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Paying the Cost


The day had ground her down into the bed she was comfortably laying in. The soft pillow caressed her golden light hair as her blue eyes were closed in what would have been a perfect position for sleep. That is if she wasn't in that weird state of mind where fatigue and awareness collided, which made it difficult to concentrate on one or the other. The never ending war kept her mind firmly in place while the softness of the pillows and the foam of the mattress tried desperately to pull her conciseness into the easiness of sleep.

Finally the mind had won the battle. As she laid there in the comfort of her hotel room, she began to let her thoughts roam freely as the rabbits tend to do in any field. Playful and full of life, not concentrating on the dangerous movements that could occur if one allowed it to. She first started with work, and how the travel of being a lecturer had slowly began to wear her down. Constantly moving around from hotel to hotel, never feeling that safety of cup of coffee made in her coffee pot. Or the sounds of the house bustling around her, her husband touching her in his sleep. Oh how she missed his arms wrapped around her. And the controlled chaos of the house moving around with kids doing this or that, the soft high pitched yelp of the puppy that was chasing the kinds from room to room, mistaking their hurried last second dash to the room for that book they forgot to take to school, for a fun adventure filled run through the safe domain, wondering if the children had a surprise waiting for her in the room. She missed her little princess puppy.

And that brought her back to her husband for the third time. Although not the world's sexiest man, he did have a rugged handsomeness that was founded in his cheeks, and worked lower. He was average build and pale as a Scotsman in deep winter. She loved the way he held her in his arms, kissed her temples, gently rubbed her back. She missed his sometimes clumsy, but endearing ways to seduce her. His laughter was more than infectious, and she could feel the love for him slowly burning inside of her again, which raised other thoughts as well.

Grudgingly she turned her head to see what time it was. The bright red numbers looking back at her told her how much she should hate them. It felt like it was midnight, only to be told it was nine thirty. She thought maybe he would be awake, and longed for his voice. She picked up her cell and hit the call button. Four short rings later his voice came on telling anyone who wanted to buy advertising to leave a message and he would return it as soon as possible. She left a short message, but a deep heart felt one. She then asked herself the inevitable question, now what?

She padded to the bathroom of the hotel and went into the bathroom. The hotel offered a few amenities, and maybe she should take advantage of them she thought as she started her shower. The hot rain hit her skin sending little pricks of pleasure into her muscles, and at times she felt like her being. She stood there, hot water draining away the stress, and the hormones her husband made her feel became more rampant. She smiled to herself as she thought about how lucky she was to have a man who could make her smile without even being there with her, and more incredibly after the time they had invested in each other.

She felt her arousal beginning to float through her, starting at her inner most places and moving through her belly, and in to her mind. Her thoughts became more and more sensual, and the longing the wanting became deeper still. The hunger began to grow, and as much as she craved release it just wasn't the same without her mate to be there with her. So reluctanltly she stopped the rain and climbed out of the shower. She felt more relaxed but yet more tense. She wished she had something to take her mind off of things.

She began to look around the room for something, anything, that would redirect her mind. There was not much in the way of furnishings, but the room was comfy. She opened the nightstand drawer and found it to be vastly empty. She went over to the fridge only to find that there wasn't much in there either. She began running through the checklist of things that were offered at the hotel that could be useful. She couldn't settle on anything and that's when she saw it, a small flier attached to her copy of the rooms check in information. The yellow paper stood out against the whiteness of the room charter that was pleasing and very subtle. She picked up both pieces of paper and looked at the yellow one with a growing interest. As she read it, she became more intrigued and the better it sounded. It was a coupon for twenty percent off of a massage from a licensed therapist. The idea was calling to her.

Of course if she did such a thing she would demand a woman to massage her, especially seeing as the ad indicated that her masseuse would come to her room for her. Her one hesitation was that the company that provided the massage was not directly incorporated with the hotel, but if the hotel and thought they were unrepeatable, she was sure they wouldn't have attached the coupon. She stared at the number for a long time, picked up her phone, and stared at it some more. There was nervousness in side of her that almost was saying this could be wrong. Finally she gave in and dialed.

