tagNon-EroticPaying Rent Ch. 04

Paying Rent Ch. 04


Going Home

Sherry turned and threw her arms around he husband Dean. "Honey, thank you so much. I know that we will be 'So' happy."

Dean kissed her neck, and echoed her feelings, "I think so too baby."

On the other side of the door, Troy smiled and began his walk, up the street, to his home. His mind was a whirl, with all of this new information. He had read about the D/S, and BDSM, lifestyles for many years. He had always considered himself to be naturally dominant, and he so wanted to pursue these activities, in his life.

Loving his wife, as he did, he had pushed all of these desires down deep and tried to find other interests. Smiling he remembered several articles he had read about masters and slaves. Until now he hadn't fully, or perhaps, really understood them.

Many of these informational articles explain the dynamics of the Dominant and submissive relationship. The relationship with his wife had never turned into the D/S lifestyle that he had dreamed of. It was so simple; he could never lead, because she was unwilling to let him.

The stories were all true, and this was literally falling into his lap. Sherry and Dean wanted him to lead, and own them. They trusted him implicitly. They wanted him to make every decision for them. And in return, he felt over whelming responsibility and obligation for the privilege of having them in his life.

That, in every essence, is the very living and loving definition of a true and correct Master, and Slave, relationship.

As he arrived at his home, rather than going inside, he walked around, and into the backyard. Finding a nice green spot, he laid down on the lawn. Closing his eyes, he tried to collect his thoughts and prioritize his next actions.

In some ways, he was troubled by the moral implications. Growing up, Religion had always played an important roll in his life. In fact, his personal relationship with God and his devotion to his Savior are the very factors that kept him married.

Lying there, he contemplated those that could or would be hurt in the coming situation. The most obvious victim would be his wife, Joan. If she discovered their arrangement and then did not approve, or was unwilling to join them, surely she would be hurt.

Of coarse, he and Joan's children, as well as Dean and Sherry's kids would be devastated to learn of this depravity. Other than these people, he was hard pressed to find anyone that would care very much at all.

His thoughts bounced back and forth, from one idea to the next. Just moments ago, his closest friends had given him one of the most exciting sexual experiences he had ever had. The thought and the opportunity, of owning another human being was intoxicating, the responsibility over whelming.

Returning to the moral issue, and being a bit blasphemous, he wondered how closely this came to God's perspective. He reasoned that it is when we give ourselves to our God, then he has the power to bless our lives.

Dean and Sherry had just turned their lives over to him, and in so doing; he now had the opportunity to bless their lives. He now had the responsibility to care for his friends. And in return, they would bring him great pleasure. He hoped it would be mutual pleasure.

Making several mental notes, he went inside to make some calls and arrange for some of the coming changes.

His wife Joan arrived home about an hour later. He met her at the door with a kiss. They sat down in the front room and he carefully laid out his plans, to have Dean and Sherry come live with them. He explained about their savings, their daughter, and their poor history with money.

Troy also explained about Dean helping him with the rental houses, and about his handling all of their money. He went on to tell Joan about a couple of changes that they would have to make in the home, so that each couple could have some sense of privacy.

Joan listened carefully and lovingly. She wasn't to 'thrilled' to have someone move in on them. However, she to loved Dean and Sherry, so, for them, and her husband, she would make the best of it.

Troy also pointed out that Sherry would be happy to help with the chores, of keeping the house clean and comfortable.

Together, the two of them decided that they could keep most of the furniture down stairs, because Dean and Sherry had old and beat up furniture. So the only thing they would need to do immediately, was to buy a queen size bed for them, and set-up the door down to the basement, so that it could be locked from ether side, for privacy.

They had a nice quiet dinner, discussing their life, living with their friends. After dinner Joan ask if Troy wanted to have sex. This was very unusual, but Troy happily accepted and they had nice, simple, uncomplicated, straight, missionary position, sex, and then sleep.

In the days and weeks that followed things happened rather quickly. Dean's retirement took effect in about two months. It was decided to have them move in a little less than a month from the time Dean had made his strange proposition.

Dean and Sherry had signed everything over to Troy. Their finances were not as bad off as they could have been. It turned out to be necessary to appear before an arbiter; Dean and Sherry both verbally and in writing chose to be classified as incompetent and dysfunctional.

The arbiter protested Troy's decision to take on the responsibility of this couple. He had run into Dean and Sherry before, and he knew of their financial problems. They had appeared before him a couple of times, and he had even put Sherry in the county lock-up for thirty days, because of bounced checks.

Troy explained that it had been many years since their check problems. He loved them, and believed that he could handle the problems that this 'burden' would create. Troy also assured the judge/arbiter, that he would not be seeing them again.

Troy Brown was awarded the custody and guardianship of Dean and Sherry Marsh. The additional papers were easy, he was granted power of attorney, and the different wills and insurance forms were filled out and filed.

The day that Dean and Sherry moved in, Joan cooked a big dinner and they all enjoyed a nice quiet celebration. Things moved smoothly, life was good, and the couples began to mesh in their home.

