tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPictures in the Woods

Pictures in the Woods


Before kids, we had the opportunity to spend a three day weekend at a cottage of a friend. We had no idea what the accommodations would be like, except that it was a freebee. It turned out to be a gorgeous log cabin built along a small stream in the heart of the Virginia Mountains. We took advantage of a long weekend in the woods that forced the two of us to relax.

The weather was uncannily warm for late October. We arrived Friday evening, got up early the next day and decided to take a walk up the road to explore the mountainside. It was warm enough that we didn't need coats. Saturday morning, with the dog in tow, we left the cabin for our stroll.

There were only a few homes along the way, each widely separated from the next. It did not take us long to leave the dwellings completely behind. The leaves were off the trees and had created a rich thick blanket covering the ground. As we continued to move up the mountain road, the lack of foliage on the trees made it easy for us to see deep into the woods.

The sun shone brightly by midmorning and came streaming down through the trees. As you looked around there was no one in sight and no homes to be seen. After releasing the dog to run, Molly came over to me and took my hand. She looked into my eyes and I saw a devilish look come into her eyes. "No one is around. One could be naked and no one would know." She smiled up to me.

I smiled back, thinking about what she just said. My mind was starting to race and a few fantasies were coming into my mind. I turned to her and said, "So, if I asked you to take off some of your clothes, would you?"

She looked up at first, and then as she turned her head away she said, "Maybe."

We strolled up the road hand-in-hand. I noticed her free hand come up and start to unbutton her blouse. She followed my eyes as I watched her undo each button. A slight wind blew her blouse open, displaying the white bra that lay beneath.

For awhile we just hiked without saying very much. She suddenly let go of my hand. "It is warm out here today. I think I need to take this off, I feel hot." She emphasized the word hot. She slowly let the blouse drop off her shoulders and into her hand.

She took my hand again. Her long brown hair looked great against her soft skin as the sun lit up her face. Molly has always been a beautiful sight to me, but she looked even better in the soft fall light.

We moved up the mountain road a little further and a devilish thought came into my mind and I decided to take a chance. "Molly, if I asked you to get completely naked, would you?"

Her answer was swift and sure. "Yes." I could see a twinkle in her eyes.

"I would like to see you naked." I requested.

With that she dropped the blouse and started to unbutton her pants as we continued up the road. She stopped only to remove each leg from her pants having trouble moving the jeans over her shoes. She dropped her pants alongside the road. We walked and she stripped. She released my hand again to unbutton her bra. It slipped off her shoulders. A large smile now appeared. She knew this was driving me crazy. She enjoyed the effect she had over me while I watched her remove her clothing. She dropped the bra onto the ground and presented her breasts for my viewing pleasure.

She stopped and placed both hands onto her panties. Slowly she lowered them down her long legs. She stepped out of them and threw them along side the gravel road. As I looked back I could see the ground littered with her clothes. She was now naked except for the white tennis sneakers she wore. She looked at me and asked, "Everything?"

"Yes," I answered. "Remove everything."

She stopped again. This time to remove her shoes and dropped them. She was now completely naked. She stepped out from under the tree shadows letting the sun light strike her body. Her skin showed silky white in the bright light.

I looked around, to make sure that no one else was watching, seeing no one. She took my hand. Her steps were careful, now that she did not have anything to protect her feet. She walked slightly in front of me to let me take in her nakedness. She did not look directly at me when she asked, "Am I the only one who is going to be naked today?"

"No," I answered and stopped. It did not take me long to remove all my clothes. My shirt, pants, shoes and socks flew off. We were both completely nude now, having left our clothes lying alongside the road. I took her hand again and we both advanced up the road, naked.

It was exciting to be in the middle of the woods thinking that someone could be watching. And yet, if we did see someone, we would be running for our clothes as fast as our bodies would allow. We tiptoed along the road allowing the sun to keep us warm. "I see I am having quite an effect on you." She smiled a knowing smile. My cock had become our compass.

