Pauline Swift

bykayce 69©

She looked over the flickering candle, "Are you going to make love to me when we get home?" Donavon Swift looked at his lovely wife; at 32 she was 10 years his junior but looked 20. Being a hard-nosed businessman had taken its toll; his gray hair along with the bags under his eyes did not improve his looks.

On the other hand Pauline was beautiful, and in that dress even more so, well it really did accentuate her figure. Her firm well shaped legs showed from the split up to the thigh, the low-scooped neckline forced his eyes to the cleavage. She smiled as he first couldn't help but look at the creamy round globes of her breasts then up to her angelic face, that smile framed by her thick wavy auburn hair.

He coughed before he said, "Yes Darling, that would be nice, as soon as I check the e-mail regarding the Munro contract," She still smiled but the little sigh was audible as she thought, (Here we go again, sometimes I wonder why we bother talking, I could get more attention from him if I put my thoughts on his computer.)

As she lay in bed she could hear him in the study, treating him with the contempt she felt for him she snuggled her naked body in to the comfort of the silk sheets, slowly her mind wondered back to that eventful day when she first met Craig Andrews.

She had been shopping, shopping so much that she had armfuls of packets. She was maneuvering herself back to her car when two youths approached her, one knocked her to the ground as the other grabbed at as many parcels as possible.

A handsome man in his mid-twenties suddenly appeared from no-where and with little effort, floored both youths. He helped her to her feet as they ran off, their hands nursing their wounds, their mouths hurling enough four-lettered abuse to last a lifetime.

She had cut her knees when she fell, also the dirt from the street and messed her beautiful face, so he suggested that a coffee house was in order, A to clean her blooded legs and B to have a stiff brandy with her coffee, just to settle her nerves.

They spent two hours chatting about his life; she thought it such a nice change to talk about an ordinary job with an uncomplicated life instead of high finance and company mergers.

Craig helped Pauline back to her car and that was that, until two weeks later. She was in the same area again and looking in a shop window when a tap on her shoulder made her turn, "Coffee?" it was Craig and another two hours of laughter, over three brandies this time, ensued.

Pauline curled in to the silk sheets, knowing Donavon was away tomorrow and funnily enough knowing she would be shopping in that area of the city, it did have her tinged with a little excitement.

As Donavon kissed her good-bye she was choosing a rather reveling number. Skirt, just that little bit more than just above the knee, firm uplifting bra that would fill out her tight square necked blouse, stockings rather than hose and a nice pair of three inch white sling backs.

She dabbed her wrists and neck with Channel No 5, flicked her hair back and shook it so it cascaded over her shoulders, then, giving herself a wicked wink, she went to her car.

She walked up and down that street three times before the inevitable happened, this time she said, "Coffee," he smiled as he nodded.

Now which one of them turned the conversation to where Craig lived is anybodies guess but soon the words, "Well its only twenty minutes up the road, shall we take a ride," had them both leaving for their respective cars.

Thirty minutes later saw her turning in to the short gravel drive beside a small converted barn and parking behind the red pick-up.

Craig waited by the door, then closed it as she walked in, "As I said its not much but its home and you did promise not to be too critical of the mess. She smiled at him, "Lacks a woman's touch, that's all."

It was a hot day, they decided to have their drinks out the back, the high fence shielded them from prying eyes and there they talked and laughed and let truths come out.

It was as he went to get the third drink that she followed him back in. Standing behind him she whispered, "You haven't shown me round yet, got something to hide?" He turned and stared in to the sparkling blue eyes, "No mam, no secrets, do you want the full price tour or just the economy?" With out smiling she said, "I want to see it all."

They stood at the doorway to his bedroom, the bed was still crumpled from last night, she didn't look at him but still whispered, "Needs a woman's touch," then she entered, turned, looked at him and sat on the bed, "Come here."

Craig slowly walked towards her, there eyes never left each others until he stood in front of her, her head up, her auburn hair folding down her back as her blue eyes danced with excitement, "I take it you like older women?" he pushed his hips forward as he whispered, "Oh yes."

