tagMind ControlPixie Trixxx: Fairy in a Bottle

Pixie Trixxx: Fairy in a Bottle

bySean Renaud©

"It's so easy Firefly, why don't you just have a little fun?" Trixie said glancing over her shoulder at her friend. Trixie ran her fingers through her waist length sky blue hair. "Those two right there, you'd be doing him a favor!"

Firefly let her gaze follow Trixie's down to the two human beings sitting on the bench. The male was what might be described as malnourished. He was wearing thick glasses and even with them seemed to have trouble seeing things. The man's short jet black hair was slicked back against his skull making the already slender man look even gaunter than he actually was. The white button up shirt he wore seemed a few sizes too large for his frame. He was making a point of keeping his eyes focused on his phone but it was obvious that he kept stealing glances at the woman beside him.

"Him?" Firefly asked canting her head slightly. "He's boring, just look at his aura. It's all repressed and boring. Not like hers." Firefly pointed to the girl beside him. Unlike the man's dingy aura hers was bright and vibrant like tiny sun emanating beneath her ample chest.

Trixie adjusted her dark blue, moon and star patterned witch cap and stepped closer to Firefly. "Look more closely at both of them Firefly. You should be better at this."

"I'm new to humans they are so much more guarded than fairies and brownies." Firefly pouted and took a second look at the two. The boy still looked dingy but beneath it his aura had many other flavors most interestingly a profound sense of loneliness and loyalty. The girl next to him had the same underlying currents flowing through her.

The woman's deeper aura ran contrary to her surface aura, appearance and even the way she carried herself. She was what many humans would have considered a perfect ten. She had long blonde hair, a body worthy of the pink strapless mini-dress she was wearing. She was aware that the boy was checking her out but she only responded with a scowl like he was unworthy of sitting on the same bench as her. She was almost angry that he would dare look at her.

"Okay, so their both lonely. Lots of humans are lonely they spend so much time searching for one special person that they don't enjoy the ones they're with." The orange haired pixie shrugged and glanced back at Trixie. "I could find dozens of lonely humans and I've only been here a few days."

Trixie smiled. "Don't you want to help them? They should enjoy the ones they are with no? Why don't you give the boy a little nudge and see what happens?"

Firefly curiously quirked a brow. "Okay fine." She pointed her finger at the boy and reached into his aura. He just needed a touch of confidence.

The young man instantly straightened after Firefly touched him. Just the change in his posture and expression made him seem larger and more masculine than he'd been just a second before. The woman took notice just as quickly, her scowl softening just a bit. The fairies were too far away to hear the conversation but it was easy to see when the man shrank back to his original size and the woman scooted away from him that it hadn't gone well.

"Obviously she's not but so lonely." Firefly muttered sitting down on the branch. "What do you suggest now o' great and powerful Trixie?"

"I suggest you nudge her this time. Hell just shove her, it's easy to control humans. We could make them put on River Dance without too much trouble." Firefly turned towards Trixie. "Sorry, forgot you're new. So much to show you it's a human show. Now you gave him a confidence boost, let's give her lust a push."

Firefly shrugged. "Okay whatever. Let's see what that does." The woman's response was even more dramatic than the man's had been a moment before. Instead of inflating however she uncoiled, sliding towards the man. Her she uncrossed her legs and recrossed them with her foot pointing towards him now. Her entire aura shifted to as well. The man however didn't react quite as expected. He shrank past his original size almost like he was trying to fold in on himself. "Okay, what's that? I know he finds her attractive. He keeps stealing glances at her legs!" Firefly slammed her tiny fist against the branch. As if in response a blue jay landed beside her stared at the two then chirped angrily before taking off. "Yeah, just like that."

Trixie smiled. "Oh he's terrified. Isn't that so cute?"

"Not really." Firefly deadpanned. "Whoever heard of males who were afraid of female attention?"

"It's actually fairly common amongst humans. The men are either overconfident and can't imagine how any woman would ever turn them away or they are under confident and don't notice women who are in heat. You're learning though, now try both of them."

"At the same time?" Firefly asked. It wasn't impossible. It wasn't even really all that difficult but twisting the two humans like that could have extreme results.

Trixie grinned. "Yes both of them. Why not, they're just stupid humans. Do you really care what happens to them? Have a little fun and learn how your powers work."

Firefly sat there for a moment contemplating what her mentor was saying then shrugged. "Let's see what happens." She gave them both a push.

"I'm gonna go get a closer view." Trixie said stepping off the branch and spreading her four transparent wings and taking flight.