Our journey up the mountain finally came to a close with the abrupt end of the road. We stood at its end and looked about. You could view deep into the forest from all directions. I could feel her excitement as I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She rubbed her breasts against my chest and dropped one hand to my penis. We were locked in a tight embrace as my tongue slipped into her mouth. She received my gesture and returned it with her own. Our hands started to run over each others nakedness and I found my hand between her legs letting my fingers slip into her wetness. She moaned.

I looked up and on the ground I saw a bed of leaves, so I maneuvered her over to that spot. When we were on top of the leaves, I released her from my arms, laid down on the ground and looked up. She dropped down on top of me as I lay back, letting my one leg slip between her two. She kissed me as she started to grind against my thigh. I let my one hand find a nipple and lightly gave it a twist. The other hand found her ass. My one finger slide into her anus and could feel her body tense to my touch. Her tongue shot into my mouth as she grinded against my leg. She started to move faster using both her body and her lips. She lifted her mouth from mine to release a moan. I slipped my finger deeper into her ass and she responded by moving even faster. She was coming and I could feel it. She tensed up, grinded down against my leg, letting out a soft cry as she came. She shook and gently moaned for the longest of time and then lay still.

Molly lifted her head, looked down at me and smiled. Her orgasm had been good and she wanted me to know. She now wanted to repay my favor. She rose up and off me, sliding her head down my chest, stopping at my cock. She licked its head and then ran her tongue along its length and then back up. She did this a number of times. Her actions forced a sound of pleasure out of me. She finally wrapped her mouth around my cock and slid it into her mouth. Her tongue and lips took over. I pushed up and she stroked its length using her mouth. She knew she was driving me crazy as she brought her fingers up to tickle my balls and found that this part of me had almost disappeared from the excitement.

I stopped her. Pushed her off and rolled her onto the bed of leaves. She lay on her back looked up at me. I spread her legs and entered her. The cool of the air and the warm of the sun on my back only added to the excitement as we made love in the middle of the woods. I slipped in and out of her, she was very wet. Being out in the open only added to the excitement and it was not long before I came. Thrusting deep, stopping, pulling out and thrusting again, resting to enjoy the tremor that was running the length of my body, I finished by filling her with my sperm. I remained motionless and enjoyed my orgasm. She looked up, enjoying the fact that she was the reason for my pleasure.

I had held her for only a short period when I rolled off. We lay naked, stretched out under the sun feeling satisfied. I wanted go to sleep but suddenly remembered where I was and rolled on to one arm. I stroked her hair and kissed her. I took her into my arms and held her for awhile. "I guess we need to get back." I finally said.

"Yes, I guess so. Where is the dog?" She asked.

In the heat of the moment I was not thinking about the dog, but as I looked up, there he was still running around us in the woods.

I stood up and held out a hand. Molly took my hand and I helped her to her feet. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her again. I loved the feel of her breast against my chest as I wrapped my arms around her body. After making love, the feel of her skin touching mine felt so amazing. She returned the kiss and we stood there in a long embrace.

I broke the kiss, took her hand and we started down the mountain still naked. We picked up our clothing along the way and dressed as we sauntered down the mountain road. We stopped for a while to let the dog swim in the stream and threw a few sticks for him to retrieve. We took our time getting back to the cabin. Why rush, it was still early in the day.

We were now coming into view of the few homes we passed earlier. At the second home we could see a man walking towards us. He was waving at us, trying to get our attention. We waved back. He shouted to us but we did not understand what he said, so we stopped and waited as he approached.

We watched as an older, distinguished man with graying brown hair walked up to us. He asked who we were since he did not recognize us. I introduced Molly and myself and told him that we were staying at the Essex's cabin down the road. He recognized the Essex name and understood. He introduced himself as Andrew and said he had been spending the weekends in his own cottage for the past five years.

His accent was clearly British, which was like music to the ear. We talked for about thirty minutes. He seemed to be paying more attention to Molly, asking her more questions than me. He gave us a short history about the area while Molly directed questions his way. Finally he said, "Why don't the two of you come in and I can give you a tour of my house."

At first we said, "No, but thank you." Andrew insisted, we changed our response and followed him back to his house. He led us up the porch stairs and allowed us to pass him as he held open the door.

