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Linda arrived for her piano lesson at the usual time and was shown into the room where here lessons took place by her teacher. Miss Hartnell gave Linda a welcoming smile as always, and Linda reciprocated as she always did. She hadn't learned very much about playing the piano since she had started lessons three weeks before but she felt drawn to the lessons nevertheless. "Just like before Linda I want you to sit at the bench and watch the pendulum, so you can get into a nice rhythm before we begin." Linda saw Miss Hartnell pulled the pendulum back and once she released it she could not take her eyes off it. "Keep watching it Linda. Watch it go back and forth. Concentrate on it. Your eyes feel heavy Linda. So very heavy. The heavier they get the deeper you go into trance. The deeper you go into trance the more obedient you want to be. You want to do as you are told."

The eyes of the young woman drooped and fluttered. The first time Miss Hartnell had put her under she had taken more than half an hour. This fourth session was far quicker. The fluttering showed that deep within her there was a little resistance left, but it was now so weak that it only delayed the process by twenty seconds or so. "Your eyelids are now so heavy that you have to close them. You are now so very deep in trance. You are now so obedient to my voice. Doing what you are told to do makes you feel happy Linda. Now I am going to switch on the TV. Listen to the voice on the TV and do as you are told. From now on the voice you hear is the voice you cannot disobey. You will trust the voice completely and do whatever you are commanded."

Miss Hartnell switched on the TV and pressed the play button on a video before stepping out of the room. In the next room Miss Hartnell met with a Black woman in her forties. The woman looked very businesslike and eyed Linda through the one way mirror with a serious, yet fascinated expression. "I know you are good at this Miss Hartnell but are you sure that four times is enough?" She asked the question without taking her eyes off the eighteen-year-old on the other side of the glass. "I have been doing this for a very long time Mrs. Jones. I know when a subject is ready. Observe her." Linda heard Mrs. Jones' voice on the video and rose from her seat. She then took off every stitch of clothing and kneeled before the TV screen to observe what she had been commanded to watch. Linda's knees were parted and her hands were laid palms up on her thighs. Like the good slave she yearned to be her back was straight, allowing her 38c breasts to proudly jut out.

The Black woman could not see her recently shaven vagina but she could make out the black butt plug that Linda had taken to wearing over the past few weeks. "Well I suppose she seems ready. It's a lot of money to take a risk on it not working out though." Miss Hartnell gave a wry smile, "None of my customers have ever come back for a refund Mrs. Jones. You can be assured that her mind is tailored completely to your wishes." In the other room Linda saw her new Mistress and heard her talk. She already felt a burning desire to please her. "Does it bother you at all that this young white girl is going to become a slave to Black people?" Miss Hartnell shook her head, "I've conditioned women and girls to become all kinds of things. So long as the money is paid I have no reservations whatsoever. You want her to think of herself as inferior to you, just a piece of meat to serve you and others and to provide a source of income when you want. I see her in precisely the same way."

On the video she was shown domestic chores that she would have to perform around the house and how she was expected to act in order to be the perfect slave. Then the video went on to Mrs. Jones again, showing her dressed and naked. Linda saw every inch of her new Mistress and the more she saw the more she desired to worship that body and obey her voice. "When can I expect her at the rendezvous Miss Hartnell?" The Black woman had heard of the older woman's work and had been aching to get her hands on one of her subjects. If Miss Hartnell had no insisted on the precise way the process should be conducted she would have taken Linda away there and then. "Linda will be at the appointed place at 7pm. But until I have the money I will not trigger the change." Mrs. Jones had every intention of paying but had not handed over the money as she had become distracted by the submissive white girl. "It's in that case over there."

Miss Hartnell opened up the briefcase and took a few bundles of notes out, flicking through each one to check that the money was not covering newspaper. She then opened a safe behind a picture and placed all the bundles inside. "Well Mrs. Jones the tape is about to end so when she is back in place I shall go in. You can be assured that she will be there tonight at 7. " They shook hands and Miss Hartnell almost shooed her out of the door. Truth be told Miss Hartnell didn't like people much. It was difficult to talk with a person as an equal, it was far better to put them under her thrall and command them. She hated leaving her house to deal with people. Back in the house a dozen male and female slaves complied with her every whim and treated her like the goddess she felt herself to be. Going outside her house was a necessary evil. She needed the money from people seeking their own slaves to retain her opulent lifestyle.

