Sometimes a great encounter becomes something more. Sometimes a mere passing becomes the chance encounter that changes your life. Sometimes, the Love of your life sneaks up on you, waiting for you to turn around and capture Her in her own turn. The two of you, in a somewhat awkward moment, ignore the pulse pounding in your ears and respond to one another with the best response you can muster. Usually, a Smile...

I had been working in Sun Valley, Idaho. Been working hard, long hours trying to beat Fall's rush. She came to me, flying into Hailey two days before our departure for Southern California via Lake Tahoe. Her first trip West, other than a trip to a Super Bowl.

At the Airport, the smile had turned into a kiss that can only be likened to stepping off a Sailboat after a long crossing. Your sea legs weakening at the knees. Her hand sliding up the back of my neck, prolonging the kiss as it sliced through my heart. Encouraging me to bend her slightly backward as she hooked her ankle behind my own, her arms slipping round my neck. I almost expected cheers from the Airport crowd.




Meant to BE...

The next two days passed as a blur. From Hot Springs in Stanley Basin, to Bonding Dinners in Ketchum, nurturing breakfasts in Hailey, and filling the gaps that my "New Found" friends might have had in wondering about what kind of Woman attracted this Man. EVERYONE returned her radiant smile and Spirit. Her cognizant and even unguarded self shown so brightly as to make me proud. Our attraction, laid on the line, became MORE than one could hope for. When She came to me, shared herself with me, accepted me to her core, it became an



Where "We" were MEANT to be!!

The time came, when packed up, People waving, "We" were OFF! South! Over the hump into the Snake River Valley. Her smile, lilting giggle, sweet voice singing with the Stereo ALL reminded me of a Butterfly merrily working it's way across a spread of Flowers. In NO hurry! A considered slow path of enjoying Life's wonderful bounties and surprises..

Playing a CD She had burned and brought with her, I delighted in Her show of Talent and ability. Especially when "Let's talk about SEX" came on. Leaning back against the door, her sexy legs extending from her slight, wispy skirt, she began to sing to me through slitted, smoldering eyes. Her feet ran up and down my leg until she saw the effect she had me as evidenced by my member swelling out from the confines of my Short's leg. Giggling, she positioned over me, and freeing her desired aim, spilled her hair over my lap, moaning my name as she engulfed me. I moaned in return as she graced me with a performance indelibly tied to her Choreographic talent.



Meant as a gift from a Woman,

To please Her Man.

Trying my best to not kill us both, the bridge over the Snake River Canyon offered me it's scenic viewpoint before crossing the great steel bridge into Twin Falls. As I hastily exited, my hand slid down her back and pulled up her skirt, her hips rising to free it. She adjusted slightly, her lips and tongue traveling up and down my length, as my hand followed her graceful contours over her lush ass. Following under, my fingers searched beseechingly until, accented by her gasp, my fingertips slipped through her wetness. Finding a secluded parking spot, I lowered the windows and shut down the engine and A.C.. Incredulously, almost surreal, I seemed a third party to the animal utterances from her as I slipped two fingers deeply into her. Her head bobbed up and down to the cadence set by my hand.

Her hands clasped around her object of desire, she let one slide down to tickle under my balls as her tongue circled the head of my cock. My fingers pushed her wetness to her clit, soaking it as I pinched and lightly twisted it. She began to buck uncontrollably.

Grabbing her blond Pony Tail, I pulled her maddening mouth off of me as she protested and struggled to recapture her prize.

"Umph!" She moaned as she assaulted me again, "LET ME!" She blurted and then hungrily swallowed me nearly whole.

The gravel behind us growled as a car pulled into the lot. Once again, I pulled her off of her coveted entity.

"I WANT IT!" She demanded, her eyes flashing frustration.

"Baby,,, and your GOING to get it!" I said, kissing her and stuffing her monument back into my shorts with great difficulty. I laughed a bit as she straightened her skirt and I pulled down the Sun Visor Mirror for her to see her smeared lipstick. She smiled, wiped the rest off, and was out the door like a Thoroughbred out of a starting gate. Meeting her outside after closing the windows and, taking her hand, the Truck's locks chirped as I lead her off.

Off to a secluded spot overlooking the Canyon, and on a grassy patch, sequestered by sentinels of jumbled Volcanic Lava Soldiers, I TOOK her, Got her OFF, Rang Her FUCKING Bell... We oralled one another until, my hand clasped over her mouth to keep the Mormon sightseers from hearing her cries, I nailed her like a shingle ROOF! I don't think she was even aware, but a small airplane cruising the canyon banked heavy and returned for a second, slow look at me hammering my babygirl..

Sated, her legs hooked behind my knees, her arms moving her flat palms up and down my back, and caressing my neck, we said it for the really first time,




As Love is meant to be.

