Hardly had the door closed than we were all over each other. His hands cupped my ass and pulled the zipped and skirt down in one smooth move. My thighs were already coated in juices and I dropped to my knees to unbuckle his pants and free his cock.

It was nice and long and the head was a dark purple. Steve sniffed hard on my panties again and I watched his cock lurch. I kissed the tip of the head and then swallowed his stiff cock into my mouth. His taste was pungent and salty and her insides throbbed with lust. Steve moaned and I slipped a hand under myself and played with my pussy.

"You keep that up and I'm gonna shoot in your mouth" Steve said. I gave his cock two more long sucks and then looked up at him.

"Fuck me then. Slide your hard cock into me."

Steve needed no further encouragement. He grabbed my hand and led me to his sofa. He bent me over the sofa and moved my legs apart, opening my pussy for him. I felt his cock head at the entrance to my pussy and then he lunged it, separating my pussy lips and slipping right into me.

"Oh Steve that feels so good!" I cried out as I thrust my ass back against him. He rested in me for a second and then started pounding his cock hard into me. I was so wet that my pussy was making slushy sounds. Steve wrapped his hands around me and started to squeeze my breasts. "Unhh...Fuck yeah!" Steve moaned, thrusting harder into me. "Play with my nipples. Please!" I pleaded. Steve's fingers grabbed my nips and tweaked on them causing powerful shivers of lust to travel through my entire body and erupt in my pussy. "God yes. Harder. Fuck me harder!" I cried out, the passion building inside me. Steve's cock was like a jackhammer, thrusting hard and fast into me. I was going to cum soon and cum hard. "Cum with me Steve. Please cum with me." I cried out as the first waves of pleasure started inside my pussy. My stomach clenched and my pussy convulsed as a huge orgasm washed over me. "Earrrgghhaaahhhggghhh!" I screamed out. My pussy clamped on Steve's cock, milking him.

"Holy Shit!" Steve yelled out as I felt his cock swell inside me and spurt hot jolts of semen into my spasming pussy. He squeezed harder on my nipples, causing even more intense feelings in my pussy, triggering another climax.

I collapsed forward on the sofa, feeling his cock soften within me and then he withdrew it. His cum dribbled out of me and trickled down my thighs.

"Wow! That was some hot fuck Vi." Steve said as he gently patted my behind. "Get me a towel please?" I asked softly, my body still trembling. "I need to clean up."

Steve didn't answer but took my hand again and led me to the bathroom where we both showered in the bathtub. He washed me gently, rubbing my back and kissing me softly. I soaped him over as well, watching as his cock grew slowly again. He lay back in the tub and I straddled him. We both fucked slowly in the water, enjoying each others bodies.

The feeling of fucking in the water was incredible and I came hard twice before I felt his cock tighten. "Cum in my mouth. Let me taste you." I pleaded as I pulled myself off him. I knelt in the tub and enveloped his cock with my mouth, tasting my juices coated on his cock. It wasn't at all as I expected and the taste was musky and fruity. I sucked on his cock as I teased his balls.

"Yeah baby. Oh yesss." Steve moaned. "Take it baby. Swallow it!" His cock throbbed and his semen squirted into my mouth. I swallowed hard and took every drop down, leaving his cock to soften in my mouth. I finally let it slip out and gave Steve a warm smile. We lay in the tub cuddling for a little while before Steve nudged me. "We better get going." He said. "This has been too long a lunch break!"

We dressed and went back to the office. I put my panties back on and the gusset was stiff with my dried juices.

Steve and I started seeing each other after that and we had a lot of fun sex. But that's another story for another time.

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