For some reason she was surprised when the woman answered the phone. The ladies voice was deep and not pleasant to listen too. After the introduction she stated that she would like to receive a massage, and she had her coupon. The other lady was kind, but straight forward. She said there would be an additional charge for the lateness of the appointment and that her masseuse would be there shortly.

She cut in before the receptionist could hang up, specifically asking for a woman to do the massage. The receptionist assured her that her safety was taken in to consideration, and that her request would be met. After hanging up, she felt nervous, almost queasy. She had never done anything like this. Such a gamble, such as inviting a complete stranger in to touch her was a completely foreign idea to her. She almost picked the phone up and canceled several times. She had the phone in her hand and had her finger ready to hit the call button when a knock came at her door.

The moment of truth was at hand, would she let this woman come in and release the tension of this day, or would she chicken out. In that second thought it dawned on her that she could be missing out on so much if she wasn't so afraid all the time. Another loud knock disturbed her thought, and without thinking more on it she reached out and grabbed the handle of the door. As it swung open she almost closed it again.

Before her stood a man, a little shorter than herself with piercing green eyes and a very warm smile. His goatee was a fiery red color and his smile was broad. He wasn't built, but seemed like he had a solid frame. When he reached out to shake her hand, she was surprised at how loose his grip was.

"Hello, I'm Fredrick, nice to meet you, are you ready for your massage?" he said to her in a quick and somewhat accented tone. She couldn't figure out what it was, but she knew she was upset.

"I'm sorry, I know you came up here and all but I asked for a female masseuse. I'm sorry but I cannot let you in."

Fredrick paused for a second and then his smile returned.

"No problem. I will just inform them you refused service and it will be added to your bill. Have a nice night mam." He said and turned to go

"What? What do you mean it will be charged to my bill?"

"Well, I have been delivered to your room, for a massage, that you are now refusing. So I'm afraid that I have to add a delivery fee, as well as a canceled appointment fee, plus...."

"Alright, you can massage me, just no funny business."

"Of course, my lady. I am a true professional. Why don't you get comfortable, and I shall wait in the bathroom until you call for me." With that he walked into the bathroom, and shut the door.

She couldn't believe that she was about to let a stranger, let alone a man, touch her naked body. She walked over to the bed and laid face down her head kind of off the bed, she could feel the edge pushing against her throat. She shimmed her robe off her shoulders, and down to the small of her back. She felt that was enough exposure, and then called for Fredrick. He came out of the bathroom, carrying oils, and scents that were already pleasing to her senses. He had removed his coat, and long sleeved shirt and now had on a black tank top. He walked over to her quietly and with purpose. He knelt down so that he could look her in the eye.

"So what areas have been giving you the most trouble?" he asked, as he looked into her eyes. For a moment she was speechless. This man reminded her of her beloved back home in so many ways. She had totally forgotten the question as her belly began to get warm again.

"I take it by your silence that you need a lot of tension relief. I am here for just that. Close your eyes, and enjoy."

With that, he grabbed one of the oil bottles, and began to warm the oil in his hands. His hands were surprisingly strong, and he touched her in a very respectful manner. He started in soft circular strokes on her back working her knots around her spine and shoulder blades. It felt weird to her to have someone touching her in this manner, but soon her defenses were worn down and she began to relax a little.

As she felt herself giving into the pleasure of his hands, she began to feel the fire reignite. The warm sensation in her lower areas began to expand and she began to lose focus of what was going on. His hands hit her robe covered area, and a small moan escaped her lips. It caught her so off guard her eyes came open, but as soon as his hands retreated back up to the small of her back, she closed them again. She felt his hands were made from God himself as the tension and stress melted away. Her back felt as though all the cares of the world had been taken off of her, and placed into the ocean.

