tagNonConsent/ReluctancePayback Ch. 02

Payback Ch. 02


Chapter 02: The Next Day

Barbara Davies (formerly Stevens) was unsure of what to do. The day before she'd had a "rough-sexual" encounter with the contractor she'd hired to remodel her den.

She felt angry, sore and insulted; he'd humiliated and degraded her. He'd made her do things she'd never done before, he'd treated her like she was a slut and used her; and it all happened in HER HOUSE!

Despite all of that, she realized that it made her very horny. The violations made her pussy wet. Hours after John had left she found herself masturbating in the shower and then again in bed. This morning she'd gotten herself off again while she sipped her coffee.

"This ain't the way it's supposed to be..." she tried telling herself. But whatever "it" was that had come over her, she couldn't resist or stop.

John had called only an hour before to say that he was on his way over to "finish the job". The plump, late 40-something, black woman already felt herself becoming aroused.

She still had no idea who her rugged contractor "really was".

John Tolbert slowly guided his pick-up down the street toward Barbara's small bungalow. It was almost noon.

Like the day before, John was feeling reckless. He hadn't felt this way since his high school football days, when he felt he was unstoppable. That was a feeling that Barbara Davies (Stevens), his former Social Studies teacher, had taken away from him. And he was more than happy to bring it all back -- at her expense.

In the truck with him were two of his former teammates -- Lewis "Tank" Jenkins and Joey O'Neil -- two men who also blamed Barbara Davies for trashing their dreams of "gridiron fame and glory". Both of their lives had taken similar paths as John's had: no scholarship offers, no football, dead-end jobs. Tank had done time for assault; Joey joined the Army and received a dishonorable discharge.

When they received the call from John -- they were all in! Joey had even dragged along his latest trashy, 20-something live-in; John only knew her first-name: Trish.

Barbara spent an hour getting ready for his arrival -- perfume, make-up, hair, tight jeans, low-cut blouse -- excitedly she rushed to the door when he knocked, surprised (and a little disappointed) to see that he wasn't alone. Silently they all walked in, both Tank and Joey giving her steely-eyed glares.

"We'll get to work and I'll speak with you later." John announced.

"S-sure," Barbara stammered. "Can I get anyone a drink, or anything?"

"Got any beer?" Trish asked, plopping down on the couch.

"B-beer..?" Barbara asked, wondering who the skinny-tattooed, white girl was and why she was there. "Yes, I have beer. Anyone else?"

The men only nodded and grunted as they walked towards the den.

"I'm gonna tear that bitch pussy up...!" Tank told them when they reached the lower level.

"Better wait your turn, son" Joey grinned, rubbing his crotch. "That fat-whore gonna get to know me real well!"

"We'll even let Trish have a piece!" John added.

The three of them laughed. Just then Barbara called down to them.

"Do you want your drinks down there, gentlemen?"

"Sure, bring it on down!" John called back, grinning at his buddies.

A few seconds later, Barbara descended the stairs with their beers. She attempted to make small talk as she handed them out.

"The works coming along nicely," she smiled. "How much longer do think it will be?"

"That depends," John smirked. "On how much longer you want me coming around to lay the wood."

The three laughed again.

"John," she feigned sheepishly. "What does that mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean...!"

John stepped up behind her and began rubbing his crotch against her behind. Slowly she pulled away.

"Hey, you stop that!" she giggled.

Her back was turned to Tank now, who patted her on the backside with his bottle of beer. Again she slowly pulled away.

"Not you too...!" she giggled again.

Less subtle than the others, Joey reached forward and grabbed her breast.

"That's rude...!" she said playfully slapping his hand.

This went on for several minutes, each of them groping and touching -- she "running away", before John brought the games to an abrupt end.

"OK, cut the shit, bitch!" John suddenly barked. "Just strip!"

"...What...?" Barbara gasped.

"NOW!" he snarled.

She stopped and looked at each of their faces -- the looks in each of their eyes said all that needed to be said: the three of them were here for her. Immediately Barbara felt the rush and the fear from the day before and wondered if things were going too far.

Slowly, she began unbuttoning her blouse, trying not to let her hands tremble too much. Then she slipped out of her loafers and jeans, and finally her bra and thong.

John was surprised to see that she had actually shaved. "Whoa! This bitch is REALLY into this!" he thought to himself.

"Now on your knees and crawl over here." He told her as he unzipped his fly.

