Physical Exam


I'd known the Doc for several semesters, and we'd do small talk during my breaks. She was taking the once-a-week life drawing classes at State University and I was often the male model. It was an ongoing recreational art class in the evenings, no credit, just a means for art students to get in more time with a live model.

After a 20 or 30-minute pose the model gets a five-minute break, and I usually put on a robe and mill about, looking at the students' various interpretations of the pose. The Doc wasn't too bad, said she found it helpful with her anatomy and recommended these life drawing classes for her med students.

In fact the Doc said she had a business proposition for me. She told me some of her students were inexperienced and she wanted them to get used to touching a patient during a physical examination and since I was so comfortable being nude in front of groups of people I might be able to play patient for her class. She said she would be demonstrating the physical examination on me and then would have the students repeat it. This was certainly a new gig, but I was game so the Doc said to meet her at the Medical Arts Building the next day.

When I arrived at the Med building and stripped down, it felt a little strange because this was a clinic setting and not the usual art studio. The Doc had me put on one of those paper examination gowns then sit on the exam table while she examined my head and neck. There were ten students in the class, seven men and three women. One after another the students came to put thumbs to my trachea and push in on my thyroid lobes. They all looked into my nose, throat and ears, shined lights in my eyes and the Doc said that maybe I should be paying them because I would be getting a very thorough physical.

The Doc had me lower the gown to my waist and they all felt, poked, and pounded on my back and chest. All this physical touching was starting to feel pretty good, especially when the Doc told them to repeat the procedure. I was getting quite relaxed when the Doc had me lie on the table and they examined my feet and legs, lifting and bending them with range of motion examination.

Of course the paper gown by this time had become a folded up band at my waist and I was pretty much hanging out while the students were moving my legs around. I felt a little blood rush to my dick and immediately quit thinking about it and probably blushed a little as my embarrassment wilted the beginnings of a hard-on. However, staying soft was about to prove even more difficult as the doctor was instructing the class on examining my penis and scrotum.

As usual, the Doc was the first one to do the examination while showing the class. They were all standing at her side as she picked up my penis in her rubber-gloved hand and moved it around examining all sides. It was all I could do to keep from getting hard. I looked over everyone's head but I could feel that my dick was getting thicker even if it wasn't a full boner. Finally the Doc moved to my balls and did a testicular exam. I was still holding it down while she rolled my balls thru her fingers feeling for any lumps with the class looking on.

Now it was the students' turn. It went alright with the first guy and I even made eye contact with him as he reached for my dick. However, things changed when one of the young female med students came to examine me. When she lifted up my penis, it took off on its own and she let go and jumped back as it steadily filled up to seven inches. The Doc saw what was happening and came over, blocking me from the students' view. She whispered in my ear asking if I was comfortable with this. I said sure, as long as it doesn't bother her students.

The Doc turned to the class, hand on my straining erection, and explained that this can be expected when examining male patients, especially for female doctors. She said the examination could continue if the patient is comfortable with it. Each of the students then proceeded to do the examination, easily reaching my scrotum under my upward pointing dick, but having difficulty getting to my testes as the skin had pulled up tight. I think it was a learning experience for some of the young women who looked at it like they had never seen an erect penis much less held one. One of the guys seemed more uncomfortable with it than the girls, but another guy seemed so comfortable that I figured he enjoyed boners.

After the initial shock, I was getting used to standing in front of the class with an erection. The gown at this time was pretty much useless and would have been conspicuously tenting if I put it on so I laid it on the table. By the time the last two students got around to giving me a penile and testicular exam, there was a bead of clear liquid oozing onto the head. The Doc mentioned it as a normal response to prolonged erection as she touched it with a gloved finger showing a viscous string. The last student was a female and while she was attempting to slide my testicle thru her fingers, a string of the seminal fluid dripped on her wrist above the glove. She reacted with an "Ewww" and jumped back, whereupon the Doc scolded her and said it is harmless on intact skin and just wipe it off and wash her hands. The girl looked embarrassed and apologized, saying she wasn't experienced with men. One of the other women said this was the first time she had ever encountered male genitalia in the flesh as well. The Doc said that she would tutor them later.

The Doc then told me to bend over the table, that this is where I earned my money. I knew this was going to be an ordeal, bad enough once, but eleven times? The doc explained the rectal exam, how to push past the two sphincters and how to palpate the prostate. While she explained this, she was pushing a finger into my ass and I could definitely feel when she stroked the prostate, not painful but a little irritating. One by one the students lubed up and stuck their fingers into my ass feeling for my prostate. I let the Doc know when one missed it. Needless to say, those few drops of seminal fluid had turned into a constant string that was hanging from my dick and dripping off to make a small puddle on the tiled floor between my legs. Each time my prostate was stroked the fluid would gush out.

By the time they were all done, I was feeling a tightness between my legs that was almost throbbing, my dick had been hard for so long it was starting to hurt and I thought I might be getting blue balls for the first time since being a teenager.

The Doc dismissed the class and let them out of the clinic, except for the two young ladies who said they were inexperienced with male genitalia. She then told me to lie back on the examining table, that she knew I must be having discomfort. With the two female med students on either side of her she grasped my straining hard penis and spread the viscous fluid that was leaking out of it onto the head.

Explaining to the two students that the underside of the glans is very sensitive, she continued to rub the lubricating fluid up and down, making the head more engorged and producing even more fluid. The Doc drew their attention to my scrotum, which had now pulled up tight against my dick with two balls showing thru the wrinkled skin. The Doc then spread the fluid over my shaft and started stroking up and down. My hips started to anticipate her stroke and I was soon moving to meet her hand. As the two young women watched, the Doc explained that they were about to see their first male orgasm. I heard one of them gasp as I shot a stream of cum up onto my chest, but when I opened my eyes they were both just staring in amazement.

The Doc dismissed them and they left. She then threw me a towel as I was gathering my clothes and told me she would like to hire me again for another class.

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