On the other side of the mirror Linda rose, turned the TV off and put her clothes back on. Then she walked to the bench in front of the piano and gazed at the pendulum. Miss Hartnell returned to the room and looked upon her latest subject. She cursed the money she needed. She hated the necessity to sell subjects almost as much as she hated people in general. Linda was her favourite age and had such a gorgeous body that she had initially wanted to keep her for herself. If it were not for her accountant's advice that she needed to generate a higher income she might very well have done. "I think that's enough for today Linda." Linda's eyes closed briefly and then reopened. "Linda smiled up at Miss Hartnell, "I think I'm improving." Miss Hartnell smiled again and said the trigger, "I don't think there's anything more I can teach you Linda. You need to find another teacher."

Linda agreed. She wasn't in a trance like before. All the images she had seen and all the words spoken to her under hypnosis during the four sessions had conditioned her subconscious and she now believed in all of it wholeheartedly. She felt as if she were in love but with someone she had never met. She found it a strange notion that she was actually infatuated with a woman she had seen once on TV. She was certain that she wasn't a lesbian but didn't mind if she was so long as she could be with the woman. Linda rushed back home and seemed the same cheerful self she always did after her lessons. Her parents liked that she had found something that was more creative than her college work. In fact they were a little worried that she had begun to neglect most of her subjects. They pushed any worries they had to the backs of their minds though. She was happy and that was all that mattered.

Upstairs she showered, gave herself one last shave and got dressed in her bedroom for the last time. She wrote out a note, which she left on her pillow and almost skipping went down the stairs and out of the front door. Miss Hartnell was always careful to cover the tracks of her subjects as best she could. The note would say that Linda had found love and was running away to be with him. It would be the last thing she left as it would avoid the suspicion that someone else wrote it, or got her to write it, after she had been abducted. It would be followed up by several more notes over the next few months to keep up the story. The police and the FBI would not follow up the case of Linda going missing as she was an adult and had evidently chosen to go.

Linda got a cab into town and then rode the subway, changing subway trains several times until she eventually left a subway station in a part of the city she had never been before. Miss Hartnell lamented the old days when someone could disappear with ease. These days there were so many close circuit cameras that a circuitous route was necessary. The way things seemed to be going there'd be cameras everywhere in a few years and her business would become impossible. "If only the civil liberties union could get their act together and stop the intrusion of cameras watching us all." The irony was not lost on her and she gave a small chuckle at the thought of the ACLU aiding someone like her, whose livelihood depended entirely upon depriving others of their liberties altogether.

Linda stood patiently outside the subway station for fifteen minutes until a black town car pulled up. The tinted window lowered and Linda beamed, the Black lady sat at the wheel was the woman of her dreams. Her face flushed and she eagerly climbed into the back of the car. Miss Hartnell smiled at the young woman that walked into her house for a piano lesson too. She was one of a pair of identical twins, the other she had persuaded to be taught separately. She wished to herself that she was so rich she wouldn't have to sell a delicacy such as a pair of gorgeous, compliant twin girls. But they would sort out her financial problems for some time to come. Linda had fetched a lot of money but Judith and Jessica would be making an old man very happy for a long time and he was prepared to be handsomely for them.

In the local offices of the FBI agent Phoebe Wallace was getting a dressing down from her boss. "As a favour to your father I let you vent some of your frustration by working on missing persons Phoebe, but I'm thinking of moving you. You are always trying to tie in other disappearances with your sister's disappearance. It isn't working! Then if you're not doing that you let your caseload pile up whilst you go off on wild goose chases, following up non-existent leads to Angela's disappearance." Agent Turner had seen a lot of women in the bureau over the years and they usually fell into a category that he'd seen before. Some were soft affirmative action passengers that relied on others doing their work and were always a liability until they decided to give up and get married. Then there was the hard-nosed woman that competed with men, not on their level but always trying to prove something.

