You're on your way home from taking some pictures of the moon when all of a sudden you get the feeling you're being followed. You look around and see nothing. All you can think about is why the fuck you went to the graveyard; all you wanted was some alone time to think about him.

You increase your pace as your anxiety increases and as soon as you enter your house, the feeling disappears. You smile as you wonder why the hell you freaked out in the first place. Then you just laugh, the laughing becomes a little maniacal, but you can't help it. You close your eyes and picture him; him holding your hand and laughing along with you.

As you head down the hall and into your room, you find your old teddy bear on the floor. You scream in pleasure and as you bend over to pick it up, you feel a sudden warmth building behind you. You grab the bear and quickly turn around to see the face of him. You blush at the sight of him - the mere image of him distracting you from the thought that you're seeing things - and hug the teddy bear whispering "I love you...". You run into your room and hop onto the bed, dreaming of him.

You quickly drift off to sleep, still clutching the pillow. All of a sudden you hear him say, "I love you too..."

You still being sleepy, just smile and kiss the teddy bear. Then you hear Him again, except it's not quite him. The Voice is slightly deeper, and the sound resonates in your mind. Your heart starts to race as you try to wake yourself from this nightmare. Everything seems so surreal, so you get up and check the hallway. You see Him, standing there. You cry as you realize you have no choice but to follow this wherever it may go; you approach Him, and look up into his eyes. His eyes are the darkest of black and you become lost in the depth and beauty of him.

He takes you in his arms and whispers, "I've been waiting a long time for you my dear Anna."

You feel this sudden coldness take over, the sensation pulsating with life; nothing can describe the pain that sweeps your body. As soon as it comes, it flees. He takes you back to your room and lays you down on the bed. With every touch, your body lights on fire. The warmth floods your body and you feel something that only He can make you feel: desire.

The control takes your breath away. You blush at the thought of how much power He has over you. Whatever the thing is, you are utterly surrendered to It. The Voice speaks again, and you feel the warmth and chill of it seep through your bones "Anna, darling, you have released me, and I am yours till the gates of hell are opened."

His words have such power over you that you feel a rush of heat in parts yet unexplored. You are not ignorant of this feeling as you have thought of him many times in your dreams. He is your god and your highest reverence, but you have never felt something this strong. A moan escapes your mouth and you feel the Thing shudder. His grip on you tightens as you feel the heat rising. You feel the wetness soaking through your panties and the Voice speaks yet again, except this time His voice is nothing like him but a dark and otherworldly voice, "My Anna, your body freed Me, and I will now free you. Your body will feel nothing it has ever felt before, you will feel what it's like to be Mine. This body is his but I am whoever you want till then end of time. You have no need to speak, only enjoy the pleasures you feel."

As He continues, you feel the bond between you grow. You feel His strength and the fear He instills in you only makes you want Him more. You want Him; you want to feel Him inside you. With these thoughts, you feel Him touch your lips. First with His fingers, then with His lips. You shudder under Him, and you can soon feel Him climb all the way on top of you. The longer He is on you, the more you want Him to finally claim you. His fingers trail down your body, and He pulls your shirt up over your head.

You've never had someone kiss you before, let alone be this exposed. The thrill of it all makes you overtake His force and kiss Him back much harder. You instantly feel His muscles tighten as He slams you onto the bed and grabs your hair. The Voice growls out in a barely audible voice, "Do not fight Me, it will only cause you to be hurt. This is your only warning. Next time you will suffer my wrath."

You let Him regain control of you, except this time you let your hand travel down your body. You think of His power, his strength. You finally touch this special place through the soft material of your Spiderman pajamas. You can't help but be excited for him to touch you. A small part of you wonders what dream feels this real, but you do not care. He continues letting you touch yourself down there, but slowly His kiss becomes more forceful and He eventually begins to grope your breasts while trailing your neck with warm kisses.

As His tongue glides over your breast, and you feel Him approaching the soft surface of your nipple, you feel an intense cold. The pain causes you to scream out, only making more painful. His other hand caresses your other breast, and His tongue finally moves away from your now erect nipple. You want to take His long hair and force His tongue back on it, but you are afraid of making Him angry.

Luckily for you the Thing is lowering himself onto the now drenched part of your body. His hands are no longer touching you, but He pauses to look deep into your eyes. The Voice nearly smacks you as the force of His Voice makes you close your eyes. It simply demands one thing, "Surrender yourself to the fallen angel Pharzuph, and your body will be claimed by me."

You could do nothing but give him what he wanted, "My body and soul is yours Pharzuph."

As the words left your mouth, you instantly felt an invisible strength grab your arms and pin them above your head. Your hair was tied back, and your nipples had a warm grip pinching them. Meanwhile, He was pulling down your pajamas to expose you soaking wet white panties. You couldn't help but blush as you realized just how much you enjoyed Him. His tongue gripped your panties and as His breath brushed over your now exposed sex, you could feel an intense cold that caused you to spasm. The more you moved, the stronger the invisible hands tightened over you.

With the panties now removed, He was free to access you whenever He chose to. He decided to go over your breasts again and this time he didn't just pinch them, he slapped them. He slapped them, over and over again, until they became red. When He finally felt His fill of slapping your breasts, He let His tongue trace over your navel and finally just above your clit. You were so happy that you decided to shave yourself. Thank God, your friend Katarina told you that he would only like a girl with a shaved pussy.