We checked into the Red Lion as soon as possible, the door barely closed and we were on one another AGAIN. We left the room for about forty-five minutes once, to sit in the Spa for a while, until the look of her body in her thong, and the look on her face turning ever so "wrong", she was a bad little girl who needed yet more of what chemistry was being shared between us. The rest of the night, we lived on the fruit gathered during our traveling through the "Magic Valley". THAT, and our growing love for one another. I have never been with such a consummate Lover after such a short time. It usually takes a little time until you know one another's styles, rhythms, and "Sweet Spots". This woman, however, seemed to know me so well. Knew how I tingle when little suckle kisses are lavished on that spot on my neck, and how I simply go wild when my ear is tongue lashed, suckled, and whispered into as my erection is handled. And she responded to me, followed my lead in moves that anticipated and flowed with my own. We were like two dancers, familiar with different styles and moves. And when, finally, she came over me, the Danseuse in her came out, and it was all I could do but keep up. Head back, hands on my chest, nipples wanton in the candlelight, she rode me until she collapsed onto me, draining me into her essence. She anointed me then, Baptized me in the tears of a woman showing her satisfaction and appeasement to her 'Whole' self. And there, head on my chest, she wept tears of joy and happiness, and I felt blessed. Late into the night, she fell asleep, head on my shoulder, hand holding the hair on my chest.

The next morning, we arose late, yet once again at each other. After a much needed breakfast (I jokingly wished for an Oyster and Viagra Omelet), we headed South into a crystal clear, blue skied mid morning on a broad reach to somewhere in Nevada, maybe Ely and America's Loneliest Highway, Route 50. ALWAYS, avoid 'Interstates'!

A Florida Girl, this was her first Desert experience and I watched her closely. Being a 'Western' kid, I was raised in an automobile, always anxious to see what was around the next mountain, over the next River. I was encouraged by her smile and questions. Soon, she was noting the altitudes we were achieving at passes, and reading Mountain heights off the map. Something over 10,000 feet was inconceivable to her, she said, unless you were in an airplane! Soon, the sun warming her through the window, she had her feet on the dash and was snoozing in a state of bliss and contentment.

Awakening around Wells, Nevada, she sleepily rested her head on my shoulder, her hand tucking into my arm. After a needed lunch at a Basque Restaurant, we headed South again past "Hole in the Mountain Peak". The High Ruby Mountains soon loomed over us to the west with some snow STILL showing from hidden pockets.

Her hands were once again, never idle. Her lips ranged from singing, to laughter, to whispering in my ear. Her intelligence, at THIS moment, only eclipsed by her sensuality.

Suddenly, on the stereo, came MY music. Allison Krause and her band..

The acoustic Guitar invited us deeper,

Her planing voice got steeper.

"It's amazing how you,

Can speak right to my Heart!"

I watched as the Music captured my rider,

"Without saying a word,

You can light up the Dark!"

I decelerated to the side of the road....

"Try as I may I could never explain,

Just what I feel when,

You don't say a THING"~~~~

I reached her door and pulled her from it just as the Chorus began,

"The smile on your face

Let's me know that you need me,"

She came into my arms so smoothly, matching my "Box Step" waltz,

"There's a truth in your eyes saying,

You'll never leave me,

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me,

If ever I Fall."~~~~~~~

We glided so smoothly on the side of the road, the speaker singing from her side of the Pick-up,

"You say it BEST,

When you say NOTHING at ALL!"~~~~~

We assumed a steady groove, her knees separating to accept one of my own between them as we swayed.

"All day long I can hear

People talking about."

A Mandolin added it's teasing wail,

"But when you hold me near,

You drown out the crowd."

And teases again,

"Old Mister Webster could Never define,

What's being said between,

Your heart and Mine."~~~~~~~~

As the Mandolin joined our dynamics, we moved as one. Her hips gliding to mine as we swayed once again to the chorus.

"The smile on your face,

Lets me know that you need me.

There's a truth in your eyes saying,

You'll never leave me..

The touch of your hand

Says you'll catch me,

Whenever I fall....

You say it best,

When you say NOTHING at ALL!"~~~~~~

And as we turned up the heat along with our pace, we segued along with the song to an Electric Guitar Solo.

Raising dust as we shuffled and grounded to one another, a Semi went bye and Blared his approval on his horns. We waved and didn't slow at all as we mashed our pelvises together. Her wrist curled round my neck as my hands held her hips and caused them to roll with my own.

The Piano tinkled enticingly as Allison segued to one last fulminating chorus,

"The smile on your face ,

Let's me know that you need me."

The piano tickles even slower,

"There's a truth in your eyes saying,

You'll NEVER leave me."

Her hips settled to mine.

"The touch of your hand says you'll catch me,"

Her face turned up to mine, and our lips met as the Piano agreed.

"Whenever I Fall!"~~~~~~~

Our heads spun as though our lips were Manna.

"You say it best,

When you say nothing,

At All!"~~~~~~~~~~~

Piano, Base, Drums, and Slide Guitar joined as her arms slipped round my neck and mine around her waist and we felt one another deeper than ever before as we danced as the remainder of a song, so much deeper than any we had ever heard, carried us away...

Min waved at some Kids waving from the back of an SUV as she looked forward to the rest of this day...

Perhaps the future unfolding...

Meant to Be!!

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