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This is a true story; the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The entire thing started with a joke. My ex Rose joked about my new partner's bulge one day. I told her she would run if she ever saw it. The events began to fall into place.

A little about Rose. She stood around five foot two inches tall; she was a little over weight but just enough to give her a sexy little paunch. She had 38c breasts that were not quite perky, but not saggy by any means. Large brown areolas with nipples that loved to be pinched and pulled hard. Her hair was dark brown and she kept it pretty much in a pixie cut.

She had expressed an interest in a threesome, but we had never acted on it other than to talk about it during our lovemaking sessions. That was all about to change.

My partner Myron was a muscular young white male. He was the typical newbie EMT, working out at every chance, excited to run red lights and siren. He also had a level head on his shoulders and we became good friends as well as being partnered up on the rig.

We worked close to my house so it wasn't uncommon to swing by my house to retrieve something or even grab a bite of lunch sometimes during our twenty four hour shift.

Myron stood about six foot and was very small framed. Had he not worked on his arms and legs he would have had a strong resemblance to a stick. Myron also had a very noticeable bulge. He never seemed to have any trouble meeting new nurses at the facilities we would transport to.

Rose noticed the bulge and mentioned it to me one day. We talked more about his bulge as she wondered if he was really that big.

During our sessions I would use a large dildo on her as I told her how hot it was watching her handle Myron's big cock. She became more excited and would cum very herd every time. We continued to talk about her being with Myron.

I had been involved with the lifestyle prior to us being married, so I was well aware of the activities and the feelings it could produce. My rules were simple: she could do anything she wanted as long as I would be involved.

The more we discussed it the closer to reality it became. We finally decided that she wanted to see his cock, to fuck it, to feel it pumping her pussy. I told her I would set it up.

Myron and I were good friends as well as partners, there is a bond between partners in EMS, you have to trust each with your very own life. It makes for a friendship that is stronger than civilians could ever imagine.

I told Myron about our talks, about how she wanted to fuck him silly. At first Myron was a little apprehensive, I told him it was ok , I would be there and it would be fun.

He admitted he thought she was sexy, and agreed to play with us. All that was left was to set up a date. We decided on a day in between shifts.

The day arrived and Rose was very excited all morning trying to decide on which outfit to wear or rather take off for Myron. She tried several different ensembles before deciding she didn't know what to wear.

I fixed the problem. I brought out a spandex body suit that was French cut and stretched very thin showing her breasts off through the thin material.

I gave her on of my dress shirts to wear over the bodice until she was comfortable enough to show more. It came down past her thighs and covered the French cut bodice. She liked the idea. She went to get her shower and get ready while I started the snacks and drinks.

She emerged from the bedroom her hair fixed and make up on wearing the dress shirt over her bodice. She left the lower buttons loose to give the shirt a small slit at the bottom.

Myron showed up on time, knocking loudly on the door. I told Rose she should answer the door. Rose opened the door and Myron stepped in leaning down kissing Rose on the cheek as he handed her a bouquet of wild flowers. I ribbed him told he didn't have to that I figured he was going to get lucky anyway. He said it was only proper to bring flowers. I laughed and told him to come on in.

In preparation I had gotten out a deck of cards, I suggested we drink a beer and play some cards. There was a heightened tension and I figured we could relax a little, loosen up by playing some strip poker.

Rose got everyone a drink, she was drinking strawberry wine coolers. We set at the table as I dealt the first hand. The first few hands were the usual, Rose seemed to be very lucky, and we had both lost our shirts and shoes. She had managed to keep her shirt on.

On the next hand Rose lost the hand and had bet her shirt, she complained that she had less clothes on. Myron and I looked at each and grinned so? Rose pretended that she was the victim. We agreed that since she only had two articles left that she could bet favors or partial removal of the bodice.

The next hand she bet a French kiss. The rules were if she lost she had to pay both of us, if she was betting favors. She lost the hand, she nervously got and walked over to me her breasts showing clearly under the thin material, the French cut bottoms allowing her thick bush to show hair around the edges of the leg openings.

She leaned over me and kissed my long and hard forcing her tongue into my mouth, gently rubbing my cock through my pants. She finished our kiss, and turned towards Myron. She leaned over feeling his cock bulge as he frenched him. She moaned loudly as kissed him wiggling her ass at me as I watched her enjoy the kiss. After an extended kiss she stood up and set back down, her cheeks flushed.

I dealt the cards as I asked her what she wanted to bet this hand, she said she would lower her top if she lost this hand. Myron and I agreed that would be a good wager. We played the hand out and Rose lost.

Myron and I both looked at her waiting for her to release her beautiful breasts. Rose slid her chair back a little from the table and started rubbing her breasts through the thin material. Her nipples became erect, straining through the material. She continued to play with titties as she slowly removed the top piece of the bodice slowly pulling her arms free before baring her breasts for our eager eyes.

Myron leaned back in his chair, and whistled softly as he rubbed his growing bulge. Rose seeing his reaction cupped her breast and brought the nipple to her lips and sucked into her mouth, while she looked at him across the table. Finally I shuffled the cards breaking the trance. I started dealing again.

This time Rose opted for a favor as her bid. She proudly proclaimed she would swallow our cocks one at time if she lost. We each bet out pants. She won that hand and watched as Myron stood to remove his jeans.

