tagNonConsent/ReluctancePenny's Tale Ch. 01-02

Penny's Tale Ch. 01-02


PENNY’S TALE (A story of obsession)

I suppose I’d loved her for years. I remember when we first met and she threw her arms around me in gratitude for the job I’d given her. Waitress, only seasonal to start, six days a week, no work, no pay...you know the deal. I was old enough to be her Father.

Seasonal became full time, became senior, became supervisor. I never laid a finger on her...just watched and marvelled as this shy little mouse became more and more confident without losing that ‘fresh’ quality that I loved.

She was small, slim, nice tits, big eyes, blonde, early twenties. Just the sort of girl your mum would love you to take home. I thought I could handle it when the guys started to take notice. Usually she wasn’t interested, but on occasions she would date some tourists..one night stands here and there. I couldn’t handle it any longer. I had to tell her how I felt and of course, I got the big brush off. I thought I could handle that as well and so did she, but the strain was too much and she handed in her notice, telling me that she was going to work for some idiot in the next resort.

You must remember that this wasn’t just some holiday romance. My feelings for this girl had been growing for three years by then and I snapped. I couldn’t think of not seeing her every day, not being near to her when we worked, not ever having the chance to persuade her to be mine in body as well as mind. My love for her rapidly became twisted by the rejection into a dark lustful desire that I had to fulfil.

I had a place in the mountains miles from nowhere which I had had to keep very quiet from the tax man. It was large and isolated and well provisioned. No one would ever find us there apart from the people I wanted to. I rigged the car so that it couldn’t be unlocked except by me and waited for my chance. It wasn’t long before I saw her one day in town and picked her up. She needed no persuasion to get in the car. I shook with the anticipation of what I was about to do. Oblivious to the consequences, I drove her into the mountains to my hideaway. I let my eyes wander over her on the way, taking in every detail. Her blonde hair tied up, her tan, the start of her cleavage visible at the top of her blouse. My cock started to stiffen in anticipation. “I want you to see my hideaway before you go”, I told her, brushing against her as I opened the door to the car.

I locked the front door behind me as we entered and ushered her through into my sitting room, locking that door behind us too as we went through also flicking the switch that started my video cams.

“Sit down and watch this” I said. I put on a very convincing tape of a girl being stripped, raped and beaten up by several men and she watched with a morbid fascination.

“That will be you unless you obey me completely, do you understand?” I said and to emphasise the point I pulled a wicked looking hunting knife out from a drawer and held it to her face.

“If you don’t do what you are told....” I let the sentence drift.

“You will obey me?” I asked. She nodded, to scared to speak.

“Stand there”, I indicated a spot just in front of my chair and she moved there.

“Strip to your bra and panties”. She looked at me with a mixture of fear and loathing. “Now!” I shouted, and she jumped. As the tears started she kicked off her shoes, and began to unbutton her blouse until it was open all the way down. She slipped it off and then started on her jeans. As she unzipped them I got my first sight of her matching little panties barely holding her pussy. Her jeans were left on the floor and she stood before me, head bowed.

I stood up and walked behind her. I wanted to smell her; her warm womanly scent and perfume mixed together in a heady concoction. I couldn’t keep my hands off her any longer and put my hands on her shoulders. It was as if I had electrocuted her. I could feel her initial recoil to my touch and then her trembling as I let my hands roam over her body. I went down her back to the top of her panties and then came up over the swell of her firm tummy letting my hands come to rest on the lacy material covering her tits. I squeezed the firm flesh beneath and felt her nipples swell involuntarily under my palms. I pulled the tie from her hair and held a hand full to my face as it tumbled around her shoulders

Sitting down again, I ordered her to take off her Bra and give it to me. She hesitated and I rose and slapped her across the face, reminding her of the consequences of disobedience. I sat down again and she did as she was told and reached behind her to unclasp herself, shrugging out of the cups. Her wonderful tits swayed slightly as she took the two or three paces towards me, and as she leant towards me to give me her bra, I reached up and cupped one in my hand. I pulled her towards me until I could get her nipple in my mouth and sucked until it was hard, rolling the other one in my fingers.

