Photo Shoot Up-Sell


I positioned myself behind her and slid back into the warmth of her pussy. I leaned forward to palpate her breasts with my fingers, tweaking her nipples at random. As the sounds of Jan's pleasure continued, I teased Daniela with short strokes, barely inside. Her vagina rippled. "Not again!" She synchronized her pelvic thrusts to mine.

"I'll show you energy!" I pounded my cock into Daniela, over and over. The head of my prick tingled. A few more teasing penetrations before I slammed my cock all the way in, pulsing jets of cum. I grunted, exhausted but completely sexually satisfied. Daniela's body relaxed with a whimper, collapsing face forward on the couch. "You got me off twice, you beautiful man!"

On the other side of the glass, Gian had rolled off Jan's body. His cock was limp. Jan's pussy was decorated with foamy bodily juices. They both laid back, exhausted.

"Sam, you should clean up quickly and get to the reception area before your wife comes out," Alonzo directed. "There is a bathroom across the hall."

I pulled back, a thread of cum dangling from my cock to Daniela's pussy. "Yeah, she shouldn't know I was here." I gathered up my clothes, left the office/control room and dashed into the bathroom. A quick cleanup of my cock, some cold water on my face, my clothes back on, I scooted past the studio room and sat in a chair near Daniela's desk. I grabbed a random magazine from the end table.

Janet came down the hall, escorted by Alonzo. She was in her original clothes, glowing, and I knew why.

"How was the session?" I asked.

"Marvelous. I mean, it made me feel sexy. That's what you wanted, right?"


Daniela returned to her desk in the schoolgirl outfit including blazer and sat down. She crossed her legs in slow motion, making sure I got a pantie shot. "I just had to try this outfit for myself."

I played dumb. "Is that one of the outfits you wore?"

Janet nodded. "It looks good on you. Doesn't it, Sam?" asked Janet.

Daniela had tried me on, as well as the outfit. "Oh yes, very nice. I can't wait to see the pictures."

"Speaking of pictures, I'll send you an itemized bill," said Daniela. "For everything."

I swallowed hard. Alonzo never said how much Jan's last decision, getting fucked by Gian, cost. I was certain that service was going to be expensive. That's probably how Smith's wife racked up such a large bill. Hell, did Smith have any idea his wife fucked Alonzo's son? Too bad he didn't stay to get the equivalent experience with Daniela. He would have enjoyed it.

We said our good-byes, Gian joining us just before we departed. Jan couldn't make eye contact with her lover, probably out of embarrassment. I, however, caught Daniela's eyes and gave a clandestine wink.

Jan and I held hands as we walked to our car. "So, was it a good experience?"

"Oh yes!" She was a bit too enthusiastic for just a photo session. "I mean, I can't wait to see the results. And I have some ideas for spicing up our bedroom activities." She dropped my hand and squeezed my butt.

That night, Jan and I enjoyed a prolonged lovemaking session that included a caveman/cavewoman role-play that she suggested. I went along, pretending to be oblivious as to the source of the idea. I achieved my goal, of getting her to as vocal an orgasm as Gian did.


A few days later, the invoice for Alonzo's services arrived. Based on a long-standing agreement, Jan didn't open it because it was addressed to me, but she clung on my shoulder as I opened the folded statement. The discounted photo shoot was listed, as well as the costume rentals and the partner service. "Partner? What's that?"

"Oh, well, you see, Alonzo suggested that we'd appreciate some sexier shots if I posed with someone."

"Really? Who?"

"Gian. Alonzo's son."

"Oh. Okay." Below the partner service item were two other items: 'Special service' for $500, and 'Customer credit', a $500 deduction. Daniela had valued my service to her at the same price as Gian's service of my wife, canceling it out. I didn't bother asking Jan about the 'Special service' since it didn't add to the cost. A note at the bottom of the invoice read, "Your photo album will be delivered in one to two weeks."

"I can't wait." I put the invoice down on the entry table and headed off to the kitchen. I wondered if Alonzo would send me pictures of me and his daughter, just like he'd be sending Jan some photos of she and Gian fucking.


The next day I got a call at my office from Daniela. "How did you get my number?" I asked.

"Your wife gave it to me. I told her I needed to speak with you. We'd be happy to take referrals from you, just as you were referred to us, with a reward for new clients."

She didn't say if the reward was cash or another session on her father's couch. "Okay, I'll keep an eye out. Is there anything else?" I hoped she had more to discuss.

"Yes. I wanted to tell you just how marvelous you were. I mean it. I don't say that to all of the husbands."

So Daniela had fucked multiple male partners of their clients. I wasn't really surprised. "Thank you."

"My father has some pictures of us that he'd like to send you. But he probably shouldn't send them to your home. Can I have your office address?"

The risk was too great. What if a co-worker accidentally opened the envelope? "Now that you have my office number, call me when they're ready and I'll stop by and pick them up."

"Good. Then I will get to see you again."

Did she mean see or fuck? "I look forward to it." Whether it turned out to be just seeing or fucking. That schoolgirl outfit was way hot.

That night, Jan asked me about the call. "Alonzo's daughter wants referrals, just like Smith did with us." Maybe if a few of her friends got photographed, we'd recover the cost of the shoot.

In the end, it was more than I wanted to spend, but then again, both of us had marvelous experiences. Sex from then on with Jan was new and exciting.

### An Original H M Tale ###

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