tagLetters & TranscriptsPen Pal Letters Ch. 02

Pen Pal Letters Ch. 02


Hey David,

How goes it. Thanks for sharing your story about the callgirl. Did I ever tell you that I once considered becoming a callgirl myself? It probably wouldn't have worked out very well. I've never been good at customer relations and that business is extreme customer relations. I don't like customers.

You asked me if I'd ever been with a woman. The answer is yes, but it's complicated. Women are fun, but they don't exactly satisfy my sex drive.

I like having sex with women, but I don't consider myself a lesbian. I wouldn't really even classify myself as bisexual. I love men. I really, really love men. I love their arrogance and their confidence and their aggressive presence. I love the way they smell and the way they move. I love the feeling of their arms wrapped around me, almost crushing me in passion. I love their cocks. I love touching their cocks and stroking them and taking them into my body.

When a man has mounted me in the missionary position, I feel trapped beneath him. I feel helpless in his power as he stabs me over and over again with that masculine spear between his legs. I feel absolutely lost in him. My own identity seems to disappear as I become his.

Sex with women is something entirely different. It feels perfectly natural and wonderfully intimate, but I don't lose myself. It is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy with my best girlfriends. Maybe that's just me. It might be that my first female sexual relationship has coloured all my later encounters.

My first female sex partner was my older sister. We had a really good relationship. She was only a year older than I was and she was as eager for me to catch up to her as I was. Every new experience she discovered was immediately shared with me. I really do mean every experience.

When she was in college, she had a series of boyfriends. The only one she actually got serious about was Adam. She actually dated him for a full six months. To celebrate her nineteenth birthday, he took her out on a very special date. She told me later that he took her to a really nice restaurant just outside of town and then brought her to a teens-only nightclub where they danced until 11:00. For her birthday, our parents extended her curfew to 2:00 am. Adam took advantage of the time.

He had rented a nice hotel room and after they left the nightclub, he took her up to show her. She told me that he made love to her in the most romantic way she could have imagined. She had been in no real hurry to lose her virginity, but when he started touching her, she lost any desire to keep it.

She had enjoyed the experience so much, she wanted to share it with me immediately. I don't mean that she just wanted to tell me about it. She insisted that Adam recreate the entire date, but with me this time. She even paid for the hotel room herself.

I have to admit that I was scared to death by the prospect. I was just eighteen and very inexperienced for my age. Adam was a huge bulk of manhood and I was kind of on the little side. But he was gentle and kind and understanding. When it was all over, I didn't really feel I had lost anything. I had gained my own femininity.

From that point on, Adam was having regular sex with both of us. We were constantly comparing notes, describing what he had done that we liked and what we had done to him. We would invite him over on Saturday evenings. Adam was a young and healthy male and capable of speedy recovery. We took turns fucking him.

My sister always went first. For some reason, we both did it in my room. I would wait outside in the hallway while she and Adam did their thing. When they finished, she would sit and talk with him until he was ready to go again. Then she'd call for me. She would go downstairs and fix us all dinner while he fucked me.

One night, after her turn was over, she called me in, but refused to leave the room. She hadn't even bothered to get dressed. She wanted to watch, she told us. I was really nervous about that, but she insisted. Adam was nervous, too. He couldn't get an erection. By that time, I knew how to inspire him. I knew how to play with his cock and balls and get him aroused. Feeling that power I had was enough to get me aroused as well. I liked to look at his equipment as I played. Sometimes, I even kissed it.

My sister was amazed. She had never spent so much time fondling and carressing him. She'd never had to. She always went first. When he was fresh, all she had to do was undress and he'd be ready. I had to make a greater effort, not that I minded.

When I realized that I had finally done something before my sister, I played it up. I pretended to be an expert. I rubbed and stroked and licked and sucked. I had never actually put his cock in my mouth until that night that I tried to impress my sister. I didn't realize it, but I was tasting her fresh pussy on his cock. At that time, I didn't know what pussy tasted like.

It went further than I'd intended. In fact, it went further than I even thought possible. If I'd thought about it at all, I would have been firmly convinced that a man could only have his orgasm inside a woman's pussy. When Adam started moaning, I didn't even realize he was about to cum until the first thick blast of goo hit the roof of my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off him quick. I realized what was hapening and it startled me. Adam was still in the middle of his orgasm and several more shots of cum hit me in the face.

I had cum all over me. I could feel it on my cheeks and forehead and dripping off my nose. I could taste it in my mouth and feel it on my fingers. Adam was exhausted and out of breath.

My sister came up to me and started running her fingers through the mess on my face. I told her it tasted salty and she gave me a funny look. She made a face, but then brought her fingers up to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked one of her cum-covered fingers.

I don't know if she liked the taste, but Adam sure liked what he was seeing. A low moan came out of him and his cock started twitching again. My sister saw this and licked her finger again. She got up on all fours and moved up close and started licking my face, cleaning me with her tongue like a cat.

When she first started dating, she had practiced kissing on me, but it was a shock to feel her mouth on my face under these circumstances. I was even more surprised when she locked her lips to mine and pressed her tongue into my mouth. A huge glob of cum came with it.

She was in a playful mood. She crawled forward, pushing me onto my back. She had cleaned up all the cum from my face, but I had gotten some of it on my chest as well. She licked me like Adam sometimes licked me. She even sucked on my nipples.

She was pretending to be a guy now. She grabbed my legs like Adam did and pulled them open. She knew his motions well. Obviously, Adam fucked her the same way he fucked me. She pressed herself against me and started humping me. I was already aroused, but she was raising my temperature a little more. It felt really good.

Her hand went between my legs and her fingers started playing with me. This was again something we had both experienced with Adam. Her fingers went inside me and she started playing with my clit. She did things to me that even I couldn't do. She was masturbating me with the skills she had learned on herself.

She got up into a kneeling position. In a deep, fake man's voice, she told me to lick her and get her hot. I was having fun with the game and Adam was speechless, which was also fun, so I went along. I licked her pussy like I had licked Adam's cock. It was a little different. I found her clit with my tongue and she started moaning. I wanted to try and give her an orgasm. I wasn't sure if it was possible. I stuck my tongue into her slit and tasted Adam's cum yet again. I kept licking her, from the bottom of her pussy opening to the tip of her clit. When she came, she lost her balance and fell off the bed.

She is my loving sister, and she reciprocated the favour. Even after she broke up with Adam, we continued to have each other and the occasional shared boyfriend.

Gotta go get dinner, David. Tell me more about the callgirl.

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