Her hands held his waist then pushed up taking his shirt with them; she took a deep breath as his firm, hard stomach revealed itself to her gaze. Pauline lent forward and licked the hard muscles then looked up and smiled at him, he didn't move, he didn't have too his smile said it all.

Her fingers fumbled with the button on his jeans until it flicked out the hole, then they dropped to his zip, slowly she slid the zip down. An audible gasp came from her mouth as she saw the thick head of his long cock poking out above the waistband of his pants.

She pulled the front of his pants down, releasing his nine inch's. He hand gripped it, it had been many years since her collage years and younger men friends and now married to Donavon it had certainly been many years since she had held a cock that size.

Craig moved back, her hand didn't let go of his meat as he bent, put his hand under her jaw, lifted her face and kissed her full on the lips, her mouth immediately open, greedily excepting his tongue.

The kiss was short, Pauline, her heart racing, her whole body shaking with excitement pulled away, her hand pulled him back to her, continuing until his rigid cock touched her lips, her lips parted, her tongue flicked out and caressed the head making sure she tickled the tip of her tongue in to the hole, he was excited, she could taste his sticky pre-cum.

It had been a long time since she had done this but as she heard him give a low groan she knew they would both enjoy what was to happen, she had forgotten what it felt like to anticipate hot rough sex and she was going to have it, the rest of the world, including Donavon, could go to hell.

She opened her mouth and gently took the head on to her tongue, her lips closed around the thick end; she could feel the folds of his foreskin, as her tongue tasted the male sweaty salt. Craig pushed his hip forward but she held him back allowing only the head in her mouth but one set of fingers were already under his sack as the others moved to capture his length.

Slowly she worked on him, exciting him until he again pushed, she again stopped him, looked up and said, "No more, I don't really like it, but as its you." Before she could say anymore he bent put his hands under her blouse and pulled it up and over her head. Quickly he moved and lifted her back on to the bed, dropping down beside her.

She smiled at him as his head moved toward hers, "I mustn't get my clothes creased, you don't mind if I take them off, do you?" He watched as she wiggled her skirt down her stocking clad legs, she looked exquisite in her sexy lingerie.

He bent over her and kissed, long and hard before he moved down, taking her bra straps with him until he pushed them past her elbows and the cups released her breasts. As soon as they were free his mouth covered her nipples, then, as his tongue tickled the hard pink bud his fingers traced down her stomach, in to the front of her very small lace panties.

Her back arched and a moan escaped her mouth as her legs slowly opened allowing his searching fingers to find their goal, that sweet, wet slit, now begging to be filled.

Pushing her pants to the side he slid his fingers inside her, "Rip them off," came hoarsely from her throat.

His left hand curled in to the flimsy material and ripped, she squealed but not for long, his finger instantly slid back up the now sopping hole. She dug her heels in to the bed, her body lifted as he shoved his fingers completely inside her, the finger tips, moving fast, exciting her already hot body.

His mouth returned to her nipple, he felt her hand grab a handful of his hair and push his head down, his tongue flicked over the hard aroused bud until the words, "Fuck me and I want it hard, do you hear me, I want to be fucked hard" filled his ears.

He grinned as he rolled on top of her, as her legs parted to accommodate his large cock he said, "Your wish is my command," then he rammed himself in to the beckoning hole as hard as he could, she squealed again as he began to thrust in and out of the horny, aroused woman.

He fucked her to an orgasm holding himself just long enough, then he relieved himself up her before rolling off again and cradling her in his arms, she kissed his nipple, "That was good, you're a big boy and I think I want you again," He laughed, "Oh not that big, I have two mates with thick tent poles but I shouldn't tell you that."

Her fingers wrapped around his stirring cock, "Oh no, you will do just fine for me, but just to make sure lets find out, again.

Craig fucked her twice more that afternoon, hard rough fucking but only what she wanted. As she got in to her car, she smiled at him, "Coffee next week," he smiled back, "One lump or two?"

The following week was just the same, Craig was on top, driving his rigid cock in to the beautiful woman and she loved it. She told him that he must wait for more adventurous sex; after all, being with Donavon was not exactly the most interesting of lover.