Barbara got down on all fours and slowly crawled to him, as the other two admired her ample brown ass.

"I'm next, bitch!" Joey told her, also undoing his pants.

"Then me!" Tank called out.

Kneeling at John's feet, Barbara reached up to take his still expanding cock into her hands.

"Hands behind your back your back!" he ordered, "You know how I like it!"

She folded her arms behind her as John plunged his manhood into her mouth.

"This oughta help..." Tank suggested. He pulled a white-printed bandana from his back pocket and firmly bound Barbara's wrists behind her. Joey gave him an enthusiastic high-five as they all laughed.

Barbara tried her best not to gag this time, but John wasn't making it easy. With one hand he held a tight grip on her hair, with the other he pinched her nostrils, forcing her to choke and gasp for air. He ferociously skull-fucked her as his buddies cheered him on.

"What the hell y'all doin' down there...?" Trish called from the top of the stairs.

"Bring your skinny-ass down here an' find out!" was Joey's reply.

"Holy shit!" she grinned when she joined the group. "I didn't think y'all was seriously gonna fuck her...!"

"You can get in on this some of this too, babe!" John grinned.

"I just might," Trish grinned back, taking Joey's and then Tank's exposed cocks in each hand.

Several minutes of slurping, gagging and stroking went by.

"You ready to get fucked now, whore?" John spat at Barbara, roughly jerking her head back by her hair.

"Yes..." Barbara gasped, "Fuck me....please..."

Still with a firm grip on her hair John spun her around and forced her face to the floor. Still bent at the knees Barbara's wet pussy was spread wide and waiting. In one stroke he roughly drove his cock in balls-deep, causing her to cry out.

"Omigod!" Barbara whelped.

Still pressing her face to the floor, John slammed into her over and over. Joey and Tank continued to cheer him on. Trish did too as she alternated between sucking both men's cocks.

After several minutes Barbara let out a low moan, indicating she was about to cum. To her great disappointment, John stopped his assault on her pussy and suddenly pulled out.

"Oh hell no, bitch!" he snapped at her. "You ain't cummin' til' I say so!"

Pulling her up by her hair, he pushed her over to his buddies. Joey decided to have his way with her, leaving Trish to tend to Tank.

Barbara was led to a saw horse and bent over it, leaving her feet barely touching the floor.

Gripping her ass-cheeks firmly in both hands and spreading them wide, Joey sank his cock into her pussy and began pounding away. Barbara's tits hung down into her face and bounced against her chin.

"Oh...god!" she gasped as she was roughly fucked from behind by a man she'd just met.

Trish had now completely stripped off her clothes and straddled Tank's cock as he lay on the floor, as she also stroked and sucked John's cock.

"Aww shit!" Joey called out, feeling his balls begin to tighten and tingle. Pulling out of Barbara's soaked pussy; he shot his load across her back and in her hair.

"You up, big man..." Joey motioned to Tank.

"Damn!" Tank replied. He was really getting into fucking Trish.

"Don't worry, big boy," Trish assured him as she climbed off of his cock, "you can get some more when you done!"

Tank literally pulled Barbara off of the saw horse like she was a sack of potatoes. Barbara was both impressed and frightened that this very large man was able to carry her across the room with just one arm. He took her over to the tarp-covered couch and plopped her down on her back, grabbed and spread both her ankles and sank his cock into her.

Although his was not as long as John's, Tank's cock was much thicker. Barbara felt like she was being split in two.

"Oh god! Too big....please, it's too big!" she gasped and pleaded, while being fucked by a third man in only a few minutes.

"Shut up, bitch!" Tank snapped, "Just shut up and take that dick!"

He slammed into her for more than 10 minutes, before finally blasting gobs of cum across her belly and breasts.

"Go and get your ass cleaned up!" John ordered, pulling her to her feet and untying her wrists. "And be quick about it!"

The four of them laughed hysterically as she climbed the stairs on wobbly legs.

In her bathroom, Barbara could not believe what she saw in the mirror. Her face, hair, breasts and stomach were streaked with cum from three men she knew nothing about. She couldn't believe that she had allowed something like this to happen to her. Even more, she couldn't believe that she was actually enjoying it! As she stepped into the shower, she trembled at the thought of what they might do to her next.

Once showered, she put on a robe and returned to the den. The four of them sat around laughing, drinking more beer. They fell silent when she walked in.

