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"Melissa, I get the feeling there's something you're not telling me."

My wife of fifteen years was acting strange. Usually, she wasn't the type to clam up about anything, but for some reason she looked uncomfortable whenever I said anything about Andre, this new assistant of hers at her office. He had only been working for her for about a month, but obviously had already made an indelible impression.

"There's not much to say, Fred. I guess Andre can be a little flirtatious sometimes, that's all."

"And what about you, do you flirt back with him?" I teased.

"Sometimes... but I swear it's just a joke," she replied uneasily. Despite my efforts to get her to loosen up, Melissa seemed even tenser than before, even sounding a little bit guilty.

Once again Melissa surprised me, as she wasn't usually reticent about talking about subjects like this. Even at thirty-nine years old, my wife still turned more than a few heads with the hour glass figure she worked relentlessly to maintain. She was truly beautiful too, with shoulder length, light brown hair and deep blue eyes. Melissa had had plenty of practice rebuffing the advances of other men over the years, as her faithfulness to me was as strong as it could be.

I don't know why exactly, maybe it was because I knew Melissa's strict upbringing had made her so adamantly against any form of cheating, but for whatever reason I'd always gotten extremely turned on by the idea that she might give in to one of those men. I'd long ago told her about my fantasy, but she'd always flatly refused me. The way she seemed unnerved talking about Andre, however, made me wonder for the first time if somebody had actually managed to slip past her defenses.

"How old is Andre again?" I asked.

"Twenty-four. Why do you ask, Fred?"

I decided to cut right to the chase. "Do you find him attractive?"

"Fred, do we really have to have this conversation again? I'm not going to cheat on you."

"And like I've said before, Melissa, it's not cheating if you have my blessing."

"I don't want to talk about this."

"You still haven't answered my question, Melissa."


"I asked if you found Andre attractive. Even if you don't want to help me with my fantasy, I wish you'd at least be honest about what's going on."

"Okay," she finally relented, "but don't ask anything else of me."

"Fair enough."

"I... I guess it is different with Andre. Weird, considering he's so young."

"I know how you hate the immature types. I'm guessing Andre isn't like that."

"Not at all. He's so confident and assertive too. Most assistants I get are terrified of me at first, especially if they're young like Andre, but he was the exact opposite. I guess you could say he's a real go-getter."

"I take it job advancement isn't the only thing Andre's been trying to 'get' either." Melissa's face actually blushed at my last comment, something she rarely did.

"No, it isn't."

"I assume Andre knows you're married."

"Yes, but he doesn't care. He even said that having sex with a married woman was one of his biggest turn-ons. The look in his eyes when he said that... I admit it gave me tingles."

I was really surprised to hear Melissa tell me this. Usually mixing sex talk with infidelity was a huge turn off for her. With any other man, that would have immediately ended any chance with Melissa. Clearly, Andre was something special. It made me wonder just how far Melissa's flirting with him had gone.

"Are you sure, Melissa? Maybe you're reading the wrong signals from Andre." This was a stupid question of me to ask and I knew it, but I thought it might get Melissa to open up and tell me more. It worked.

"Oh no, if it wasn't for me we'd be fucking already." This was another bombshell from Melissa, as I'd never heard her be so graphic when talking about another man before. I wasn't sure, but it even sounded like she was slightly turned on saying it.

"Really, are you that sure?"

"A woman knows," Melissa said with a slight shiver in her voice. I could definitely tell now, she was aroused.

I didn't press on for more information, as it was getting late. We did have sex that night, however. One of things I love most about Melissa is how great she is in bed, but she really did outdid herself this time, and there was no doubt in my mind that it was talking about Andre had gotten so worked up. Even though I had assured Melissa that I wasn't going to try and get her to sleep with Andre, I knew that this was a promise I simply could not keep. For years I had been trying to get Melissa to fulfill my fantasy without any kind of success. I could tell Melissa wanted Andre, but was unwilling to cross that line with him because of our marriage. I knew it would take considerable effort on my part, but I was determined to make this happen.