Sending her back to her spot, I pulled up a low stool and went and sat directly in front of her. My head was level with her thighs as I asked her to take of her panties. She pulled them off quickly, hoping to keep her legs together as much as possible and I let her stand there with her hands in front of herself for a short time, savouring the moment. I next explained to her that in my presence when not doing anything else, she would ‘assume the position’; i.e. hands behind her head, pelvis pushed forwards and legs wide apart. It took a heavy slap on her thighs to persuade her, but she then moved. I took my time enjoying my first close up view of her pussy, and let my hands wander up and down her smooth legs.

Close enough to smell her juices, I got her to open herself showing me every intimate nook and cranny. My fingers explored her, lingering on her lips, pulling and stroking, moving up to her clit which was more than a button, but not too big, back down to the pink entrance that I would enjoy later and then I had her turn round and bend over, with her hands pulling her cheeks apart so I could see both her pussy and arse hole at the same time. I fingered her like that for minutes imagining the sensations I would feel when I penetrated her. Of course by now my cock was bursting and I had no time for finesse. I led her over to a table, bent her over, stripped, and rubbed my cock between her cheeks, rapidly shooting my wad over her back. So aroused was I that my erection never subsided an inch. Now the real fun could start.


Having her assume the position, I sat down in front of her where I could reach her to touch and fondle as I wanted. Sitting back in my chair, stroking my cock, I had her tell me in great detail about her sex life...her first time, had she had it in the arse? Did she suck? Did she swallow? It turned out that she was a virgin in her arse, had never sucked a man off till he came, and had never masturbated in front of anyone. I set about the last two at once.

I started to run my hands over her thighs and reached round to stroke her arse for sometime, then toyed with her pussy for a while until I took both her hands and placed them on her mound.

“Play with yourself”. I told her. “Don’t stop until I tell you”.

She tentatively began to move her fingers over her pussy, and I leaned forward to watch her more closely.

“Open yourself up” I said and she used the fingers of one hand to spread her lips. “Now finger yourself”. Her middle finger slipped inside her by now moist, pink entrance only inches away from my face. “Play with your clit with your other hand now” I commanded and she moved her other hand to her little clit and began stroking it with her fingers. “Don’t stop now”, I said as I got up and stood behind her, my cock rubbing over her arse and back, sticky with cum. I reached round to find her tits and toyed with them as she continued to play with herself. I reached into a drawer behind me and felt for the vibrator I knew was in there. “Here, I leered. “this will make you come quicker”. It slipped easily inside her and I made her switch it on. The effects were almost instantaneous: her legs buckled slightly, her nipples stiffened, a whimper escaped her mouth, and a bright red patch spread across her chest. “Very nice” I said as I watched her subside from her orgasm. I let her pull the vibrator out. “My turn I think. Kneel down”

She knelt slowly in front of me, knowing what was coming. I rubbed my cock slowly over her face, tracing paths of precum over her, lingering across her lips. “Wank me off....in your mouth”. Resignedly, she took hold of my cock and slid it into that beautiful little-used mouth. She started to rub me up and down. “Slowly”, I said, “use your tongue on the tip”. I enjoyed it for as long as I could stand it until I started to build up a motion of my own, fucking her face until I exploded in her mouth. She tried to pull away, but I was ready for her, holding her head onto me. Spunk dribbled down her cheeks and chin. I had her clean me off with her tongue, and dried myself on her hair.

