tagHumor & SatirePatty & the Teacher Ch. 03

Patty & the Teacher Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - The Finale

Patty had never felt more slutty than she did at the moment with Mr. Roid's big black dick up her 18 year old asshole, as she sucked on Shaquille's 13 incher, and Ms. Cumming's tongue played a tarantula on her clitoris, all at the same time and everbody together. The video camera was running, and the tape would be posted on the internet on Mr. Roid's Website later in the week.

Thinking back to how she had ended up in this particular fourway, she realized how strange life could really be. It had all started when Mr. Roid, the high school principle had caught her English teacher Ms. Cummings, and Patty in a lesbain 69 in the classroom after classes when the thought everbody had went. With blackmail as the principal motivator the teen, and her English teacher had ended up over at Mr. Roid's house as his personal slave sluts in his basement dudgeon.

With Patty watching carefully at first as Mr. Roid did the deed with her English teacher, then butt fucked Patty so that the teen could keep her pussy virginal as she had asked so she could be that way when she wed some hitherto unknown guy in the future. All the while taking pictures of both women in the most compromising situations, and making it quite plain that he intended to turn her English teacher Ms. Cumming's into his knocked up white slut/wife, or know the reason why which is always a good question. Which is when Shaquille, Mr. Roid's boy toy barged in, and caught them all in the act of doing things together which were not normally done between white virgins, black school principles, and bull dyke English teachers who used to have black hair but was now red but they were doing anyway and the devil take the hindmoast.

"You dirty old BITCH!" Shaq had screamed as the screan door slammed behind him, scaring Patty so much that her spinctor almost pinched Mr. Roid's invading weenie off. It didn't though, and she came over, and over, and over again in multiple orgasms that were accompanied by screeches and hollers.

"How could you? I thought you loved me! "Said Shaquille" And I find you here doing these white cunts, Patty, and... and Ms. Cummings now?" It was actually Pattys ass he was doing, but Shaq had the correct general idea and Mr Roids didn't want to quibble at a time like that.

"Lighten up Shaq," Mr. Roid groaned, his fingers clenching at Patty's hips like talons, and leaving white contrails in her pink teenaged flesh, "I got these two whores for our playmates, and so we can make enough cash from the internet to pay your way through college, boy." "Boy? Boy? Who you all callin' 'boy' you Uncle Tom mothafucka?" And Shaq grabbed at his short leg which was really quite long through his left trowser's leg. "I got me a 13 inch black one-eyed mambo name of Leroy, and you call me a boy?"

The radio in the corner was tuned to an oldies station, and Harry Bellaffontay was starting that old song about Italians. "Daaaay go," bellowed Harry.

And without further adieu Shaq pealed out of his clothes, and moved right in behind Mr. Roid who was still locked with his cock up Patty's clenched rear, and grabbing the principle's ass cheeks in both hands guided that massive black snake right up against the older black man's bung hole. The teen hawked a lunger on the tiny puckered orifice then.

"Let's see how you like it up the ass for a change, you old basser," Shaq chuckled. And then with precision that would have made an oil drill turn green with envy Shaq shoved his fist like prick up his lover's ass.

"Woo Woo Wooooooooooo!" Mr. Roid screamed as 13 inches of throbbing teenaged meat sliced up his own ass, caressing his prostrate, and making him cum up the butt of Patty's ass at the same time as if those two things had been preordained to happen together at that very same moment. Had Mr Roid not been occupied, and also occupier, he probably would have given that thought some reflection since he was a Presbyterian. Oh well.

"Yesssssssssssssss!" Patty hissed out as the Principle's huge sex mussel greased her tight nether channel setting off her orgasm too. "Oooooooooooh yeah, Shaq! Fuck the dirty old bugger gooooooooooooood!" the long blonde cheerleader with a 38DD-22-34 body moaned.

"Shut the fuck up piglet!" Shaq retorted. "You ain't nothing, but white trailor thrash to me, and him. You and that lezzie bitch both!"

"You tell'em Shaq!" Mr. Roid groaned, still cumming up Patties clenching hot bottom. "From now on you'll be getting straight "A's" in Ms. Cumming's English class just like Patty. And with your help we'll have that lezzie bitch knocked up good in no time. She'll have no choice but to marry me after that."

"Come, mista tallyman, tally me banaaanaaaaaa..........." crooned Harry from the radio.

"What the fuck you want to marry that white cunt for, when you got me?" And Shaq slapped the principle's ass so hard that he almost dislodged his boner which was firmly placed therein.

"It's all part of the master plan to mix the ethereal jean pool. Shattering all of the barriers between black and white once, and for all. You know there ain't no honkey bigot mofo gonna touch a white woman after she's given birth to a black man's baby."

"What the fuck do I care? They're just pussy, and pussy be pussy." Shaq philosophized as he spanked the other butt cheek just as hard.

"That's right, baby, just women, but we needs them to make boy babies for future lovers don't we? Besides, who else is gonna clean up after us?"

Shaquille said, "Yeah, there is that. Okay, let's do some fuckin'"

"Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh! I'm cuming!" Patty cried out as Mr. Roid's big black cock busted another nut up her tight ass.

"Yesssssssssssssss!" Hissed Mr. Roid, the hoser and hosee.

"Hot DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN!" Cried out Shaq sending his entire 13 inches up Mr. Roid, and for the first time slapping his balls against the principle's ass as he filled the principles rectum with shot after shot after shot of his black seed. "Take that you old faggot! And that! And that! Yee Haw!"

