tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPartridge Family Love Ch. 04

Partridge Family Love Ch. 04


Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by ABC. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.

* * * * *

Shirley Partridge closed the door behind Mr. Kim as he left and leaned against it. She looked at her watch. It was only one in the afternoon and she had already had sex with three men. Suddenly she remembered that she was supposed to take the bus to the garage at one o'clock. Quickly, she put on some panties and buttoned her jacket, leaving the top button undone. In her rush, she didn't have time to put on a bra. She grabbed her purse and jumped into the bus and drove to the garage. The bus was running roughly and she thought it might quit at any moment.

She pulled into the service station and a large black man wearing a navy mechanic's suit with the name "Duncan" sewn above the breast pocket walked up to her window.

"You must be Mrs. Partridge."

"How did you know?"

"Well, not many people drive around in buses that have 'The Partridge Family' on the side, and you're my one o'clock appointment."

"Sorry I'm late. I had to be fitted for a costume."

She felt a tingle of arousal as she thought about her tryst with her Korean tailor.

"I hope this doesn't put you behind schedule."

"Actually, this is your lucky day. Normally, we're packed, but you're the only one I have to work on today. It's been so slow, I let the rest of the guys go early. Pull into the garage so I can take a look."

Shirley eased the bus into the cool shade of the garage. The raucous noise of the misfiring engine sounded even louder in the confined space. She left the engine running and stepped out of the bus. As Duncan popped the hood and looked closely at the engine Shirley ran an appreciative eye over the mechanic. He was a massive man, six and a half feet tall with a huge chest and arms. With his shaven head, he could have looked very intimidating, but there was a certain gentleness about the way he moved and talked. Shirley idly wondered if every part of him was so substantially built.

He reached into the engine and suddenly the noisy clattering gave way to a subdued smooth rumbling. Duncan closed the hood and wiped the grease off his hands.

"What was wrong?"

"Spark plug wire had come loose. Should run fine now."

"That was it?"

"Simple as that."

"Do you have time to look at the AC? It's not blowing very well."

"Sure. No one else for me to tend to now."

Duncan entered the bus and sat in the driver's seat. He pushed on the buttons and twisted the knobs to the AC unit while Shirley watched from the lower step just inside the door. While the mechanic was busy with the AC, Shirley continued to check him out. He moved next to the driver's seat and lay on his back to look under the dash. He reached up and started fiddling with the wires. The muscles in his arms bulged, the short sleeves tight around his biceps. Shirley began to feel desire grow as she watched this hunk of a man work. Now here was a real man and she felt a craving to have him take her right there in the bus. Before she knew it, she felt her juices flowing as her sexual appetite kicked into high gear.

"There's a flashlight on the bench just in front of the bus. Can you get it for me?" he asked.


Shirley got out, grabbed the flashlight, hesitated, then unbuttoned the second button of her jacket as she stepped back into the bus. She leaned over and held out the flashlight.

"Here it is."

Duncan looked out from under the dash and his eyes grew wide. Shirley's jacket hung open, giving him a clear view of the pale skin of her breasts. He tore his gaze away and looked up at Shirley and smiled.

"Thanks," he stuttered.

He busied himself under the dash but the memory of her cleavage was burned in his mind and started to affect him physically. Shirley watched with interest as a bulge formed in his pants and smiled to herself. It was much easier to get a man's attention than she had imagined. She "innocently" leaned further over so that she could see under the dash pretending to be interested in what Duncan was doing. But that position allowed her jacket to gap open even more giving him an almost unobstructed view of her firm breasts.

"See anything interesting?" she asked.

"Couple things I would like to examine further" Duncan replied as he looked down her jacket. He reluctantly looked back up to his task at hand. "Actually, there's an opening here that may be blocked. I need something to stick in there. If you could hand me something long and hard that'll take care of the problem."

"Long and hard?" Shirley asked as she eyed the now huge bulge tenting up in front of her. "How about this?" she said as she grabbed his erection through his pants.

Duncan bolted up in surprise, hitting his head under the dash.

"Yeouch!" he yelled in pain and surprise.

"Lay back before you hurt yourself," Shirley cautioned as she lay her other hand on his muscular chest. She thrilled at the feel of so much muscle she could feel in both hands. "I'll get your tool ready for use."

Duncan raised his head enough to watch as Shirley unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive penis. She was astounded at its size – ten inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. This was the largest male organ she had ever seen. It thoroughly captivated her attention and she felt uncontrollably drawn to this huge specimen.

She grabbed the thick shaft and rubbed its bulbous head across her lips before kissing it. Because of its girth, she had to stretch her mouth open to get it to fit. She sucked on the dark tip as she worked her hands up and down the shaft, then reached down to fondle the huge testicles at the base. Shirley could not get over feeling such a large log of stiff flesh in her hands and in her mouth, it was driving her crazy with lust.

Duncan lay on his back in shock watching the petite blond woman suck his erection. When she had bent over, revealing her cleavage, he thought it was a lucky accident for him. He had no idea that this demure suburban mother would be so sexually charged. He had considered canceling this job so he could take the afternoon off too, but now he was glad he didn't and that he was alone. This was his lucky day and now it looked like his sacrifice was going to really pay off. He lay back and enjoyed the sensual feel of her mouth on his most sensitive area.