Pauline and Craig met three more times, fucking each other to new heights of rapture. Pauline couldn't wait to have him, every waking moment he was in her thoughts. It was her forth time at the house that he said something, something that had Pauline's mind scheming like never before.

After they had fucked for the third time that afternoon, Craig said, "I want you, I want you forever, if only I had the money you would be mine, there is know doubt in my mind, nothing would keep us apart.

That night in bed Pauline planned a new life, it was so simple, no-one knew of Craig or their liaison, he could kidnap her, demand a ransom, 100,000 should be enough to start a new life in South America besides Donavon could afford it, it wouldn't be the first time he had been taken for a ride, so why not?

The following week she explained her plan, he had his reservations but all week she had worked out the finer details, she was proud of herself, it was water tight, no-one would find her and they would be away, scot free for a new life together, finally but reluctantly he agreed.

First he had to involve his two mates, all they had to do was grab her some-where public, make it look real, then when they were away they could take her to a pre-arranged place, where she could hide until a rather elaborate plan to get the money had been accomplished.

Craig would join her, they would pay the two mates a couple of thousand each and that would be that. They had a meeting where all was agreed, Pauline was so excited, in-fact Craig had to calm her down as she blurted out their secret plans, anyway the day came.

They had decided to use a supermarket car park. Craig was there to fulfill his alibi, he watched as she was grabbed, bundled in to a car. She played her part to perfection, screaming beautifully as they drove her away, on lookers by the score, the police interviewed all of them in fact Craig was one of them.

He sat in the interview room, Donavon was there, Craig was surprised, he wasn't at all as Pauline had described him, a charming, caring man, his whole attitude was wonderful, just calming and charming the worried people, Craig felt sorry for him.

As Craig sat outside, passing time while the detectives decided whether to call him again he got chatting to Donavon, he was amazed at how much they had in common considering one was a millionaire and the other just a postal worker, especially when he confided in Craig that he would pay any ransom just to make sure his wife was safe.

Craig went home, his mind confused; he would have to talk to Pauline at the ranch tonight.

He drove the twenty minute journey to home, picked up some things for Pauline and drove out in to the hills, the old ranch was about an hours drive and it was getting dark by the time he pulled up the sheltered track, he could see the ranch, a little panic hit him as he thought it funny there was no light.

He entered; the light of his torch showed he was right to panic; no one was there.

Pauline looked round at the sparse furniture, the wooden bed, two chairs, the table with the portable television on it, a bag of food and some drink, not exactly home from home.

Pauline eyes fell up on the two men who had driven her up the hill to the cabin, she was nervous of them and couldn't wait to see Craig. They had said very little to her, she had put it down to nerves. It was when they suggested that it might look better if she was tied and looked helpless, that a strange sick feeling came to her stomach.

She told them it would not be necessary but they said it would be a precautionary measure until Craig got there, they made her believe there was too much at stake, it would be foolish to find she was part of it, didn't she realize it would be stupid to blow it now, reluctantly she agreed.

As they went to the bag, she thought it strange that they had already brought rope, tape and straps but she still stood and put her arms out, "Best behind your back," said one.

Pauline put her hands behind her and soon felt the bite of the rope around her wrists; simultaneously rope encircled her feet forcing her ankles tight together. Before she had finished the word, "Ouch," a large foam ball was rammed in to her mouth and the first of three pieces of tape slapped over her lips.

The men, accompanied by her mmmmm sounds, finished securing Pauline then stood back to admire the helpless captive.

Their evil grins, which made Pauline shiver where nothing to what she was about to hear. One looked at the other, "Good looking piece of cunt, no wonder Craig enjoyed poking it, I can see why he wanted to spend some time with her naked."

The other said, "Well I'm glad we are about too, you tie her tight?" Still grinning his mate said, "Oh yes, should look good if and when they find her, raw red rope marks on her wrists and ankles, testimony to how she couldn't stop getting her cunt and ass full of cum. Then there will be the red burn marks of her tortured well chewed tits that forced her to swallow more cum, oh we are in for a fun filled few days."

