tagNonConsent/ReluctancePenny's Tale Ch. 03-04

Penny's Tale Ch. 03-04


Part 3

I awoke early to find Penny still asleep. Tear tracks showed on her face, merging with the flecks of dried semen at the corners of her mouth. I felt a momentary twinge of compassion which disappeared as soon as I let my gaze wander down to her tits and then to her hairless pussy and remembered the fun from the previous day. Letting my hand wander over her body, I lingered on her breasts feeling her nipples react to my touch and then went on down to her pussy lips where I toyed with her until I felt her try to pull away, forgetting in her sleepiness that she was handcuffed, spread-eagled to the bed.

As she awoke, I slipped off the bed and rubbed my morning stiffy across her face. 'You'll need to shave that mound again this morning,' I told her. 'I don't want any stubble.' 'Let's go to the bathroom.'

I uncuffed her, and she followed me reluctantly. In the bathroom, I watched her pee then shower, and videoed her shaving to show my friends later. Turned on by the sight, I had her finger herself for me while I wanked. I came over her face and had her suck me clean after which we went back to the bedroom to dress her. I picked a low cut, strappy little summer dress. Short and cute. No bra so that when she leaned forwards, or if anyone were to look down her front, her tits could be easily seen. Her nipples pushed against the light material as well. I let her wear a little pair of white cotton panties and that was it. She looked like the beautiful young thing she was. Any man would look at her and feel that familiar stirring down below. I knew I could use her at will and that turned me on no end. I had her parade up and down for me, and when she sat, I told her to pull the hem of her dress up and open her legs slightly. The effect was stunning. That little triangle of white cotton at the top of her olive tanned thighs together with her nipples pushing through the thin material, and all of this below her gorgeous face under a mane of blond hair was more than a man could resist. To ice the cake I sprayed her with my favorite perfume. The picture was complete. I had a day full of erotic encounters planned which would start when we had breakfasted.

We took breakfast on the patio under the warm, morning sun. She avoided my gaze as far as she could, but I enjoyed watching her squirm nevertheless. Lingering over my coffee, I instructed her to stand in front of me, assuming the position. I ran my hands up her smooth firm legs. The velvet like smoothness of the inside of her thighs was incredible. My hands went up until I could feel the cotton of her panties, and the soft ridge of her pussy lips inside them. She stood there trembling slightly, which turned me on even more, and I stood and circled behind her, cupping her tits through the thin material of her dress. When I sat down again, it was where I could see the light shining through her dress silhouetting her wonderful figure.

The door bell rang and I pushed her through the house towards the door, feeling her pert little arse as we went to see who was there. I had made several phone calls earlier, and the first of these to bear fruit was that which I had made to Alice. Alice was an older woman who I had met at the bar. She made no secret of her desire for younger women as well as demonstrating an exhibitionistic streak a mile wide. Whilst men featured largely in her sexual pastimes also, I just knew she would go mad for Penny.

'Hello you,' she greeted me, 'who is this little creature?'

'This, my dear, is Penny. She is ours to do with as we will, aren't you, Penny?'

Penny knew not to argue. 'Yes,' she whispered, eyes lowered.

'How marvelous,' grinned Alice. She circled her in a predatory sort of way, playing with her hair, nuzzling her neck and taking in her fragrance. 'She should have a pony tail,' she said.

'Feel free,' I replied, and she took a band from her shoulder bag and put Penny's hair up. This done, she set about her make up and when she had finished, Penny looked even more stunning than before.

'Do I have to wait 'till later, or can I have her now?' asked Alice.

'Can I watch?,' I asked.

'Dirty bastard' laughed Alice, 'come on then.'

We went to my room and I pulled up a chair close to the bed. Alice and I were sexual partners of old, and we knew each others wants backwards. Alice led Penny in by the hand, and stood her between me and the bed. Standing behind her, she let her hands run free over her body. Penny's head hung down in resignation to her fate. Alice slipped the straps of her dress down over her arms and she stood there in just her little white panties. Alice came and sat on my lap and we looked at Penny.

'She's delicious,' said Alice after having a long look at her. 'Have you ever had a woman before, dear?' she asked Penny. 'No' came the quiet reply.

'We must do something about that then' leered Alice, 'drop your panties.'

Penny looked at us fleetingly to see if there was any chance of non-compliance, but of course there wasn't. Her breasts fell forwards nicely as she bent forward to drop her knickers. As she straightened up I told her to assume the position.

'She's well trained,' said Alice getting up. 'You should use a cream to depilate her though. It leaves her smoother,' she added as she let her fingers run across her pussy. 'Undress me,' she commanded Penny, and Penny complied. 'Now kneel down and let's see how you use that pretty pink tongue of yours.'