Molly stepped in first, looked up and saw that there were pictures everywhere on the walls as far as the eye could see. They looked to be scenic views from our vantage point. Molly was quick to respond. "Wow, who took all these pictures?"

"These are my pictures." Andrew responded.

Molly walked over to the wall to take a closer look at the pictures. "These photographs are stunning. Where did you take this one?"

Andrew explained the one picture to Molly and then pointing to the rest of the house stated, "There are pictures that I have taken over many years that I have on display throughout the house. Would you like to see rest of the house?"

"Yes, I would love to see the house and more of these pictures." Molly said.

The tour was now underway and Andrew was our guide. He walked us first through the living room and talked briefly about each wall and explained the collection of pictures. It was clear he knew how to use a camera and he had a good eye for beauty. It was not only his passion it was his career. We moved from the living room, into his study, through the kitchen, and into a spare bedroom. Each room was filled with pictures hanging on the walls. Andrew was well traveled, for there were pictures taken from all over the world. He told us stories about most of them. The tour continued, finally entering the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom the walls again were again covered with pictures, but this time the pictures were all of one woman. She was a striking redhead and looked to be slightly younger than Andrew. She was posed in an old rundown house in one picture. Up against a stairwell in another. In front of a window in a third. She was featured in every picture, and she was attractive.

"This is my wife, Elizabeth, who is currently at work in New York," explained Andrew. "She will be back here in a week. She has been my model ever since we were first married."

Molly walked up to one wall and looked closer at the pictures. She turned to Andrew. "She is gorgeous and these are beautiful pictures. You know how to bring the woman out in a picture."

"Thank you," said Andrew. "They are just okay. I have done better."

"You must show me."

"Maybe I will when you come over for lunch," answered Andrew. "Would you two join me tomorrow for lunch?"

"We may be able to do that," I answered. I gave Molly a look that it was time to leave.

We both stood up. "Thank you for your hospitality, Andrew. Maybe we'll get the chance to be with you tomorrow."

Andrew walked us to the door. "I'll try to put together a little something that will motivate you to return tomorrow," he said. "Thank you for spending some time with me today and I do hope you will join me tomorrow.'

We thanked him and went out the door. It had been a very nice visit, but I did not see the need to return and told Molly as we walked back to our cabin. She shook her head in agreement. We ate a nice light meal that evening and retired early for bed.

The next morning I awoke early leaving Molly asleep in the bed. I fixed some toast and a cup of coffee. I decided to sit outside with my coffee. When I opened the front door I found a large manila envelope on the porch. Written on the package was a note from Andrew. The note read 'I took these pictures yesterday and I thought you might want to see them given your interest in my work. If you have any questions, you are still invited for lunch at noon.'

I picked up the package and sat down in the rocking chair. I took a few sips of coffee and placed the mug down on a small table. Taking the package in hand, I opened it. Inside was a large bundle of pictures. The first picture looked to be a taken in the woods where Molly and I were yesterday, but it looked to be from a vantage point that was off the mountain road. As I progressed through the pictures I soon realized what the real topic was about.

By the third or fourth picture you could see a couple off in the distance. The fifth picture was the same couple only closer. By the seventh picture the couple came clearly into view. The couple was Molly and I and we were naked. These pictures were taken yesterday during our session in the woods. Most of the pictures focused on Molly as she stripped and walked naked. Towards the end, it was the two of us making love in the leaves. "Andrew must have had a high powered lens and was able to zoom in on us." I thought to myself.

At first I was mad at the invasion of our privacy. Then as I looked at the pictures I could remember how much I enjoyed our session and realized that these pictures had captured our session magnificently. Andrew was not a good photographer, he was a great photographer.

"Oh my God!" Said Molly standing behind me. I was so engrossed looking at the pictures that I did not hear Molly come up behind me. She was now looking at the pictures and realized what they were about. "Where did those come from?"

"Andrew dropped them off this morning."

"What do you mean Andrew dropped them off this morning? I didn't hear anyone."

"Yes, I know. He must have dropped them off before either of us was up. I found them lying on the porch by the front door."