Phoebe was neither of those things. She didn't feel the need to compete and was more than capable of looking after herself and her caseload. Her problem was that since her father's death she could not focus on anything other than finding her sister. If only she could forget about her and apply her determination and guile to work she was given then she could do well in the bureau. Turner had been a friend of Phoebe's father when he worked for the bureau and so he'd cut her a lot of slack, more than he would have done for any other agent, even the ones he'd fucked. He stood a few feet behind her for a moment and gave that last thought a run through his mind. Phoebe was indeed beautiful. The twenty five year old had a slim figure, generous bosom, and a peach of an ass. Her face was almost round and doll like with full eyes, a small nose and putting lips that seemed to beg for a cock to probe inside and worked on by her tongue.

Her suit was considered unflattering by other women. To men all they thought about was pushing her over a desk, hiking up that navy blue skirt and pulling down her panties before getting between those tan brown stockinged legs and fucking her until both Phoebe and the male climaxed and fell into a sweaty heap. Turner shook off the image just as the stirring in his pants became too much to bear. "I have let you look into things but please let it go before we have to consider letting you go. We looked into Angela's disappearance and all of the letters, written by her hand told us she had run off with some guy. We had handwriting experts check them out. Hell, even the first letter could only have been written and left by her as no one else had the opportunity to."

"Is that all Sir?" He shrugged his shoulders, "Sure Phoebe. Your partner has a missing person case for the pair of you. Go check it out and please, please don't come back again and say it's linked to your sister." In the main office Greg handed her the report, "Looks straightforward Phoebe but the father was in the same unit in Vietnam as the Governor so we'd best at least check it out." She began to flick through and said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Look like we are taking it seriously and stop the guy from creating a fuss with the bosses." She thumbed through it and could not help drawing the conclusion that there were similarities between the disappearance of Linda Peters and her own sister. The she reminded herself of the talking to she had just gotten from Turner. It wasn't the first time Phoebe had been given the lecture but it was the first time he had spoken of letting her go. Maybe she'd have to be more discreet with her investigations and perhaps she was getting as obsessed as people said she was.

She couldn't deny that she'd convinced herself of connections before. It was time to try and be objective and not make a fool out of herself anymore. The memory of Angela leaving just after her eighteenth birthday was ever present though. She'd been a bright, intelligent and pretty girl, happy and content with what the future held for her. She had no boyfriend that anyone was aware of other than the boys who sometimes took her to the cinema or to parties. Yet on that day she disappeared, leaving a note saying that she had found love and would not return. Three more letters were posted to her parents saying that she was happy and still in love. It tore their father's heart to pieces and by the time the third letter arrived he had had a bad stroke and died. In her self-evaluation Phoebe considered that it was probably her father dying that had made her so determined to find Angela again. Maybe it was time to move on.

At the Peters' house Linda's mother was as grief stricken as she might have been had her daughter died. Linda's father was obviously upset too but far more controlled, like he could either be on the edge of a breakdown or about to go postal. Greg and Phoebe questioned them both and assured them they would do all they could to find Linda. The truth was inescapable though. She had apparently left of her own accord and even if they did find her they wouldn't be able to tell them her whereabouts if she didn't want them to. They were irreconcilable, as had her own parents been when Angela left home. Phoebe agonized as they drove back to the field office. It was just so similar for words but she knew no one would see it her way. A lot of people up and leave with only a note to say they won't be back. There was another coincidence though that nagged at her mind but she couldn't quite pin it down.

Before the car came to a halt it Phoebe like a hammer. They had both been taking piano lessons and had both had a lesson that morning. More importantly it was one the same street that Angela had gone to for lessons. Turner didn't buy it. "Its just another coincidence. If they had attended the same school or both been cheerleaders I would still say 'coincidence'. There are plenty of coincidences and similarities between Angela and Linda Peters. They were both the same age, were straight 'A' students, both pretty and both sets of parents swore they would never have just left home like that. Face up to it agent Wallace and do the numbers. All over the country seemingly normal, straight 'A', eighteen year old girls disappear. The difference here is that both fell in love quickly. There's no conspiracy and nothing to chase up."

