tagErotic CouplingsPat's Recovery

Pat's Recovery


With the newspaper folded back to show the crossword puzzle, Johnnie was in his dressing gown, lying on the bed, propped up at the side of Pat. He sensed something tense in the atmosphere, though neither spoke.

'Caramba!' he said, pointing at number four across.

'Oh, right!' and Pat pencilled in the missing letters.

There was no doubt about it in Johnnie's mind. Perhaps there was something in the female pheromones - some element in Pat's body odour that signalled her internal turmoil. She was definitely giving out strong sexual vibes. Her whole body was oozing with lust.

Johnnie had his arm round her shoulders, studying the crossword puzzle. Just because Pat had been recovering from a bout of fever in their house for a couple of weeks, he thought, didn't mean she was immune to sexual desires. Besides she was much improved and, with Jill out shopping and Pat's husband at their villa in Spain, there were no immediate barriers. Johnnie was never far away from feeling sexy - it bubbled away just beneath the surface. Perhaps that's why he was particularly sensitive to these signs in others.

Normally, Pat did not have a strong sex drive. It would normally take several minutes of kissing, nibbling and careful love play to rouse her enthusiasm and lubricate her. So, when she became off-colour, her husband was less inclined to bother trying to awaken a spark of interest from her. Not surprisingly, unknown to her, of course, he found a more easily roused companion in Spain to satisfy his needs.

It was probably to be expected then, after some months of abstinence, that Pat should begin to show interest in sex once again. And with Johnnie lying beside her, his warm body pressing against her, Pat felt her sex drive getting into gear. With his arm round her shoulder, she could smell him - that unknown fragrance which could only be given off by a man. The fragrance that lifted the lid of her own sexuality. Was it just those months of being without, she wondered, or was Johnnie just irresistible? Or would any man do, she wondered? No! She trusted Johnnie. He wasn't just anybody.

He turned to look at her enquiringly. They exchanged looks, her eyes pleading with him. He understood straight away. Neither of them spoke. After holding their gaze for a few seconds, his lips slowly met hers. Pat's eyes closed with pleasure. During the kiss, Johnnie slipped his right hand under the sheets. Brushing lightly over her breast, it moved over her belly into the hairy patch. The two middle fingers paddled between the hot labia to feel the heat of her silky wet vagina. She was simmering!

Johnnie had often speculated about the genitals of Pat, his wife's best friend. And now, here he was, holding them in his grasp. Hot, wet, and spongy, they were definitely throbbing, gasping for attention. The chunky inner lips set high in the vulva, pushing their way out, leaving the vaginal opening unprotected. The outer lips were swollen and hairy. Beneath its hood, her clitoris was hard. His fascination had reached his penis, now filling rapidly.

It had taken her breath away, giving Pat a kick in the loins. Her clitoris responded as usual, even though it was months since she had any sexual contact. The hand now grasping the vulva in its clutches sent waves of delirious delight through her whole body. There was no need for a lengthy foreplay to get her going. She was ready! It was driving her frantic with lust. She had been without sex for so long that her body had suddenly woke up, crying out for attention.

The kissing became passionate and unrestrained as Johnnie dragged back the sheets from under him, throwing them aside, to expose Pat's body. She wanted no encouragement to hinge her thighs wide apart, lifting her knees as high as she could. The whole beautiful vulva was exposed to him, defenceless, the inner labia split open, pushing aside the outer folds. The vagina itself was dilated, the mysterious lips dribbling thick starchy juices. Here was an invitation Johnnie could not resist. He hoisted his body over hers; his now fully erect cock searching for the entrance nature had made for it. Pushing his pyjama bottoms to his knees, Johnnie's cock found the entrance to Pat's secret passage, the gate now fully open. After a brief pause for Johnnie to savour the delicious moment of entry, very slowly, he thrust his cock deep into the yielding flesh of her tight vagina.

Never before had Pat experienced such a breath-taking moment. An audible gasp burst from her followed by an ecstatic moan. It felt as though she was being broken into for the very first time, so closed had her passage become. But now, the strong hard cock was thudding into her. Pounding loins beating at her genitals. Low hung testicles slapping hard and noisily against her. With the frustration level building rapidly, Pat's muscles grasped hungrily at the invading cock. Nothing else mattered any more. Being fucked was everything!

'Ohhhh!' she moaned softly. 'Fuck me darling! Fuck me! Split me open! Do it!'

And that's what Johnnie did with his relentless, fierce battering. This was no time for gentle exploration - tender foreplay. It was a time for sheer, hard fucking. She wanted it this way. To be raped - ravished.

'Yes, yes, yes,' she blurted as each thrust forced the breath out of her.

The heightening tension in Pat's loins was reaching breaking point - but still it mounted without let up. Building - building - building.

'Make me come,' she wept in despair.

For the first time in her life, Pat felt a finger pushed firmly into her anal passage. It was to be the trigger that burst open the dam inside her. She cried out in joyful agony! The orgasm erupted inside her with an enormous lunge of her loins, almost throwing Johnnie off her. It surged through her whole body with a loud animal moan of anguish. Too engrossed in her own reaction, Pat did not notice Johnnie's final plunge into her depths, exploding his sperm, gushing into her deepest folds.

After a few moments, breathing hard, they began to regain their senses. Pat had her legs wrapped round Johnnie's waist, with him still deeply embedded inside her.

'Thanks, darling,' she whispered quietly. 'I really needed that! What a relief!'

'My pleasure, ma'am!'

'No! Don't come out just yet. I want to feel you inside. Such a long time since I felt a man on top of me, a cock inside me. Leave it for a moment. Let me wallow in it.'

So, Johnnie allowed his weight to settle heavily on her, as he gently slid in and out of the slippery vagina.

'You didn't caress my breasts,' she complained.

'No time. More urgent business!'

'What shall we tell Jill?' she asked.

'Oh, nothing - really. She would probably understand your desperation - but let's not risk it, eh?'

'It's not as though it's going to be a regular occurrence - unfortunately,' she smiled.

'Better clean up,' was Johnnie's response, withdrawing his softening cock from her.

'Let me kiss it first,' Pat asked.

And she did!

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