Sounds of sheer panic mumbled from Pauline's mouth, you could tell the word Craig a few times but her reply was only adding to her disparate position, "Craig, did I hear you say Craig, oh no he doesn't know where we are, no, you see when we over heard you two whisper the words a 100,000 we thought, why should we settle for a couple of thousand when we could have it all, you and lover boy were going to take us for a ride so we decided to take you for a different ride.

The other one laughed, "We also intend to change the ransom pick up point but to do that we need a little souvenir, just to increase your husbands awareness of your situation, namely, your panties."

As one man moved behind Pauline the other took a knife from his pocket, she stared at him as he pulled it open; quickly she looked down only to see her skirt slowly rising up her legs. A quiet, "Nice," came from the man with the knife as her skirt exposed her stocking tops. He moved forward as her panties came in to view.

He put on a glove then slid his finger in to the front of the black pants; Pauline felt the back of his gloved finger rub the hairs on her cunt as he pulled the material forward and cut through it.

Then the sides before he pulled hard up and back. The material slipped between her arse cheeks and cunt lips before pulling painfully through and out, she moaned at the pain but all they did was pass them to each other, smell them, whisper something to each other then, then getting another pair of gloves and tweezers picked up an envelope and dropped them in.

One of them got a coat, "I'll be back in a couple of hours, need I say more," and, after dropping the envelope in to another plastic bag then putting it in his jacket, he left. The car drove quickly across the side of the hill before disappearing out of sight; the one remaining man sat smiling at her, "Have we left you feeling a draught?"

She moaned pitifully at him but he never moved just continued, "Come on be honest with me, I reckon you can feel a draught, they say the best way to stop a draught is to bung up the hole, reckon their right, don't you?"

Unable to speak or move she looked at the evil smirk as it grew across his face. To escape his perverted leer she looked down, as she did her eyes caught sight of a huge bulge in his trousers and the words thick tent pole screamed in to her mind.

He put his hand between his legs grabbed the chair seat and dragged himself up to her. He sat inch's from her, looking up he could see the frightened helpless women looking back down at him, from where he sat her magnificent tits masked a lot of her pretty face.

He could still see her eyes wet with tears as she stood, unable to move from between his legs. He slid his hands just below her knees and felt the stocking clad firm calves. He never stopped looking at her, his eyes glistened with lust as he said, "I can see your eyes are wet," his hands slowly started to travel up the back of her knees, slipping under her skirt, "Anything else?"

He felt her whole body shake as his fingers touched the flesh above the stockings, he looked up to her pitiful face, her head was shaking and small mmmmm sounds came from behind the silver tape. "You should be enjoying the tender way I'm having some fun, I don't think you will be enjoying things later when my friend gets back. You, strung up to that beam or tied over that table and we will be taking pictures of the hell your going through, naked and helpless, all so rich boy can part with the cash to save you just that little bit quicker."

Craig was frantic with worry, no reports from the media but he did know where Donovan had his office, he stared at the phone, one call; just one anonymous call.

His heart almost stopped when he heard Donovan's voice, the urgency, the panic, Craig had all on to hold the phone as he blurted out, "Its about Pauline, I need to tell you something, I don't want any harm to come to her, I want to meet you, alone, I have no control on what may happen to her so don't involve the police, if it will make you see sense," he took a deep breath, "I'm her lover."

Donavon didn't act the way Craig expected, not even a brief silence he just agreed to a place and time.

Three hours later, Craig watched Donavon arrive in the small clearing, he had a good view around and he knew that Donavon was alone, all he hoped was he wasn't bugged, and they could sort this mess out between them.

As Craig approached Donavon got out the car, Craig motioned him to unbutton his shirt and show his pockets. After about five minutes of checking Craig spoke, "Shall we take a walk?"

Donavon followed in the direction of Craig's nod as the story unfolded.

Pauline, the hem of her skirt tucked in to its own waistband pitifully moaned, the man between her legs tickling her cunt with his tongued moaned as well but his was with pleasure as his hand pulled her arse cheeks open so a finger could find the pink puckered hole, he pulled back and looked up, "You enjoying it too? Don't go away I won't be long."

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