You were happy that your first would be him even though you were now positive that It was something truly unknown. It was this unknown that turned you on so much. He felt your wetness with His long fingers, and you were so wet that He had no problem playing with your innocent pussy. He could finger you with little resistance, though it did start to hurt the more aggressive He got. He bent down and kissed your clit and the contact with Him was searing hot.

It burned, and you could only squirm around as the restraints prevented you from moving. The cold was getting worse, and the closer he got to your sex the more it hurt. It wasn't a bad hurt, it was beginning to make you moan constantly now. He went faster and eventually moved up to two fingers. Finally, He was tired of His game, and wanted you to suck His cock. The restraints were released, and you asked Him what he wanted.

He slapped you and the angry voice repeated, "Shut the fuck up, I said you do not need to speak. You will get off the bed and suck my cock. If I hear another sound from you, I will have to punish you."

He sits on the bed and for the first time, you see His hard member. You get off the bed and onto your knees. You grab His cock and start stroking It, He slaps you hard and the pain reminds you that He said to suck It. You immediately suck His cock, and instead of intense cold, its intense heat this time. You pull back a bit, trying to reduce the pain. You once heard that it helps to use your tongue, so you give this a try in an effort to distract Him from forcing you all the way down on It. You actually enjoy the pain and the feeling of His cock in your mouth.

You begin to go deeper and out of nowhere, you feel the invisible hand play with your pussy again. As you go deeper, you let out a moan even though you remember His angry moaning. He immediately forces you all the way down on His cock making you choke and gag on It. The pain almost knocks you out and you can't breathe anymore. He brings you up for air once then slams you back down on It. You realize that it helps to relax and though it burns, the pain just makes you want to fuck Him already. You decide to make Him angry enough to fuck you right then and there.

After a few minutes of Him fucking your mouth, you follow through with your plan. Just before He brings you up for air, you push off with your hands. The force of Him pulling and you pushing makes you fall back and you try to run out the door. He quickly catches you as you planned, and forces you onto the bed. This time He faces you toward the bed with your ass facing Him. Your hands are now bound in place in front of you and He pulls your hair hard, giving your ass a firm spanking.

You feel His anger and know He is about to fuck your brains out. He smacks your ass once before positioning himself in front of your pussy. He glides His cock over it once before slamming into your hole with one quick thrust. He stops for a second before slamming back into you. The pain was too great at first but now the pleasure is too good. This is ecstasy and you scream out. You cannot stop moaning, and you quickly come over His cock. He fucks you harder and faster, while playing with your tits. You can feel your sex spasm and clench again, and right before you come, He flips you over and begins going even faster.

You fight the bonds with all of your strength hoping to ride His dick; to feel Him destroy you. His cock becomes warmer and He begins to grab your throat and choke you. This seems to excite Him even more and He quickly makes you come for the second time. He then forces His cock deep into your throat and makes you taste your sweet come. You love the taste and suck His cock clean of everything. He flips you back over again and begins to ready you to take His cock in your ass. You whimper and scream out, " No, You can't!"

It angered Him yet again, and you feel His nails dig into your flesh causing you to scream. This was not nearly so much pleasure as it was agony. You beg Him to forgive you, even calling Him by His name. This surrendering seems to give Him more power and pleasure and you're curious. You so badly want to please Him, and you beg: "Please Pharzuph, you can have anything. Please fuck my ass, My Lord. You own me."

This is plenty enough for Him, His nails stop digging into your flesh and He soaks His cock in your pussy juice right before He slams into your ass. You feel pain as always, but this delivers the most pleasure you've ever felt from Him before. His cock seemed to have grown bigger and thicker. He was becoming wilder. You have a feeling He is about to come, and you realize the bonds are looser, so you follow His rhythm and ride His dick. You even repeatedly moan His name, and His cock drives deep into you one last time, before quickly switching holes and fucking your now deflowered pussy.

He makes you orgasm instantly and He shoves His cock into you as deep as He can. This time He comes, and your come mixes with His. He lets out a deep growl, and as you look back His form changes. He is merely a shadow.

A little while later, His form is back, and He removes His cock and makes you suck It clean. With the mix of come trailing down your legs, and His cock sucked clean. He whispers, " I will return for you my Annabel..."

He then vanishes without another word leaving you extremely tired. Still naked, you close your eyes and go to sleep. When you wake up several hours later, you realize that was no dream as you are still naked, and you have marks all over your body. You feel scared but oddly pleased. You get showered and dressed for school. At school, you vaguely describe the night to Katarina without mentioning names. She laughs and tells you how jealous she is. Then at lunch time, He comes up to you and asks you out. You whisper in His ear, "If you want you can just come over to my place after school?"

He smiles and says, "I fucking love you Anna!"

After telling Katarina, the day flies by and together you walk back to your house. As you two walk down the hallway to your room, you hear a loud scratching sound. You both look around, laugh, and ignore it. He picks you up and you two lay down on your bed telling stories and laughing. You watch a movie, and he gently kisses you when it's over. A little while later, when he is about to enter you, you look up to see Pharzuph staring down at you. He grins and vanishes again. You made Him come so fast and all the while, all you thought about was Pharzuph. His Voice, His Touch, His Power, His Strength, Him....

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