She hesitated, doubtless wishing she could be anywhere but there in my room. I picked up a small cane that was beside my chair and flicked it across the side of her legs. It was enough to make her drop to her knees in front of the now open legs of Alice. I could see Alice's juices gathering on the little hairs either side of her pussy lips and Penny leant forward and ran her tongue along her slit.

'All the way, croaked Alice and turned round and bent forward so that Penny had her arse in front of her. 'Spread her cheeks and lick her from arse to clit,' I ordered Penny.

She did so, and I saw the veil of lust descend over Alice. I was treated to a glorious display of Sapphic wantonness for the next hour or so. I just sat back in my chair and let my cock grow and when I was ready, Alice guided me into Penny's mouth and licked my balls whilst I shot my load down her throat. When Penny had made Alice cum for what seemed to be the hundredth time, we showered together and dressed. Alice agreed to stay on to get the place ready for the later arrival of my friends, whilst I took Penny to the local village where I had many friends who I knew would appreciate her beauty.

We arrived about midday at the small bar of one of my friends on the outskirts of the village. It was the kind of forbidding place that tourists automatically seemed to sense was for locals only so I could rely on having no unwanted interruptions. I had instructed Penny to be completely obedient on pain of severe punishment. By now, she knew enough to comply. We sat down at a table inside and I was greeted by Miguel like the old friend I was.

'And who is this little angel?' he asked.

'This is Penny,' I replied. 'She is completing her education' I told him.

As he bought over our beers, he couldn't help looking down her top, which was just the effect I had wanted. He nearly missed the table with the glasses as his eyes traveled down to her nipples. I laughed. 'Isn't she beautiful?,' I asked, 'do you want her?'

'Do bears shit in the wood?,' he snapped back. 'Can I?'

'Take her in the back and do what you want,' I told him. 'She won't say no, will you Penny? While you're in there, I'll phone round and see who else wants some.'

'Come on sexy,' he said as he pulled Penny up. She shot a begging glance at me as he dragged her by the hand into the back room. I had been in there before. We used it to fuck the local whores or, if we got lucky, some tourist who wandered in by mistake and ended up pissed out of her mind on the local brew. It was a squalid little room with just a dirty old bed and a single light bulb. You get the picture.

While Miguel took full advantage of the situation, I started to phone the locals. Within a short time, five or six guys had arrived, and when Miguel came out of the back room tucking his shirt in with one hand whilst pulling Penny behind him with the other, they gathered round her, pawing at her as she stood there.

'She's all yours guys,' I shouted and they immediately dragged her back into the dimly lit pit she thought she had just escaped from. I looked in about ten minutes later, and she had three guys rubbing their cocks over her face, one fucking her arse whist the other was wanking himself off, pawing at her tits and pussy. I left them to their perverted pleasures.

When they had finished, they came out and left quickly. I went in to find Penny a cum-encrusted mess, crying softly on the bed. I dragged her, naked, into the back yard where we hosed her down. I gave her her clothes back, and the little sun dress clung alluringly to her damp, lithe body. Her nipples poked through the thin material and I let myself ogle her unashamedly.

'I take it I don't have a bill,' I asked.

'You come any time you like,' leered Miguel, having one last feel up Penny's dress. He pulled his hand out and sniffed his fingers. 'Hmmmm, delicious; wet pussy,' he laughed, pushing his fingers under her nose. 'Can you still smell my cock?,' he asked her and threw his head back laughing.

As we were walking back through the village to my car, I met one of the dirtiest old men I knew. He was a local farmer who lived alone. I offered him a lift back to his farm and he jumped at the chance. Penny sat in the middle of us and once we were clear of the village I asked him what he thought of her.

'Horny,' was his curt reply.

'Show him your tits,' I told her, and she reluctantly shrugged off the top of her dress. Her breasts bore the marks of her less than tender encounter with the men at the bar, but the old man's eyes stood out like hat pegs as he leered over her.

'Can I touch,' he begged.

'Feel free,' I replied

I watched Penny try to melt into the car seat as the dirty old man fondled her.

'Show him your panties,' I told her and she slowly pulled the hem of her dress up.

'You take them off her,' I told him and I think he felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. He fiddled and pawed at her, pulling her pussy lips open, fingering her little clitty, sticking his finger up her arse, and sucked her tits.

'Get naked and give him a blow job,' I commanded.

As he got his cock out, I could smell his unwashed balls from where I was. 'Make sure you lick his balls,' I told her. 'Kneel down in the foot well and make him cum.'