"Aren't you worried they'll spot you?" Firefly called taking flight after Trixie.

"Course not; humans can barely see us when we want to be seen. As long as we don't we're completely undetectable." Trixie called back.

"You mean invisible?" Firefly called back. "Neat."

"No actually it's better than invisible. They kinda see you but they can't process it or something. Like if you're sitting on their table they won't set their cups on you and stuff because they know that you're there they just can't see you. It's weird don't worry about it though they won't react to us!"

In the time it took Trixie to explain it the woman had straddled the young man, removed his glasses and locked her lips with his. "Wow look at em go. Did I do that?" Firefly asked hovering near the two humans. What had started with a kiss was already progressing into what some would call heavy petting. His hands were up under her dress and hers were frantically undoing his buttons. She was trying to anyway, her hormones were out of hand and it had apparently robbed her of her hand eye coordination. She couldn't quite figure out buttons and after a moment she stopped trying instead gripping the shirt by the collar and tearing it open sending buttons flying across the room.

"I said a nudge. That wasn't a nudge!" Trixie shouted in delight.

Firefly blushed. "I didn't mean to do so much! I can stop it!"

Trixie rolled her eyes. Trixie doubted that she could have stopped the humans now if she tried. It was well beyond anything that Firefly could have manage by herself. "No let them have their fun!" Trixie shouted. This was the best part.

"But-" Whatever else Firefly was going to say got lost when the woman let herself be stripped. Firefly didn't know what a bus was but she knew that human mating was generally an intensely personal affair. Not something they would normally do at a bus stop. "Is it really okay if they to that here?"

"It's bloody fantastic!" Trixie replied moving in closer. The woman was kissing down the man's chest and frantically working to undo his belt. Her fingers were having better luck there than they'd had with his buttons, the only obstacle there was he was a lot more interested in suckling her nipples than he was in having his pants removed. The two were getting in each other's way.

Firefly watched in complete awe as the woman lost her patience and stood up yanking the man's pants down. She nearly dragged him off the bench with her enthusiasm but she managed it. He lost a shoe in the process, one that very nearly hit Firefly as it went flying into the middle of the street along with his pants. "Oh my, I did all this?"

Trixie shrugged and darted beneath a pair of white heart print boxers that the woman sent flying over her shoulder. The woman didn't seem to be concerned at all that she was kneeling on concrete when she started sucking the man off. "Wow! Look at her go!" Trixie cheered. The woman was truly going at it, taking the man to the root time and time again without even a hint of gagging. The man had absolutely no idea what to do with himself. He was flailing around for something, anything to grab a hold of finally gripping the back of the bench so tight his knuckles turned white.

The two fairies were swooning from the intense spectacle. Unlike humans who were subject to a paltry five senses Trixie and Firefly had more. So they weren't just watching the woman's head bobbing up and down on the man's glistening shaft, hearing the sloshing of saliva dripping down his scrotum, smelling her arousal in the air. The two of them could also see their aura turning a red with lust. They could also feel the same twisting knot the woman had in her stomach and the rising need in the man. All in all it was a heady experience for the two fairies. "Don't stop." Trixie gasped.

If Trixie hadn't known it was impossible she would have sworn the woman paused for a moment and looked straight at her but that was absurd. She would have been equally certain that for a moment the vision in the man's mind altered from the busty blonde doing her best to devour him to the blue haired pixie hovering only a few feet away from him completely cherry red cheeks flushed with desire. That was impossible and both feelings faded quickly as the humans returned to their passion.


"Shush." Trixie replied slipping her fingers between her slender legs. Her tiny fingers slipped over her slick honey pot. "He's about to come, can't you see it?" Trixie's breathing was coming in short gasps now.

Firefly could see it; she could see the human male's entire world shrinking to a single spot in hips. The energy there seemed to be vibrating and growing more and more intense. He couldn't even think of anything beyond the plump lips wrapped around his cock frantically slurping. He was biting down on his cheek trying to keep from crying out but he wouldn't last much longer. Firefly knew that look on his face well from the sprites back home. He wasn't in control of anything anymore, least of all himself.

Trixie was flying in an erratic figure eight, one hand between her legs, the other cupping a breasts and tweaking her nipples. When the man came so did the fairy sinking to the ground and watching the rest of the show from there. "Oh my, that, that was intense. Good job Firefly. Firefly?"

Trixie opened her eyes and saw the woman was clutching Firefly in one hand and the other was reaching for her.

Five minutes later both she and Firefly were stuffed into separate jars with a cloth top and two very upset looking humans staring at them.

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