tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPaying the Debt Ch. 02

Paying the Debt Ch. 02


I will just start where I left off in the first story about my sister-in-law Sherri. The conversations may not be exactly word for word but I'm sure they are close. I could never forget all the great things that have happened. I am probably the luckiest guy in the world.

When I got home that first day of exposing Sherri I was very aroused. I tried to calm myself down before my wife got suspicious. I took a shower and decided I needed to call Sherri and tell her how much fun I had had. When she answered the phone I told her I couldn't have asked for a better day.

She was silent on the other end and finally said, "I'm glad you are happy but I have mixed feelings about it."

I wanted to talk to her in person about it and told her I'd come over in the morning. "Call me in the morning and if Jill answers, say that your bathroom is leaking again."

She was a little slow but finally said, "OK."

My wife Jill, asked who I had been talking to and I told her Sherri. I wanted to see if the leak was ok. I told her "I wouldn't be surprised if the whole plumbing would have to be changed out as it was in poor condition. And it will probably cost quite a bit of money."

Jill knew Sherri didn't have that kind of money and said, "Maybe you can help her out."

I pretended I wasn't excited about that prospect and complained about it taking alot of my spare time and that I really didn't like plumbing work. She said, "I know it isn't your responsibility but it wouldn't hurt you to help her out."

I was still excited about the days activities and when we went to bed I practically raped my wife. I shot my first load very quickly and told her if she would try to get me hard again I'd really show her a good time. She immediately started playing with my cock and went down on me and sucked me back hard in no time. That really excited me as Jill will give me a blow job but it is usually hard to talk her into it. She really does a good job at sucking my cock but pretends she doesn't like it. She always gets more sexual and has a hard orgasm after we have oral sex. We really had a good fuck and I lasted a long time and brought her to a good orgasm.

The next morning we were eating breakfast and the phone rang. My wife answered it and turned smiling at me and said, "It's for you." When I started to take it from her she covered up the mouthpiece saying, "Be nice and remember she doesn't have anybody to help her."

It was Sherri and she told me she was calling as I had told her to do. Jill went into the living room and I told Sherri that I would be over shortly. I said softly, "You know what to wear right?"

There was a silence on the phone and then a simple "Yes."

My wife came back in smiling at me. "Already leaking again, huh?"

I said, "Yes, I was afraid it wouldn't hold," as I finished my breakfast.

When I stood up to leave she hugged me real tight and looked into my eyes smiling a big smile said, "I have been thinking about it and if you were to be nice to Sherri, that might prompt me to be extra nice to you.

I raised and lowered my eyebrows a few times saying "You mean giving me a wild sexy weekend away from home and do anything I ask you to do?"

She smiled up at me and said, "I sure hope Sherri appreciates what I'm about to do for her." "Yes, I'll do anything your perverted little mind can cook up."

I decided to push my luck and told her that it could be a big job and that I thought I deserved to be compensated with atleast eight sexy weekends. We had fun dickered back and forth and finally agreed on five sexy weekends where she had to do anything I asked her to do. In the past I had tried to get her to expose herself and did get her to ride in the car exposing her tits a few times but she always said she didn't like it. I know she really did but wouldn't admit it so she refuse to do it anymore. Also, a couple of times I had teased her while we were having sex about getting two or three big dicked guys to help me satisfy her. She always told me to quit talking like that. One time though, when I said I was going to take her on a sexy weekend getaway and invite nine or ten big dicked guys up to the room and let them ravage her sexy body all night long, she said, "You better watch what you ask for, I might try it and like it, then what would you do?"

She was trying to call my bluff, so I said, "Well, if you do then maybe we would go on more sexy weekend getaways." She pretended she could not believe what I had just said. Then she playfully hit me in the stomach with her fist and said, "I don't think I could do anything like that." That statement stayed with me. She didn't say she wouldn't do it, but that she didn't think she could do it. To me that left a possibility that maybe sometime if things were right, we might explore group sex. I kept it going saying, "Well, OK then, I'd just invite five or six."

She got that sexy look on her face that I've seen only a few time and said, "Like I already said, I don't think I could do anything like that." She hugged me and told me I kept her satisfied. I remember that night as being the best sex we ever had. I'm sure all the talk about letting several guys have sex with her was the reason.

Anyway, as we stood there that day holding each other, I told her I would make plans for the next weekend. She looked up at me telling me she could feel my cock getting hard. I just smiled at her. It was hard as nails. She took a deep breath saying, "OK, next weekend it is!"

I smiled to myself as I thought that her agreeing to go away for a sexy weekend knowing what I had proposed in the past meant one thing. She was willing to have sex with a stranger. Hopefully several strangers at the same time. I tried to back her towards the bedroom right then but she stopped me saying Sherri was waiting for me.

I left to go over to Sherri's to talk to her and couldn't believe my good luck. I had Sherri exposing herself for me and my wife agreeing to do anything I wanted so I would go over to Sherri's. When I got to Sherri's house I was pleased to see her in what must have been one of her daughter's old outfits. She had on a skin tight top that was stretched thin enough I could see her dark areolas and her nipples trying to poke holes through it. She had on a pleated type skirt that only came down about three inches below her pussy. I stood looking at her and told her I really liked her outfit. Again I could see her color deepen a little as I looked at her in the sexy little outfit. We talked and she didn't feel right about what we were doing. I told her not to worry about my wife and for her to realize that she was paying me back without spending a penny. She smiled and said "OK."

