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Petting Party


Sharon and I were just a couple of kids when we got married. Our life together starting out was simple and uneventful, we had the usual struggle to find enough money to make it to the end of each month, like most young couples.

So as a result, our pleasures were simple, too. Afternoons with friends, a few beers, sometimes a rare night out for burgers.

Our sex life could best be described as normal, too. There was so much we didn't know, so we experimented a little with each other, fun stuff.

I suppose this story started innocently, one day Sharon was in the kitchen fiddling with getting breakfast ready. She had an odd habit of wearing nothing but a pair of panties around the house when it was warm, because we had a tiny little mobile home and no such thing as air conditioning.

I had just come out from brushing my teeth, I looked up and here stood the guy who came to change the two huge propane bottles we used for the stove.

The window was open, the curtains pulled aside, and he was standing with his mouth open staring at Sharon.

Now Sharon was worth staring at, she was only 4'10" and I could easily circle her waist with my hands. But she has a set of tits that most women would die for.

Here she was, naked to the waist with just a set of white panties on, and she was just bending over to reach into the bottom of the stove for some pans.

The guy out on the porch deck was getting a beaver shot to end all beaver shots, Sharon's big titties dangling down as she fiddled under the stove, no idea the guy was there.

He saw me, turned a few shades of pink, finished up and left. I started to say something to Sharon, then realized I had a boner beyond belief! The idea of this guy getting a peek at her nudity seemed to turn me on stronger than anything had up until then.

Needless to say, we didn't get to breakfast until quite a bit later.

It was evening before I happened to mention the gasman seeing her, she gasped and put her hand to her mouth, but the expression on her face said something different.

So dinner ended up very late, too.

later that night, she was down on her knees on the bed as I pounded away from behind, describing to her the view the guy had gotten as she had leaned over. Sharon went hot as a pistol and all gushy, she was making strange noises like I had never seen her do before.

The idea excited us both, that was obvious.

So we started to look for opportunities. There was the gas station, the shoe store, sitting on the rock wall down by the beach, we got pretty blatant.

It was fun stuff, like I said, experimenting. She even tried the gas man again, going so far as to check to see when he was due to arrive so she could be ready. But the guy was a little gunshy this time, he did his job and went out of his way to not look inside as I hid and watched.

So we settled back into our lives, just once in awhile we would go out for a "drive." Sharon always knew what that meant but the bloom was off the Rose so to speak and it was becoming less exciting.

We had one couple we hung out with a lot, just friends stuff. Lori was a bubbly little blonde, just a trace on the chubby side, 5'4" or so. Sonny was about my size, maybe 190# and lean like me.

We all got along wonderfully, lots of jokes and teasing. Sometimes we went dancing, I liked the way Lori's body settled in to mine, Sharon's did too but she was so short I found dancing with her a bit awkward.

Lori was a bit of a tease, a couple of times I had gotten a flash of pink nipple down her blouse as she leaned over or reached for something. She was perfectly aware of that, I am sure.

Sharon had long since given up wearing bras, so when she danced with Sonny her big boobs were mashed against him, I knew what that felt like.

More fun stuff.

One evening we were sitting over at their house, Sonny had Lori snuggled right up close, arm around her shoulder, Sharon and I sat opposite doing the same, we were just chatting.

I happened to mention that Sharon had flashed the gas man, got popped on the arm for that as Sharon blushed. But Lori was all ears, insisting on the juicy details.

So I told the story, how the guy had stood there with his mouth hanging open in shock as Sharon had leaned over the stove, nothing on but undies.

"Lucky bastard!" Sonny said.

Sharon blushed.

I noticed his fingers were stroking the sides of Lori's breast, I could see the bumps forming in the front of her blouse and the expression on her face made it obvious the story had excited her.

"We should do something like that!" she said, getting a nervous laugh from Sonny.

Sharon seemed to snuggle in closer to me, and her hand was brushing my upper leg. It was like some kind of mental thing went through the air, I leaned down and kissed Sharon, Sonny was doing the same.

In just a few minutes I had my hands under Sharon's top, fondling her big titties, Sonny was doing the same with Lori who was joining right in.

We sat there and necked for a good half hour or so, Sonny and I both took turns giving each other peeks at our wive's tits.

I started to stroke Sharon's behind through the slacks she wore, Sonny's hands went right under Lori's skirt up to her hip. I was getting a fine view of Lori's panties, even a shot of brown pubic hair for a second and Sonny's fingers found the side of them and pushed them over for a moment.

I had Sharon stand up, reached out, pulled her top up and off her. Sonny looked her up and down, smiling, he undid Lori's blouse and removed it. Now Lori's fine tits were on full display, she had big round nipples, like little bubbles on the end, beautiful contrast to Sharon's full globes and hard black nipples.

Sonny and I swapped comments about how beautiful our girls were as they both seemed to relax and settle in to the moment.

This isn't fair!" Sharon piped up with. "We are half naked and you guys are still dressed."

