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Park Pleasures


Jon sat in his black Lexus SUV longer then he planned. He'd had such a long day, and he needed the extra time. He placed his hand on the door handle, opened the door slowly and breathed in the fresh air as he stood on the pavement. He takes in the peacefulness of the birds; he enjoys this park the most for his nightly runs.

Jon closes the door, hears the beep as he locks it with the remote and strides to the nearest bench. Reaching one leg up he stretches, raises his hands and links them as he loosens his arms above his head. He repeats the steps for the other side and rotates his hips.

Working in that stuffy office all day sure gets to a man. The job pays well but being CEO of a major corporation has its down sides. Now that he is in his early forties, he needs to watch what he eats and run nightly just to stay in shape, Jon has little time for a social life, so being handsome doesn't always help a man out when there's no time to meet or date women.

Jon finishes his last stretch and runs in place. He picks up the pace and starts down the path. Breathing deep to get the fresh air into his lungs, he knows full well there are more work hours when he gets home. He inhales through his nose then exhales out his mouth. When he takes a second breath, he smells her. Sweet perfume almost has him licking his lips, like a taste of refreshing watermelon on a really hot day.

Jon has no choice but to run in place. Still jogging at a decent pace, he pivots a little, to see where the perfume is coming from. It isn't like any he's ever smelled, and he thinks the woman wearing it must be special. Suddenly he spots the brunette about a foot to his right. Jon inches closer, puts his nose upward and sharply takes in the air again, to be sure that she is the one. Realizing he has completely stopped running, he stares straight at the brunette with his nose in the air, sniffing.

He opens his eyes and sees her looking over at him, giggling with her friend. The blond with her is using her elbow to nudge the brunette while they look at Jon, giggles erupting from their petite frames. He notices that the brunette is slightly taller then the blond, better built with a bit more muscle surrounding her ass and hips. The blond looks almost too slim. His eyes caress every part of the women, starting at one then sliding across to the other. He notices the way the brunette's firm tight abs lead to her tight bosom. Her breasts are firm but curvaceous, soft and tender, begging to be squeezed.

Jon gently shakes his head from side to side, trying to jar his brain out of its thought process. He was there to run, not insert his cock into some poor unsuspecting woman. Nonchalantly he waves to them and resumes his running in place, looking at the ground to cover the stop he made. He makes the charade more realistic when he bends to pick 'something' up from the ground. He turns to the girls one last time, smiles at them and picks up his pace again on the path.

"Phew!" He exclaims to himself. He was unprepared for that and his reaction caught him off guard. Jon hopes that the women didn't notice the growing bulge in his shorts.

He runs faster, his thoughts still focused on those women. At a full fast run now he passes by the ladies quickly, and hears they are still talking. Around the next turn of the path he slows to a jog, then turns to run backwards a little, trying to work different muscles. His head still dazed, his heart thumping and blood still affecting his cock, Jon has no choice but to walk instead. He needs to get a grip. The whole purpose of the run was to stay in shape, and clear his head.

He walks past the blond and brunette, yet again. This time they are leaning against the bench. Both stare straight at him, a naughty grin across their faces. He does a double take, looks away then back to them as he sees the brunette crook her finger and beckon him to her.

Stunned, he uses his index finger to point to himself, mouthing the word "Me?" towards her. She and the blond both nod and giggle in a not-so-innocent way. Jon has to decide if he is curious or maybe a bit worried. He stands straight, sticking out his well defined chest and walks to them.

The brunette lunges her hand forward as she says, "Hi I am Phoebe, you can call me Bee."

Jon takes her hand, enamored with her crystal blue eyes. "I'm Jon, pleasure to meet you." He states distracted by their moment of eye contact.

Bee tosses her other thumb in the blonds direction, "This is Freya, a good friend of mine." Releasing her hand from their handshake, her eyes dash from his.

"You run here often?" Asks Freya, poking a finger at the park.

Jon, still checking out the women without being too obvious, looks at them. Replying, "Yes I'm here at least once a week. Running allows my work stress to dissipate. But I haven't seen you two here before."

Bee speaks as Freya chimes in, almost simultaneously. "We just found it with the GPS tonight. So far we like the scenery." They say with a glint of amusement in their eyes, as Bee traces her bottom lip with her tongue.

Jon is glued to her sexy lips. Her tongue takes a sultry lick then retreats back to her mouth. His cock is now throbbing, completely hard. He shifts his position slightly to adjust his tight shorts, coughing gently to ease the tightness in his throat. He would have said something but he couldn't look away from Freya's hand. It was tickling Bee's bare shoulder, sliding up and down with a gentle tease.

"You okay Jon?" Bee manages through a giggle.

Jon gulps in response as he tries to maintain some sort of gentlemanly appearance. He finds it difficult to do as he sees Bee take hold of Freya's tickling hand, touches it gently to her lips and makes a subtle kissing sound out loud. He feels his cock pulse more as it almost leaps out of his shorts. They turn slightly to each other. Freya touches her palm to Bee's cheek, then her thumb traces Bee's lips, until Bee reaches her tongue out and slurps Freya's thumb into her moist mouth.