As she got down, she gagged at the prospect, but the old man stuck his wrinkly, smelly old pecker up against her lips and she drew him into her mouth. It was over very quickly and he held the back of her head as he pumped his stinking cock down her throat. By the time he pulled it out, he was limp again with a satisfied grin on his wizened old face. I dropped him off at his gate and he leant over Penny and kissed her on the mouth, sticking his tongue through her clenched teeth. 'Byeee!,' he chuckled all the way up the path as far as I could see him.

'You made his day,' I taunted Penny. In reply, she chucked up out of the car window. I laughed.

Part 4

I drove Penny back to my place naked, one hand on the wheel, and one hand on her. We passed a few trucks and the drivers got more of an eyeful than they had had for years. When we got indoors, I gave her to Alice to fix up for the evening's delights. I had arranged for a few friends who made amateur movies to come over. I told them that I had a new starlet for them and they couldn't wait.

Alice had done her stuff and got the place ready. There was a long low table in the center of the large living room and a crucifix right out of a BDSM catalogue at one end. Cameras and screens were at every strategic point in the room as well as an extensive range of toys and instruments laid out where they could be easily got to later on. She had left the film of my previous exploits together with that of her and Penny running on a loop as a kind of appetizer, not that it would be needed. I turned it off so as not to spoil the surprise.

My friends arrived en masse. Six guys and two girls all of whom liked their sex any way it came. We sat around and had a few drinks until, after a while, Alice joined us and as she sat down she gave me a brief nod. This was my sign to let the evening's festivities commence. There was the quietest knock on the door.

'Come in,' I said. Penny came in like a frightened little mouse. Alice had dressed her to the nines. High heels, black hold up stockings, a silver chain on her ankle, short black cocktail dress black choker, hair up at the back with ringlets framing her perfectly made up face 'This is Penny,' I introduced her. 'She wants to be in the movies.'

I could see their expressions change to that of sheer lust. I went over to Penny and steered her into the middle of the room where she stood on the table. I made her lift her dress until the tops of her stockings were visible. 'Penny is tonight's amusement,' I told them. 'She is ours to do with as we wish and I just know you wish to do some wonderfully inventive things with her.'

'Please Strip, Penny,' I ordered. She looked around at the leering faces and when she knew there was no way out began to undress. Off came her dress first of all, leaving her in a wonderfully erotic set of designer bra and panties, her hold up stockings and high heels.

'Please pass around the room and get acquainted with my guests now,' I told her. She stepped of the low table, her breasts jiggling nicely and stood in front of my first guest.

'My name is Penny,' she whispered, 'I am yours to command.' This was just as Alice and I had planned and instructed her.

'Show me your cunt,' he said.

Penny leant forward and dropped her panties and stepped out of them. She opened her legs to let him inspect her which he did in detail, getting her to open her lips and pull back her clitty hood.

I beckoned her to move on. Sitting next to him was one of the girls. She had her bend over and spread her arse cheeks whilst feeling her up.

One by one they all got acquainted. When she had been around them all I had her stand back on the table. By this time all she had left on was her stockings and shoes. I had her dance for us whilst we sat around making crude comments and got naked. As the mood got hornier, I made Penny masturbate. First she lay on the low table and used her fingers and then I gave her a vibrator. One of the girls decided she needed lessons in its use and proceeded to use another one on her. Alice got stripped off and had Penny finger her. One of the guys flipped her over and inserted a glass butt plug up her little back passage.

'We'll need that nice and relaxed later,' he laughed.

One of the other men pushed his sticky cock around her face until he found her open mouth and had her lick the tip of his cock in between fucking her face.

Things developed into a full blown orgy which went on for hours with Penny at its center. At one point I remember having her lean back on me while I played with her tits while two men came over her face. One of the other girls licked the cum off her face and drooled it into her mouth which I was holding open. I think I was one of the last to use her arse, but it was still wonderfully tight.

When we stopped for a breather, a couple of the guys and one of the girls took Penny to the bathroom where they indulged their love of water sports. I saw the film later. When they were done, they showered her down and bought her back into the room and buckled her to the crucifix. They filmed her as she was pierced in her nipples. Then they gave her two little rings in her pussy lips which they padlocked together. They gave me the key. The ring through her clit made her pass out, but they waited until she came round to start using the crop on her. Before I fell asleep through sheer exhaustion I was being tossed off by one of the girls onto Penny's face. I remember coming right over her mouth and cleaning my cock on her hair.

When I woke up the next morning, most of my mates had gone. One hardy soul was having a last use of Penny's arse whilst Alice was squatting over her face. I rounded up the cameras and watched the films from the night before. We edited them and eventually went on to make a fortune on the black market with them.

And Penny? Well, she went on to own a chain of exclusive sex clubs around the world specializing in making men and women's most darkest fantasies come true. I keep meaning to find her. By my reckoning she owes me.

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