Dean and Sherry were both beginning to loose a little weight and they both looked and felt better than ever. Dean completed his responsibilities at his work, and upon his retirement, received and unexpected four thousand dollars bonus. Which Dean promptly handed over to Troy with a smile.

Troy took some of the money and had Dean help him to install hidden cameras throughout the basement apartment. He also enhanced his computer and set it up so that it would record their activities. Later, if he chose to, he could burn anything he wished, to a DVD.

There had been a few 'snags' along the way. Joan had gone down stairs, unannounced the second day that they were living there. Both Dean and Sherry were naked, (as instructed) Joan screamed and ran back up stairs.

Sherry had dressed and gone upstairs to try and smooth things over. Joan refused to let her into the kitchen to talk. Sherry finally gave up and slowly returned to the basement. They didn't know what to do, so they just did as they had been instructed, and undressed and prepared for Troy's return from work.

When Troy got home, his wife was waiting for him in the driveway. She jumped in his car and told him to drive away quickly. She told him the whole story and said that she just couldn't live with perverts bellow her.

Troy was able to smooth things over, and convince her that they were the same people that they knew and loved. He even added, that it would be really nice if she would spend more time naked. It was just them now, with the kids gone, what was she saving it for? They were both able to laugh and she conceded that he was probably right. She would try to lighten up.

Troy and Dean rigged up a small 'alarm', for the door at the top of the stairs. It would give a small audible beep, they hoped that would give them time to pull a robe on and be ready for any unannounced visitor.

Troy also bought them each a 'short' robe, they were to use this to sit on, and then quickly pull it on when surprised. They all hoped that this would work and appease Joan. Troy also hoped that he would be able to loosen her up a little and see that this was 'normal' and fun.

Not long after, while Troy was standing, his legs spread astride of Dean, who lay prostrate, face up. Between them, Sherry sat on Dean's face while he ate out her cunt and asshole, and she sucked Troy's cock clean. He had chosen this moment to tell them that he was sending them on a vacation.

They each finished their duties, and then took their 'normal' positions, Dean and Sherry, holding hands standing before their seated master. The excitement almost palatable, they remained dutifully silent, as Troy explained that he had arranged a weeklong vacation/celebration/retirement trip for them.

It was the remainder of Dean's retirement money. All expenses were already taken care of, including tips and gratuities. They would be treated very well, on their trip. He also instructed them, that they were to keep up all of their daily routines, including their shaving, exercise, journal writing, and all other assigned duties.

Dean and Sherry were overjoyed. They had not expected anything like this. Truly, they had made a wise decision, in turning their lives over to their friend. There was no way that they could have ever taken a trip, or gone on any kind of vacation.

The couple knelt in front of Troy, and each, in turn; ask if they could please service him in any way. Troy smiled and told them, that they already had pleased him very much.

As Joan and Troy drove up the interstate after having just dropped Dean and Sherry off, at the airport, Joan ask Troy to please pull over. Troy signaled to leave the freeway and ask what she needed. "We need to talk." She stated calmly.

Pulling into an I-Hop parking lot, Troy threw the car into park, shut it off, turned to his wife, and said, "Fire away baby." In the mean time, his mind had raced to think of all of the possibilities. What could she need? What had she discovered? Why was she upset?

"Do you enjoying having Dean and Sherry living with us?" Joan began.

"Well, Yes." Taking her hand Troy added. "Is there something wrong?"

"No not really." She hesitated, "I just thought that I knew them."

"What do you mean?"

"They're just more sexual than I ever would have thought."

Troy smiled. "What on earth do you mean?"

"Well, you know that I caught them naked that one time."

Troy nodded in agreement, and Joan continued.

"Well, since then I know that they are running around down there naked and just pull a robe on when I come down."

"Is that a problem?" Troy ask, with a smile.

"No. It is their home. But why would someone want to run around naked all of the time? And especially people our age."

Troy laughed out loud. "Lots of people like it. I've been trying to get you to do it for years."

"I know." Joan interjected.

"Many people think it's natural and even rejuvenating." Looking her in the eye, Troy ask, "Is that what's bothering you?"

"That, and I'm just not sure how I feel." Shaking her head in confusion. "They just do things differently."

"What do you mean?"

"Their not wrong, just different, and I'm not use to it."

"Like what?" Troy queried.

"I know that you like the naked thing. You've been after me for years."

"Damn right woman! You are too good looking to cover it all up."

"Thank you, but you know that I don't feel good about my body." Joan added sorrowfully. "But they seem, even happy living in our basement."

"Yes, I believe that they genuinely are happy with us." Said Troy thoughtfully.

"Last week," She paused, clearly embarrassed. "Last week I went down to talk to Sherry, I've forgotten what about. But she had the music playing really loud, and as I came down the stairs I could hear her singing along."

"Yes, well that sounds pretty normal to me?" Troy questioned.

"You don't understand." Joan continued. "When I got down there, she was on her hands and knees, facing away from me."

"And?" Troy gently prodded.