"Oh my god!" Jon exclaims loudly and looks around to see who might be near them.

Seeing that it is dusk, almost completely dark in fact, he relaxes. Knowing that most people have left the park and the ones left would have no chance of seeing more then figures from where they were standing. Not wanting to miss anything, he quickly looks back to the women and sees they are both suckling each others thumbs. Bee has her thumb in Freya's mouth, and both are making the sexiest sucking sounds.

Unsure of what to do Jon quietly suggests, "I should let you two have some privacy."

The women turn to him, shaking their heads as thumbs fall out of their mouths. "No Jon, we would like you to play with us."

Jon has trouble catching his breath and gathering his wits about him. He wants to jump on both of them, eat one pussy as the other is riding his cock. Each woman grabs one of his trembling hands. His cock is ready to explode with excitement of two women. He follows their gentle tugs to the bench, where Freya sits as Bee still grasping Jon's hand gets on her knees.

"For now we want you to just watch, see how long you can stand it. Call it a game if you will." Bee says with great pride.

All Jon can do is nod, with his eyes fixed on the two women in front of him. He eases closer to the edge of the bench, leans against it for support. He knows that his legs will not hold him right now, as strength seems to have left his body. Freya pulls Bee to her, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss, while Bee's hands run up and down Freya's legs. Caressing, kneading her inner thighs, inching further up toward Freya's pussy. Jon's eyes get wider as Bee pushes a finger inside. Freya raises her hips to help Bee's probing finger in deeper. Freya breaks their kiss with a husky moan as Bee slides in another finger.

Jon groans loudly as he almost loses it. His mind is foggy with the lust for the two women before him. The darkness has made them more silhouetted but he knows who is where, and can see where their exploration leads. Freya's hips are rising and falling with each thrust then retreat of Bee's fingers, until Freya screams as she is intruded with three fingers.

Bee looks up at Jon, "Are you hard, Jon? Does my fingers fucking Freya make you want to touch yourself?" Her face catches some of the moonlight and Jon sees her grin. Her eyes sparkle like lusty diamonds.

Groans echo through the park as Jon settles himself down again. Composure is harder than ever now, with his painfully throbbing cock rubbing against his shorts. His only thoughts are who and where to cum. Jon enthusiastically nods to Bee.

"Take your cock out for us Jon, show us what you got." Bee demands in a hushed tone.

Darting his eyes around, checking to see if they are being watched, Jon realizes that it really doesn't matter. He can't walk away now. His fear is that his cock will have a mind of its own, that it will cum quickly and before it touches the sweet flesh of these women. He concedes to their wishes, takes his cock out and tucks his shorts under his balls. His hand gripping it firmly, he dares not stroke it.

He looks to where Bee's fingers are still fucking Freya, steady and hard motions, sliding her fingers in and hearing the slickness as they slide out. Jon is almost moaning in sync with Freya, she is close he can hear it as the pitch of her moans change. They are purposeful and intense. Bee stops a minute, Freya complains loudly and looks at Bee, and faces Jon.

Her eyes roam down to his now exposed cock and he sees her smile, licking her lips as she shifts her position to all fours sideways on the bench. Bee pulls Freyas shorts down to her knees, and Jon watches intently. Curious what will happen next, and not confident in his movements, he just lets the women play while he watches, taking his cues from them. Bee leans into Freya's ass for a nibble, Freya reaches Jon's cock. She grips it on top while Jon holds at the base. Afraid to move his hand away, Jon holds it like a cock ring to keep the grenade from blowing up.

Freya pushes Jon's hand out of the way, and strokes his cock all the way down to the base. Her fist hits Jon's pelvis then glides back up to the top of his cock. Jon closes his eyes a minute to enjoy her touch, then opens them quickly when she pauses and cries out. His eyes dart to Freya, but realizes Bee was the reason for the cry. He sees Bee plunging her small fist into Freya's pussy and then out again. Repeating it with no mercy, rough and hard. Each time Freya's ass bucks into Bee's fist. Her moans are sexy, loud and very erotic. Jon reaches to slow Freya's hand. Her stroking has his balls tight, and his cock strongly twitches in her hand. He doesn't want to cum yet; blowing his load before the girls do would be bad manners.

"Slow down baby or I'll blow," He admits as he squeezes her hand.

Freya slows her pace, and concentrates on the fist ramming into her dripping wet pussy. Bee shuffles to the side, close to Jon. He places his hands on Bee's hips, pulling her closer to him, making a triangle around the bench. Freya is stroking Jon's cock, while she has her ass exposed, shorts at her knees, and Bee plunges her fist into her. Bee is now close enough to Jon he can reach and touch her. Bringing his hand up around to her front, he squeezes Bee's tight tits until Bee squeaks in response. He pulls her bra and shirt up, her tits bounce free, as he pinches and twists her nipples. Her nipples grow engorged and fully erect... perked to perfection!