I looked at Sonny, he shrugged, got up, dropped his shirt and pants. He had on a pair of white briefs, and he was obviously hard as a rock.

I got up and did the same, I was in the same state.

We went back to petting, I slipped the snap, then the zipper on Sharon's slacks. She made no move to resist, even lifted her hips as I slid them down and off. Now she was sitting there with nothing on but a pair of white panties. Sonny had Lori's skirt off, she had on a pair of pink panties with frilly lace edges.

I commented on how pretty they were, Lori hopped up and did a little spin, blushing lightly as her soft breasts jiggled with the motion.

"You like?" she said, as she sat back down by Sonny.

I did, and the only thing to do was have Sharon do the same, so she got up and did a slow turn, giving us all a long look at her. Her heavier breasts on her much smaller body were spectacular.

I watched as Sonny stared at her, a smile on his face. She sat back down by me, we went back to petting.

Sonny was poking around at lori's pink panties, giving us little peeks at Lori's brown pubic hair, so I started doing the same to Sharon.

At first she tensed a bit to keep her legs together, but she soon gave up as my probing hands made efforts to display her to Sonny, who was watching intently.

I finally managed to get my fingers fully under the crotch of her panties, and I pulled them aside, holding them there as he got a long look.

Sharon had her eyes closed, her lips were pursed, she was hot! Her fingers were stroking my cock through my underwear, her breath coming in excited little gasps.

Sonny rolled Lori's waisrband down, then the other side, I watched as she lifted her weight to let him take them off. He was sitting on her right, so he reached down and lifted her right leg up and set it over his, opening her wide to my gaze. I saw Lori's eyes come up and look at me, they were all smoky like she really didn't even see me.

Her pussy was covered with fine brown hair, but her lips were so swollen and large they stuck out of her a good inch or so. Her clit was huge, sticking out and down, I couldn't help but stare.

Our girls were both naked now, and they were working on us. Lori had Sonny's cock sticking out the top of his briefs, Sharon had mine out the leg band. I was uncircumsized, and Sonny was, quite a contrast.

Sharon started tugging at my underwear, I let her remove them, standing up to step out of them. Lori watched me intently as I did, I turned slightly sideways to let her have a good look before I sat back down.

Sonny got up and did the same, then he and Lori petted some more, it was getting pretty intense.

Then he looked at me, said, "Swap? Just for petting?" I said sure, waiting for a protest from either of our girls.

There wasn't any.

In seconds, I had Lori by my side on the couch and we were kissing, Sonny and Sharon were doing the same. I noticed Sharon's hands wasted no time finding his cock, she wrapped her tiny hand around it as I licked and nuzzled Lori's breasts. Those little bubbles on the ends of her titties were fun, they slipped and rolled around inside my mouth, different.

I felt Lori's hand begin to stroke my cock, I let my fingers slip between her legs, finding her fleshy and wet. I started to slip a finger inside but she tensed, looking at Sonny for a reaction. He was intent on Sharon at the moment, his fingers feverishly masturbating her as she squealed quietly with those familiar little sounds I knew so well.

Lori relaxed and let her legs part, I slipped a finger inside, exploring. I noticed right off that she was snug but there was more room inside than there was with Sharon. I stroked the upper portion of her insides, feeling the row of soft ridges. She orgasmed quietly as I did that.

We had long since forgotten about Sonny and Sharon. They were now stretched out on the couch facing each other, Sharon's back was to us. They were pressed tightly up against each other, almost motionless.

I couldn't see exactly what they were doing, it was hard to concentrate anyway as my hands and mouth alternately touched and tasted. But I saw Sonny's hips roll back and then forward and up, it looked like he was fucking Sharon! Her hips rolled opposite against him, I decided they were just dry humping and went back to Lori.

A few minutes later, I looked over, both of Sonny's hands were out of sight between their bodies, he was still making that same thrusting motion.

Lori and I were just petting, so I watched closely. Her upper leg lifted slightly, I saw Sonny's cock come out, glistening as he pushed back into her wetness.

There was no doubt, this had gone beyond petting!

"They are fucking!" I whispered to lori.

"I know."

"Shall we?"


I rolled over into position on my back, Lori slid up on top, just like that I was inside her. All pretense was gone now, we thrashed away at each other like minks. Her beautiful breasts bounced up and down as she lifted her hips and came down on me, over and over.

Her head went back and she let out a long groan as she spasmed on me, that did it, I exploded inside her.

Later, I lay buried in Sharon, she felt odd all wet and sloppy, it took a long time. Sonny seemed spent, he and Lori sat and watched us.

"That was fun!" Lori said as we had all dressed and were sitting back resting.

"It just seemed right." Sonny said.

"Yes." I answered.

"So what now?"

"One time thing, or any time we want?"

Sonny hesitated, looked at Lori. She smiled.

"I think any time we want."

Sharon grinned at Lori.

"Let's take our guys shoe shopping."

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