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Physical Therapy


I had been caring for my dad for awhile. He'd fallen and fractured a hip. It was a long, difficult recovery which required in-home physical therapy. He's completely fine, now, but getting there was, so to speak, very interesting.

I'm a married guy, and I love my wife. Our sex life is good to great, when the kid gives us a moment alone. However, I'd always had a longing and a love for cock.

I played with a few friends over the years, but girls caught my eye, and I enjoyed fucking and eating them out. Still, I always came the hardest thinking about cocks.

As I've said, these days I'm married. It's been over twenty-five years since my last taste of sweet manmeat. I thought it would just be a hot memory, until my dad fell.

Alex showed up at ten that morning. He was about 5'5" (I'm only 5'6"), with close cropped black hair. He was originally from the Philippines and had beautiful tan skin and gorgeous brown eyes. He was slightly thick, but firm, and his blue scrubs highlighted a delicious bubble butt. My cock twitched the moment I saw him.

He was friendly, but businesslike, and set about dad's therapy immediately. I excused myself and went to catch up on chores that, watching dad, had left me little time for. While downstairs sorting laundry, I thought about Alex and gave my cock a few light strokes.

Therapy was three times per week, and every time Alex would show up, I'd leave him be and go on about my business. I'd have to sign a sheet when he was done, to show he'd been there, and I couldn't resist going over his body with my eyes.

One day, I had errands to run, so as soon as Alex got there, I said goodbye to dad, giving him a hug.

"What, no hug for me?" Alex asked.

I laughed, and gave him a hug too. My cock stiffened immediately when I put my arms around him. I made sure to keep my hips back, so he wouldn't feel it. Was it my imagination, or did he hold the hug a little longer than necessary?

It got be a joke between us. We'd hug when he arrived and when he left. Each time I felt the heat and the closeness of him, my cock would go rigid. His grasp would get lower and lower each time, from around the shoulders to mid back to resting on my hips, holding me longer, pulling me closer, daring me to admit my erection. The last time we hugged, I swear the fabric of his scrubs was actually touching the bulge in my jeans.

I didn't hug him the next time he came -- I was too scared, too embarrassed. He did his business with my dad while I busied myself elsewhere, not daring to even look at him. They finished, and I willed myself not to be hard when I had to sign his papers.

He asked me to talk to him downstairs. I assumed he was going to brief me about dad's progress.

"I didn't get my hug." He said, smiling. I laughed.

"Sorry. You know how it is." I said. He stood there with his arms open, an expectant smile on his face. "Alright," I said, jokingly, "if it means that much to you."

I stepped toward him and he put his arms around my hips and pulled me close, closer than ever before. There was no doubt this time as he pressed his hard cock against mine and held me.

"You don't take a hint, do you?" he said. I told him I thought it was just a joke. He put his hands on my ass and pulled me tighter, grinding his cock against mine. "This is no joke."

I relaxed and allowed myself to give in to the lust that had welled up in me over his visits. I had many a stroke session thinking about him, wondering what his dick looked like, how it would taste...now I was going to find out. I put my hands on his ass and ground back against him.

His brown eyes looked deep into mine for a long moment, and then he kissed me. His lips were soft, yet insistent. I returned his kiss, parting my lips as his warm tongue slipped past. I responded, snaking my tongue around his, sucking on it as I knew I'd soon be sucking his cock. I put my hand down the waistband of his scrubs and felt his bare ass - he'd taken of his briefs and thrown them in his bag earlier when he planned to make his move. I trailed my fingers through the crack of his ass while we continued our passionate kiss. He undid my jeans and ran his hands over my straining hardon. I lowered his scrubs and curled my fingers around his dick, kissing him harder as we jacked each other, rubbing our cocks together, silvery strings of precum stretching between them.