The next day I decided to "surprise" Melissa at her job and ask her out for lunch. By the way, my wife works in a management position in an office building, but it's not really relevant to the story so I won't go into much detail. Suffice to say that she has a fruitful career in the business world in a field typically dominated by men, including having her own spacious office and personal assistant. I've always been very proud of Melissa's success, and while she doesn't like to talk about it, I know that over the years she's had to put up with plenty of sexual advances from her bosses and coworkers. In fact, Melissa's become quite the expert in shooting down the numerous creeps that have made passes at her and, while she'll never discuss it, I know a few of those men weren't creeps at all and were actually very tempting. All the more reason why I was making an excuse to visit Melissa at work; I just had to meet Andre for myself.

When I came in I found Melissa giving instructions to a young man. I knew right away he had to be Andre, not only because of his age, but because he was quite tall, impressively fit, handsome, and very well dressed. He also carried himself with an air of confidence that made him seem very charismatic. These were all traits that I knew Melissa found attractive in men. Add to that the nature of their conversation and I could tell he was her subordinate, so I knew this had to be Andre. There was one big surprise however that I hadn't expected; Andre was black. It seemed odd that Melissa had failed to mention that to me the previous night, especially since I'd never really seen her show any interest in black men before.

"Oh, hi Fred," Melissa said uneasily when she saw me approach. Clearly, my surprise visit had taken her off guard.

"I happen to be in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by," I lied. "What do you think about getting lunch, Melissa?"

"Um... I'm not sure I have time today," she replied. Melissa was really flustered now. It was a strange sight to see from my usually well-composed wife.

"Hi, Mr. Randolph, I'm your wife's personal assistant, Andre," the young man said, smiling.

"Pleased to meet you Andre," I replied. I extended my hand and he shook it. Some people can instantly make a positive impression on you, and that's how I felt about Andre. Charismatic certainly was a good way to describe him. Melissa had called him a "go-getter," and even though I'd just met him that definitely seemed likely too. I was impressed by Andre, even if one of the main things he was trying to "get" was inside my wife's pants. Actually, I wasn't upset by that last part at all, as he had the air of a ladies' man as well.

"It's okay dear, it was just a spur of the moment thing anyway," I replied. "I'll see you at home after work. Nice to meet you Andre."

"You too, Mr. Randolph."

"Oh please, call me Fred. Any friend of Melissa's is a friend of mine."

"Sure thing, Fred," Andre smiled back. I looked at Melissa one last time as I left, seeing her face look as uncomfortable as ever, even embarrassed. In fact, anyone who didn't know my wife so well might have suspected she was already having an affair with Andre, but of course I knew this wasn't the case. Melissa had always managed to keep a steely professionalism at work; I'd heard enough stories over the years to surmise that she wasn't the easiest person to work for, but somehow in only a month Andre had managed to get past all of that and even turn the situation in his favor. It was a remarkable feat, especially considering his age. It would take a strong personality indeed to put someone like Melissa back on her heels.

Later that night after dinner I decided to ask my wife again about Andre.

"That's quite the personal assistant you have there, Melissa. I can see why you like him." Once more Melissa became unnerved at the mere mention of Andre.

"Do we really have to talk about this again, Fred?" she replied, flustered.

"Well, I am curious about one thing, Melissa, you never told me that Andre was black. I mean, it's not a big deal to me, but I do think it's odd that you chose to leave that detail out."

"I don't know, I just did," Melissa replied. My wife was acting very strangely now. She'd always been completely open and honest with me and yet when it came to Andre I felt like it was pulling teeth just to get the slightest bit of information out of her.

"That's not much of an answer," I said a bit gruffly. I tried not to sound too stern but I also wanted to make it clear that I was unhappy with the way she was acting.

"Fred, I... I'm not sure what to say." Melissa tone was surprisingly weak and defenceless.

"Well, whatever it is, I wish you'd be honest about it." After a long moment of silence in the room she finally replied.

"I guess... you have your fantasies, and... I have I mine."