His hands left her body for a few moments to reapply more oil, and then she felt his hands on her feet. She had not even noticed him move down that direction she was so lost in the feeling of pleasure he was sending through her. His touch was strong and electric. Her feet felt the sting of stress fallowed by the release of pressure. This man was gifted. And he shared his gift with her openly as he began to work her calves, and then her knee joints. One moan then another rolled out of her, but this time there was no shock, no guilt, and no tension. Just shear animalistic pleasure. Then his hands found her thighs. Just the outside, but enough to make her squirm a little.

"Do you find this pleasing?" he asked. The room had been so quiet that it sounded like he had shouted it at her, but in reality it had been lower than normal speech. She didn't even have to answer, just moved her hips a little. He took that as a sign that she needed a little more attention further north, but her robe covered that portion of her. He moved his attention to the slightest hint of the side of her thigh as he asked his next question

"Would you be opposed to me moving your robe so that I could access your hips, and glutes?"

She hesitated for just the briefest of seconds. That almost felt like crossing a line, but at the same time he was providing a service she had requested. She finally justified it to herself that if she was the one who removed the robe form its place, that he hadn't in fact undressed her, and then it seemed more professional. She reached behind her and grabbed the edge of the robe and slid it to the floor. She thought she heard him suck in his breath at the sight of her naked. She often had thought her butt may be one of her best assets, and he had kind of confirmed that for her. She closed her eyes and smiled again.

After a few seconds, she felt his hands return to her body. The was working her hip and slowly moving towards her glute. Part of her was burning to feel that touch inthat location and he must have sensed that, for he stopped rubbing her hip, and moved to the other one. But instead of walking around the bed, he simply reached over her to reach the other hip, causing his chest to rub against her lower back and butt.

As he worked her hip, she began to swing them in rhythm if his strokes, telling herself that he was strong and that he was moving her. He slowly moved around her glutes working her back, then her hip, her thigh, her other hip, and finally it happened. He took one long stroke with both hands and began working her butt much to her delight. She bit her lip as the sensations sent wave after wave of sheer excitement through her. She couldn't believe that she had let this man do all of this to her without even a peep. He turned his body so that his hips were near her head, and that allowed him to stroke her back in long pushes and pulls. His hip bumped her head in once such movement.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Are you ok? "

"Oh I'm fine, and more than ok." She replied half dazed from the heat in her body. Then he said something that totally caught her off guard.

"You know, I can relieve your tension in other ways as well, if you would be interested. Of course there would be a fee, but I promise you it would be worth it."

His hands were still moving on her back, and his hips were almost directly in front of her as she cocked her head sideways and looked at him.

"What exactly are you implying?"

"Nothing really. Just that I could give you a treatment that would help erase all of your tension in a quick amount of time. I guarantee results." He was so cavalier as he talked to her, like he was telling her what the weather would be like tomorrow.

"Are you really telling me you would have sex with me for money?" was all she could say. She couldn't believe that he had actually suggested this. In the feeling of confusion and disgust for what he had just said to her, there had always been a secret longing for just that. Paying a man to do what she desired, to be pleased and not care about what he needed, and for whatever reason, this secret yearning realized this maybe opportunity knocking.

"I never said that. I said that I would be willing to provide you with a service for a fee. I'm sorry I offended you, please forget I said anything. And for the record, any man would be lucky to make love with you for free."

"I'm not offended, just a little taken back by your offer. Exactly how much would it cost me for this special treatment?" She asked as she laid her head back down. he moved his hips to that he was straddling her head with either leg as he stroked her back ,and worked her shoulders from this position.

"I'm pretty negotiable on that part. I would do it for a hundred for the total relaxation of your body. I guarantee it would be worth your time and money."

"And what if you cannot deliver that my body would be totally relaxed by the end of it?"