"And she was vacuuming the hallway."

"And?" Troy prodded.

"And she was naked, on her hands and knees, and she had this thing in her bottom."

Troy smiled, he remembered giving her those orders, but he had no idea that Joan had discovered her. "Was there anything else?"

"She had something on her ankles and a bar between them, keeping her feet apart."

"Well, I'll give you that, that is kind of weird, but isn't that really up to her?" Troy smiled again. He could see the confusion in his wife's eyes.

Joan paused a minute, before gathering her thoughts and continuing, "I know that you've always wanted me to play those kind of sex games."

"Yes I have baby." Said Troy.

"I've always hated the idea."

Troy nodded; she hadn't made any secret about that. "So, what's your point?"

"Give me a minute." She said with a little anger in her voice. Pulling her hand free of Troy's she went on, "She just seemed really happy about the whole situation."

Troy nodded again, "So what is the problem? If she is happy about it, why rock the boat?"

"I've just never thought that you could be happy doing such degrading things."

"Maybe, for her, there's more to it than just the act it's self."

"What do you mean?" questioned Joan.

"Maybe, it's about serving, and bringing pleasure to someone else."

"I guess that you could be right. There is a curtain joy, or fulfillment, in helping others. Is that what it's like?"

Troy's mind was a whirl, this could be great, or this could be the beginning of the end. "Partially, but some people also like to be humiliated, or held down, or restricted in some way. It leaves them free to just be themselves, while they serve another."

"You mean, with no consequences for their actions?"

"Yes, but it's more complicated than just that. Some people just like others to decide for them, even if it brings different, or sometimes unwanted consequences."

"I don't think that I could ever give anyone that kind of control over me." Joan stated flatly.

"I know." Said Troy, looking her directly in the eye. "That's why we have had problems, getting along sexually." Looking down, "I think that it comes down to trust."

"Hold on a minute! I trust you." Joan shot back.

"I'm just saying, that some people that can live this way, are physically showing a very high level of trust. Wouldn't you agree with that?"

Joan paused a moment. She was gathering her thoughts, this was kind of making cense. "So you believe that Sherry has that kind of 'trust' in her husband?"

"Yes I do." Troy nodded.

"And you think that she likes doing any weird or sexual thing that he can think of?"

"Yes I do." Troy smiled.

"And you wish that I was more like her, in that area?"

"Yes I do." Said Troy, but quickly added, "But I love you ether way. I know that you aren't comfortable giving me that kind of control."

Joan looked out the window, at the restaurant. "You know she's not just that way for Dean." She stopped, and looked to Troy to see his reaction. He was genuinely shocked, and didn't know how to respond. Joan smiled and enjoyed Troy's confusion. "Nothing sexual, she just wants to do everything and anything for me."

"Is that a problem?" Ask Troy.

"No. It's just been hard to get use to. She is always trying to help out around the house. She is always asking me what she can do to make my life easier." Joan smiled; she knew how Troy would respond.

Troy, not wanting to let his wife down, smiled and answered back, "Boy," with extreme sarcasm, "I can see why that would bother you." Holding back a laugh, "Should we call the Police or something? You know if this gets out, people everywhere will be doing things for each other." Then he let the laugh out. As the two of them giggled in the car, Troy added, "Maybe we should have Dean punish her for wanting to help you."

Then smiling even more, "Or better yet, maybe you should punish her for wanting to help you?" Joan stopped laughing.

"No! I don't want to go there."

"O.K." Said Troy, as he settled down. He was hoping that this would move quickly, but he knew that was asking too much. "So what kind of things is she offering you, that you are uncomfortable with?"

"Nothing bad, or even sexual. She has just gotten a little more personal than I'm comfortable with."

"Like what then?" Troy ask, with sincere curiosity.

"The normal things, like help around the house."

"And that makes you uncomfortable?" Troy grinned slyly.

"No. But she has offered to wash my hair, and give me a massage."

"You would probably enjoy both of those things."

"She also offered to give me a manicure and a pedicure."

"Well, again, you would probably enjoy getting those things, wouldn't you?" Troy ask.

"I would enjoy them, but I'm just not comfortable being touched so intimately." She answered, now looking down at the seat.

"Maybe, just maybe, it's part of who Sherry is, to serve and help others. Isn't that a wonderful trait? Don't you wish that everyone wanted to help and please each other?"

"I guess so." Joan said quietly.

"I think that the next time she offers to do things for you, you should let her. If it's a terrible experience, you can always refuse the next time. What's the worst thing that could happen? You enjoy it and want more?" Troy suggested.

"Maybe your right. I'm sure they just want to help out, because they're living here. Who knows, I might really like being waited on." Joan smiled.

"Are we alright then baby?"

"Yes, Thank you for listening to me. It's just new to me."

"No problem." Troy smiled, as he started the car and headed back toward home. "Besides honey, with them gone for a week, I want you to try being naked for me. O.K. Baby?"

"I guess I could try it, for a while." Joan said, as she slid over next to him on the seat, and then laid her head on his shoulder.

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