He got on his knees and ran his hand up my thigh, stroking my balls as he kissed and licked my member. I let out a soft moan when he slid it into his mouth. I'm just less than six inches, so he had an easy time taking me all the way down his throat. His tongue worked over my rod as it had in my mouth -- first teasing, then forceful, then teasing again. He slowly pulled all the way up, jamming the point of his tongue into my slit, then went swiftly down again. His fingers stroked back to my ass, spreading and probing as he sucked. I was moaning freely, and verging on cumming. I pulled away.

I pulled his scrub shirt over his head and quickly got out of my clothes. He kicked off his pants as he stood. I took in the sight of his body, unashamed by the lust I had for this beautiful man.

He had little body hair, just a soft trail from his belly to his cock, which was surrounded by a short, soft bush of brown. His 7 ½ inch cock was uncut, with a large, delicious head. I got on my knees in front of him, playing with his foreskin as I licked and nibbled his head. A drop of precum oozed out and I eagerly licked it up. I put one hand on his balls and placed his head against my lips. I looked up into those deep brown eyes, then pushed my mouth down his rigid shaft. Ahhh. This was the feeling I remembered so well. As fantastic as his mouth felt on me, what nearly made me cum, what I had fantasized about so long, was his hot, hard cock filling my mouth.

I stayed still a moment, savoring his taste, his smell. I worked his shaft with my tongue, as he had done me, then pulled slowly back. Down again, all those memories flooding back. I could feel his pulse in his shaft as I licked and sucked, faster, then slower, taking my time, savoring the moment. His head would flare and fill my throat on the downstrokes. On the upstrokes, I'd lick the precum that by now was streaming out of him. I worked him over for five minutes or so until he pulled away, panting.

He reached into his bag and pulled out a condom and some lube, then motioned me to the bed. I got on all fours and heard him tearing the wrapper. A moment later, I felt his lubed fingers stroking and probing my hole. He worked in one, then two fingers, stretching and loosening my tight ring. Then I felt the head of his cock rest against my hole.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

I gasped yes. I'd put my wife's dildo up my ass enough times that I knew just what to do. I bore down and pushed back, his cock sliding wonderfully into me. There was no pain, only pleasure as I felt the heat and firmness of my first real cock. It was so much better than a dildo!

He slid his entire length into me. I felt so full, so hot. My own cock twitched each time he stroked into me, dripping precum onto the bedspread. He moaned and grunted as he worked over my ass, my own moans answering him.

"Mmmmm. You like that?" he teased.

"Ohhh, yesss. Fuck me. Fuck my ass." He began to pick up speed, slamming harder and harder into me, his balls slapping against mine. I pushed back against him, clenching my ass, trying to suck him off with it. I could tell he was getting close.

When he pulled back, I moved away and lay on my back, pulling my legs up. He smiled and placed the head of his cock against my gaping hole, thrusting in as he smashed his mouth against mine and invaded it with his tongue. His cock pistoned in and out of me as his tongue did the same. It was too much -- I sprayed hot cum all over my belly and chest. Alex stopped a moment, then scooped my cum up with his fingers and sucked it into his mouth. He started fucking me slowly and staring into my eyes. I knew what he wanted, so I craned my neck up and opened my mouth wide.

He parted his lips and let my cum drip down as he continued pumping slow in and out of my ass. I caught most of it, but some hit my chin and slid down my neck. Alex licked it up and fed it to me, following with a deep kiss. We shared the sweet, sticky cream as he began thrusting more quickly, slamming deep into my guts. He grunted and moaned through our cum kiss, I could feel his lips and tongue vibrating. I moaned in return, urging him on. Faster now, more insistent, faster still. He pulled his face away, his eyes wild, my cum forming a thread between our lips. I felt his hard cock grow thicker, then spasm after spasm in my hungry ass. He ground into me, pushing as deep as he could get. His head flared inside me one last time as he brought his mouth back to mine. We rolled on our sides and passed the cum back and forth as his cock slowly softened inside me.

As we cleaned up and dressed, he looked at me and said, "I noticed some tightness in your hamstrings. I think you could benefit from some regular therapy."

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