Parking Lot


It's amazing how quickly you can get horny when you need to.

I had been working the night shift for about a year or so, and although the shift to being a night owl had been difficult, I finally adjusted. I had come to enjoy the nighttime very much. It gave me time to enjoy the quiet stillness that you can only experience in the dead of night. I had just left Taco Bell on my lunch break and was walking out to my car. I slowed as I walked outside, my stomach full of grade D ground beef and mushy tortilla shells, and found the night air to be cool, a breeze blowing my long skirt around. I enjoyed feeling the cool sheer fabric tickling my ankles, so I lingered for a minute leaning on my car, head back, breathing deeply. It would be far to soon before I would have to go back into the sterile, air conditioned environment of the office, so I decided to make that moment last as long as I could, lost in my thoughts.

I didn't realize that I had my ass sticking out into the night until I felt his hard cock brush against my crack. I gasped as I spun around to see a tall, thin man standing behind me. His jeans were tight, tight enough that even in the relatively low light I could see the outline of his dick through them. I was so stunned that I couldn't scream. As I stared at him for an interminable second, my hardening nipples paralyzed me. He didn't say a word at first, but the hungry look on his face said all that he was thinking. He wanted to take me, a random stranger in the night. It didn't matter what I looked like or who I was, he just wanted to fuck me. I thought about running, but my pussy was starting to spasm with excitement, so I did nothing but stand there. Subconsciously though, I couldn't quell the urge to retreat, although consciously I didn't want to, because if I resisted he might leave. I did back up though, the two steps that it took me to be pinned against the side of my car.

I think he grunted as he moved towards me. My nipples were so hard, and coupled with the cool air, I was certain that he could see them. He was almost drooling as he stepped towards me, hands outstretched. When he grabbed my breasts for the first time, it was so forceful that I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. I was sure there was a genuine look of fear on my face, as he smiled as he groped me. The sudden shock to my system from foreign hands ranging over my body only further cemented my muscles, almost to the point where my back was starting to ache. Or maybe that was uncontrollable horniness. He was kneading my breasts, pressing them into my chest, and gripping my hips. Reflexively, my arms flew up to my sides, hands in front of my face. He reached behind me, and pulled in towards him, and reached around to grab my ass. His large hands enveloped my ass spreading it, forcing my knees open slightly. I was chest to chest with him, and I felt his dick against my stomach. It was long, and felt like a pipe laying on my midsection. My clit was starting to ache as well. It felt like it was trying to break free of my body. I felt his burgeoning excitement when he ran his hand up the small of my back, and felt that I was wearing no underwear. There was nothing to stop the juices from flowing free of my pussy. I felt a slight trickle touch my thigh, I was dripping wet.

He would wait no further. Grabbing my wrist, he spun me around, and with a hand over my neck, led me to the front of my car, which was parked near a row of bushes. There was barely room for me to fit. I still didn't say a word. Although I loved sex, particularly risque or taboo encounters, never in a million years did I think I would do something like this. I didn't even know this man's name, and he was for all intents and purposes he was a rapist. He didn't care if I had screamed, or begged or fought him, he would fuck me anyway. But not only was I yearning to be entered by him, I was keeping the illusion of nonconsent as best I could.

This man was thrilling. I expected him to simply bend me over, lift my skirt and pound me, but he had other ideas. As I stood there, staring at him, with my back to the bushes, he sat back on the hood of my car, and undressed me, all but my sandals. With surprising delicacy, he unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off me, tossing it onto the grass. He stood and reached behind me, unhooking my bra with one hand, slipping it off my shoulders and tossing it onto the grass as well. I almost came from the cool breeze striking my full breasts. The goosebumps were almost painful, and my nipples were so hard they were beginning to go numb. Finally, he ran his fingers underneath the waistband of my skirt and slipped it all the way down to my ankles. I couldn't help but giggle, the sensations were so intense that I had to laugh. I was standing in a parking lot, completely naked. We were so close to the street that I could see the occassional headlight illuminate my dark, naked body. I was so horny, I thought I might collapse. I wish he would hurry up and fuck me.