Bee stops her assault on Freya's pussy, and Freya noisily objects. Freya scoots in closer to Jon, while her hand drops to the base of his cock and forms a tight c-shape. She looks up at him, her head getting closer to his cock, her tongue extended and ready. He takes a deep breath and watches as her tongue meets his cock. Freya flicks at the top of his cock. She swirls her tongue around him, circles his tip, then licks around his head. If she didn't have the base of his cock clamped with her hand, he would shoot cum all over her face. He was panting and sweating at the ecstasy he was feeling, with sensations thundering through him with such force. He felt amazing!

Pulling Bee into his chest, he leans in, "Remove your shorts for me please." He requests.

Freya opens her mouth, bobbing on him, deep down, then up and flicking the tip with her tongue. Sweet teasing! Bee removes her shorts, and Jon bends as far down as he can. His long arm reaches the rest of the way around to her thick field of curls, to the slickness between her legs. Bee is wet, he plays with the folds of her pussy lips, pushing a finger tip just in. He pulls it out and puts it to his lips, inhaling her scent as he sucks on her juices. Bee raises her hand and smacks it down on Freya's ass. The sound reverberates throughout the park.

They all stop and turn their heads to the moan that comes from the trees. Bee, Freya and Jon all laugh as they continue aware now that someone is watching them from a distance. It's invigorating to know that there are others around, and encourages them on. Freya stops feasting on Jon's cock, and rotates to face the other way on all fours as Bee lays on her back on the bench in front of Freya. Bee wastes no time in spreading her legs wide open, one leg bent over the bench touching the ground while the other one is up over the back of the bench. Jon watches as Freya bends to lick Bee's pussy.

The moon now out from behind the clouds, sheds enough light that Jon can see the glistening wetness of Bee's pussy. Freya extends her tongue as she did towards Jon's cock, only now it slides around the outside of Bee's pussy. Slipping inside, Freya rotates her neck with her tongue delving deep inside Bee. Jon has to take his dick and hold onto it so he doesn't cum. His cock aches with the need to be inside her wet pussy. Freya is so close, her ass up in the air, tempting him. He shifts behind her, smacks her ass, and watches her jump, a red mark forming on her ass.

"Do I taste good Freya?" Bee pipes up as Jon is about to play with Freya's exposed pussy.

Freya with pride in her smile as she comes up for air, nods towards Bee. Freya sits up on her knees, pulling Jon down beside her on the bench. Jon kneels at the edge of the bench, his hands holding the back for support. Freya stands then, her hands on Jon's shoulders nudging him closer, in front of Bee.

"Try me, Jon. I want you to lick me." Bee lustfully adds as she points to her pussy.

Jon bends his head down to taste her. He flicks his tongue over her clit, and she squirms under him. He uses one hand on her ass to hold her still, and with the other he inserts a finger into her drenched pussy. He digs for her treasure, that one spot that will make her cum. His tongue and finger are working together, in unison on Bee while Freya moves to Bee's face.

She kisses her, massages her tits, and rubs her own clit. Freya turns her ass toward Bee, who uses only one finger this time and swirls it around inside Freya. Freya helps by rotating, pumping then finally she cries out a few times, her body in spasms. Bee removes her finger from Freya's sweetness and Freya's juices spill to the ground. Freya expresses relief with a deep sigh. She focuses on Jon again, reaching way down and around to stroke his cock once more.

"I want you Jon." Bee whispers.

Jon doesn't need to hear anymore than that, he was ready eons ago. He feels a tug as Freya guides his cock to Bee. Jon grips the inner thigh and hip of Bee, and pulls her pelvis closer to his, then buries his engorged seven inches deep inside her. Thankful that Freya didn't leave her hand to be crushed, their bodies lock together as one. Both urgent to gain fulfillment, Jon looks down at Bee and sees Freya playing with Bee's tits, her own finger playing at the nub of her clit. Jon drives deep into Bee again, guttural cries coming from him as he strains to hold back long enough for Bee to cum. Ever the gentleman, her pleasure first is important to him.

"I'm cumming," She stammers out as she yells "Oh my god!"

He joins her a second later by pulling out, his load of cum spurting warm liquid onto her abdomen. No hands needed to squeeze it out, as he was wound so tight. Exhausted with more pleasure then he had ever had, he hears a few noises in the trees. Satisfaction seemed to be the theme for the night at this park.

A smile on his face, he looks around to see what they might use to clean poor Bee up. He gathers himself and sticks his cock and balls back in his shorts. He pushes up, goes to the nearest tree beside the bench, plucks off a leaf and scrapes his remnants off of Bee. Freya pulls her pants back up while Bee pulls her bra with shirt back into place. Bee leans into kiss Jon, as they stand there. Then she kisses Freya and giggles.

"Jon, how often did you say you ran at this park?" Bee bursts out between the laughter.

"I may need to run less and observe the scenery more now." Jon responds playfully.

Looking over his shoulder as he walks to his car, back to work he goes. If he can stay awake tonight, that is. Getting into his car he grins, he likes the park a lot more now.

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