His cock was larger and was becoming very hard. Seeing her reaction to his cock, I motioned for Myron to follow me. We walked over to Rose and stood on each side of her, each fondling a breast. She stood and turned towards me pressing her naked breasts into my chest. Myron stood behind her and pushed his big cock against her ass, through the thin material of the bodice.

I slowly guided Rose towards the bedroom. She followed me, with Myron walking behind her watching her ass.

We walked into the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. I turned her towards Myron. He pulled her close to him rubbing his erect cock against her pussy through the material. I stood behind her and pulled my underwear down releasing my own cock.

I reached around rose and pulled the bodice down over her legs exposing her hair bush, and ass. She was kissing Myron as she pulled at his underwear, pulling it down allowing his massive cock to spring up against her exposed pussy. He shoved forward and his cock slid along her lisp as it forced between her legs.

She shifted allowing his cock to brush against her lips, her juices lubricating his cock. They were locked in a passionate kiss as he and I lowered her to the bed. I finished pulling her bodice off as she lay back on the bed. She spread her legs and pulled Myron against her.

Myron raised his ass and lined up his cock head against her soft wet pussy lips. He pulled back and thrust forward slowly sliding his big cock into her little tight pussy.

Rose screamed out as she came, feeling his cock stretch her pussy. She began to raise her hips to meet his thrusts, screaming fuck me , louder and louder as the pace increased.

I was standing near head, when she turned her head towards me I offered her my cock to suck.

She began sucking my cock in rhythm to his thrusts. She lost tack of my cock as she came again. She screamed out: FUCK ME HARD, FUCK TILL YOU FILL MY PUSSY FULL.

She grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into her , biting his shoulder and scratching his back as she felt wave after wave of orgasm. Her breathing became even more ragged as Myron grunted OH GOD and started pumping even harder into her well fucked pussy.

Myron stiffened as he filled her pussy full of cum. Her pussy swollen and stretched started to leak his cum out and down into her crack of her ass. Myron rolled off of her.

She lay on the bed her legs wide open with Myron's cum still dripping out of her well used pussy. I climbed on the bed and lay on top of her, she stroked my hair and kissed me deeply. She thrust her cum filled pussy towards my cock. She looked in my eyes and asked me to please fuck her, pump his cum deep into her.

This was a new experience for her. I have never done sloppy seconds before. I slipped my cock in to her cum soaked pussy, she seemed loose, until she started to contract her pussy around my cock. I started to pump in and out of her pussy feeling the slickness of Myron's cum.

As I fucked my wife, Myron stood at the side of the bead and offered his cock to her mouth. He was smaller but still semi erect. I watched as she licked her juices and his cum off of his cock before stretching her mouth to fit the growing cock .

She tried to deep throat him , but he was too big, she could only get a small portion down her throat. She continued to lick and suck his cock as I watched and pumped her pussy.

Watching her handle a large cock and feeling her cum slick pussy was too much. I started shooting my load deep into her cunt. She grabbed her breasts and pulled hard at her nipples as she came once again.

I rolled off to recover. Myron was hard again and moved to position her on her hands and knees. I shifted on the bed and her head was directly over my cock. Myron on pushed her head onto my cock as he fingered her pussy.

He found the lube lying on the table and applied a liberal amount to her pouty ass hole. He then lubed his cock up. He pushed his giant cock head against her ass. She moaned as she sucked my dick harder into her mouth.

Myron slowly applied pressure shoving his cock into her tight asshole. He began pumping in and out pushing farther each time he thrust forward. Rose pulled her head from my cock and shoved her ass back onto his dick pushing him in deeper, nearly all the way in.

She was lost in the sensations as I pinched and pulled her nipples hard, making her cry out. She told Myron to fuck her ass, fuck her good. She rocked back forth meeting his thrusts as I bit her nipple hard. She cried out and started to cum, her juices running down her legs soaking the bed.

Myron pounded her ass, occasionally smacking her ass. He grabbed her hips and pounded her in animal lust. Rose started cumming over and over, bucking wildly, feeling her ass stretched to its limits by Myron's gigantic cock.

Myron pulled her hips back as he thrust his cock deep and held her as filled her ass with another load of cum. Rose cried as she felt his cum fill her bowels. Myron, exhausted, lay down beside of us breathing hard. Rose collapsed down onto the bed.

We all lay there for few minute thinking about the incredible sex we had just experienced.

Myron was the first to move. He sat up and patted Rose on her naked ass. He leaned over and softly kissed her forehead and thanked her for a wonderful evening. He got up out of the bed as I moved to get up.

Rose said she was going rest a little more. Myron got dressed as I slipped my shorts on. We talked briefly and I walked him to the door.

I returned to the bedroom. Rose was lying on the bed her used pussy and ass exposed, still leaking cum. I lay down beside her. I put her hand on my now hard cock.

She explained she would have to give me a blow job because that was the only thing that wasn't to sore. I position my cock at her mouth and told her how hot it been watching her fuck and suck that giant cock. She sucked my cock as I talked and came with me as I shot a load down her throat.

We lay in each others arms the scent of sex still strong. We drifted off to sleep.

That was first time we had invited strange cock into the bed. It was the beginning of a lot adventures.

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