I felt like my wife had just dropped a bombshell on me. Although she had been somewhat shy and reserved when we first met, it hadn't taken me long at all to completely open up to me. By now I thought I knew everything there was to know about her sexually, as she did with me. Did she really just admit that she fantasized about black men? Melissa hadn't so much as given me a clue about this in the past.

"What?" I asked in disbelief. In my efforts to get Melissa to live out my fantasy of her having sex with another man I'd pointed out many potential male conquests for her, and I was sure a few of them had to have been black, and if anything, she seemed to show even less interest in them than she did in the white men. It was to the point where I honestly believed that black men simply didn't interest her, and so I stopped trying with them altogether.

If what Melissa was telling me was true then she'd done one hell of an acting job over the years. I have to admit that I felt hurt that she had kept such a big secret from me, but that another part of me was intrigued. After being married for so long it was safe to say that familiarity did make things quite boring at times, and the idea that Melissa had this hidden side to her sexuality that I'd never seen before was incredibly exciting.

"Melissa, whatever it is that you want to say, I wish you would just say it. I don't like it when we keep secrets from each other." I knew that last part would be especially effective on my wife, and although she still spoke quietly and softly it did succeed in finally getting her to open up to me.

"I'm not sure when it started, I must have been very young, but something about the contrast in skin tones has always been a huge turn on for me," she admitted.

Although we didn't watch them often, over the years Melissa and I have watched pornos to spice up our sex life, and I was positive there had been a few interracial scenes here and there. Evidently, my wife had enjoyed watching them a lot more than she had let on. Once again I found myself shocked by the revelation, but excited too.

"But it didn't really become a fantasy of mine until college," Melissa continued. "Remember my old roommate, Mandy?" This was around the time that Melissa and I began dating, so I did remember Mandy. She was a short, pixyish girl with flaming red hair and freckles and skin so fair it was alabaster in color. I didn't see her that often, but when I did she was always very sweet and friendly, with a very outgoing personality.

"She was dating one of the football players at the time, one of the black players," Melissa went on. Even though Melissa was still a bit shy talking about all of this, I could also hear the unmistakable sound of arousal in her voice too. That's one of the things I love so much about my wife; she's a very sexual woman, probably even hypersexual by some people's standards. Somewhere in the back of her mind she must have been thinking about Mandy and her black stud lover, maybe even picturing them together, and it was turning her on. And seeing my wife like this always aroused me too.

"Go on," I said, trying to goad her further.

"Mandy and I used to talk a lot about sex, and she'd tell me stories about her and her boyfriend Nathan. Some of them were pretty wild." Melissa's voice was definitely aroused now, almost like she was telling me a dirty story to try and get us off.

"Like what?"

"Well, like Nathan was hung like a horse for one thing. Mandy said his cock was almost the size of her arm." This likely wasn't an exaggeration, as Mandy really was a tiny girl, probably around 5'0, 100 lbs. She did have a cute, firm little bubble butt though that especially looked great in the cut-off jeans she often wore, but the rest of her was more girlish than anything. Mandy also looked much younger than she really was, and being so small didn't help either.

"It must have been a little weird seeing tiny Mandy with a big, brawny athlete. I bet he was more than twice her size."

"It was more of a turn-on than anything, especially with her being so white and Nathan being so black. Mandy was so fair-skinned that even a tanned white guy would be a stark contrast next to her, but Nathan? Wow, it was really shocking to see them together, but incredibly erotic too. Sometimes they'd do something like kiss in front of me, and damn, it would be enough to get my heart racing. And with Mandy being so small and into yoga too, I knew she was ridiculously flexible. She'd often tell me about the crazy positions they did during sex, and I'd try not to show it, but I'd get so excited."

"It was so much more than that though," Melissa continued. I could tell my wife had gotten past the point where I needed to keep prodding her. A mixture of her settling down enough to speak freely added to an obvious sense of arousal had taken over. I stayed silent and let Melissa finish her story.

"Mandy would talk about how aggressive Nathan was in bed, even dominant with her, and it turned her on so much. I'd get excited listening to her stories too." This part did astonish me, as Melissa was not really the submissive type.