"Take that shit off!" John told her. The robe immediately dropped to the floor.

"Go on an' get her ready, Trish." Joey said.

Wearing only a devious grin, Trish grabbed her by the arm and led her to the tarp-covered pool table. Pushing her up onto it, she told Barbara to lay face-down and spread-eagle.

Barbara then felt firm, thin fingers smearing what felt like scented oil or lotion across and between her ass-cheeks and thighs. Trish then had her roll onto her back and more smearing was done across her breasts and nipples.

Trish firmly pinched and twisted each nipple until it was rock hard.

"You like that, don' cha'?" Trish grinned. "You like havin' a lady play with your titties?"

Before she could reply, Trish was on top of her sucking and biting each nipple.

"Yeah, I could tell you prob'bly was a switch-hitter from when we first walked in!" Trish told her, before planting a sloppy, wet tongue-sucking kiss on her. Barbara had never been with a woman before, only fantasized; she figured that now was not the time to object.

Shifting her position, Trish straddled Barbara's face and began grinding against her chin.

"Each my pussy, bitch!" Trish snarled as she gripped Barbara's hair and held her tightly. Doing her best, Barbara licked and sucked at the young girl's snatch and clit.

"Ooh, yeah! Like that...eat that pussy!" Trish cried out, as she reached behind her to twist Barbara's nipples and play with her pussy.

Minutes later Trish's entire body went rigid. After a short gasp, she squirted onto Barbara's face and mouth. Having never seen a woman squirt cum before, Barbara at first thought the girl was peeing on her. Cheers and applause came from the three men who were now standing around them stroking their cocks.

"Next..." Trish giggled as she climbed down.

"Move over, bitch!" Tank snapped as he got up onto the table. Barbara rolled to the side, to only be pulled roughly back and on top of him. She held her breath as she spread her legs and allowed him to enter his thick cock into her again -- this time she found it a little easier than before.

Joey climbed onto the table and stood in front of her. He grasped the back of her head and guided her mouth to his cock.

Preoccupied with the first two, she lost track of John. But when she left something pressing against her exposed and spread ass she wasn't exactly surprised.

"Nnnngggh...!" was the only protest Barbara could make as his cock slowly penetrated her virgin asshole. Her mind raced between panic and ecstasy as she realized that she had cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass.

With a slow steady rhythm, the three men began fucking her; they fucked her as a team. Trish cheered them on, occasionally pinching, sucking or twisting Barbara's nipples.

It wasn't long before they were each pounding or stroking her as hard as they could. And it wasn't long before Barbara realized that she was actually enjoying this absolute and complete fucking.

"Mmmmph....! Mmmmmmph...!" Barbara moaned as she felt the orgasm building. She hoped that John would let her cum this time and not pull out like before.

"You wanna cum now, bitch?" he snapped. "Good! We're gonna make you cum and cum hard!"

And she did.

Barbara came so hard that she almost passed out; she came so hard that tears welled up and ran down her cheeks. She wanted nothing more than to cum again.

The three men fucked and pounded her for another 20 minutes or so, until almost as a team, they each started to cum. Tank was first, then Joey and then John. None of them pulled out and blasted their respective loads into her mouth, ass and pussy.

They each withdrew and let her limp body fall into a sweaty, cum-filled heap on the pool table, where she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Barbara thought she heard hand-slaps, laughter and someone saying: "I think we're done here."

When she was finally aware of her surroundings, the house was silent and she was alone. She pulled her sore and still tingling body from the pool table as cum continued to ooze from her ass and pussy. She gathered her robe and climbed the stairs.

Her "guests" had all left, but not before drinking the rest of her beer and helping themselves to a bottle of her best rum. Empty beer bottles littered the kitchen counter, along with the rum (almost empty) and 4 used shot glasses.

Raising the bottle of rum to her lips, Barbara smiled and wondered when they'd all come back for some more "fun".

Next to the small mess was a book -- a high school year book. It was the year book for the 1990 class of the school where she'd once taught Social Studies; the same school where the "football scandal" she'd exposed had occurred.

The book was turned to the team's group picture with three players circled and their name's highlighted -- Quarterback John Tolbert, Guard Lewis "Tank" Jenkins and Fullback Joey O'Neil. Taped beneath the photo was a handwritten note: "You fucked us -- so we fucked you back! Bitch!"

Barbara almost gagged on the mouthful of rum.

She never saw or heard from them again.

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