“Time for a drink and a look at the movies”, I said, “fetch me a beer from the fridge in the corner and then come and sit beside me”. While she got the beer, I collected the tapes from my cameras and set them ready in the VCR. I had her lean on me like two lovers and played with her as we watched the footage of her strippping, playing with herself, and giving me my blowjob. I could feel myself stiffening again by the time we came to the end. “ Well Penny, what shall we do next?” I asked her. I didn’t expect a reply, she looked at me with a mixture of fear and loathing tempered with an air of resignation. As my hand wandered over her pussy, I thought how nice it would be to see it completely nude. “You need a shower”, I told her, “and a shave!”

I walked behind her to the bathroom, watching her arse move as she walked, cupping her buttocks as we went through the door. She looked at me, blushing, and told me she needed to use the toilet. “Help yourself”, I said. Realising that I wasn’t going to leave her alone, she sat down on the toilet and peed. “Next time, we’ll get that on film”, I told her laughing lewdly to my self. “Now get into the shower”. As she stood in the cubicle I hosed her down with the warm water until she was ready for the shower gel which I enjoyed spreading over her from head to toe, lingering on her tits for a while and then moving down to her pussy, making sure every fold and crevice was clean, then round to her arse, slipping a soapy finger into that tight little entrance. I stood back and watched her breasts rise as she shampooed her hair, then rinsed her off. “Time for your shave”.

I sat on the toilet seat with Penny right in front of me as, legs wide apart, she soaped her self ready for shaving. I helped her, stretching her this way and that as she slowly stripped her self of every pubic hair we could find. I pulled her pussy lips to either side to make sure she got rid of all those fine little hairs that get missed, and then I had her bend over as I got right in between her legs and arse until she was completely bald.

Having rinsed and dried her, I inspected the finished article. Smooth as silk to the touch, naked as the day she was born, I knew there would be nothing hidden from my gaze in future. I took her hand and led her through to my bedroom and had her assume the position. I wanted to taste that newly exposed pussy and got down betwen her legs. Having her open herself, I let my tongue wander over her, delving into her , smelling that warm, womanly scent. I suckled on her clit, making it swell and redden, I moved my head under her and tasted her freshly cleaned arse whilst letting my fingers poke and probe and rub. When I was finished, I moved her in front of the full length mirror on my wall.

“Watch yourself”, I ordered, as I had her run her hands all over her body. “Watch me watching you as you play with that naked, tight little pussy of yours”. We stood like that for ages, her playing with herself, fingering her clit, sticking fingers inside herself. Me behind her playing with her tits, watching her in the mirror, looking down at her body, forcing her to look at me so she knew I was violating her in every sense. I enjoyed making her put her hands on top of mine and then moving them over her, and me doing the same to her, moving her hands at my whim . My erection rested on top of her arse. I knew the moment to fuck her was now.

I wanted the act to be consumated by her, so I lay down, facing the mirror and had her squat over me so she could watch herself put my cock inside her. It was like a warm moist velvet glove as I slid inside her. “Fuck me now; slowly mind”. She moved up and down my length as I watched myself going in and out of her in the mirror. “Can you see my cock in you?”, I asked, “that’s me fucking you” I said, emphasising my total control over her. I fucked her for a few minutes longer then had her kneel on all fours. I entered her again from behind and toyed with her arse and pulled on her tits as they hung under her. Putting my hand between her legs, I used the juices flowing from us to moisten her arse hole and without warning, deflowered her there. She screamed and tensed up as I ploughed into her, but I carried on, until, ready to shoot my load, I pulled out of her arse and rubbed my self over her face, shooting off over her cheeks and lips.

“Love, they say, is taking it out of your mouth”, I told her, “and putting it up your arse”. True love is taking it out of your arse and putting it in your mouth!” I laughed to myself as I pushed her towards the bed and cuffed her, spread eagled, on it. I climbed on beside her, revelling in the thought that her body would be mine to do with as I wished through this and many nights to come.

“Sweet dreams”, I bade her sarcasticly as I lay there cupping her still damp pussy in my hand. “Think of the fun we’ll have tommorrow when my friends arrive!”

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