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Petra Marchant Appreciation Club


My introduction to this club came during a stay in Manchester. I was on a business trip and as a way of passing time in my hotel room one evening I tried looking up some websites about Petra Marchant, a high society girl whose pictures had long fuelled many erotic fantasies. I had built up an enormous collection of photos on my computer, many of high definition and beautifully enlarged. And so I spent many gratifying moments masturbating over them.

As I trawled through the websites, one in particular caught my attention. It was advertising a club, in Manchester, going under the name of the 'Petra Marchant Appreciation Club'. I was intrigued. It sounded respectable and yet I suspected that the name concealed its erotic purpose. It gave a phone number and so somewhat nervously I dialled and waited, dry mouthed. A cheerful and somehow familiar female voice answered and prompted by my hesitant questions gave me details of the club's location and times of opening.

It was still early evening and having learned that the club stayed open till the early hours I made a decision to give it a try. My heart was pounding in anticipation of what the evening would hold as I stared out of the taxi window and took in the glistening dark streets. In only ten minutes or so the taxi drew up outside an ordinary looking suburban semi-detached house.

Having been assured by the taxi driver with a knowing smile that this was indeed the right place, I paid him and then walked hesitantly up to the front door. To my utter astonishment, and delight, the door was opened by none other than Brooke Sangster, one of the stars of a local TV soap. She looked radiant in a pink chiffon dress, which emphasised her lovely breasts, and she greeted me in her inimitable Northern accent.

I couldn't believe this was happening, for Brooke was another of my masturbatory fantasies. I loved her voice, her lovely face, her mane of soft brown hair and the firm breasts that had burgeoned during her teenage years. As I stood open mouthed in front of her Brooke broke the awkward silence and answered the question that was framing itself on my lips.

'Yeah, I know, you're wondering what I'm doing here when you normally see me on tele. Well, believe it or not, I've been a fan of Petra for ages and I fancy her like crazy – and yes, I'm a bit of a lezzy like in the programme – but I fancy being with blokes as well. And I know how much you blokes really lust for Petra. So, I thought I would set up this little place and then we can all be happy!'

She gave a delightful throaty laugh and looked at me quizzically. Despite my nervousness in this strange new situation, my cock was hardening inexorably in her presence as I took in the soft translucent layered chiffon of her dress and the firm breasts that seemed to strain for release. Brooke's searching gaze took all this in and she smiled softly.

'Is it me or is it the thought of a couple of hours with Petra that's caused a stir down there?'

She grinned as she brushed up close to me and let her hand linger on my imprisoned erection. Her perfume was intoxicating and I longed to kiss her but knew I must hold back.

'Come on,' she whispered, 'I can tell you're in urgent need of some Petra therapy.'

With that, she grasped my arm and led me up the stairs to what seemed like an ordinary bedroom but which was furnished with a large leather recliner chair and on the wall in front of it was a huge screen. The room behind the chair had items of projection equipment and next to the chair was a stool. As I took in the surroundings in more detail I noticed a variety of wall posters, all photos of Petra and draped casually over another chair were various items of lingerie – nylon panties, slips and glossy pantyhose.

'Make yourself comfortable...John, isn't it?' Brooke enquired. I nodded as she continued with a cheerful smile, 'I'm just going to the next room to see how Martin is getting on.'

With that, she left me in a waft of perfume and I then heard her talking to the guy in the next room. It was in that moment that I understood what lay ahead of me.

I could just make out what Brooke was saying and the words had an immediate effect on my already desperate hardness.

'Oh God, Martin, your cock's got really massive,' she said in astonishment. 'You really love these Petra pics, I can tell.'

There was a pause and then the man's voice;

'Oh, fuck, yes,' he groaned, 'this one of Petra in her grey chiffon dress and glossy panty hose is going to bring me off....oh..I'm cumming!'

Even from where I was sitting his deep sigh of release was fully audible. Her voice thick with desire, Brooke called as she reached my door,

'I'll keep the pics going, Martin; there's a lot more for you to wank over. I'll be back again soon when I have started the slideshow for John next door.'

Brooke approached as I sat somewhat awkwardly in the recliner chair, trying to cope with my raging erection.

'Now, John,' she said softly, 'you are in for the treat of a lifetime. Firstly, I want you to take off your clothes and then choose a pair of my panties, a slip and pantyhose. Put on the panties and slip and have the hose to hand ready to use.'