Shirley wanted to feel it all and couldn't wait any longer. She stood and quickly pulled off her soaking panties. She straddled the prone mechanic and lowered herself onto his enormous erect pole, supporting herself by holding onto the dash. Squirming with delight, she felt him stretch her well-lubricated passage and slowly she sat until she was completely impaled on his solid black staff. It was a tight fit, but she had never felt so filled in her life and was thrilled at the thought that his enormous penis was completely inside of her. Moving slowly at first, she moved her hips up and down his shaft, riding him.

Duncan watched with fascination as his throbbing erection disappeared into his beautiful customer. She was so hot and tight, yet she took him all as she leaned over him. He reached up and unbuttoned her jacket, freeing her breasts. He took one firm breast in each of his massive hands and caressed them, his black hands contrasting sharply with her pale white skin. He pinched her nipples and heard her gasp with pleasure. After mauling her breasts, he lowered his hands to her waist so he could better hold her in place as he thrust up into the beautiful young mother, leaving black grease handprints on her chest.

His huge member constantly stimulated Shirley's g-spot and clitoris so intensely that she quickly felt the pleasure build to a peak. As he continued to push up into her she dug her fingers into the dash and screamed out as her orgasm hit. Her body spasmed in ecstasy as she continued to ride her mechanic, her eyes closed. She felt herself being lifted as her orgasm subsided, her lover still inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as he stood, his hands on her bottom, easily holding her up in the aisle of the bus.

They kissed, their mouths hungrily devouring each other, his tongue exploring her mouth. While holding her up, he began to rock his hips, sensually moving in and out of her. As he increased the pace, Shirley leaned back and put her hands on the backs of the seats on both sides of the aisle, supporting her upper body and giving Duncan better leverage so that he could thrust harder and deeper. The effect of his large tool sliding in and out of her brought her quickly to a second orgasm.

The attractive mother of five had never had a man cause her to climax twice so quickly. Then again, she had never had a man so well endowed. As she came down from her second orgasm, she was surprised to see that her dark lover was still going strong. He lowered her so that she could stand on her quivering legs and pulled out. She felt a great emptiness even though she was exhausted from her two orgasms.

But he wasn't finished yet. He turned her around, bent her forward over the back of a seat, and flipped her skirt up. She felt as he rubbed the tip of his massive organ up and down her wet opening and even though she was ready, gasped as he lunged forward, driving himself to the hilt in one thrust. From this position, he plunged his huge member in and out of her, driving her to peak after peak of orgasms, never giving her a chance to fully recover before the next one hit. She thought she was going to die of pleasure.

Duncan looked down at the small blond and almost couldn't believe what he was doing to her. Her skirt was around her waist, her jacket pushed up to her neck. Black streaks of grease marked where he had mauled her pale bottom and breasts. He marveled at the sight of his black erection moving in and out of her. As he watched this good-looking female customer writhe and moan with yet another orgasm, he could feel the pressure build in his testicles as he continued to pound black tool into her. He knew that she hadn't been satisfied like this before and now that she had experienced what he could do, would be back for more. The pressure continued to build until it peaked. He grabbed her hips and slammed deep into her as he felt his sperm explode into the pretty youthful mother. Jet after jet hot semen shot out, filled her, as she cried out with her final orgasm. .


Shirley lay in the bathtub at home, relaxing after washing off the grease stains from her previous encounter. She couldn't believe that she had had sex with her son, her manager, her tailor, and her mechanic all in one day. She would have to control herself better she thought to herself. After all, she was a mother with five children and the head of the household. She had to act responsibly. She couldn't just keep having sex with men just because she wanted to. The past twenty-four hours were a mistake and all those encounters should be more than enough to get rid of those feelings of lust. She decided that she would go back to being a sensible, practical mother and let Keith know as soon as he returned that evening.

She heard the front door open.

"Mom?" Keith called out.

"I'm taking a bath. I'll be right out."

She would tell Keith that it was over.

Keith walked into the bathroom and looked down at his gorgeous mother.

"Hello, Mom. Miss your lover?"

She knew she had to tell him.

"Keith..." she started.

Her heart beat harder as she looked at her handsome son. She fought the feelings rising in her traitorous body. She had to put a stop to this.

"I need to tell you something."

"My body is telling me something," he replied as he walked toward her.

She could see his erection creating a bulge in his pants as he moved next to the bathtub. Her heart started to beat wildly. Her heart and her mind battled for dominance, but finally, her heart persevered and she couldn't deny her feelings any longer.

"You're probably all dirty from working. Come in and let me wash you," Shirley said as she reached up and pulled down his pants.

As she took his growing erection into her mouth, she thought to herself: She was still young and attractive. Why not enjoy life? And as her son joined her in the tub and began to pleasure her with his body, she realized how a man could awaken her senses and make her feel truly alive. Who knew what tomorrow would bring? But she was excited about all the possibilities and all that she had yet to experience. She was going to go out and finally start enjoying her life to the fullest, starting right then. And she pulled her son on top of her and guided him into her.

The end

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