"But at least lets..", Turner banged the table, "No! Now get on with some work and leave this the hell alone." That familiar nagging doubt in her mind was driving her crazy. She imagined that the mentally ill must surely have people telling them they are wrong well before they go over the edge. Phoebe thought her suspicions reasonable but then the mentally ill must surely think they are behaving rationally too. She discreetly ran a search of unsolved female runaways/disappearances aged between 18 and 20 over the previous five years. Even narrowing the search to the city limits turned up hundreds. She discarded the ones where no note had been left. She has left with 15 cases. She went through every statement and every time it came back that each girl had taken piano lessons. Most did not mention the street but four did (including Angela). Turner was right, it might prove helpful to do the numbers afterall.

She'd put her last dime on betting that the other 11 had all visited the same tutor. Turner agreed to her taking two weeks off to visit her folks. He thought it would be good if she got away for a while and got her head straight. Phoebe decided to follow up her lead with her time off and thought it better that no one else knew. If it turned out she had indeed been obsessed and completely wrong then she'd find that out for herself.

On the other side of the city Linda had been getting used to her new home. The nieghbours of Talia Gregory (a.k.a. Mrs. Jones) she was employed as a maid. Within the apartment she was the naked slave of her Mistress. Talia was very happy with her acquisition. Linda showed she was a very capable maid and it was obvious how much she worshipped her Mistress. In Linda's mind she had come to realise over the previous month how superior Black people are and how much she longed to submit to them. She had also come to realise that they were so much more beautiful and handsome than white people. She couldn't even think why she had not come to that conclusion before. She knew more than anything that it was Mistress Talia that she belonged to and it was the most natural thing in the world for her to serve her, and be used and abused by her.

Talia was most aroused when beating young white girls so before bedtime she had Linda bend over to receive her ritual punishment. She wielded a thick strap to kiss Linda's buttocks with. Each swipe left a thick red mark on the young girl's butt cheeks, often hitting the butt plug and forcing it inside her a little. Linda did not weep or cry out. She didn't even clench her buttocks. All Linda did was stifle a slight moan as she had been conditioned to enjoy any attention given to her by her Mistress, including pain. Talia swung the strap down time and time again until she began to feel her arm getting tired. Sweat began to form on her brow from physical exertion and sexual excitement. She ran a finger along Linda's glistening slit, marveling how turned on her slave was. Talia had bedded many young girls but even if they had submitted to punishment they had never been able to take it for long, let alone got enjoyment from it.

Talia knew that Linda was her property to do with as she pleased. The slave would never complain or leave her. She had already proven a worthwhile expense and there was a lot more that Talia would be getting to exact her money's worth. "Show your Mistress how much you love her by giving her a kiss to prove your love." Linda was flushed as she got from the table and knelt behind Talia. The Mistress was naked and so there was no obstruction as Linda gently parted Talia's buttocks. Her youthful tongue probed between the dark skinned cheeks and met with her Mistress's ass hole. She pressed in and tongued the hole as deeply as if it had been her Mistress's mouth. Talia gasped deeply, enjoying not just the sensation but the knowledge of her dominance over the young white slave.

Linda had barely lost her virginity when she had first met Miss Hartnell and there she was showing there was no sexual act she would not perform for the woman she was in love with. "Enough." Talia was ready for something more satisfying before she slept and so lay on the bed and bid her new slave to get between her legs. Linda crawled up the bed and eagerly lowered her face toward Talia's sopping wet pussy. Although she had never engaged in any sexual act with a woman before the videos had shown her all she needed to know to eat pussy like an expert. Her virgin mouth met with Talia's thick black labia and she gently sucked them to savour the taste of her Mistress's love juice. Talia's hand pressed lightly on the back of Linda's head, urging her to eat more. Her tongue lapped and rpobed the pink vagina beneath the folds of Talia's pussy before going to the clitoris.

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