tagBDSMPet Show Ch. 01

Pet Show Ch. 01


I arrived in my Master's city wet and intrigued. As usual, I had been given a set of instructions, but these were sparse: I was to check in to my hotel, text Master of my arrival and simply wait. I was not to attend to my appearance. Being "an over-achieving bitch", I felt my appearance was pretty much taken care of anyway, so was not alarmed by the imposition of this restriction.

Upon texting of my arrival in my hotel room, Master's response was brief: Submit to the visitor. I was now confused, intrigued and aroused. I loved to feel my Owner's tight controls, especially any instruction that demanded I submit to others for His pleasure. I wondered who He was sending; perhaps a work colleague, a friend, or was he simply sending up the Concierge? I could feel the rise in adrenalin and my senses heighten as I waited for a knock on the door. Beyond the room, I could hear the elevator announce its arrival on the floor, and the doors ding open to deliver my unknown visitor.

I slipped a finger into my cunt and checked my arousal levels. I was incredibly wet. It was confirmed: I was a complete whore. I wiped my slicked finger across my top lip, scenting myself as my Owner frequently demanded of me; I enjoy the smell of my slippery cunt so much that it works to maintain my state of arousal.

The expected knock at the door arrived.

But it was not what I expected. There were two women standing there and they had with them a considerable amount of equipment. They were dressed in tight white uniforms and were immaculately groomed. I smiled at the realisation that Master had sent me two beauticians. What a treat! A slim brunette with finely sculpted eyebrows and glossy pink lips introduced herself as Marilyn. "Your Master sent me," she said, intriguing me further with her use of His title and obvious understanding of my position. She moved swiftly into the room carrying a large tote bag, and was followed by a woman lugging a folded beauticians table. She appeared of Indian descent, in her late twenties or early thirties and had an enviable shape: large breasts, a small waist and long legs. Marilyn introduced her as Ameera.

"I am to inform you now of what is to happen," Marilyn began. "You will be prepared by Ameera and myself to the instructions and satisfaction of your Master. You are not to resist anything that we attempt to do in the preparation of you for Him. We have been told that we are to phone your Master should there be any problems." She smiled broadly and winked. "Although I'm quite sure there won't be."

Ameera set up the long table, and a number of lotions and items on the bureau. Marilyn began to undress me. I intruded my own hands upon her task. "That's okay," I assured her, "I can do it."

"Bitch — please be aware that this is what we have been instructed to call you — you have not understood the terms: you are not to resist ANYTHING that we do to you, including undress you. Submit. Totally. You will enjoy the experience so much better." Marilyn placed my hands back at my sides and returned to unbuttoning my blouse.

Within minutes, I stood before the two women completely naked, blushing, and in a state of high excitement. My nipples were erect and my mouth dry as the realisation formed that these two were clearly not your standard beauticians...

I laid back on the beauticians table and submitted to the gentle ministrations of Ameera as she bathed my whole body with a warm cloth soaked and wrung with floral scented water. I closed my eyes and followed her hands through the sense of touch, as she removed my makeup and cleansed my face and neck, as she lifted my heavy breasts to bathe the skin beneath them, as she swiped the warm cloth across my nipples, down my belly and around to my hips, my pubis, my thighs, my calves and my feet.

"I am going to dry you off now," Ameera announced, briefly tugging on the tiny Victorian-style padlock that pierced my cunt lips. Then, applying an unexpectedly novel approach, she blew her warm breath on my legs and this she continued to do in gentle spurts along my skin. She had just started blowing against my cunt lips when Marilyn applied a strip of hot wax to my eyebrows. The skin seared beneath it, a feeling I was not unused to having long been an advocate of waxing for beauty. A moment was held in which the heat on my brow and the soft blowing on my cunt had my senses acutely engaged. Then Marilyn whispered, "Now" and, at the same time the wax strip was ripped clear of my brow, Ameera's tongue speared into my cunt, cleverly navigating Master's padlock piercing in a way a cock never could.

My eyes and mouth flung open. I shut them quickly. Was she actually sucking on the piercing itself? There was a slight tugging on my cunt and the collective sense of warmth and wetness appropriate to the experience of being stimulated by a hot mouth.

Meanwhile, Marilyn continued her ministrations on my eyebrows. Then moved her waxing fervour to other parts of my body where she inspected for stray hairs with the serious intent of a Bolivian customs inspector. My bald cunt had been done quite recently and so no further waxing was required, although she did take to it with a pair of tweezers. The tiny pricks as individual hairs were plucked clean contrasted with the leisurely sucking and licking of my labia and its surrounds.

Marilyn finished her plucking and Ameera's attention to my cunt was supported by the addition of her hands which she slipped beneath my ass, lifting it so that my cunt was feeding right into her face. The exquisite sensations of her mouth were only interrupted by the sound of small clicks, one after the other. My eyes flew open and toward Marilyn. She replaced the mobile phone on the table. "Photos for Your Master. On instruction." Of course, Master always enjoys the evidence of His creativity where He cannot be present Himself. I closed my eyes again.

Within moments of focusing on Ameera's ministrations, I came hard in her mouth. She pulled back quickly and smeared my cream up around my asshole and into my sphincter. She moved around the table, up to my head, gripped the sides of my face and proceeded to kiss me, inserting her tongue in my mouth so that I could taste my own cunt juices. I sucked her tongue clean and licked around her lips before whispering my thanks.

"Legs up and spread, bend at the knees." Marilyn lifted and spread one of my legs by way of guidance. She held it in place. I lifted the other and found Ameera ready to hold it in its raised and spread position. Then I felt my ass penetrated and my anus flooded with a warm fluid. Oh God. How humiliating. Surely Master must've known that this would mortify me? I knew of course that this was the point; beyond my preparation was Master's desire to humiliate and mortify me into submission for Him. As the enema did its work, any small blemishes on my skin were covered with concealer and set with powder.

"Please," I whimpered. And was lifted by the two women off the table and into the bathroom where my bowels expelled the last remnants of the meagre sustenance I had consumed in the last twenty four hours. Then once again, my cunt and asscunt were thoroughly bathed and scented.

Back in the room, the women applied my makeup and styled my hair before piling it on top of my head with curls cascading down to my shoulders. My neck and chest were further powdered to a blemish-free existence. When I looked at the effect in the mirror, I was struck by heavy dark lids, black lashes, glossy brown lips, pale skin and auburn curls.

The next half an hour were spent filing, painting and glossing over long fingernails and toenails. I marvelled at their attention to detail and felt as an Egyptian princess might feel being pampered and attended to by her female slaves. The irony, I knew, was that the only person truly enslaved in the room was me.

"Right, we are done here." Marilyn passed the makeup brushes to Ameera for packing away. "You must now remain here naked for Your Master. Do not get dressed nor alter your appearance in any way. Simply sit." I thanked the women as they departed and closed the door after them.

Then I sat.

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