"I know that's normally not my thing, Fred, but this was different."

"Because Nathan was black?"

"Yes," Melissa casually admitted to my surprise. "I don't know why, but hearing Mandy talk about this hot black guy taking control of her like that was a big turn on for me. Some of her stories were insanely kinky too. It's weird, but I had always assumed and expected that part of Mandy being in a relationship with a black man was about them getting past the issue of race, and it certainly was that way in daily life, but for some reason that both shocked and turned me on it was the exact opposite when it came to their sex life. They both really got off on interracial sex and were completely uninhibited about making that part of what happened in the bedroom. Mandy told me it was the wildest, best sex she could ever imagine, and the more I heard about it the more I believed her. I guess you could say she corrupted me in the end."

It took all the willpower I had to remain silent at this point. My wife had done a masterful job all these keeping this side of herself hidden from me. Hearing her talk this way was almost like meeting a new person.

"If this was such a big deal to you Melissa, then why didn't you find a Nathan of your own to play with?" I finally managed to ask.

"After listening to Mandy for a few months, I certainly thought about it a lot, but then we started dating and I focussed on our relationship instead. There is a little more to my story about Mandy though..."


"Around the time when we started seeing each other Mandy started kidding around, telling me that Nathan was bugging her about having a threesome with me. She always said it like it was a joke, but I knew underneath Mandy was serious and that this was her way of finding out if I was interested. I never took her up on the offer, but that didn't stop Mandy from trying. Up until then, she and Nathan would always have sex at his apartment. He lived alone, and as Mandy would always say to me with a sly wink, had a much bigger bed than she did. After Mandy's 'offer,' however, Nathan started spending the night more and more at our place. It's true that Mandy's bed wasn't that big, so they certainly weren't doing it for comfort sake."

"You think they were trying to entice you to join them?"

"I know they were. The walls to Mandy's room were pretty thin to begin with, and they certainly didn't make any attempt to be quiet when they were doing it. I knew Mandy was doing this on purpose, especially since she knew how excited I became in the past whenever she'd tell me stories about their sex life. She wanted me to hear it first-hand, which was already pretty intense, but after a while even that wasn't enough."

"What?" I asked in astonishment. "What do you mean, Melissa?"

"They began 'accidentally' leaving their bedroom door ajar at night, and not just a few inches either; more like half open. By this time I thought their invitation to join in couldn't have been plainer than if they'd sent me formal card in the mail."

"And... did you?" I asked.

"No, of course not. I stayed as far away from the door as possible, although hearing them have sex while I lay in bed at night was anything but easy. There was one time, however, that I came home in the middle of the day and walked by Mandy's room. Of course, she and Nathan were going at it again, and this time the door was wide open. I didn't expect them to be home, but Mandy was certainly expecting me, which is why I'm so sure this was a set up for me to walk in on them."

"Did you go in the room?"

"No, but as I walked by I saw something I'll never forget. They were making love standing up; Nathan had his back to me and was holding Mandy mid-air. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. I knew Nathan was in phenomenal shape but he looked even more incredible naked, with rippling muscles pulled taut against his rich black skin and hardly any fat. The sight was even more amazing with Mandy's creamy white limbs clinging passionately to Nathan as she rode him."

"Nathan held her in his arms so easily, as if she were light as a feather, while the two of them grinded back and forth with that big cock buried deep inside her. She screamed again and again, crying out about what an incredible lover he was, while Nathan grunted and groaned. I have no doubt this was true, but I also think she was saying these things to further entice me. I couldn't help but stop and watch for a while, mesmerized by the eroticism of what I was witnessing. They looked more like crazed animals in heat than anything and I couldn't help but be in awe of their raw desire and passion. Mandy could see me clearly the whole time but seemed too caught up in the moment to do anything at first, but after a while she managed to compose herself enough to give me the naughtiest smile and clearly mouth the words, 'Join us.'"

"Why didn't you, Melissa? It sounds like you wanted to."

"You don't know how much I wanted to," Melissa confessed, "but there were other factors that stopped me."

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