"A beautiful bunch a ripe banaaanaa ............."

"What say we have these two white sluts lick our big black cocks clean before we do the teacher next," Shaq suggested. And after they both disentangled themselves, they had Patty on her knees blowing Mr. Roid, as Ms. Cummings was forced to suck clean the greasy black baton of Shaq while still manacled in rist, and ankle cuffs.

Patty diddled her sopping wet snatch as she honked Mr. Roid in preparation of the two men turning Ms. Cumming's into their cream filled Oreo sandwitch next. In very little time she had Mr. Roid's ten inches standing up tall, and hard, and ready.

They unlocked the mantacles binding Ms. Cummings next, and that left the English teacher dressed all in black in a leather demi bra that exposed her aroused nipples, and the leather gartar belt that held up the seamed fish net stockings framing her exquisite bottom in a crude display of perverse perfection. Her shaved pussy, and recently dyed red hair, and makeup, making the English teacher look like the perfect bitch in heat.

Patty, her curvacious 38D-20-34 figure now stuffed into a matching pink bra with cutouts for her pert pink nippels, throng panties, garter belt, and seamed nylon stocking, and high heels worked the cameras as Ms. Cummings sat astride on all fours on Shaq's 13 inches while Mr. Roid porked the English teacher's asshole at the same time from behind doggy fashion with his 10 inch prick. The two cocks comprising almost two feet of black cock appeared to be splitting the school teacher's lushious body right up the middle they were so thick.

".... work all night on a drink a rum ......"

"Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!" Ms. Cummings grunted as she was first lifted up by Shaq's cock fucking her pussy, then pressed down into the mattress from Mr. Roid's dick riding in and out of her heart shaped dimpled butt. The principle was holding on to Ms. Cumming's hair as he road her rump, and Shaq squeezing on her massive mammaries from underneath to support the group kept the teacher in front of the cameras at all times.

"Ooooooooooooh fuck! Gonna cum!" She groaned under the pile driving taking place in her bottom.

Patty had to admit as an unbiased observer that Ms. Cumming's sure looked scrumptious being fucked by those two big cocks at the same time Oreo fashion in a way that was never envisioned by the National Biscuit Company. Her own virgin pussy dribbling wet was just itching to get its first taste of cock, but she was saving that for when she marred as has been aforementioned. "Oh Ms Cummins, your butt jiggles so prettily," Patty giggled as Mr. Roid's big black cock hammered into Ms Cummins butt hard for several thrusts. His big balls slapping up against Shaq's cock root as it slid out her pussy.

"Oh yeah, baby! Gonna knock your white ass up good!" Shaq suddenly cried out as his balls thrust their fruit through his long extended black pipe up into the teacher's pussy. He envisioned it going up against her cervix so that it went right into her fertile womb to mix with the seed Mr. Roid had deposited there earlier. If she hadn't been knocked up then she sure as hell was knocked up now, and she cried out as she came next.

"...... stack bannana 'til de mornin' come ......"

Patty watched as the three all came together with various noises like, "OOhhhh, I'm commminggg! "Aaaaaaaaarrrrgggggghhhhh! CUMING! Woo Woo WOO!!! I'M CUMING! KIyiyiyiyiyiyi!!!!! CUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGG! Yiiipppiiieeee Unnnnggghhhhh" and things like that.

There were "plopp" and "kerfloop" sounds as the men withdrew their huge black cocks from the gapping orifices of the English teacher.

Mr Roids said, "Now, bitch, you got about a gallon and 1/2 of African-American sperm in yer lilly white woome. In about nine months your gonna have a child thats got 1/2 black and the rest white Anglo-saxon jeans. How do you like that?"

Ms Cummins said, "No, no. You don't understand. It's not what you think. I'm a M...... "Daaaay go" ...an." Harry had hollered from the radio, garbling part of what Ms Cummins said.

Shaquille slapped a ball gag into the teacher's mouth to prevent any further outbursts. "What the fuck she say, man?" he asked Mr Roids. Ms Cummins said, "Mffggghhh."

With a crestfallen look on his face, Mr Roids replied, "I think she said that she's a Mexican."

"What!!???? A Mexican?" shouted Shaquille. "Shit. What the fuck was all that about havin' a half lilly white chile what's Angle Saxophone in the jeans you was talkin' about? A Mexican's about as Argyle as I am! Shit. That mean we gotta start all over agin?"

Patty said, "I heard what she said. She didn't say she was a Mexican. She said she was a MAN. I think she had some kind of surgery a few years back."

Mr Roid looked at Shaquille. Shaquille looked at Mr Roid. They both looked at Ms Cummins as she went, "Pflump" and spat out the ball gag. Then everybody looked at everybody else.

They all shrugged and Mr Roid said, "Hey, let's go out for pizza. And a whole pitcher of Pepsi!"

Shaquille said, "Yeah, I'm starving. Can we have everything but anchovies with thick crust, Mr Roid?"

"Sure, big fella," said Mr Roid. "Anything you want. Wel'l get two extry large ones."

Ms Cummins said brightly, "Hey, we've got the whole weekend. Let's all go to Disneyland together!! It's on me."

"Yaaaaayyy!!" said Patty, jumping up and down in excitement as cheerleaders are want to do.

"Awright!" said Shaq. "I been lookin' forward to ridin' on that new rolly coaster."

"C'mon, gang," said Mr Roids. "Lets go have us some fun!"

"Daylight come an we wanna gooooooo hoooooooommmmmmme."

============= The End ================

Special thanks to DirtMan

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