Again he surprised me. He forced me down to my knees with one hand, unzipping his pants with the other. I positioned myself so that my lips were clenching my clit tightly as his veiny dick flopped out. It was thick, throbbing, and dripping with precum. I licked a drop from the bottom of his penis, smeared it around his head, and took it, as much of it as I could into my mouth. It was such a lusty, dirty blowjob, I was loving every second. I was forcing him deep into my mouth, occasionally chocking and gagging on it. I sucked him, with just my mouth, until a long trail of spit was dribbling from my lips. He cock was glistening in the low light. He would let out a moan or two, but gave no other indication that he was enjoying it except for thrusts to drive himself deeper towards my throat.

When he was finally done with assaulting my mouth, my hands were trembling I was so ready for him to release me by sliding his dick into me. I knew his member had to be in pain. By my rough guess, I had sucked him for at least 10 minutes, and it was rigid now that it didn't even move, rather just stood jutting from his body like a long hook. He pushed me back onto the grass on my back. I immediately spread my legs and waited as he kneeled down on top of me. There was no need for him to gently slide into me, my crotch was a slippery mess. I inhaled slowly as he punched it into me, gripping it tightly. The initial force of his hard, hot, wet cock parting my lips made the rest of my body go limp. I expected pain at first, he was so big, but I felt nothing but welcome tightness and pressure in my belly. My arms flopped to my sides in the grass. I didn't exactly cum immediately, but the pleasure of him pounding away at me put me into some sort of trance. I could feel me breathing ragged in my throat, and iI felt him spreading my legs wider, but the pleasure was so intense that it almost seemed as if it was happening to someone else and not me. I did acutely feel my back sliding against the grass, as he was trying to cum quickly, fucking me harder and harder. His balls were slapping against my ass, and his stomach was rubbing my clit, torturing it.

My head was already spinning and I was disoriented when I felt my belly begin to spasm. He was fucking me faster and faster also, and I knew he was about to climax. I grabbed two handfuls of grass and held onto dear life. I was bucking harder than I ever remembered, as my whole lower body rhythmically jerked with the beginnings of a mind blowing orgasm. I tucked my tongue underneath my teeth to keep from biting it as I tried my hardest not to wail. When I finally could hold back no further, the only sound that came from me were deep, animal grunts. I was cumming so hard, I thought the pleasure was going to rip my body in half. As my climax subsided slightly, I was able to look up, where I saw that I came so hard I had forced him out of me. His head was thrust back and he was stroking his cock, a pained look on his face. I saw thin streams of cum on my belly, and in my pubic hair, a few spurts reaching the bottom of my breasts where I could see how hard he initially came. I laid back and let my orgasm continue, my eyes rolling backwards in my head.

When I came to, I saw him tucking his slimy cock back into his jeans. Still semi-erect, he could barely fit it in. He looked around nervously, wondering if anyone had been watching. Satisfied that no one was around, he breathed deeply, took his shirt off and threw it down on top of me. I still could barely move.

He made momentary eye contact with me, and without saying a word, he walked across the parking lot, bare-chested, to a car that I hadn't even remembered seeing there before, leaving me in the grass at Taco Bell, naked, covered in cum. His tires squealed as he drove out of the parking lot, and away into the night.

I didn't even realize until looking that I had two hands full of grass. I wiped his remains off of me with his shirt and tossed it in the bushes. I quickly dressed and got in my car. My pussy was raw and throbbing, aching for some more attention. I spent a few minutes making sure that I didn't have any grass in my hair, and composing myself to go back to work. Turning the ignition, I checked the clock. It had only been 45 minutes, I still had 15 minutes before I had to be back at work!!

Damn, I thought, sure wish I knew what kind of car that was........

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