I told her we were going out in public again. She just stood there and smiled at me. We got into the truck and headed to the interstate again. I was glad I had thought to put my camera in the truck last night as I'm sure I would have forgotten with everything that had gone on that morning. I told her, "you have two choices, we can go to a park a few miles down the road and walk around exposing your sexy body and see what kind of mischief we can get into or go to the next rest stop on the interstate and walk around through all the trucks exposing your sexy body and see what kind of mischief we can get into." She wanted to know what I meant my mischief, and I told her we would have to play it by ear. She decided she felt better about going to the park, so we headed for the park.

On the way to the park I had her raise her top up above her tits and flip up her skirt in front exposing her bush. We passed eight trucks before we got to our turn off. I worked the camera into position and snapped several pictures of her exposing herself with a truck beside us. I was surprised she never noticed or if she did she never said anything.

It was such a turnon to see her exposed in public and flashing the truckers. I would reach over and squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples. I reached down and put my hand on her thigh and slid my hand up and down on her warm soft skin and pulled on her leg trying to get her open her legs a little. She must have thought I wanted her to move over and she proceeded to slide over in the seat next to me. I told her it was hard to tell how many lives she was saving by exposing her sexy body. She gave me this questioning look and I said, "Truckers drive long hours and get bored and tired and by you exposing your body to them I'm sure it pepped them up and gives them something to talk about for serveral miles down the road."

She smiled at me saying, "I never thought about it like that before."

As we drove up along side of the next truck she sat up a little straighter and turned slightly toward the passenger door giving the driver an unobstructed view of both her tits and bush. Between trucks I squeezed her tits and gently caressed them and then I would pinch her nipples between my thumb and first two fingers and roll the nipple and pull out on it. As we came up to the next truck I told her I wanted her to spread her legs and show him some pink. I slowed along side the cab to give him a show. He was already looking. I'm sure we were being talked about on the CB radio. She just sat there so I reached up and squeezed her right nipple and started pulling on it. I had to squeeze real tight to keep it from slipping out of my fingers as I put considerable pressure on it. Stretching it out as far as I could. She complained that I was hurting her. I said, "as soon as you spread your legs I will quit pulling." The driver was getting an eye full as I was determined to get her to show him her pussy, so I just kept driving along side of him. She spread her legs slightly but not enough. She realized I wasn't releasing the pressure and opened them a little more. I wanted her to spread them wide so I kept up the pressure. Finally she looked up at me and mouthed "OK" and slowly spread her legs wide apart. Her left knee was almost touching the dash and her right knee was against the back of the seat. I let the pressure off and gently massaged her nipple. Then removed my hand completely to give him a good look at her totally exposed sexy body. As I moved on ahead of the truck I felt her relax against me and say, "I can't believe I am doing this. A total stranger just saw more of me than I could imagine showing anyone."

I again squeezed her tit and said, "it is exciting isn't it?" She didn't say a word but she never moved either as I started up along side the next truck telling her to give a good show as we were about to our turn off.

"How can I give more of a show than I already am," she asked? I didn't say a word just drove along side the truck cab as the guy looked at her. I felt her move and saw her reach up and cup her tits and pull on her nipples as she looked at the driver. I smiled at myself as I knew she could do it.

I saw a sign showing the exit we wanted coming up and pulled on ahead of the truck and pulled up the off ramp. There was a convenience store just up from the inter-section so I told her to go in and get us some soda and chips and snacks for the park. She smiled as she put her clothes back in order. I followed her in but stayed a short distance away and watched her as she got our snacks. She saw me watching and smiled. Two guys about eighteen to twenty came in and when they saw her they about flipped out. I couldn't believe my eyes as Sherri looked at me and turned with her back to the guys and bent over straight legged to get a bag of chips off the bottom shelf. All three of us got a quick look at her bare pussy.

One of them said they had to talk to her so they walked up to her and asked her what her name was and she told them. They told her she was a sexy thing and really liked the clothes she had on. She blushed as she stood there with them looking her over. Finally one asked what she was up to. To my surprise she told them she was going to the park for a picnic. They told her they might see her there, grabbed a couple cokes and left.

I enjoyed the look on the cashiers face as I stood watching Sherri pay for our snacks. He couldn't help looking at her dark nipples poking throught the thin top.

When we went out and got into the truck I saw the two guys setting in their car talking to two other guys in another car. He was laughing and pointing our way. I knew he was telling them what they had seen in the store. I almost decided to skip the park and then out of couriosity I asked Sherri if she realized what she just did. She was so naive. She looked at me questioningly not understanding. I said, "You just told those guys we are going to the park." "I would say it is more than probable that we will see them there." "If you get gangbanged in the park, I'd say you wanted it."

She had this look of anticipation on her face as she said, "Maybe we should go somewhere else." I could tell by her actions that it excited her to think about the two guys coming to the park. I didn't tell her about them talking to two other guys and it's hard telling how many more. I told her it was up to her. "We can go to the park, which we are approaching or we can go to the next rest area. I"ll leave it up to you."

She sat there thinking and saw the park sign up ahead. "I don't know, we are already here. I guess we can stay here." It's a big park isn't it? I nodded yes and she said, "Maybe they won't come at all and if they do maybe they won't find us."

I just smiled, I was hard as a rock thinking about watching her getting fucked by several young strong bucks. I was sure if they came which I was sure they would, I wasn't going to make it to hard for them to find us. It dawned on me that Sherri probably needed a good fuck. After yesterday, I got my relief but she didn't and with todays activities she probably secretly wanted them to show up.

Will be continued.

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