She smiled and indicated the chair where the lingerie had been draped. I hesitated and then got up, my erection tenting my trousers, and selected a sweet pair of pink nylon panties and a matching nylon half slip, both edged with pretty lace and made from the softest nylon imaginable. I struggled clumsily out of my clothes as Brooke watched and I then slipped the panties on and over my hard cock, which was already leaking pre-cum into the nylon. The slip followed and the sensation as it whispered up my legs and around my waist was incredible.

Brooke looked on approvingly and I noticed that her hand had strayed to her groin and she was gently feeling herself through the soft chiffon layers of her dress. Remembering her instructions I selected pantyhose in a glossy tan colour and almost by instinct put it to my face to enjoy its silkiness. The desire was by now almost more than I could take and I hadn't yet seen the photos of Petra.

Brooke indicated for me to sit down in the recliner chair.

'You're probably wondering why I've asked you to put on my undies,' she said with a smile. I was indeed wondering, though in my state I didn't really care and the sensation was wonderful.

'Well,' she continued, 'I know that you blokes who wank over Petra will be fantasising about her underwear and wondering if she wears silky panties like mine. And I've also given you some silky hose as Petra seems to wear that a lot and her glossy legs are an extra turn-on; well, they are for me.'

She blushed slightly as she said this and I realised that her Petra photos would be a constant source of stimulation for her. I imagined Brooke stretched out in my chair and gently masturbating in front of a picture of Petra and my cock jerked again, the pre-cum by now spreading a dark patch in Brooke's lovely panties.

'Anyway John, no more time to lose; I'll put on the slide show for you.' As she said this, Brooke handed me a remote control, indicating that I could pause it at any time to focus on a photo I wanted to wank over. She turned on the projector at the back of the room, dimmed the lights and then sat next to me on the stool.

The pictures of Petra started to appear on the huge screen, all in high definition and crystal clear. They were pictures I had seen before, all gleaned from various press releases, but they all emphasised either Petra's glorious firm breasts or her lovely legs encased in pantyhose.

The ones of her taken in a taxi were especially revealing, with her short cream layered dress and little dark blue jacket. Her lovely glossy brown hair fell freely around her beautiful face and her legs in pantyhose sheen were exposed right up to mid thigh. Another photo of her getting out of the taxi in the same dress gave a wonderful upskirt shot and her panties were all but revealed.

I had to pause the slideshow at this point and, grasping Brooke's soft pantyhose, proceeded to wank my tortured hardness with them, having released my cock from the panties and slip.

Brooke, who by now had pulled the skirt of her dress up her legs, was quietly masturbating through her panties and moaning gently to herself. She turned to watch me and in a voice thick with desire encouraged my rhythmic pumping;

'Oh, John, look at Petra's legs encased in fine silk; look at the sheen on them. And her layered dress, riding up her thighs...oh how soft it must be. Imagine feeling its softness as you slowly push it up her thighs, the gentle rasp of the panty hose against it and then...you see her panties, in finest silky nylon, cream to match her dress. You reach up to caress her mound through the silk, you kiss her and stroke her soft hair. Oh, God, John, Petra is now yours....fuck her with that fabulous huge cock....ohh..God...'

Brooke's voice trailed off as she shuddered next to me, gasping in ecstasy as she came.

'Oh..John.....' she moaned, 'now you cum too...cum in my silky undies....call out Petra's name as you cum.'

My eruption came as she spoke and, with great strings of cum jetting over Brooke's pantyhose, panties and slip and focussing in utter desire at Petra's sweet face, I called out,

'Oh, Petra, let me fuck you hard in your lovely soft dress and pantyhose...oh God, you are so beautiful..'

The orgasm over, I went limp in my chair, feeling utterly drained. Brooke stood up and adjusted her dress, smoothing it down with both hands. She smiled as she anticipated my question.

'Yes, I do this with some of the blokes, but only if I fancy them. A lot of the time I just leave them to it. I guess your luck's been in.'

She grinned and then added, 'well, I'd better see how Martin is getting on. Help yourself to a coffee.'

She indicated a coffee machine in one corner of the room.

'Oh, and don't worry about payment just yet; I'll sort it with you before you leave tonight. Carry on looking at the pics; there's no hurry.'

I smiled weakly and thanked her. I turned to look at the screen and pressed the remote to continue.

The photos continued and as I feasted my eyes on Petra's firm breasts encased in a glorious red satin evening gown, my cock responded once again. This was going to be one night I would never forget.

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