"Then I would give you a full refund of services rendered." His strokes had gotten more shallow, and when she looked up his crotch was a mere inches from her face. She was on fire, and needed to be unleashed. She said nothing as she brought her arms above her head and grabbed each of his legs. She had one last moment of reservation. And she didn't know if she could go through with this. As she was thinking this, he took one very long stroke and his pelvis grazed her face and immediately her reservations disappeared.

She brought he hands up to the fastening of his shorts and soon the button released. He stopped, as she fumbled with the zipper. It came down about the same time his hand was tangled in her golden mane. His shorts dropped to the ground, and there before her was his manhood, semi hard and looking delicious. She had to taste him. She grabbed his legs and pulled him closer.

"Just so you know, I'm doing this to further guarantee that you will live up to your promise. My total satisfaction will be met."

With that she opened her mouth and snaked her tongue out to lick his shaft. He was velvety with a hint of salt and sweat. She heard him moan as she ran her tongue up and down him. As she reached the tip she looked up at him, and was kind of shocked to see him meet her gaze. While still looking at him, she took him in her mouth. It was he who broke that initial eye lock as the pleasure she was giving was now too much for him. She closed her eyes and focused on the task at hand. She sucked a little and began a slow bob towards his pelvis. His size was very nice, not too small, but not so big she would be in any danger for chocking or gaging, as long as she didn't get too adventurous. She began to pull off of him and then took him back into her mouth. She felt the power of this began to build in her, as here she was sucking a man off who had agreed to fulfill her for money. She was so hot all the ice in the world would not have cooled her off. He was pulling her head by her hair, wanting more, and faster. She obliged and began to pick up her rhythum. She caressed his friends that were hanging just below her mouth, and took him out so she could re lick his shaft. She then began to suck on him more, and faster, deeper. Her fervor was intense and she wanted to taste his essence. His hips were now pumping into her mouth as she met each of his strokes with her bobbing. Soon she felt the first sign of his climax, and she steeled herself. She knew it would be happening quickly. She kept up her pace, and he kept his. Then she was rewarded for her efforts. His essence was unloaded into her mouth and quickly found its way into her throat. She swallowed quickly to try and keep up with his stream. Soon his convulsions slowed, and his was the face of a man spent. She wiped away the little excess that had dripped on to her lip and chin. "Ok so, now my turn." She said as she flipped around on the bed so that her feet were pointed at him.

"You have a promise to fulfill. Let's see how you do"

His gaze was one of hunger and challenge. He leaned forward and kissed her foot, the then other one. His tongue snuck out of his mouth to find her calf, which he glided all the way up to her thigh. He stopped there to gently suck on it, and nibble.

"Careful, I do have a husband to go home to tomorrow; who might kill us both if he knew what was going on here."

His nibbling ceased, and he switched over to her other leg. He again began kissing her thigh and worked his way down her leg to her ankle. Then he began to retraced her leg, and even went beyond the hot mound of passion that burned in her. He kissed her abdomen, her sides, and even went so far as to nibble on her rib cage. He then began working his way back down her, stopping to tease her belly button.

Tease may not be the best way to describe it, as he began to give her a preview of what would happen later by working her button. He licked and sucked in such a way she almost came just from that. He then began to work his way down in a straight line towards her honeypot. Then the pleasure just erupted, as he gave her one little swift lick. He followed that with another, and a few more. Soon he was licking her clit with a hunger she found to be better than drugs. She arched her back as the first of many orgasms hit her. He wouldn't relent as she had her second, followed quickly by her third.

His mouth pulled off of her clit, and she felt the soft sucking of his mouth on her outer lips. She moaned loudly and soon his tongue pushed past her lips to her inner mouth. She arched her back again as she was not ready for that dipping of the tongue. He then began to shift form her honey, to her clit, and back again. That is when she felt his fingers getting ready to penetrate her. His mouth moved up to her clit, as his finger hooked around her pelvic bone and constantly hit her g spot. The fireworks exploded in her head as he continuously sent her time and time again to that place of complete shock and ecstasy. Finally she could not take anymore.

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