"If he has these pictures, do you know what he plans on doing with them?" She almost shouted.

"No, I don't know. But he has invited us over for lunch and I guess it would now be a good idea to go over and ask."

"Go over. I'm not going over to the pervert's house. He can take those pictures and shove them up his British Ass!" She exclaimed.

"Now wait a minute Molly. He probably has copies of these pictures and we do not know what he is going to do with them. We need to find out!" I was now getting very anxious.

"So, you want to go over there and talk with him?"

"Yes, I think we have to go over. Don't you?"

Molly did not answer immediately. She stood there thinking. She looked at me and finally said, "I guess you are right. We need to go over and confront him, as much as I will really hate doing this!"

"I don't want to do this either, but I don't see anyway around this. We need to know what he is going to do with these pictures."

"Okay!" She said and quickly walked off to the bedroom and slammed the door.

"Well, this is not going to be fun," I thought to myself. I went into the kitchen for an early beer to steady my nerves.

The time flew by and before I knew it, it was getting close to noon. I went into the bedroom to change and found Molly half asleep on the bed. I told her it was time. She did not stir or say anything at first, but finally got up, removed her sleeping clothes and put on a white blouse, a pair of jeans, and a simple pair of shoes. She did not bother to brush her hair as she normally does.

Neither of us said a word. We headed for the front door, opened it and walked quietly out into the warm fall midday. Our walking pace was brisk and we were knocking at Andrew's door in no time with his pictures in hand. Andrew opened the door with a smile only to see two scowling people staring back. His smiled disappeared as he invited us to come in. "I guess my gift may have been a mistake." He said firmly.

"Gift! How is this a gift?" Molly had grabbed the package from my hand and raised it up so that he clearly understood. "We had no idea you took these or what you are planning to do with them!"

"First off, I am a professional photographer, and without a signed release form I can't do anything with those pictures even if I wanted to, and I don't want to. It would ruin my career if I did that!" Andrew responded. "I stumbled upon the two of you yesterday while I was out shooting other pictures. You were clearly on display and my lens allowed me to voyeur into your love making. I am sharing these pictures with you because you both made such a fuss over my work. As I watched, I witnessed a beautiful exchange of love between the two of you. I believe I captured that on film. I thought that you might like to have them!"

"How do we know that you won't just give these pictures to someone else to look at?" Shrilled Molly.

"Well, I was not planning to do that and I can't now, since you have both the pictures and the negatives."

"Negatives? What negatives?" Molly said, lowering her voice.

"Look in the envelope and you will find them." Andrew quickly answered.

Molly pulled the folder back, opened it, looked deep into its contents and found a smaller envelope. She pulled it out, opened it, and found a series of negatives. She stood there, did not say a word, just turned to me and held the negatives up for me to see. Her expression was the same as mine, surprised.

"Please, I meant no harm. You didn't know that I had taken these pictures and it could have remained that way. But I wanted to share these with you, because they are beautiful. Look at them again. Look at Molly. She is quite exquisite in those shots," Andrew continued to talk. "Please, let me show you some of my private work which might help to explain." And he quickly walked off to the bedroom, returning shortly with a professional picture album. "Sit down and take a look at these."

Molly looked at me as I looked her way. We both were still looking for answers, so our eyes said to the other 'let's look'. Molly walked over to Andrew, took the album, moved over to the couch and sat down. I followed her and sat down beside her. Andrew stepped behind the couch as Molly opened the album.

The first picture was of Elizabeth, his wife, but now she was completely naked. She was sitting in front of a piano with the soft evening sun light streaming into the room that accented the wall, piano, and her nakedness. Elizabeth sat with her head back and shoulder length red hair hanging down. Her eyes were closed forcing you to look at her ruby red lips and then down to her large breasts with each nipple standing erect. The image compelled your examination of the picture to travel down her body as she leaned back on the bench, letting her arms hold her in place. Your eyes were pulled to her hips where a small patch of red hair appeared dancing in the light. Her legs seemed to go on for miles reaching for the floor, not ending there, but continuing to each toe, stretched, pointed at the floor. Finally your eyes stopped at her brightly painted red toenails.

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